Monday, 2014-07-28

-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #180 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning07:30
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lpappgood morning.. I would like to re-ask my question on Friday: hmm, where can I find the x86_64 gdb on the host in the yocto environment that can debug the arm binary of mine on the host?  tried to use my own arm gdb, but that does not seem to be compatible with the gdbserver Yocto generates.07:55
ant_worklpapp: gdb-cross?08:06
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lpappI do not have that in the output of ls ./tmp/work/armv5te-foo-linux-gnueabi/08:06
lpapppackages-split says: gdb  gdb-dbg  gdb-dev  gdb-doc  gdb-locale  gdb-staticdev  gdb.shlibdeps  gdbserver  gdbserver.shlibdeps08:07
ant_workthis is not an armv5te binary08:07
lpappfair enough..08:07
ant_workruns on say x8608:07
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lpappant_work: seems that I do not have it in ls ./tmp/work/x86_64-linux/ either, only gdbm there, but I think that is not related.08:09
ant_workwhat happens if you bitbake gdb-cross ?08:10
lpappyeah, I have just run that.08:11
lpappI will let you know, thanks.08:11
lpappseems it is getting into the arm directory: ./tmp/work/armv5te-foo-linux-gnueabi/gdb-cross08:12
lpappis that a bug?08:13
lpapp(or is it intentional?)08:13
ant_workit is ok, is now in your sysroot as arm-...-gdb08:18
ant_work(sry, on phone call)08:19
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lpappthanks; as a side note, it would be awesome to get cgdb into Yocto :-)08:23
lpappplain gdb is not so nice because you cannot see the code in the console simultaneously.08:24
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* ajtag is away: Away08:36
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bluelightningmorning all08:46
lpappbluelightning: good morning08:47
bluelightningmorning lpapp08:47
LetoThe2ndwhy, oh why do i have the desire now to crank up "ride the lightning" here at office?08:49
LetoThe2nd(no offense meant)08:50
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: none taken :)08:53
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* LetoThe2nd considers some headbanging now.08:54
* ajtag is back (gone 00:20:12)08:57
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lpapplooks like a silent day... Let me break that: why is it so that some do_configure task does not show the "full" configure.log by which I mean, I see it stopped in the middle without further progress and errors...14:12
lpappe.g. I see three failing tasks there, but their do_configure task files are like that described above:
rburtonpastebin the logs that stop?14:17
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lpapprburton: I will give it in approximately 1-2 hours when the build gets there again.14:29
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cubicoolSo, I've been in this channel a few times the last two weeks talking about how I'm working up Yocto support the NVidia Tegra "Jetson TK1" board. I gotta' say that Yocto is truly incredible, and that you guys have been very helpful.14:55
cubicoolI can see this being a pretty big source of contracting opportunities in the future. :)14:55
cubicoolThe only thing I can't do at this point is get anything cortex-a15'ish to run in Qemu. But that's not a yocto problem.14:56
cubicoolI did have one last question, though! My BSP requires "xserver-xorg-module-libwfb" to function, and I'd like to make this a dependency in my board/bsp layer somehow. Right now,  I just add it to IMAGE_INSTALL, but this feels wrong from a design standpoint.14:57
cubicoolAny recommendations?14:58
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lpappout of curiosity from a noob: why is it wrong?14:59
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rburtoncubicool: wfb? really?  well, that dependency should be added to the driver package.15:01
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cubicoolrburton: There is binary-only driver from NVidia driver I have to use.15:03
cubicoolrburton: It needs xinerama and libfwb.15:03
rburtonso in your recipe that packages that up, add those dependenies15:04
cubicoolxinerama was easy to add with a .bbappend file to OE_EXTRACONF...15:04
cubicoolrburton: I added it to the recipe that generates the image, but that feels wrong to me.15:04
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cubicoolI feel like it should go in the meta-jetson-tk1 layer I'm making.15:05
rburtonpresumably you have a recipe for the binary driver?15:05
cubicool(This is all open source, btw; can I submit it to Yocto?)15:05
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rburtoncubicool: (yes)15:05
cubicoolrburton: Not currently, actually. I just have some infrastructure scripts that run their script called: ./flash.sh15:05
rburtoncubicool: ouch.  well, make a recipe that grabs their stuff and puts it in the right places to make a proper package15:05
