Wednesday, 2014-06-25

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nerdboyCrofton: state(s) of the art are all different00:02
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nerdboymeta-rpi, meta-beagle, meta-fsl all seem to have their own .bbclass for that00:02
nerdboybe nice to consolidate that functionality and use config params for each machine...00:03
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nerdboyeg, latest kernel/u-boot has the same sdcard partitions and u-boot.imx for many iMX boards00:04
Croftonnerdboy, that is what I am thinking00:05
nerdboy*same u-boot image install, different build config obviously...00:05
CroftonI need to directly make some sd cards and do not feel like making another wheel00:05
Croftonor at least copying something crappy :)00:05
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nerdboywell, the meta-fsl example seems in transition00:06
nerdboynothing in poky/oe i've seen yet uses the latest patches/kernel/u-boot as rcn documents in LinuxOnArm00:07
kergoth'wic' seems promising, but i think mostly has bits for x86 atm00:07
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mranostaywb Jefro05:18
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sm_Hi, I have a qestion about “native” packages. What are these type of packages? And what is their difference? For example “readline-native & readline” Or “binutils-natve & binutils-cross“06:49
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bluelightningmorning all07:23
bluelightningsm_: native recipes are built for the build host (the machine the build is running on itself)07:23
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sm_bluelightning: thanks.  so U mean that it's (native recipe) depends on host configuration and machine specification?07:47
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bluelightningsm_: to some degree yes, but we often build other native dependencies to avoid having to install / set up too much on the host (as well as in some cases to configure or patch them appropriately for the build system)07:48
sm_bluelightning: so what will happened to cross compile when you install them on the host?07:53
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mckoangood morning08:18
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bluelightningsm_: sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question08:31
bluelightningsm_: native recipes are built with the build host's compiler08:32
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ant_workbluelightning: wrty  [yocto] File system for alternate partition msg09:32
ant_work" there’s cruft that I don’t really need in the FS"09:32
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ant_worksame happens with i.e. kexecboot initramfs09:33
bluelightningant_work: yes coincidentally I was just trying that out here after reading that09:33
ant_worknot much space tbh09:33
bluelightningI can't actually seem to create an empty image as Seth has, not without any errors anyway09:34
ant_workworth opening a bug?09:34
bluelightningcould be yes09:35
ant_workwe could empty the IMAGE_INSTALL of the initramfs recipe09:36
ant_workto test09:36
bluelightningthat's basically what I'm doing09:38
bluelightningwell, I did PACKAGE_INSTALL09:39 has already some anti-cruft countermeasures09:39
ant_worknot enough apparently...09:39
ant_workthough, the modules stuff could come from some machine EXTRA09:40
rburtonso i was wondering yesterday if we need another layer of image class which just has the "make an image from this directory" logic in09:41
rburtonso if you really just want a few packages, or a few files, you can use that directly instead of battling against image.bbclass09:42
bluelightningrburton: might be useful, but there is one benefit to constructing your image from packages - it encourages practices that enable license tracking09:43
ant_workrburton, honestly with little adjustments we are not far, only opkg, initscripts and k. modules files09:43
bluelightningactually setting IMAGE_INSTALL = "" rather than PACKAGE_INSTALL = "" worked09:45
bluelightninghere are the results:
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ant_workyes, 3 sources09:46
ant_worksome code is sneaking in unconditionally09:47
bluelightningwell, I'm just testing it now but I think setting LDCONFIGDEPEND = "" should kill off the /lib/modules/ stuff09:54
bluelightningI can't help feeling that ought to be automatic though09:54
bluelightninghmm, that didn't do it... strange09:55
ant_workafair it did the trick long ago when it was added10:00
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sm_bluelightning: thank you for responding11:01
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bluelightningsm_: no problem11:36
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zman97211denix: After configuring arago using arago-daisy-config.txt, I attempted a build of arago-amsdk-image. I got the following error: build/arago-tmp-external-linaro-toolchain/work/am335x_evm-oe-linux-gnueabi/omap3-sgx-modules/ fatal error: omapfb/omapfb.h: No such file or directory12:49
