Wednesday, 2014-07-02

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sm_hi, ther is an ERROR in command "bitbake core-image-rt", it's: "ERROR: Multiple .bb files are due to be built which each provide virtual/kernel". how can I fix it?05:35
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #155 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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AndersDsm, Well I haven't build core-image-rt myself for quite a while. So this is from my old memory... core-image-rt has a DEPENDS on linux-yocto-rt, thus it will ask bitbake to build this. At the same time I guess that you have a machine conf specifying PREFERED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel06:02
rperierhi, is it possible to define a custom task from a image_types (a bbclass inheriting from image_types) which is executed after do_rootfs ? when my image is built my custom task is never executed. Ideally, my task needs to be executed after do_rootfs and after virtual/kernel:do_deploy.06:05
rperierIf I register my task in this way "addtask mytask after do_rootfs;  [...]  do_mytask[depends]="virtual/kernel:do_deploy" " it does not work06:06
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #153 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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[Sno]is it possible to modify distribution settings per recipe?07:27
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[Sno]I have to build an image continaing java and xbmc - one needs x11 (xlibs, no server, no graphic) and one needs fb07:27
[Sno]but libx11 fails to compile when x11 is not in distro-features07:28
[Sno](which is pointless)07:28
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ndec<[Sno] no, it's not possible. the purpose of DISTRO settings is especially to be applicable to all recipes08:17
[Sno]how can I build then an image with libx11, glxinfo (required by xbmc) and xbmc on fb?08:17
ndeci don't know ;-) which doesn't mean that you can't, btw..08:23
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Denwidrperier, you can either define ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "mytask;" (note the semicolon) or add mytask after do_rootfs before do_build, the "before do_build" is necessary so the system knows the task *needs* to be executed09:12
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PiziwateHello, juste a small question... When I build my core-image on Yocto Daisy, The hddimg file doesn't contains the initrd file. How to regenerate it ?09:25
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rperierDenwid: In fact, I want to build a initramfs builtin into the kernel image, so I have no choices. I need to do something like that09:28
rperierDenwid: I will make a try, thanks09:29
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ant_workrperier: are you trying to add a task to bundle the cpio in kernel? the framework is already there09:52
ant_worksee /meta/conf/local.conf.sample.extended #29409:54
[Sno]is there a way to build libx11 without x11 in DISTRO_FEATURES ?09:55
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[Sno]see for an example why09:57
elinuxerwe are using  beaglebone  linuxmainline 3.8.13  kernel  and we want to integrate all the interfacing modules for ex:PWM ,UART,SPIDEV etc... these all in the format of dts file and located in kernel/firmware/capes directory  and its compiled using dtc compiler also i am porting it manually to kernel at run time using uEnv.txt  and writing into cape.9/slots file by following  this link (
elinuxer  )  am doing all the module like this. without  using this method how can i integrate with the kernel to enable always.10:14
elinuxerkindly any one help me please..10:14
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iontehi. i wonder, how do i include header files on the image? i've included the buildessentials packagegroup etc to allow compilation, but i can't figure out how to for example include the headers for Python...10:31
rburtonionte: add dev-pkgs to IMAGE_FEATURES10:36
rburtonthen you get the headers for everything installed10:36
rburtonif you want to be more specific then add eg python-dev to the image10:36
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ionterburton: great! thanks!10:40
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elinuxerHi yocto...i trying to boot my beaglebone black using kernel 3.8.13 while booting this image i am getting link mentioned error
elinuxerplease help me how to rectify this error..10:57
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elinuxerplease .........11:00
elinuxerAndersD:Are you there..11:05
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[Sno]I have a machine conf as in - and a meta-me/receipes-bsp/u-boot/ and meta-me/conf/layer.conf has BBFILE_PRIORITY_me = "8"11:19
[Sno]but very often the images (*.sdcard) I get have an unmodified u-boot prompt11:20
[Sno]how can I ensure which recipe is included?11:20
[Sno]how can I ensure that /lib/firmware/vpu contains vpu_fw_imx6q.bin instead of vpu_fw_imx6d.bin (which is now included)11:22
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elinuxeri am using layer meta-beagleboard/recipes-common/linux-mainline-3.8.13 kernel and same layer u-boot.11:38
