Monday, 2014-06-16

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dlanis there any exmaple for how to write a Makefile to fit yocto/oe build system? for example upstream only provide C source code..06:26
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mckoangood morning06:43
dlanmckoan: thanks, will look06:46
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petero_hello everybody08:33
petero_i am trying to boot my kernel image over tftp08:34
petero_receiving a "Bad data CRC" in uboot08:34
petero_load address and size are verified to be correct08:34
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bluelightningmorning all08:37
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petero_old 2.6 kernel works. new 3.10 from yocto CRC error08:52
petero_system is a powerpc08:52
mckoanpetero_: explain details and how did you build the old an the new08:53
petero_i did not build the old one, i got that as legacy software08:54
petero_i guess even if the new kernel would be misconfigured the CRC should still be ok, right?08:54
petero_bad CRC is from uboot08:54
petero_the kernel is not even launched yet08:54
petero_so based on the fact that i can boot the complete system with TFTP/NFS with old legacy SW i assume there is nothing wrong with TFTP/NFS08:55
petero_yocto kernel is gzip compress, like odld working kernel08:57
petero_however, i use uboot "U-Boot 2010.06-00073-g54841ab-dirty"08:57
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petero_image load address was too low and the kernel image too big so it overwrote itself09:39
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parimalaI'm getting "Fetcher failure errors " while running bitbake, any clue on what may be issue?10:55
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rburtonthe rest of the log will tell you what the failures were10:56
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parimalait is unable to resolve only certain host address10:58
rburtondo you need a proxy to reach the internet?10:59
parimalano, no issues with internet11:00
rburtoni suggest just trying again, and seeing if the same names resolve outside of bitbake11:01
parimalaok, i will try to resolve outside of bitbake, Thanks11:02
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DenwidI'm still fiddling around with the SDK and I get some strange behavior: I once tried setting TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK="" and now it stays empty even tough I've set TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK back to its default value again. "bitbake myimage -c clean -c cleansstate" somehow doesn't help. Any ideas?12:09
DenwidAnd by "it stays empty" I mean the sysroots/host folder contains nothing. The TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK is fine when I look at it in bitbake -e12:10
DenwidSo I suppose it's some kind of caching issue?12:10
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hsychlahi all. I have to move a build environment to a new server at another location. The env is 444GB in size which would take way too long to copy. Am I correct in thinking that I can delete the tmp/ folder and copy everything else including the sstate-cache/ directory and PR-Server DB and I will be able to build identical packages on the new server? Or will that not work?13:13
bluelightninghsychla: that should work fine yes13:17
hsychlabluelightning,  great, thanks!13:19
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Denwid"ERROR: QA Issue: Recipe /home/projects/.jenkins/workspace/CCP/CCP_02.xx/POKY_CCP_MINIMAL_LATEST/oe/build/../meta-ccp/recipes-kernel/linux/ has PN of "linux" which is in OVERRIDES, this can result in unexpected behaviour.", can this be avoided without renaming the linux recipe?13:35
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bluelightningDenwid: it's not advisable...13:40
bluelightningit can be called "linux-<something>", just not "linux"13:41
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DenwidThanks, bluelightning!13:43
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gotan_i have a src_uri question.13:59
bluelightninggotan_: hi, please ask your question14:00
gotan_I'm forward porting from 1.2 to 1.6, and openjade-native is failing for no reason. After digging into it, it seems that the SRC_URI defined in the recipe is being filtered, such that two patchfiles (which are available) are not copied to the work folder before compilation.14:01
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gotan_so the build fails because the patches are not copied. this is a yocto 1.614:02
gotan_whic btw is also complaining about my FC19 build host,14:02
bluelightninggotan_: that sounds strange, I'm not quite sure how that would happen...14:02
bluelightninggotan_: as of 1.6 that recipe has 5 patches - are the other three there?14:03
gotan_they are. but just verbalising the problem made me check something - it may be my build environment is broken.14:04
gotan_it would explain some of the other things.14:05
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zeckebluelightning: do you have a second?16:21
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volker-zecke: you are one of the Osmocom guys?16:39
zeckevolker-: I wear that head from time to time16:45
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betabotsIs there a full listing of the config fragments included with linux-yocto? I'm trying to figure out how to use KERNEL_FEATURES16:59
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bluelightningzecke: hi, what's up?17:00
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zeckebluelightning: Did you consider supporting travis-ci in some way?17:04
zeckebluelightning: e.g. by providing a sstate that can be easily used by travis build jobs?17:04
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volker-zecke: great job :)17:15