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cubicoolrburton: I started, but the client was pushy. I'm ordering myself a Jetson, and will definitely do that.15:06
rburtoneg is the "turn a binary driver into a proper package" for Intel's EMGD driver15:06
rburtonwhen you have a proper package, you can add its runtime dependencies15:06
rburtongood news! emgd on atom is dead.15:06
cubicoolWe had some machine with that, what was it called back then... ummm... some tablets...15:06
cubicoolIt had another name.15:07
cubicoolThat became satanic around the office here.15:07
fray_IEGD, EMGD, ....15:07
rburtonyeah it does that15:07
cubicoolNo, no, wait, I must know now!15:07
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rburtonhooray that *most* new atoms are all intel 965 derivs15:07
cubicoolOH MAN!15:08
cubicoolTHE DEVIL ITSELF!15:08
cubicoolManifested in software/firmware form...15:09
cubicoolAnd my Haswell on my Lenovo T440 is actually great.15:10
rburtonsame gpu (sort of) in the current atoms! :)15:10
cubicoolI'll start with pusblishing the OSS bits of this Jetson TK1 file on github. Can you look at it later, rburton?15:10
rburtonnot me, i'm on holiday for 10 days in … two hours.15:11
cubicoolJust to give me reccomedations before proper submissoin.15:11
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cubicoolEr, layers I mean. Okay, later then.15:11
rburtonstart with pushing to github and pinging the yocto and oe-devel lists for review15:11
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motzerhey guy15:29
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motzerI have a problem with installing wine to yocto. I'v written a standard recipe like my other working ones, just with are src file  tar.bz2 and nothing fancy, but when I add this layer to my bblayers.conf and add wine with IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " wine"  or with CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL +="wine"  to my local.conf . there is an error : Nothing RPROVIDES 'wine' , but.....15:35
motzerComplete Error: ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'wine' (but /home/user/yocto/poky/meta/recipes-core/images/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it) NOTE: Runtime target 'wine' is unbuildable, removing... Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['wine']15:35
motzeris there a basic mistake I make or something more complex ?15:36
kergothinsufficient information to say15:36
rburtonmotzer: usually thats because your recipe doesn't actually produce the package you're asking for15:36
rburtonhave a look at what packages your wine recipe is actually building15:37
motzerI just inherent autotools after setting the loaction of the sources15:37
motzerI store them local in files/15:37
rburtonpresumably wine uses autotools so you're actually configuring/building/installing?15:38
rburtonagain, check what is actually being produced.15:38
cubicoolI like how your username is user.15:38
cubicoolVery meta.15:38
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motzerwhere can I check it ? I just added a few recipes the same way just giving the sources and inherent autotools everything worked fine, I do not see the difference between these cases15:39
motzerand when my other images were bitbaked it configured compiled and did packages but now it stops after parsing the recipes15:40
rburtonmotzer: the different is maybe wine doesn't actually use autotools.  have a look at the wine sources.15:40
rburtonto see what packages a build produced look in tmp/work/[machine]/wine/[version]/deploy-[package format]15:41
rburtonnothing in there -> no packages were build15:41
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kergothalso make sure that S actually points to the extracted sources and not an empty directory. both base and autotools are still oddly tolerant of the 'do nothing' case :)15:42
kergoththey'll happily see that ther'es no makefile and no configure script and just continue on their merry way to the next taks15:42
motzerkergoth S is set to the right source15:42
motzerbut thanks fot the hint that there is no error coming up15:43
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motzerrburton: I cant find any package15:43
motzerso there was nothing build15:43
rburtonmotzer: i bet wine doesn't use autotools15:44
rburtonso your recipe didnt actually do anything15:44
* rburton ->cook dinner for kids15:44
kergothwine does use autotools15:44
motzeri try to find out if it uses autotools15:44
kergothassuming you're talking about the windows emulation project15:44
motzeryes i15:44
motzerhave to run a x86 dll for a seed and key thing15:45
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motzerso i emulate wine in qemu15:45
motzerand execute a little commandline tool which gives me the key, not the nice way but right now there was no other way, I got that working with debian, and now I want to build a custom yocto for me15:46
motzerqemu is running just with my basic recipe I use all the time with autotools15:46