zman97211denix: Have you seen this before?12:49
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mbroadsthas anyone seen these PAM sshd errors before with daisy: ?13:57
mbroadstpart of it seems that yocto doesn't install /etc/pam.d/system-auth at all13:58
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blloydAnyone have any suggestions about what I can do about connmand[468]: eth0 {add} route gw scope 0 <UNIVERSE>   followed by a {del} of the same thing then followed by an add again?   Thousands a second.14:55
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T0mWtrying to build for allwinner a10 and have set PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-cross ?= "linaro-4.8.1" in the conf/local.conf, but, bitbake keeps complaining that "preferred version linaro-4.8.1 of gcc-cross-initial not available (for item virtual/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc-initial)" and then tells me "versions of gcc-cross-initial available: 4.7.2 4.8.1"19:55
fraythe name you use must match the name the system is expecting..19:56
fraygcc-cross becoems gcc-cross-<arch>19:56
T0mWoh, thanks. doh19:56
frayso you need to do PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc-cross-x86_64 = ...  (or similar)19:56
T0mWtoo many hours staring at screen.19:56
* T0mW goes for coffee19:56
frayeasiest way to know what that is....  run bitbake gcc-cross and look at the sugegstions.. ;)19:57
fray(I ran into this issue a few hours ago for a different reason..)19:57
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adam_hello everybody! I got a question on the usage of the SDK's sysroot. Is it normally acceptable to chroot into the sysroot and install packages through a pkg manager (smart, for example)?20:36
frayno that isn't really supported20:37
adam_i see20:37
fraythe SDK is a snapshot of the base system and compiler configuration...  if you want to provide different libraries or combinations of components, you should rebuild teh SDK..20:38
adam_what's the recommended way to install packages (such as opencv) in the sysroot?20:38
fraywe've had requests in the past for package level upgrade of the sysroot, it might be possible.. but there are issues with that approach.20:38
fray(I don't think we can do native sdk components at all due to the relocation code)20:38
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fraydepends on how you are generating the SDK..20:38
adam_i'd like to my users to be able to simply d/l the baseline sdk/sysroot and pull necessary packages and libraries from my repository20:39
frayif you are using the image recipe, just add it to your image.. since you'll need the libraries to run code that are linked against..20:39
frayif you are using a dedicated toolchain recipe, i.e. meta-toolchain then you can add them directly via your configuration20:39
fray(image recipes use the bitbake -c populate_sdk <image>20:39
frayI prefer the populate_sdk / image approach since I know if it's available as a runtime library in my image, it's available on the SDK's sysroot20:40
adam_yes -c popoulate_sdk is how i got the sdk -20:40
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adam_so say i generate sdk, and realized i didn't have opencv library included in my recipe, so it's not in the sdk sysroot, i need to rerun the populate_sdk command?20:41
frayso assuming it's a runtime/dev time component pair.. then add it to your image..  IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " <package>  (note the leading space) in your local.conf is one way20:41
frayhat is currently the best approach, yes20:41
adam_i see - and setting up a pcakge manager may be possible - but not proven?20:41
fraythe first build of the SDK is fairly slow, subsequent builds (in the same build directory) should be signigicantly faster..20:41
frayyes, it may be possible (only for the target components), but as far as I know, nobody has gotten it to work..20:42
adam_i see - i was hoping to let my users avoid building an entire image20:42
frayto make it work yourself, you would need to follow the steps in the image creation for using the package manager you selected.. that means environment configuration and related -- plus include the package manager binaries into the SDK20:42
adam_can you take a look at section 4.2 in
adam_i think the section 4.2 is exactly what i need - except it's opkg20:43
frayI certainly put that in the category of should work, but I've not seen people use it regularly..20:43
fray(I also use RPM packages primarily and not IPK)20:44
frayit's possible some of those instructions are older, from before we had the image recipe SDKs.. I'm not sure20:44
frayn either case though (opkg or rpm) the package manager components need to be in the SDK for any of that stuff to have a chnace of working20:44
fray(sorry my network is saturated currently, and I keep dropping characters)20:45
Croftonsd card creation is a mess20:45
adam_hmm i guess i need to try it first20:46