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DenwidIs there a bitbake function to find which task has been called? I would like to differentiate if "bitbake someimage -c populate_sdk" or "bitbake someimage" was called.11:53
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rperierant_work: I want to build a initramfs into the kernel image (statically built) (throught the variable INITRAMFS_SOURCE in the .config of the kernel)12:25
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rperieras I understood this is not supported12:25
rperierant_work: correct me if I am wrong but we can only build separated initramfs images for now12:25
ant_workit is supported12:26
ant_worknow that you say 'static', I do the same12:26
ant_workit's a klibc-static cpio embedded in a separate kernel12:26
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ant_workno modules12:27
rperiermhhhh, interesting, I will look at it12:27
rperierant_work: thanks12:30
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ant_workrperier: for the background, look at these :
ant_workoe-core: 609d5a9 and 36faac812:43
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rperierant_work: assuming I want to generate a flashable image from a image_types (a bbcclass which inherits from image_types) using this technic. is it possible too ?13:26
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Rick____I wrote a recipe to build ffmpeg for arm, it builds ffmpeg ffserver and ffprobe but no ffplay any idea where this could come from,13:42
Rick____heres my recipe:13:44
ant_workrperier: you mean image A contains kernel A and is embedded in flashable image B?13:46
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rperierant_work: I mean a kernel image "K" which contains a initramfs "IN" converted to a flashable image by a custom FSTYPE contained in IMAGE_FSTYPES, like IMAGE_FSTABLE = "myflashableimage"   (which is my-layer/classes/myflashableimage.bbclass)14:10
rperier(K contains IN statically built and K is converted into a binary image which is uploadable to a target)14:12
rperier(no uboot on rockchip :) )14:13
ant_workI don't understand that part...14:13
ant_workwhere does th ekernel reside?isn't raw flash?14:14
ant_workis it a nor or a nand?14:14
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ant_workanyway yes, you can create another image-recipe EXT and populate it with that custom kernel K containing IN14:18
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ant_workrperier: I think I understand now. You flash with rkflashtool?14:29
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rperierant_work: no with the cmdline tool provided by rockchip14:35
rperierant_work: upgrade_tool14:36
ant_workI see, you can flash parameter, boot.img, system.img,..14:38
rperieryes, I only flash boot.img (kernel+initramfs)14:38
ant_workwhat is that darned .img format? Just some headers?14:38
rperier(the mainline kernel has not internal flash memory drivers)14:39
rperier(so I have no choices)14:39
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ant_workI see on some instructions about generating boot.img. Afais they use an external initramfs14:43
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ant_workand a mkbootimg tool14:44
rperierant_work: yes with a kernel 3.0.36 not synced with upstream and the initramfs address depends on the proprietary bootloader14:47
rperierbuild the initramfs statically into the kernel image depends on nothing :)14:48
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ant_workinitially I thought you were trying to update on-device using a special kernel containing updater+image14:53
rperierno :)14:53
ant_workok, it's fairly similar to the situation I have with  a new mips toy, you have to use proprietary flasher on PC14:54
ant_workapart this, you can build the single pieces with OE14:55
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ant_work(there is a SD and not a flash on it fwiw, still applies)14:56
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rperierant_work: there is a NAND flash and a sd reader15:01
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staylorquestion about PACKAGE_CLASSES, when set to package_rpm I am able to -c populate_sdk no problem, but if set to package_deb I get a target filesystem missing most packages.15:27
frayare you using multilibs?15:28
frayit's also possible deb and the SDK don't get along..  I know RPM and IPK are well tested.. I don't know if deb is for the SDK15:28
staylorI'm not sure on the multilib front, but what you're saying is package_deb shouldn't be used then yes?15:30
frayI'm saying it's not used very much.. if it's not working, check the Yocto Project bugzilla to see if someone else has observed it.. if not.. please file a bug with your configuration details and bitbake commands so we can try to fix it15:31
fray(or feel free to fix it, if you can)  ;)15:31
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stayloras far as the multilib, I say something on google about that from 2012, is it something that's meant to be configurable then?  Does it follow the same conventions as debian?15:32
staylor*I see*15:33
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frayyou would have a configuration in your system MULTILIBS = "..."15:35
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frayif you don't you aren't using them.. multilibs can cause issues w/ deb (or at least have in the past)15:35
