Monday, 2014-06-30

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mckoangood morning07:10
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elinuxerHi yocto07:22
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elinuxerI working in beaglebone black development board, For that i compiled  u-boot and kernel and filesystem using meta-ti layer with minimal image core-image-minimal. If i boot this image in my board it hangs on the starting kernel..please check the link and help me to solve this issue.      
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elinuxerHi please any one help me to resolve this problem.. Please07:53
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[Sno]elinuxer: smells as if youre loadaddr is wrong08:33
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elinuxerThis kernel load address is 80008000. Is it need to update anywhere.08:46
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AndersDelinuxer, how does your uEnv.txt look like? There seems to be an issue with the U-Boot environment.09:01
AndersDelinuxer, Look at the line "Unknown command 'console=ttyO0,115200n8' - try 'help'09:01
AndersDelinuxer, in our pastebin.09:02
AndersDconsole=... should have been appended to bootargs in u-boot, not evaluated.09:02
elinuxerAndersD: please check my uEnv.txt file
AndersDelinuxer, the line "loadkernel=run bootargs;mmc rescan; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage-beaglebone.bin" is wrong09:05
AndersDYou shouldn't have the "run bootargs" part in it09:05
elinuxerAndersD:please tell me how to modify this..09:06
AndersDAs you're not evaluating variables in your bootargs line, just remove that part from loadkernel.09:06
AndersDYou could also quite likely remove the loadaddr statement from uEnv.txt.09:08
AndersDOr skip the last part about loadaddr, I didn't look close enough on your uEnv.txt.09:09
elinuxerAndersD:Shall i write like this
AndersDAlmost, make it "loadkernel=mmc rescan; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage-beaglebone.bin"09:10
AndersDThough, you should change 0x80200000 to ${loadaddr}, to be more consistent with how you're starting the kernel.09:11
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elinuxerAndersD:thank you so much now it's booting.09:14
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AndersDelinuxer, Good!09:19
AndersDThe issue was the likely that the kernel didn't get your console=... arguments (though I would have thought it would get it anyway). Thus, the kernel didn't know where to put it's logging.09:20
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elinuxerAndersD: I HAVE ANOTHER PROBLEM. I want to compile meta-beagleboard layer with my poky distro if i try to add this layer with poky disto its showing error mentioned in patedbin
elinuxerwhat is problem.10:37
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AndersDelinuxer, which version of poky are you using, and which versin of meta-beagleboard?10:50
AndersDelinuxer, you have a spelling error in bblayers.conf. It should be common-bsp...10:52
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elinuxerAndersD: i have followed the  web mentioned link
elinuxeri cant see the version..10:58
elinuxerAll are from dylan branch..10:59
AndersDelinuxer, like I said, you have a typo in bblayers.conf11:04
AndersDThe branch info (i.e. dylan) is good enough for hte moment regarding the versions. Though, I think it should work once you fix the typo.11:05
elinuxersorry..I am not understanding  about typo.11:06
AndersDOk, have line "  /home/tamilarasi/beagle/poky/meta-beagleboard/comman-bsp \" in your bblayers.conf., comman-bsp should be common-bsp11:07
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elinuxerAndersD: oh. It's my error. Now it's working..11:23
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Rick___hi while do_install i get ERROR: cannot stat bb-example, no such file or directory, i guess something is missing, how can i get more infos about what is missing?11:59
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TuTizzHi all, I am not sure but I think PACKAGECONFIG = ${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES','systemd','systemd','consolekit',d)}" is not working if systemd is put in DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd" and not directly in DISTRO_FEATURES ?= "systemd". Could you confirm that please?12:59
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bluelightningTuTizz: that should not be the case, no13:26
[Sno]in which order yocto finds receipes?13:33
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[Sno]given a bblayers.conf where sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe is before sources/meta-stef - and both have a libcec-git - which one is choosen?13:35
