Monday, 2014-06-23

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sm_hi. I have a qestion. how can I solve this problem without reboot the pc? my error is: "ERROR: Only one copy of bitbake should be run against a build directory"07:50
tasslehoffsm_: make sure no bitbake processes are running and that the lock file is deleted I think.07:57
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tasslehoff'/bin/sh -> bash' is not a build requirement, is it?08:01
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sm_tasslehoff: thanks for responding. I googled around and find "ps -ef|grep bitbake" command to find bitbake processes and kill them. I should try this command... but I didn't get your questin...08:14
tasslehoffsm_: that Q was for the channel, not for you specifically :)08:15
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RPtasslehoff: not anymore, no09:28
tasslehoffRP: good. have an error I have not seen before, but got it when using bash as well.09:29
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mckoangood morning09:35
elinuxerHi all.. i am doing TI Beaglebone project using that i am using my customized recipes. if compile using that recipes i am getting error as mentioned in link..PLEASE CHECK ERROR AND  .BB FILES IN WEB LINK09:39
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ant_workRP: hi10:07
ant_workRP: what the status wrt musl libc?10:09
RPant_work: khem was working on that, not me10:09
ant_workdo you think we eventually switch?10:09
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RPant_work: switch from what? It may become an option for some people and usecases, depends what people need/want really10:12
ant_workI mean, it looks like eglibc will disappear after 2.1910:14
ant_workso glibc will be default once again10:15
ant_workon the paper musl will be much lighter10:15
ant_worksee, I have now stumbled in the mtd-utils_1.5.1 which does only compile with (e)glibc and thanks to an hack uclibc10:17
ant_work(and requires headers 3.15 btw)10:17
ant_workI'm about rebuilding a test 3.15 toolchain and I'll give maybe a try to musl10:18
ant_workI'll let you know10:18
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seebsMy impression has been that, at any given time, the default trend in libc usage is away from caring about footprint, because generally things are getting larger and faster.10:28
JaMaRP: a while ago you were fixing hanging bitbake processes when the main one is killed10:32
JaMaRP: I think there is still some issue as they are still hanging when aborted on Jenkins10:32
RPJaMa: I think there is some new problem, yes :/10:42
RPJaMa: I've noticed local builds where I've had to kill things too :(10:42
JaMaI remember you said it's a bit can of worms when you was touching it last time10:42
RPJaMa: thanks for working through that patch btw, I was thinking I had that to do until this morning :)10:43
RPJaMa: its a nightmare unfortunately, you fix one place and something else hangs :(10:43
JaMathanks for the patch (you from all people shouldn't be responsible for fixing it)10:44
JaMaI've combined it with my PNBLACKLIST changes (mostly to mark "unmaintained" recipes) so now world builds are a lot faster :)10:44
JaMaI'll send new reports today (hopefully), I'll start sending report about wrong PACKAGE_ARCH (mostly from allarch) as well10:45
RPJaMa: If I merge the other pending autotools change, I won't feel quite as bad about it now since a lot of the dependencies have been fixed (although not all)10:45
JaMaI'll also send some improvements to test-dependencies and sstate-diff-machines scripts, so they match more with what my jenkins jobs do10:46
RPJaMa: in parallel I'm trying to tweak diffsigs so it becomes more useful. If you do notice it saying strange things, I'd love test cases to improve it10:47
JaMaRP: please wait with that change a bit more, I'll try to blacklist/resolve few more issues so that it's easier to spot new ones when it's merged10:47
RPJaMa: RIght, its not going in yet10:47
RPJaMa: it just doesn't break "everything" now :)10:47
JaMaI'm still using -S none and then calling bitbake-diffsigs only for recipes where it differs10:48
RPJaMa: due to performance?10:48
JaMabecause in my case I'm always comparing only 2 signatures (from 2 MACHINEs)10:48
RPJaMa: diffsigs makes sense when you know the two sigs10:48
JaMayes and I want to include only signatures from the current metadata10:48
RPJaMa: right, that is a different use case for what printdiff is intended for10:49
JaMaand the performance of printdiff is better now when I've removed tousands of sigdata files (with updated sstate-cache-management) :)10:50
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RPJaMa: I can imagine how that would help :D10:51 me to resolve above pasted problem..10:52 me any one to resolve above pasted problem..10:52
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JaMaRP: sstate-diff-machines sample sent to ML:
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RPJaMa: thanks, will see if I can spot any fixes in there if I get a chance12:00
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Romain_Hi, is it a way to allow multiple users to use the same Yocto build/ folder ?12:16