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wotteHi folks - quick question: in the context of a recipe that is compiling, are there environment variables that point to the host and target sysroot directories?15:47
kergothread bitbake.conf15:48
bluelightningwotte: specifically STAGING_*15:48
motzerthe last piece is wine, but it seems that it does not use autotools, so I conclude for me that I have to write my onw do_configure do_compile functions ?15:48
kergothI just told you that wine does use autotools15:49
volker-bluelightning: what confuses me is that I have to add export STAGING_INCDIR + STAGING_LIBDIR in a lot of cases. I would assume autotools trys will skip the host systems include dirs by default15:49
wottethanke kergoth bluelighting, I'll take a look15:49
motzerkergoth: okay seems to be a good message that wine uses autotools15:50
cubicoolvolker-: I'm no expert, but I would imagine having to use those explicitly a lot is probably bad. Is your recipe anywhere public showing the usage?15:51
motzerbut when I use autotools in my recipe there pops up this error15:51
volker-cubicool: nope. internal tool. no ./configure, just make15:51
bluelightningvolker-: we explicitly tell autotools where to look, in most cases that's enough15:51
kergothvolker-: you should make sure the buildsystem in question obeys vars like CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc, and then it shouldn't need the explicit staging vars. but if it did, it could be passed in explicitly via EXTRA_OEMAKE rather thane xporting to the environment15:52
motzerkergoth: there is a makefile and configure file aswell included in the sources of wine. I used the right checksum for the LICENSE file and S points to the right directory, what else can i change ?15:55
kergothmotzer: as i just told you, read the task logs and see what it's doing15:55
volker-kergoth: how would i do this? EXTRA_OEMAKE='LIBDIR="$STAGING_LIBDIR" INCDIR="STAGING_INCDIR"'?15:57
kergothagain, if it's obeying our normal variables, there's really no need for it to use the explicit library or include paths directly at all.. but you should look at example uses of EXTRA_OEMAKE. our default value of EXTRA_OEMAKE is what causes the buildsystem to obey our env vars in preference to the vars in the file. if you override the default, you'll have to explicitly pass *everything* in, CC, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc. which may well be for the best.15:58
kergoth otherwise you can += to it to add additional vars15:58
kergothwith a pure make based buildsystem you really need to read the makefiles and see what variables it's using for things, to see what/how to make it obey ours15:58
kergothnot everyone has the same conventions15:59
kergothe.g. some might use CCOPTS or something instead of CFLAGS15:59
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motzerkergoth: the only log I can find just tells me exactly what a saw when bitbaking the image failed with the error I mentioned in the beginning16:02
kergoththe image is irreelvent16:02
kergothlook at the lgos of the tasks of your recipe and see what it was doing16:02
kergothmake sure do_configure actually ran configure, for example16:02
kergothbitbake -e wine | grep WORKDIR=. look in workdir under the temp/ directory for the task logs16:02
motzerERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'wine'    is the answer of the grep16:05
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kergothso your recipe isn't even available for bitbake to build at all16:06
kergothlikely your layer.conf is wrong, or the recipe is in the wrong place, or something16:06
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motzerhmm layer is in the right place but there was a strange behaviour there was a problem with versions numbers PV, bitbake was not able to find the source file, because PV was set to 1.0 no matter what name my recipe has, so I changed the source name to and it worked16:10
motzermaybe thats a hint ?16:10
motzersorry the source name to programm-1.0.tar.bz2  because it had no effect when I changed the recipe name16:12
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kergothsounds like your filename was wrong. the separator is _, not -16:13
motzerkergoth: i love you16:20
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motzerdamn i mixed up some - and _ that was the reason now it is compiling - thanks for your patience , right now i got an error do_configure  : wine: No generic license file exists for: GNU in any provider16:22
motzerbut thanks so far for you help ! very nice support16:24
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kergothI'm always surprised by people hitting problems like that. did they never look at another recipe in their life? we only have thousands of examples to go by16:27
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ant_homezeddii, reverting that patch helps. I'm collecting logs for you16:33
