Wednesday, 2014-06-18

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jagsHi All06:58
jagsCan i use yocto for I.MX6 solotite processor.06:58
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kroonjags, yes im prettu sure of it06:59
kroonjags, check out support the machine in the meta-fsl-arm/meta-fsl-arm-extra layers06:59
jagsI am new to yocto, How can i check?07:00
kroonjags, what board are you using ?07:00
jagsWe have developed custom board with i.MX6 solotite processor.07:00
kroonjags, you might want to consider writing your own machine bsp then. There are existing imx6 sololite machines in meta-fsl-arm: imx6slevk, imx6solosabreauto, imx6solosabresd07:03
kroonjags, in meta-fsl-arm-extra: wandboard-solo07:03
jagsi will take imx6slevk as reference.07:04
kroonjags, have a look at the conf/machine/* files07:04
jagsHow can i get yocto source code?07:04
jagsmeans meta-fsl-arm and other folders07:05
jagssorry for dumb ques. but i am completely new07:05
kroonjags, then you have some reading up to do :)07:06
kroonjags, The "Building an Image" section explains how to get the latest poky sources07:07
kroonjags, well, the daisy release at least07:08
jags./repo init -u -b daisy  ./repo sync07:08
jagsi am doing like this07:08
jagsis it fine?07:08
jags./repo init -u -b daisy07:08
jagsand then07:08
jagsrepo sync07:08
kroonjags, looks like Freescale's way of setting things up. Personally I would for bare poky, and add Freescale layer support as a second step07:10
jagsIf i will follow this07:10
jagsthen how can i add freescale layer support?07:11
jagsKroon: After bare poky, How can i add support for freescale layer(Imx6slevk)?07:14
kroonjags, clone the layers, looking at, and update your bblayers.conf07:15
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michael_e_brownI have an embedded system with rootfs on emmc (block device). Rootfs is currently squashfs and I'd like to experiment with BTRFS, but it has to be compressed. Is there any way to create a compressed btrfs rootfs? The mkfs.btrfs command doesn't document any way to enable compression, nor do I see any materials in google.07:54
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bluelightningmorning all08:44
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_valle_I'm struggling with shipping files in a bbappend recipe. What am I missing?
bluelightning_valle_: I think the problem is there is no ${PN} package in a kernel recipe09:08
bluelightningyou'll need to use one of the packages in the value of PACKAGES for the kernel recipe to make it work09:09
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TuTizzmorning all, when I build my udev package, I have got some unneeded rules (e.g. 61-accelerometer.rules) can I desactivate it with a makefile option? like --no-rules?09:24
rburtonTuTizz: you can use a bbappend to delete them in a do_install_append()09:24
TuTizzrburton, ok ty09:25
_valle_bluelightning: I don't understand09:29
_valle_bluelightning: Can you show in an example?09:29
bluelightning_valle_: the ${PN} part in FILES_${PN} specifies which package the files should go into09:30
bluelightning_valle_: in other recipes, ${PN} (i.e. the recipe name) in this context refers to the main package for the recipe; but kernel recipes don't have an ${PN} package09:31
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bluelightningif you do bitbake -e <kernel recipe> | grep ^PACKAGES= you'll probably get:09:32
bluelightningPACKAGES="kernel kernel-base kernel-vmlinux kernel-image kernel-dev kernel-modules kernel-devicetree"09:32
bluelightning_valle_: so instead of FILES_${PN} you probably want FILES_kernel-base or something like that09:33
_valle_bluelightning: Thank you!09:35
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jagsIn Yocto, inside core-image-minimal, recipes-multimedia is not available, how can i build it with core-image-minimal?11:19
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jagsHow to enable multimedia recipes in yocto?12:07
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TuTizzre, in meta/recipe-core/udev/udev-extraconf there is a script named, I think it is depreciate (presence of /dev/udev_network_queue and /etc/network/options, no longer available) what should I do to correct that?12:28
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RPkergoth: were those gcc checksum mismatches you were seeing always the preconfigure task?14:58
kergothI wasn't the one seeing the gcc checksum mismatches. we saw issues where bitbake -S printdiff showed a delta but bitbake didn't rebuild anything from scratch, but all our builds are external. it was someone else that hit problems like that with gcc-cross.15:00
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RPkergoth: ok, I think I've figured out the gcc problems at least...15:00
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nerdboyis it kosher to define a PREFERRED_PROVIDER outside of a .conf file?15:59
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kergothwhat do you mean?16:00
nerdboyas in i'd really like it to be image-specific16:01
kergoththat really doesn't make any sense16:01
kergothbitbake reads those vars from the config metadata, not random recipes16:01
kergothwhat are you actually trying to accomplish?16:01
bluelightningwe should really have a FAQ entry on this... it does get asked a lot16:01
nerdboyso two different images built from the same config can't have a different provider for something?16:02
nerdboyor maybe that's not the right way...16:02
nerdboyi have an alternate xserver-nodm-init provider but it gets used globally16:04
nerdboythere must be a better way but it seems like the right thing is to override VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_graphical_init_manager16:05