rburtonwell, you can't have more than one bitbake process on a single build/ directory12:16
Romain_agreed, but regarding file permissions, can I allow different users to trig the build ?12:17
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rburtonassuming they all have write access i can't see why not12:18
Romain_when I use my own user I have no problems, if I use a different user with the good write access I get : cp: preserving times for `/opt/yocto/build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/pics': Operation not permitted12:19
Romain_$ ls -la /opt/yocto/build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/pics total 68 drwxrwxrwx 17 romain admin 4096 Jun 13 17:42 . drwxrwxrwx  5 romain admin 4096 Jun 13 17:42 .. drwxrwxrwx  2 romain admin 4096 Jun 13 17:42 ACCESSORIES drwxrwxrwx  2 romain admin 4096 Jun 13 17:42 BONUS drwxrwxrwx  2 romain admin 4096 Jun 13 17:42 CHALLENGE12:20
Romain_the other user is also member of the admin group12:22
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #146 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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zman97211Note to all: Don't pause your bitbake that's running in a VM on Friday without forgetting to unpause the VM.13:53
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* [Sno] waves14:14
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jmleoI have a problem when creating my BSP, and I can't figure out what I did wrong14:59
jmleoI have a No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN15:00
jmleoand my u-boot is not considered in the providers15:00
jmleoI created a directory named meta-vodalys-bsp/recipes-bsp/u-boot/15:01
jmleoand in meta-vodalys-bsp/conf/layer.conf15:01
jmleoI have those lines :
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jmleonobody there ?15:43
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #154 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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volker-does anyone know about a document or blog post describing releases and updates? Updates more in the sense of identifying differences if not version based/how to deal with the revison number somewhat automatically in a build process?17:57
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ripperDquick q: TI's arago has this in their layer conf: PREFERRED_VERSION_bash = "3.2.48"17:59
ripperDI want to override that in my layer to use the latest, how do I do that? I tried adding PREFERRED_VERSION_bash = "4.2" to my layer and it didn't install 4.218:00
kergothick. layers should not be specifying preferences in layer.conf at all, ever18:00
volker-ripperD: create a file <samefilename>.bbappend18:00
volker-ripperD: then add PREFERRED_VERSION_bash = "" in it18:00
ripperDits specified in a conf, not in a bb recipe\18:01
volker-ripperD: and make sure that youre layer has a higher number18:01
denixkergoth: layer.conf???18:01
kergothspecifying preferred version in a recipe would be pointless18:01
denixripperD: use _forcevariable overrride18:01
kergothdenix: [10:59:31] <ripperD> quick q: TI's arago has this in their layer conf: PREFERRED_VERSION_bash = "3.2.48"18:01
denixlayer configuration, not layer.conf :)18:01
denixit's a distro layer. so the config he refers to is a distro config18:02
ripperDyeah, distro config18:02
kergoth"layer configuration" is a meaningless term :)18:02
kergothbut fair enough18:02
denixkergoth: well, don't believe anything you see18:03
volker-is pr_service compatible with "builds from scratch"?18:03
kergothI don't, but if you can't assume the person you're supporting is making sense, there's really no hope in helping them :)18:03
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ripperDhmm ok, I'll try the _cofcevariable override!18:04
denixforce, not cofce :)18:04
ripperD: P nothing like typo's to send one on a wild goose chase18:05
otaviohow is the proper way to blacklist the evbug module?18:12
otavioit shouldn't be autoloaded18:13
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volker-does someone use the git hash/cvs/svn id or similar for their PR number?18:28
volker-or does something speak against it?18:29
ripperDthanks denix,kergoth,volker- . For the archives, final solution was this in my layer conf18:42
ripperD# Overide the arago bash 3.2 preference18:42
ripperDPREFERRED_VERSION_bash_forcevariable = "4.2"18:42
ripperDerr local.conf NOT layer conf18:42
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rburtonvolker-: that would be PV, not PR19:04
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volker-rburton: why not PR?19:18
volker-rburton: version get bumped manual via PV and revision automatically via PR+SCM id/hash19:19
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rburtonvolker-: if your source comes from a vcs, then you can put the hash into the PV19:30
rburtonand PR gets bumped on rebuild19:30
rburtonthere's numerous recipes in oe-core that follow that pattern19:30
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volker-rburton: but that mean my packagefile would be mypackage-<SCM-hash>r0.deb19:41
volker-rburton: that works fine with own created packages. but as soon as you use .bbappend it is getting messy19:42
rburtonwhy would that impact bbappends?19:42