likewiseIf a have a "some-recipe_%.bbappend", what is the recommended way of extending FILESEXTRAPATHS?13:37
bluelightning[Sno]: generally, it depends upon the layer priority (higher is picked first); then if they are the same, which version is higher13:38
bluelightninglikewise: as always, FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"13:38
[Sno]bluelightning: that's enlightening - all layers (meta-oe, meta-stef, mete-me) were at 613:43
likewisebluelightning: When is "files" used instead of ${PN} ?13:44
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[Sno]so a BUILDDIR/conf/bblayers.conf should probably tweak it per project ...13:45
bluelightninglikewise: it's up to your preference - it just has to match up with where you actually place the files you're adding / overriding13:46
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bluelightninglikewise: (for the bbappend that is)13:46
wvHello, I'm having troubles building yocto for my baytrail platform13:47
likewisebluelightning: thanks13:47
wvI'm using the latest from git dora, as wel as from meta-intel13:47
wvIf I do a bitbake of core-image-sato, it fails on bzip2-native13:48
wvlog on
wvcan somebody tell me what's wrong?13:48
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peterohello everybody14:33
peteroi have a bbappend file14:33
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peterois there a way to extend a let's say do_compile task that is already defined in the original .b bfile?14:34
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peteromy bbappend's do_compile overwrites my do_compile defined in the .bb14:35
peteroi'd like to have both executed14:35
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stuartw_Hi All, I'm currently having trouble with getting my current hardware (meta-valleyisland) on the network, whenever I boot the board up or try ifup/dhclient/udhcpc eth0 I'm getting no offers from the network. I would believe this would be network side apart from booting the board into windows connects fine to the network. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?14:47
wvstuartw, and you do have a eth0?14:48
stuartw_yes, the driver wasn't originally enabled in the kernel so after a menuconfig it appeared, could I have missed an option out somewhere?14:49
wvstuartw_ that was what I was going to ask, if you enabled the kernel driver :)14:52
wvI'm out of options then (besides a network problem)14:52
wvdid you try to enable the network manually?14:52
wv(ifconfig eth0 etc)?14:53
stuartw_well, the eth0 driver is i210 which seems to link to the IGB drivers in Yocto, the following is what i enabled through menuconfig:14:54
stuartw_and those were all i could find relating to the IGB14:55
wvhm, no further ID, sorry14:55
stuartw_yes, i tried setting manually, but still wouldn't connect (i.e. ping from target and to target)14:55
stuartw_well thanks anyway, at least I know I haven't missed something silly!14:56
peteroalright, found it14:56
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wvand you're sure there is a good cable in between? and they're plugged in correctly?14:56
wvBlinking led on your pc side, also enabled there?14:56
wv(these are the silly things ;))14:56
wvbut verry common :-D14:57
stuartw_I'll say yes as when booting windows on the board it connects perfectly (unfortunately)14:57
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stuartw_I missed out that infact, whenever I boot windows first then reboot into linux, the board is configured and able to connect to the network???14:59
stuartw_so it sounds to me more like a driver issue?14:59
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likewisestuartw_: avb?15:04
stuartw_what does avb stand for? sorry for the lack of knowledge :P15:05
likewisestuartw_: just wondering if you were playing with Audio Video Bridging (i210 seems nice for that)15:08
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stuartw_not that i currently know of, it's just what was on the board that i was given15:09
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likewiseRephrasing: If we have a some-recipe_%.bbappend, and package-version specific patches, FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PV}"   will have the ${PV} part set to "%" in the search path. How to get back the desured behaviour where ${PV} was taken from the package-version .bb file?15:27
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kergothlikewise: i expect you could force thisdir to be immediately expanded, but let PV be expanded later as it should be, when it has the correct value. e.g. THISDIR := "${THISDIR}"; FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend = "${THISDIR}/${BP}:" or somesuch, but thats obviously untested15:42
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maxtothemaxquestion about the finer points of PREFERRED_PROVIDER17:49