frayadma_ -- if you are using IPK packages, and that section does not work.. please open a defect in the Yocto Project bugzilla so we can fix it..20:47
adam_i see the smart binary is included in the sysroot20:47
frayif it does work, let me know.  :)  and if you are using RPM, there are already enhancement requests to make it work.. but so far we've not implemented htem20:47
adam_yes you are right, that's the firs thing i should really try20:47
adam_i see20:47
adam_alright, let me try the sdk doc method, and will let you know ;)20:47
adam_thanks for your insight!20:48
frayno problem..  (I'm theoretically responsible for fixing this if it is broken BTW..)20:48
adam_hahahah then thanks for keeping things in order20:48
stayloris there a way to query bitbake for which package is pulling in a specific dependency?20:53
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adam_staylor: you can look at the dependency graph - bitbake <package name> -g -u depexp20:54
fraystaylor if the graph doesn't show you (or is too complex for an item) you can blacklist the item and you'll get an error that shows you why it was pulled in..20:55
staylorI've blacklisted features, what would the variable name be for blacklisting a specific package?20:55
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frayadd 'blacklist' to your USER_CLASSES..  then add an entry: PNBLACKLIST[recipe] = "Reason"20:55
fraywhen you try to build 'recipe' it will of course tell you the 'Reason', but an error will occur showing you what can't build due to the blacklist.. :)20:56
fray'er.. sorry when you -build- (not build the recipe)...20:56
frayi.e. bitbake core-image-lsb   -- if you blacklist 'bash' you should see everything that requires bash in that image20:56
staylorI see, perfect thank you20:58
staylorHmm, that doesn't show the dependency that pulled it in (and now is failing)20:59
staylorscratch that last comment my mistake20:59
frayis the dependency in your image, but not in the graph, then it's a recommended package20:59
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staylorYeah that worked great, so packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target requires qtwebkit *rolls-eyes*21:04
JaMastaylor: bitbake -g21:05
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T0mWit appears that oe_runmake has its' own ideas of what LDFLAGS should be?  I tried export LDFLAGS="blah blah" in the do_compile of the recipe, but nothing changes in the run.do_compile.  Suggestions? Documents?21:11
frayusually you pass options using the EXTRA_OEMAKE ... one 'option' could be 'LDFLAGS="..."'21:12
fraynote you really don't want to deviate from the system ldflags, or you are likely to break something.. (hashes, abi, etc..)21:12
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kergothT0mW: oe_runmake just runs make with ${EXTRA_OEMAKE}, it has no internal knowledge of LDFLAGS. that said, by default in non-autotools recipes extra_oeconf includes -e, which makes the makefile prefer our exported variables rather than what's defined in the makefile. as fray says, it's better to explicitly pass in things than rely on the -e behavior, but even then, the makefile has to be constructed so as to know how to handle such vars being21:44
kergoth passed in. either split what ld flags are required to build from things like -L and optimization, or use 'override LDFLAGS +=' to append to ldflags the required bits even when ldflags is passed in. cflags is the same way, separate things like -I. and -I $(topdir)/src from things like -O2 -Wall21:44
kergothevery buildsystem for a piece of software should consider how to obey the things the distro wants it to, if they want integration with that buildsystem, rpm for example is no different :)21:45
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Croftonzecke, you awake?22:48
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T0mWkergoth: thanks23:29
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Croftonyocti, 648123:47
yoctiCrofton: Error: "6481" is not a valid command.23:47
Croftonyocti, help23:47
yoctiCrofton: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.23:47
Croftonyocti, help bugzilla23:47
yoctiCrofton: Error: There is no command "bugzilla".23:47
Croftonyocti, list23:47
yoctiCrofton: Admin, Bugzilla, Channel, ChannelLogger, Config, Karma, Misc, Owner, Praise, Seen, Services, and User23:47
Croftonyocti, bugzilla23:48
yoctiCrofton: Error: "bugzilla" is not a valid command.23:48
Croftonyocti, bugzilla help23:48
yoctiCrofton: Error: The "Bugzilla" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "help" in it.  Try "list Bugzilla" to see the commands in the "Bugzilla" plugin.23:48
Croftonyocti, list bugzilla23:48
yoctiCrofton: add, attachment, bug, and query23:48
Croftonyocti, bug 648123:48
yoctiCrofton: Bug major, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , wic produces traceback23:48
Croftonsummary, Monkey types wic. Error message not helpful :)23:49
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