Friday, 2014-08-01

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embedi am compiling poky with my custom bb file.  if i compile this i am getting error please check paste bin.  please check this error log
embedalso check my .bb file
letothe2ndembed: well isn't it obivous: package clancor-qt-sdk71xx-init wants to install the file etc/ppp/peers/provider, which is also provided by the package ppp05:42
letothe2ndembed: thats a conflict, so it does not build.05:42
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letothe2ndso my advice would be to fix package clancor-qt-sdk71xx-init05:44
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embedhow to fix this..05:50
letothe2ndwell clancor-qt-sdk71xx-init seems to be either your package, or something you got from a supplier.. its nothing public. so you have to take care yourself.05:51
letothe2ndthe trivial solution would be to only include either ppp OR clancor-qt-sdk71xx-init in your dependencies. so no clash. if you need both, you actually *have* *to* look at the clancor-qt-sdk71xx-init recipe, sources and install scripts to find out what they to, and then make them compliant to be installed *on* *top* of ppp05:52
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stiandrekroon: good morning06:18
stiandrethanks for answeing..06:18
stiandreyes i'm using MACHINE="wandboard-solo"06:19
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mckoangood morning07:29
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wfailla1good morning if I create my own metalayer how can I access files located in the <meta-layer>/files directory ? What is the variable for the path to that location ?08:03
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wfailla1good morning if I create my own metalayer how can I access files located in the <meta-layer>/files directory ? What is the variable for the path to that location ?08:48
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bluelightningwfailla1: what's the context where you need to specify the path to the file?09:10
bluelightning(morning all)09:10
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wfailla1bluelightning: I used ${LAYERDIR}/files09:32
bluelightningLAYERDIR only works within the layer.conf file, but maybe that's where you're specifying this ... ?09:33
bluelightningin a lot of contexts you shouldn't need to add any prefix since the root of the layer gets added to BBPATH09:33
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wfailla1bluelightning: yes sry I forgot to say I created a variable XXXdir in the layer.conf09:36
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stiandrehi, have anyone had problems booting image on wandboard-solo (imx6 solo) using tftp and nfs, but not when using the sdcard. I am using the same tftp and nfs setup with dora, and everything works well?10:56
stiandrewhen booting the zImage from daisy via tftp/nfs it hangs on "Starting kernel..."10:58
stiandrebut when I use the sdcard image from the same build, everythings works fine10:59
stiandreany ideas?10:59
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rink_have you tried comparing what is loaded from tftp/sd and seeing if they match up ?11:16
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microdplease, can you show me some commands for 1) cleaning 2) recompiling kernel only (new config) 3)creating image ?12:29
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microddocumentations is quite mixed up. i could only find bitbake linux-yocto -c menuconfig12:30
microdbut how do i build the kernel after configuring and creating fragments?12:31
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bluelightningmicrod: to compile the kernel, just bitbake virtual/kernel (or linux-yocto; virtual/kernel is just a bit more generic)12:39
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microdbluelightning: glad to hear from you;) virtual/kernel throws me an error that there is nothing like virtual/kernel12:44
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bluelightningerm, that is strange12:44
microdit only accepts linux-yocto12:45
bluelightningyou're not doing bitbake -c virtual/kernel by any chance ?12:45
bluelightningcan you pastebin the output ?12:45
microdi do bitbake -c virtual/kernel12:45
bluelightningright, that can't work12:45
microdyap, will take me some minutes12:46
bluelightningno worries, I can see what's wrong12:46
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bluelightningthe thing that follows -c is meant to be a command, not a target12:46
bluelightningvirtual/kernel and linux-yocto are targets12:46
microdso it is bitbake virtual/kernel -c ?12:46
bluelightningjust bitbake virtual/kernel, no need for -c12:46
microdok let me check12:47
microdthe strange thing was, the timestamp of my kernel uImage is always the same12:47