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staylorokay, thanks for the help15:36
fray(multilib is the mechanism we use to support multiple ABIs on the same machine.. i.a. x86 and amd64 installed at the same time)15:37
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paulg... when it works.  :)15:38
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volker-nerdboy: :)15:47
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volker-I run in a strange problem here. I want to extend the openssh package by adding a firewall script. So I create a folder in my own layer openssh/openssh_6.5p1.bbappend with content 'SRC_URI += " file://"' and the file openssh/files/firewall-sshd.sh17:05
volker-Now running it leasds to " Unable to find file file:// anywhere. The paths that were searched were:" All of these files are in the original meta layer and indeed the file is not there.17:06
volker-It is analogue to a lot of other bbappend files I created, but somehow only with openssh it fails17:06
kergothsounds like you missed FILESEXTRAPATHS17:09
kergothor set it incorrectly17:09
volker-kergoth: you are right. somehow it forgot to copy it. Looked for 15minutes for other issues....17:10
kergothFILESPATH is how bitbake seraches for file:// files, and FILESEXTRAPATHS is how you append to FILESPATH cleanly from appends17:11
kergothso thats where to look if it cant' locate a file:// file, for future reference :)17:11
volker-defective user in this case. totally forgot that snippet. thanks for the hint :)17:12
volker-I am still unconsidered if I should use bbappend to add firewall rules or if i should create a firewall-sshd package17:14
volker-more a style question.17:14
kergothI'm inclined to say the latter would be slightly cleaner, but its really personal preference at that point17:15
volker-pro of separate packet are the ptests and that I don't have to care about software changes17:15
volker-software changes in kind of versioning17:16
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kergothalso consider impact on sstate reuse and binary packaging, how much can / will be shared between your builds with and without the firewall bits, or the possible re-run of openssh tasks when you change the firewall script to repackage it17:18
kergothminor in this case, but good things to keep in mind17:18
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abelloniI was wondering whether there are any plan to make wic create beaglebone/beagleboard images17:36
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volker-I might have asked it before: Is it possible to limit the amount of processes that run do_rootfs? Right now both image rootfs are build at the same time if I execute "bitbake image1 image2"17:47
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto17:49
kergothvolker-: only via the usual mechanism to control how many processes run at once — BB_NUMBER_THREADS. but you can't exert control at a per-task level, no17:53
kergothyou could presuambly add a lockfile so bitbake would *try* to run both at the same time ,but would be prevented from it17:53
kergothnot quite the same thing since bitbake wouldn't be awareof the influence on its scheduling, but you could force the matter that way, i guess17:54
volker-kergoth: when I compile etc. it is usually fine to have it parallel. do_rootfs is really IO heavy, therefore I would prefere only this serial17:54
kergothi'm assuming your disk load is getting high?17:54
* kergoth nods17:54
kergothbitbake's scheduler doesn't let you do resource bound control like that.. yet. it's been on the wishlist for years17:54
volker-A feature for extraction and packaging could be nice too, but that IO load is half as bad as the image step17:54
volker-I can't add NOHDD and NOISO in my image recipe?17:56
volker-err... my friend the quote symbol is required...17:57
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volker-the deploy/image directory has a file called README_-_DO_NOT_DELETE_FILES_IN_THIS_DIRECTORY.txt that states to run "bitbake -c clean TARGET". is target here the image name? Will it delete all the packages it build?18:04
volker-Right now I ignore the warning and only delete old images to free up disk space18:04
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has quit IRC18:08
kergothmainly that warning is just to indicate that bitbake won't automatically recreate everything in there if you rerun bitbake, as it has its stamps, afaik18:09
volker-just tried the clean command with the image name -- the files still exists18:11
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blloydanyone tried booting a USB core-image-sato for genericx86 from master recently?  Seems udev isn't mounting usb block devices properly anymore.  With debugshell enabled, I see nothing mounted except the root once it gives up.19:18
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dvhart_blloyd, there is an open bug19:51
dvhart_blloyd, something I'm planning on looking at, but have been prevented by various things19:51
dvhart_blloyd, if you have time to debug, please post your findings to the bug:19:52
yoctiBug 6492: normal, Undecided, ---, dvhart, NEW , [Generic x86_64] USB not mounted19:53
blloyddvhart_: I'd commented on that one, since I had found.  It was x86_64.  I just found same applies to x86 too.19:57