volker-rburton: if I modify the bbappends?19:42
rburtonstill don't see what the git revision has to do with bbappends19:42
rburton(you modify bbappend, bitbake notices, does a rebuild and bumps PR)19:43
volker-rburton: the idea behind the version+revision is to find the difference. So the original yocto package is v1.2.3r0, now I create a bbappend it and it will become v1.2.3r1; now I add a feature and push it up to v1.2.3r219:43
volker-rburton: yes, but bitbake notice is some kind of problem when you want to make sure that it is always able to build from scratch19:43
volker-rburton: official builds here are always build from scratch19:44
rburtonthat's what a PR server is for - to track what input matches what PRs19:44
rburtonso you can wipe and rebuild, and you'll get the same PRs19:44
volker-rburton: and the build system fails often enough for the development build which only build the changes. fails due of changes in yocto itself19:44
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volker-rburton: so the idea is to automatically update the PR value every time you modify the file in the SCM19:45
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rburtonassuming you mean your recipes, isn't that effectively what happens anyway?19:46
rburtonyou edit the recipes (bb, bbappend, classes, whatever) and when it builds, PR is increased if there were changes19:47
volker-rburton: yes, the buildserver increasing the PR gives me headaches19:47
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volker-another server, another backup, another fail over.19:48
rburtonso share the PR database between the servers19:48
volker-I have to copy the buildhistory already from the fileserver to jenkins and back afterwards.19:48
volker-rburton: why do you try to talk it out?19:48
volker-rburton: because it is not possible?19:49
rburtonnot sure i understand that.  surely the alternative is to put a PR into each recipe.19:49
rburtonwhich until about a year ago was exactly what we did, so feel free to do it again.19:49
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rburtoni'm trying to understand what your actual problem is, as you started with "i want to put the version in the revision"19:50
volker-no, bind the revison to the SCM. the version is PV, no need to touch this19:50
rburtonso you mean the revision of scm that contains the recipes19:51
rburtonwhat happens if something outside the scm changes, like a local.conf change19:51
volker-that is all in scm19:51
rburtonif you have a local.conf in scm then you should move it to site.conf or your distro.conf :)19:52
volker-changing the environment is always a problem.19:52
rburtonsurely your proposal means rebuilding everything on every change?19:52
volker-the local.conf gets automatically modified by the build script, most stuff is in distro.conf19:52
volker-rburton: yes19:52
*** radzy <radzy!~radzy@> has joined #yocto19:52
volker-rburton: rebuild everything, get the diff19:52
* rburton is also pan-frying tuna so has to go19:53
volker-rburton: builds are for repeatability. And yocto failed a couple of time when not using this clean & rebuild approach19:53
volker-How does yocto do releases? always the incremental changes only?19:54
volker-s/releases/official releases/19:54
paulganyone try to use multilib lately to get -m32 to work generating i386 binaries on-target?   According to yocto bug 1369 this used to work....19:57
yoctiBug enhancement, Medium+, 1.4 M3, constantinx.musca, VERIFIED FIXED, [Multilib] On-target gcc enhancement19:57
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RPpaulg: what error do you see?20:06
paulgRP: it never looks in /lib/ or /usr/lib  at link  so I get this:
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RPpaulg: I'm sure some of this did work at some point but that does indeed look rather broken :(20:12
paulgRP:  After getting sufficiently lost in the python of ; I tried to manually fix it with a gcc bbappend that did this...20:13
paulgEXTRA_OECONF += "--enable-multiarch --with-arch-32=i586 --with-multilib-list=m32,m64"20:13
paulg...based on the gcc config I found in ubuntu, but I still got the same error.20:14
RPpaulg: we have patches against gcc and dynamically force the configuration in that python code20:14
paulgI _do_ have all the lib32 variants of the multilib libraries and dev pkgs happily living in /lib and /usr/lib - so it isn't that.20:14
RPpaulg: so I'd guess that python is doing the wrong thing20:15
RPthere have been changes to it and whilst things looked "ok", I can't 100% test everything :/20:15
*** LCyrin <LCyrin!~LCyrin@2607:fb90:1313:617:7013:a6aa:fb43:ff11> has joined #yocto20:15
paulgRP, yeah - what I took away from reading the python (and bug 1369) was that if I'd enabled  multilib, then I'd get a sane multilib gcc20:15
yoctiBug enhancement, Medium+, 1.4 M3, constantinx.musca, VERIFIED FIXED, [Multilib] On-target gcc enhancement20:16
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paulgfwiw, the lib32-gcc that is independently generated can create and link 32 bit binaries fine, which confirms the target is properly populated, and the breakdown is in the 64 bit gcc.20:16
paulgthe multilib of it, that is ; it can generate 64 bit bins just fine.20:17