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ant_homebtw there is a pending patch about that driver (pci)16:35
ant_home[PATCH v2] spi/pxa2xx-pci: Add common clock framework support in PCI glue layer16:36
* zeddii nods. problematic little bugger.16:36
* zeddii sees it. From Friday.16:37
ant_home[PATCH] spi/pxa2xx-pci: Enable DMA binding through device name16:37
ant_homeso it is under fire...16:37
*** microd <microd!> has joined #yocto16:38
* zeddii sees that now as well. we should get dvhart to follow along as well.16:38
ant_homethat one disturbs on pxa16:38
* dvhart looks up16:38
dvhartthose were added for baytrail minnowmax support16:39
dvhartjust FYI16:39
dvhartplease Cc me on discussion re those16:39
dvhartthere is some additional development ongoing there16:39
zeddiiant_home. found some issues on pxa and we narrowed it down to the first rev of the patches.16:39
ant_homeI've sent you the good log16:39
zeddiidvhart: no worries. adding you now. we'll need to refresh to where the -dev lands.16:39
ant_homereverting 261f5d016:40
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lpapprburton: seems I cannot reproduce it on the CI machine after a log in and doing it manually. :(16:40
ant_homedvhart, it causes  pxa2xx-spi: probe of pxa2xx-spi.1 failed with error -216:40
microdguys i require your help: i'm building an image for a target which is based on powerpc MPC641D (e600). Where can i find a convenient tuning configuration? openembedded has but yocto don't:-!16:40
dvhartant_home, on which hardware?16:41
ant_homeon both pxa250 and pxa25516:41
dvhartno, which physical board16:42
ant_homepoodle & corgi16:42
ant_homeSharp Zaurus16:42
dvhartwow, ok16:42
dvhartThis is PCI mode right?16:42
ant_homewe have no pci...16:43
dvhartor... no... platform device?16:43
ant_homevanilla 3.16-rc7 is ok16:43
dvhartinteresting that this pci-specific clock patch breaks your platform usage.... hrm16:43
ant_homethat patch breaks since 3.1416:44
dvhartOK, needs to get fixed, thanks for reporting16:44
ant_homesee upstream pending commits16:44
dvhartzeddii, we need to pull in Andy Shevchenko and Mika Westerberg16:44
dvhartMika's latest replaces this patch with a more generic solution16:45
zeddiik. since we want to switch out the integrated version for the two that ant_home pointed out. and then make sure that both the minnow and pxa cases work.16:45
dvhartperhaps we don't need to pull them in. Let's just test first16:46
ant_homeI am in touch with ojn upstream I'd show him the patch16:46
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zeddiiagreed. ant_home: did you confirm that with those two patches you pointed out that your boards are fine ?16:46
ant_homeso that the pending one will be double-checked16:46
ant_homeI'm doing last counter-probe, building normal yocto-dev16:47
ant_homew/out reverting16:47
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bwonkahello folks, i've been banging my head for a week now trying to get the beagleboard-xM dvi display to work on a simple dora(+meta-ti) checkout building core-image-sato. Anybody facing or did face the same problem?17:21
*** ant_home <ant_home!> has joined #yocto17:25
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khembwonka: HDMI worked fine when I used it, what is the error you see ? is u-boot setting the params correctly17:33
bwonkaomapfb isn't starting up fine17:34
bwonkaprobe fails with error '-22'17:34
bwonkasays 'device not found'17:34
khemmay be try meta-beagleboard17:34
bwonkais the one I'm using.17:36
*** maxtothemax <maxtothemax!~maxtothem@> has joined #yocto17:36
khembwonka: hmmm so mix of meta-yocto and meta-ti ?17:36
bwonkakhem: first error on omapfb init is  omapfb omapfb: no driver for display: dvi17:37
bwonkayeah exactly17:37
khembut why ?17:37
khemjust use meta-ti or meta-yocto17:37
khemdont use both17:37
khemthat combo is probably not tested at all17:38
bwonkaI see17:38
bwonkaI did try removing meta-ti from bblayers without any luck, maybe I should've used only meta-ti then17:39
ant_homekhem, have you seen my libgcrypt analysis?  Is it correct?17:39
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khembwonka: yes17:58
khemant_home: yes, as I expected that there were some asm files left out to be PIC17:59
khemand I am glad they have fixed it already17:59
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nerdboybwonka: use one or the other, not both18:57
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otavioIs someone using/working in SDK for Qt?19:18
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!> has joined #yocto19:59
sakomanIs there an easy way to generate a list of the package name/version number for all of the recipes in poky?20:10
sakomanOr is that info published somewhere?  I'm interested in current master branch versions.20:11
kergothi'd just run bitbake -s20:12
kergothbut you can use the layer index to inspect it20:12
kergothscroll down to the recipes/machines/classes info20:12
sakomankergoth: doh!  I forgot about -s :-)20:18
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