volker-I have a recipe that I want to reuse for a lot of cases. The differences I want to do is changing two variables: a path and a projectname.17:49
volker-how do I do this the best? Creating a .inc file which I use via "require" and then only changing the two variables?17:49
maxtothemaxI hate to blurt out my question at the same time as volker's but I shall continue typing mine anyway17:50
volker-all in one folder with multiple .bb files or is there a way to do this across folders17:50
maxtothemaxsuppose recipes A and B both PROVIDE "X" and B is the PREFERRED_PROVIDER17:51
maxtothemax but A is depended upon directly by another recipe that's included in the build, so it will always be built anyway17:51
maxtothemaxdoes that mean B doesn't get built?17:51
maxtothemaxor could you end up with A and B both being built?17:52
kergothmost likely both will get sucked in, and bitbake will display an error about it17:52
maxtothemaxhow would I achieve that behavior then?17:52
kergothyou'd set preferred provider to A, or fix the the recipe that depends on it explicitly17:53
kergothno, conflicts would do nothing, bitbake knows two providers of a thing shouldnt' be built, but you ahven't told it what to do to address the situation17:53
maxtothemaxwhat I want is for package A to not be built if package B is built, and vice versa17:54
maxtothemaxif PROVIDES is not going to do that, is there another mechanism?17:54
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maxtothemaxI mean, the caveman way would be to have people manually put one or the other in IMAGE_INSTALL but I was hoping for something better17:58
kergoththat's never going to happen18:01
kergothbecause that would make your builds completely nondeterministic18:01
volker-kergoth: any opinions about reusable recipes that only differ in two variables?18:02
kergothuse a .inc, seems trivial enough to me18:02
volker-kergoth: yes, are there alternative ways?18:03
kergothis there a problem with using a .inc? I don't see the problem18:03
volker-.bbappend would be nice, but from my understanding it won't work in the same layer18:03
kergothyou could use a class, but that seems pointless for two recipes18:03
kergothbbappend wouldnt' make any sense18:03
kergothbbapepnd modifies an existing recipe, it doesn't create two recipes18:03
volker-kergoth: ok. I was looking for different ways where the folder would be called foo-project and not foo to make it more obvious. while foo-project uses the files from another recipe folder18:05
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volker-just brainstorming about different options. I hear already the "that package does not have its own foldername"18:06
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maxtothemaxis it possible to construct a recipe that will install extra files if something is *not* in IMAGE_FEATURES?18:07
maxtothemaxthat would also do what I want18:07
kergoththat wouldn't make sense either, image features can only affect images. if you modify how ar ecipe builds for it, then it'd be impossible to use the binary package that recipe prdouces in two different images which use two different IMAGE_FEATURES18:08
kergothyou can't modify how things are built based on what image you happen to be building at this exact moment, considering you could 'bitbake oneimage twoimage threeimage forty-two-other-images'18:08
volker-kergoth: but isnt readonly image option such a case where it is sometimes inside of the recipe?18:10
kergothany recipe doing something based on a read only image feature is a broken recipe18:10
dimi1why not splitting the extra files in an additional recipe18:10
kergothvolker-: first of all, image features are recipe variables, you dont have to set them in local.conf, but can set them in the image, in which case it'd be impossible for the other recipe to know that it was set at all :)18:15
kergothsecond, what would happen if you 'bitbake some-read-write-image some-read-only-image'?18:15
kergothit just wouldn't make any sense18:15
volker-kergoth: true, didn't think about that bitbake line. You could argue now that bitbake is the perfect tool and should be able to identify image differences to move the modularity into the recipe ;)18:16
kergoththat wouldn't make sense18:16
kergothyou're not thinking about the fact that recipe emit binary packages, and then those binary packages can go into any number of images18:17
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kergothin fact, the image can be created in an entirely separate build from the build which produced the binary package feed18:17
volker-I just looked into the openssh recipe, I personaly find it ugly to have readonly labled files in regular recipes18:17