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bluelightningzecke: I have looked briefly at travis-ci, but I don't have any experience with it17:16
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bluelightningzecke: I think we do export our sstate from the autobuilder already; let me just check17:17
zeckebluelightning: the main issue is that the build time is 'capped'. So if the base system is provided is pre-built then I could probably use travis-ci17:17
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bluelightningzecke: hmm... I can't tell if we are exporting sstate or not17:34
bluelightningat any rate, something to think about...17:34
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volker-ca-certificates has 20130610 as version... the hash used is also from that date.17:42
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volker-yocto meta contains recipes-support. Now I try to file a bug but don't find "defects in meta-support" nor anything that sounds like support17:48
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seebsIdle question: Does anyone happen to know of pseudo-related problems that were pending on me having time to look at things? I might be able to get some time, but I don't remember any outstanding issues I haven't got fixes for in the 1.6 tree.18:15
seebsWhich is not the same as there not being any.18:15
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #140 of minnow is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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mtetreaultI'm trying to cross compile a driver, but I get an error scripts/mod/modpost: no such file or directory. So I go to the kernel/scripts/mod/ and make modpost. But the I have the error elfconfig.h no such file or directory. Anyone knows how I should fix that? I,m pretty sure copying the elfconfig.h from my host linux is not the way to go19:19
kergothsounds like you didn't properly point it to STAGING_DIR_KERNEL19:23
kergothour kernel builds put a minimized kernel source tree there specifically for use by out of tree modules19:23
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mtetreault@kergoth: where is supposed to be the STAGING_DIR_KERNEL^19:27
kergothI don't understand the question19:28
kergothit's a bitbake variable holding the path to the kernel source tree19:28
kergothread some recipes19:28
mtetreaultkergoth: Ok so if I move the kernel source tree on my host after I ran bitbake I can have issues?19:29
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kergothno, no, no19:29
kergothi just told you, bitbake builds its own kernel, and puts the sources in that directory19:29
kergothall you have to do is tell your module build to look there for the kenrel19:30
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mtetreaultkergoth: That's what I did. I used the command make arch=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/path/to/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi- KERNELDIR=~/yocto/build/tmp/sysroots/nitroen6x/usr/src/kernel/19:32
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kergothits extremely bad behavior to be poking at hte poky sysroot from outside of poky, you should be creating a recipe for your kernel module instead19:33
kergoththat said, scripts/mod/modpost should be in tmp/sysroots/nitrogen6x/usr/src/kernel/ already, is it not?19:33
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mtetreaultIt's not, I only have the source file, modpost.c19:34
rajeshhello. not sure if right place, but i'm trying to get debian installed on a via amos-820 from scratch. anyone have experience with the board?19:34
kergothmtetreault: you should really just create a recipe and use the module bbclass :)19:35
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mtetreaultkergoth: but if I'm currently working a driver, I will have to re-build my image every time.19:36
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #139 of minnow-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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mkeeterCan anyone explain what KMETA signifies in kernel recipes?20:14
mkeeterIt appears to be different from KMACHINE20:15
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mkeeterand both are needed when checking out from a local git repository20:15
mkeeterbut I can’t find documentation on what it actually does20:15
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kergothi assume you read the yocto kernel development manual?20:23
mkeeterI’ve looked through the development manuel and the reference manuel20:24
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mkeeterand the kernel lab20:24
mkeeterlet me see if there a separate kernel development manuel20:24
mkeeterah, there it is20:25
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* dvhart owes kergoth a drink20:52
kergothoh? I won't complain, but why? :)20:53
dvhartfielding a "read the kernel dev manual" for me ;-)20:53
dvhartyocti should start doing that I guess20:53
yoctidvhart: Error: "should" is not a valid command.20:53
mkeeterthere are so many manuels to keep track of… :/20:53
dvhartmkeeter, not a criticism of you20:54
mkeeterso far i’ve saved links to quick start, dev, bsp, reference, and kernel dev20:54
dvhartmkeeter, just a pretty common event here20:54
mkeeteryeah, I can imagine20:54
dvhartmkeeter, ideas on how we can make that more self discoverable?20:54
dvhartopen to suggestions20:54
mkeeterdvhart, for some reason it’s not well-indexed by google20:54
mkeeteror rather, patches with those particular keywords end up coming up first if you search for ‘yocto KMETA’20:55
dvhartso a little SEO to do...20:55
dvhartI'll let our web folks know20:55
mkeeteryeah, that would be a huge help for discoverability20:55
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