RPpaulg: right, I guess we're just not configuring it correctly...20:17
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paulgI guess I can raise a bug and perhaps we can suck some of the meta-intel folks into helping ; I'm using their kit for defining my MACHINE as an i720:18
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paulgstarted a qemu-x86-64 on another machine just to get another data point...20:18
paulgbuild, that is.20:19
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paulgoh, and I should qualify the lib32-gcc didn't originally work.  I had to fix that 1st.  :)20:20
RPpaulg: I saw that, nicely found...20:24
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RPpaulg: its certainly work filing a bug so this is known about20:27
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zman97211Question/problem: I have meta-oe layer, which is at ref "dylan-next". This is the branch necessary for the image I'm trying to produce from the Arago project. Anyway, in meta-oe/recipes-multimedia/x264/, the ref that's in SRCREV (which is 1cffe9f406cc54f4759fc9eeb85598fb8cae66c7) is not a ref in the git repo pointed to by the .bb file. How can this be? I was able to get around it by simply grabbing the latest commit's ref from the repo21:23
zman97211and replacing the SRCREV, but ... if that was once a valid commit, should it be - forever?21:23
zman97211git repos shouldn't "lose" commits.21:23
denixzman97211: did you update bitbake recently? or are you using the new bitbake, not the one that was released with dylan?21:24
zman97211The error I would get is fatal: reference is not a tree21:25
zman97211I followed (what I think are your) instructions at ... one sec21:25
zman97211I'll look up the exact set of instructions I followed, but I didn't download bitbake seperately. I used the layer-setup script, which fetched everything for me, then set it up with the sdk .txt file.21:26
zman97211I believe I followed
zman97211And used amsdk/aamsdk-
denixzman97211: right, so you are using the latest bitbake then (Daisy or Dora), but picked up the recipe from Dylan times...21:28
zman97211Shouldn't that have worked? I assume it did at one time.21:29
denixzman97211: recent bitbake now requires specifying exact branch for a commit ID (SRCREV), if it's not on master21:29
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denixyou'd need to update some of the old recipes you have to work with latest bitbake21:29
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zman97211I assumed would have fetched a collection of sources that would have worked together.21:30
denixzman97211: it does21:30
zman97211Then why the mismatch?21:31
denixzman97211: didn't you say in the beginning that you need to use some old Dylan-era recipe?21:31
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zman97211I used oe-layertool-setup, and it fetched meta-oe. Going a gitk in the meta-oe directory shows that I'm at a tag named "dylan-next". I didn't specify to use that, I assumed oe-layertool did21:32
denixI have meta-oe layer, which is at ref "dylan-next"21:32
zman97211yes, I did say that. Your script pulled it, not me, tough.21:32
zman97211Inside amsdk- is this: meta-openembedded,git://,dylan,cb182019c4f7485713cb50623240c01882448ffd,layers=toolchain-layer:meta-networking:meta-oe21:33
denixzman97211: yes, that release appears to be dylan based, indeed...21:34
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denixhave checked meta-oe history if x264 had any recent fixes updating SRCREV?21:35
zman97211Well, I looked on the OE website, and browsed through the tree... x264 isn't even in that layer any more.21:36
denixit's in oe-core now21:37
denixand here's the answer to your question -
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kergoththey rewrote published history? yikes21:39
zman97211Well, there we go. Thanks for being better with git than me! :)  I suppose I could resolve that with a .bbappend in my own layer with a SRCREV = "the new one" right?21:40
denixzman97211: that would work, if you need to stick with that dylan-based release configuration, of course21:41
zman97211denix: Not necessarily. I'm kind of new to this and I'm a bit afraid to mess around outside your layertool script for fear of breaking something. Or should I use that to initialize my environment, but then swap out layers for newer versions?21:43
denixzman97211: what makes you comfortable. there are plenty of configs in layersetup, there's more recent one based on daisy...21:44
zman97211denix: Are those configs just a snapshot of what was used for TI's released stuff?21:45
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zman97211denix: I just grepped the configs directory for daisy and didn't find anything.21:46
zman97211denix: Which would be the "best" starting configuration in your opinion?21:47
zman97211Oh, well, looks like there's a new one since I cloned oe-layersetup.git21:49
zman97211denix: LOL did you just now check that in?21:50
zman97211denix: thanks21:51
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denixzman97211: yes, amsdk configs are usually snapshots used for TI official releases...21:52
denixzman97211: yes, daisy is a new config, just added recently21:53
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