kergotheither the read onlyw orkarounds ahve to be implemented in the image, or you can do something like split off additional packages which do the per-recipe read-only workarounds and then install those extra packages in the image the way we handle -dev/-dbg/-doc. i've done that in meta-read-only-rootfs in the past, but it proved to no longer really be necessary18:17
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volker-kergoth: you can have DISTRO_FEATURES in the recipe but not IMAGE_FEATURES, I think that can raise confusion18:20
kergothnot really18:20
kergotha distro is global18:20
kergothan image is a recipe18:20
kergoththey're not even comparable18:20
kergothby definition a distro affects multiple recipes, and by definition an image does not18:20
kergothone involves configuration metadata, one is recipe metadata18:20
kergoththe former flows into the latter, not vice versa18:21
volker-I get the logic behind it, still, as external user it can be somewhat confusing.18:21
kergothits not possibel for one recipe to inspect another recipe's metadata18:21
kergothnor will it ever be18:21
kergothif the external user doesn't grasp the difference between a distro and an image and a machine, then they need to go back to the docs, or we need better docs18:21
kergothits a basic fundamental concept without which they're not likely to get very far18:21
volker-FILES_${PN}-sshd += [...]18:22
volker-FILES_${PN}-sshd += "[...] ${sysconfdir}/ssh/sshd_config_readonly [...]"18:22
kergothi really don't think including a tiny config file in a main recipe is that harmful, but as i said, there are other options, you could split that out into as eparate package which is only installed when the read only feature is enabled for a given image18:23
volker-I can end up in a read-only labled file in a read-only image18:23
kergothoh no, a 5k file, the horror18:24
kergoth(possibly smaller)18:24
volker-it's not about the size, it is more a confusion point18:24
kergothregardless, this is how it works, a recipe that goes based on an image feature is a bug18:24
kergothif yo udont like how we're doing it, patches are welcome18:24
volker-I can live with it, just my feedback :)18:25
volker-I got through some learning curves (and am sure miss some other ones) in yocto :)18:25
kergothit's a tradeoff. to do it differently without fundametally breaking how bitbake works would be rather more complex, so we keep a file that *might* cause user confusion, in theory, possibly ,in favor of a simpler implementation18:26
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volker-Tomorrow is July, the yocto book release is expected for July18:28
dimi1what is the yocto book release? a book about yocto?18:30
vroomfondelfor me as a complete yocto beginner it seems central to understand bitbake first, right?18:31
volker-still no table of content18:31
dimi1volker-: 10x18:31
volker-vroomfondel: yes, somewhat, bitbake is huge and powerful. I think the basics are important.18:32
vroomfondelis there also a build process for bootloaders in yocto?18:33
kergothbootloaders are recipes like anything else. the recipes are marked so bitbake doesn't try to build the wrong one for a given machine, and it's appropriately pulled into image builds for machines that need them18:34
volker-vroomfondel: the image comes with a boot loader, you can dd it and boot from it. For grub I haven't found seen one, but you can install grub18:34
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vroomfondelI am on an ARM18:34
volker-no hands on experience with ARM, but as I said, the default image I worked with always came with a working bootloader18:35
volker-I assume you can take a image and dd it to an SDcard and boot from it18:36
kergothsupport for sd card images varies with the machine/bsp, there's no standard mechanism for construction of a full disk image from a kernel+rootfs+bootloader in yocto at this time, but options do exist, it just depends on your hardware18:37
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halsteadWe are going to have 15-20 second bugzilla outage in a moment.18:45
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joshualamoriegidday there, I'm having some difficulty building a kernel module as a package within daisy.20:30
joshualamorieI have followed a couple of patterns already present, but I'm uncertain if they are going to be generally valid20:31
joshualamorieMy current problem is a missind scripts/basic/fixdep20:31
joshualamorieThere seems to be others who have encountered this.20:31
volker-nice new feature: The following packages could not be configuredoffline and rootfs only: ['mypackage']20:34
joshualamorieis there a 'canonical' complete example of a recipe for building an out-of-kernel module?20:36
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volker-sorry, the correct string is " The following packages could not be configuredoffline and rootfs is read-only"20:38
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