microdthis is why i'm asking for how to force a rebuild12:48
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #188 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_2] Build details are at
bluelightningthat's just it though, -c menuconfig is supposed to do that already12:50
bluelightningprovided you save the edited config that is12:50
microdbitbake virtual/kernel works12:51
microdhow to check if the defconfig in my layer is applied to kernel config ?12:52
wfailla1Hi, dose any one other than pidge has access to the yocto-autobuilder documentation?12:56
bluelightningwfailla1: I'm not sure there is a huge amount of documentation atm, I believe that's something that lynn is helping with at the moment12:58
bluelightningwfailla1: pidge is definitely the autobuilder expert though12:59
wfailla1bluelightning: yes she told me two days ago she whanted to sync with the intern who is working on the documentation and then email me a copy. But I can't reach her here.13:00
bluelightningwfailla1: FWIW she's based in the US so she'd only be around starting in a few hours13:01
bluelightningwfailla1: based on a bug report I'm subscribed to I don't think there's been a lot of progress on the docs yet13:01
bluelightningmicrod: you could have a look at the .config file in the build directory for the kernel recipe... if you're not sure where that is you can find it by running: bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep ^B=13:03
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wfailla1bluelightning: ok what time PST is she usually arround ?13:03
bluelightningwfailla1: I think 9 or 1013:05
wfailla1bluelightning: AM?13:05
bluelightningyou could try emailing if you haven't already13:06
microdbluelightning: can i get you a beer? ;-)13:07
bluelightningmicrod: sure :)13:08
microdchecked that config is applied! u-boot still tells me image creation time is 12:09 UTC.... there's sth wrong. maybe delete tmp directory?13:09
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lpapp_hi, is it reasonable to only update meta, bitbake and oe-init-build-env from Yocto if we do not seemingly use anything else from Yocto, or we should always grab everything together?13:37
bluelightninglpapp_: well you won't get too far without the scripts directory, since some of that is used by the build system13:40
lpapp_ah, yes, true, + scripts.13:40
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #199 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
lpapp_so basically getting rid of:13:41
lpapp_* meta-hob13:41
lpapp_* meta-skeleton13:41
lpapp_* meta-yocto-bsp13:41
lpapp_* meta-yocto13:41
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bluelightningI'm not sure you'll really gain much by deleting those things13:42
bluelightningif you don't have them in bblayers.conf they won't have any influence over your builds13:43
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lpapp_bluelightning: well, the gain is clear repository, not cluttered with irrelevant directories in the root.13:48
lpapp_and less directories to sync up or replace when updating our software stack on top of Yocto.13:48
lpapp_basically the "Yocto core".13:49
bluelightningyou can certainly use bitbake + OE-core rather than poky, lots of folks do that13:49
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lpapp_we have been already doing that; that is a no issue.13:49
lpapp_as far as I understand Yocto is nothing more than just verification of bitbake + oe-core together with dedicated versions.13:50
lpapp_leave Poky alone.13:50
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lpapp_in other words, Yocto seems to be just a Q/A process for us.13:51
bluelightningthat's a pretty huge simplification (and minimises a lot of the work that we do)13:51
lpapp_so what is Yocto then if not only a Q/A process for our use case?13:52
lpapp_Q/A process for a coherent release, that is.13:52
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lpapp_I mean, bitbake and oe-core are developed in dependently from Poky and all that.13:54
lpapp_and it had been developed before Yocto, too, etc.13:54
lpapp_Yocto seems to have added a release process for a coherent release. That is how I see Yocto's rule.13:55
lpapp_(I am not saying Intel, Linux Foundation, et all are not developing bitbake, meta, and some patches to upstream, but the addition with the Yocto seems to be the release process for those under an umbrella, isn't it)13:56
lpapp_et al*13:56
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blloydI have a device that needs to be able to show a text console if a monitor is hooked to it.  Right now it is working for 1 out of 3 monitors I have tested.  All the monitors work with the old image we are trying to replace.  Any suggestions how to troubleshoot the video issue?14:07