blloydand for x86, it's happening during init script too for live boot.19:58
dvhart_OK, we can just update the bug subject19:58
dvhart_probably a udev issue19:58
dvhart_or ... possibly a udev issue19:58
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[Sno]I have a machine conf as in - and a meta-me/receipes-bsp/u-boot/ and meta-me/conf/layer.conf has BBFILE_PRIORITY_me = "8"19:59
[Sno]but very often the images (*.sdcard) I get have an unmodified u-boot prompt19:59
[Sno]how can I ensure which recipe is included?19:59
[Sno]how can I ensure that /lib/firmware/vpu contains vpu_fw_imx6q.bin instead of vpu_fw_imx6d.bin (which is now included)19:59
blloydnp.  I had found and commented there, but was checking in case someone may have known a work-around.  Pretty sure it is genericx86 image based, as I hadn't seen it on my own atom-pc based machines.  But I fired up this to see if I had introduced a different bug and got a surprise when it was even less functional.19:59
[Sno]is there a way to build virtual/libx11 without x11 in DISTRO_FEATURES ?20:00
dvhart_blloyd, have you tried the meta-intel intel-core2-32 MACHINE?20:00
dvhart_blloyd, I'd be interested to know if it has the same issue for you or not20:00
dvhart_(daisy or master branch)20:01
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blloydno I haven't.  Thank you for that suggestion.  Not sure core2 will boot on the hardware I'm using though.  It's fully i586, neither are full i686 (well depends on the definition of i686 for one...)20:02
blloydAny idea what core2 is targetted for?  I could have sworn core2 was late i686.20:02
fray'core2' is litterly 'core2'...20:03
dvhart_core2 is targeted for "core2" and later :-)20:03
dvhart_basically all Atom CPUs (and core2 before that)20:03
blloydyeah, I can't remember where core2 fit in the timeline.20:03
dvhart_so yeah, that can break on your system.20:03
frayi686 is Pentium Pro 'or so'..  i586 is Pentium, Quark and similar CPus..20:03
dvhart_oh, late 90s iirc20:03
frayI thought 'core' was early 2000's.. and core2 was a bit after..20:04
blloydyeah, one of the gems I get to play with is Geode LX...20:04
dvhart_hrm... yeah, I think I'm off a decade.... checking20:04
frayya thats going to be i68620:04
dvhart_I'm terrible at dates20:04
fraycore2  introduced July 200620:04
blloydGeode LX is i686 minus NOPL (which technically wasn't in the original specification for i686)20:04
dvhart_So core2 supports MMC and SSSE320:05
dvhart_so not a good choice20:05
blloydwhich will be a kernel panic for me.20:05
frayHun 'Core' was January of 2006.. I thought there was a larger gap20:05
dvhart_so scratch that idea :-)20:06
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blloydthat was during new processor every 6 months phase...20:06
frayI ignore 'core' since it was only 32-bit.. ;)20:07
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blloydI'm kinda stuck with 32 bit.  They still tend to be more power efficient than 64 bit due to performance verse power trade-offs made.20:09
blloydand some of those old 32bit chips are rather nicer about working in a noisy (physical shaking or poor power) environment.20:10
dvhart_blloyd, do you know when it worked and when it stopped working?20:11
blloydI've never tried genericx86 before, so no.  My own changed behavior after my last pull, which pulled maybe 2 weeks of changes in.20:11
dvhart_Right, OK20:12
blloydFirst thing I checked was if my proposed oe-core had made it in (it hasn't).  Then checked if my changes were the culprit, which is why I can tell it's udev not mounting and not the script unmounting wrong or something else I may have done.20:14
blloydSo, who is the unlucky soul that has to follow oe-core for committing to master?  I can't keep up with that mailing list.  I think it would be a full time job just reading it for patches.20:15
dvhart_that would be RP and others20:17
j8i want to add a DEPENDS to python on tk, but I don't want nativesdk...20:24
blloydsomeone good with bugzilla willing to tell me how to find the list of bugs I am currently watching (cc me is on)?20:28
*** armpit <armpit!> has joined #yocto20:28
dvhart_use the advanced search, search for your email address, save the query?20:28
blloydthanks.  quick search on my email gave zaro bugs.20:30
rburtonblloyd: that works, as i've got that query.  there's an explicit field for CC list.20:33
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blloydthanks dvhart_ and rburton.  I missed it first time I had peaked through the advanced.   Figured it was something easy I was overlooking.20:46
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blloydis anyone else running on i586/i686 era hardware?  I was wanting to compare notes about connmand.  My log files on multiple machines end up looking like a lot.21:06
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blloyd(ok usually I am not running debug so only get the {add} and {del} repeating thousands of times a second)21:08
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volker-it seems like an image is not getting rebuild if you modify ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND22:38
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adam_Is Qt Creator inlucded in the Yocto SDK?23:56
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