nerdboybut when i use VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_graphical_init_manager = "foo" in one image it gets pulled into a core image that should have the default one16:06
nerdboydoes that make sense?16:06
kergothI'm pretty sure the answer is Don't Do That16:06
* kergoth wanders off to a conference call16:07
nerdboydon't do which?16:07
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bluelightningnerdboy: PREFERRED_PROVIDER is meant to select between mutually-exclusive *build-time* providers of something16:14
bluelightningwhen it gets to the package level, that is runtime16:14
bluelightningif you have two recipes producing two separately named packages that can be built side-by-side in the same configuration, then you absolutely can select one in one image and the other in the other16:15
bluelightningbut that wouldn't be done using PREFERRED_PROVIDER16:15
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blloydwith update-alternatives, is there anything to allow selection of the alternative at runtime, or is it just delete and recreate the link?  Assuming both packages providing the binary are on the image already16:36
kergothupdate-alternatives can be dynamically reconfigured at runtime. by default it selects the highest priority alternative, but the user can change that after they boot the image.16:37
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nerdboybluelightning: the only example i can find in the main recipes is efl/entrance which does it that way16:37
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nerdboybluelightning: okay, entrance doesn't RRPOVIDE, just replace/conflict16:38
kergothyou're best off using virtual-runtime rather than runtime provides, as there's no way to express your runtime preferences to the binary package manager at do_rootfs-time today16:40
nerdboyso far i only see that in packagegroup-core-x11.bb16:42
nerdboyVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_graphical_init_manager ?= "xserver-nodm-init"16:42
kergoththere are quite a few VIRTUAL-RUNTIME variables, used in a number of different places16:43
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blloydkergoth, with your conditional bbappend setup, do you think there should be any problems expanding it to support .bb files as well?16:53
kergothnope, we've done that too. it's useful from time to time for new recipes that include a .inc that only exists in some bsp layer, for example, so they aren't parsable otherwise16:54
kergothshould work fine16:54
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blloydanyone able to give me an understanding of LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST?  I had a request to include chromium in an image, which I found, but it depends on libav, which has this GPLv2 license followed by a commercial license flags.  What gives?17:15
bluelightningblloyd: LICENSE_FLAGS is meant to highlight recipes that may have other legal concerns if used commercially17:16
bluelightninge.g. codecs potentially requiring some form of additional license within some jurisdictions17:17
bluelightning(for commercial use)17:17
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bluelightningby setting LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST you are declaring "yes, I have done my due diligence, so you can build those things"17:18
blloydok, so it's not necessarily flagging the gplv2 as much as look at this package closely.  So for LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST, for this libav for instance I would put LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST="libav"?17:19
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bluelightningblloyd: the LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST value has to match up with the value in LICENSE_FLAGS17:19
bluelightningso it would be LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "commercial"17:21
bluelightningor I guess you could be more selective by doing something like LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST_pn-libav = "commercial"17:21
bluelightninghmm actually there is built-in provision for per-recipe setting in that variable17:22
blloydthanks, that made sense, and makes me nervous.  So I start my due dilligence now on libav, set that flag (dilligence will be done before anything is ever given to someone else)17:22
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bluelightningpresumably an alternative approach would be to disable libav-using functionality in chromium, assuming that's possible17:23
blloydthank you.  I was off in another area, which discussed WHITELIST but didn't mention that item.17:23
bluelightninginterestingly that variable is absent from the variable reference...17:24
blloydI'll put a bug report in.17:25
bluelightningthanks... I've added it to my todo list to bug Scott about but tracking it there also works17:26
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mkeeterAlright, I've got a strange situation on my hands:18:42
mkeeterI'm building a kernel for beaglebone18:42
mkeeterand everything works fine18:42
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mkeeterexcept that it only loads kernel modules on the first boot18:42
mkeeterand then I have to reflash the SD card to get usb / SPI working again18:42
mkeeterhas anyone seen something like this before?18:42
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maxtothemaxmkeeter, try flashing the sd card, copying the initrd off the sd card, doing your first boot, and then checking if the initrd has changed19:40
maxtothemaxor alternately your grub setup19:40
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