blloyd(the old image is not yocto based)14:07
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RPblloyd: I guess the question is what the differences are and the kind of problems you're seeing. Same kernel or not? Can you try the other kernel? or is the problem userspace?14:51
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blloydRP: new kernel (who wants to deal with a 2.4 kernel these days).  ssh works, but console flashes like it is changing mode then stays blank.  Using video=vesafb vga=0x318 one monitor works.  The old system used vga=788 with a lilo bootloader and 2.4 linux kernel.15:24
blloydand 0x314 doesn't work on any of the monitors (even the one that works at 0x318)15:24
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RPblloyd: It does sound primarily a kernel problem. The console parts have changed a lot in more recent kernels with KMS and so on. Anything obvious missing in the defconfig?15:26
blloydno, but not sure what I would be looking for.15:29
RPblloyd: The CONFIG_FB_* pieces I guess15:32
RPblloyd: vesafb is a graphics framebuffer console FWIW, not text mode15:33
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blloydtrue, but what gets me, I can hand edit the resulting syslinux.cfg file, remove the video=vesafb and vga=X, and no monitors work.  I can just change the 0x318 to 0x314 and again nothing works.  But for 0x318 one of the displays work.  Because one can work, I don't think it is a missing driver or anything (never should work at all in that case, right?), but I don't know what to do from here to further isolate why this is broken.15:54
*** RP <RP!> has joined #yocto15:54
blloydok, well technically it isn't blank at 0x314.  I get green mess in the top 1/4 of the screen.  It almost looks like it is overdriving the monitor.  It's like it's selected the wrong mode, and so doesn't display a good picture.15:58
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blloydmore specifically, it's like the top area has 4 poor quality thumbnails of the requested display, complete with blinking cursor near the bottom of each.15:59
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gjohnsonI have a bb recipe that I am trying to create that sets the package version to the latest changelist number in my version control system.  I am running into an issue where between the different states that value is being re-evaluated and then breaks the build.  How can I automatically set a variable to this value and then have it stay fixed through the whole build process?16:05
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cubicoolI love you guys.17:24
cubicoolJust so you know.17:24
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pidgewfailla1: they're beginning stages, but it will bring some basic autobuilder docs in line with the rest of the project. for more complex things, the class docs (which I'll be pulling in soon) are the way to go.17:40
pidgewfailla1: talking to the person who has been working on them now actually17:40
pidgewfailla1: branch with additional docs17:41
wfailla1pidge: THANKS SO MUTCH!!!!17:41
pidgewfailla1: I'm sure there are holes that need patching in them, especially in the area between "what is a buildbot doc thing and what is a yocto-autobuilder doc thing". Buildbots docs *should* be helpful in those places17:42
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pidgewfailla1: np. sorry this took a bit. I'm in the middle of releasing 1.5.317:44
wfailla1pidge: Well I will read all of this this weekend. And then I will give you a feedback.17:45
wfailla1pidge: no problem17:45
pidgewfailla1: please do and copy cal and lynn.17:50
wfailla1pidge: Sry for asking away write this moment. But is there a way for builds to be trigured by git events ? I know build bot can do that but does the autobuilder have configure options for this ?17:52
wfailla1pidge: FYI I'm in CEST so I dont know when I get the chance to catch you in the chat again ;)17:54
pidgewfailla1: We support.... *looks at code*17:55
pidgetimed, SingleBranchScheduler, trigger and forced.17:56
pidgeadding support for others is relatively trivial17:56
pidgelook at:17:56
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pidgewfailla1: I'd be more than happy to take a patch that supports the others. In fact, I'd like to refactor the scheduler code a bit to make it a little less icky (it's not horrible, it could just be a little tidier)17:58
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pidgewfailla1: I'm on the west coast of the US for the next few weeks. I'll be closer to you in about 2 months.18:01
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wfailla1pidge: Ok yes I will be trying to use the autobuilder to setup a CI for tplino the destrebution we are developing here.18:04
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