Monday, 2014-08-18

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joran_how can I take a qt project (qmake) and make a bitbake recipe for it I have built the yocto toolchain for qt ... but I cant seem to build a bitbake package...00:59
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mahdianyone knows about build squid08:44
mahdisquid 3.1.908:45
mahdi../compat/os/linux.h:44:28: fatal error: sys/capability.h: No such file or directory08:45
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mahdican i install squid RPM or should use .tar file and automake08:57
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lpappgood morning10:31
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lpappwhen I say make debug in my recipe, does Yocto pass anything more to it, like CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS, CC, CXX, etc?12:42
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wrdcan I simply clone the shell environment of a yocto image such that   I do make uImage && make modules_install. and it does the same thing as the yocto recipe?13:00
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lpappYocto is weird at times.13:06
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lpappso how is Yocto passing the right compiler to make? Is it through the CC that it sets to arm-...-gnueabi-gcc, etc?13:27
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joran_why cant bitbake ever find my license file if i put it in the root of my source directory?13:31
joran_that is then tar.bz2'd13:32
lpappjoran_: have you specified the path?13:32
joran_i just find a recipe and change it to point to my tarfile source13:32
lpappthat is not necessarily enough...13:34
joran_then I place the tarfile in meta-test/recipes-mine/currentProj/files/<BOARD>/myTar.tar.bz213:34
lpappthe license file might be called differently, or might be put into a different location, etc.13:34
joran_it finds the tar file ... but it never seems to be able to find `file://COPYING;md5...13:34
joran_even though its in the root of the tarfile13:35
lpapptry file://${WORKDIR}/...13:35
joran_hehe I hope that works that will make life way easier13:36
silvioflpapp: for your CC-question: have you tried bitbake -e?13:36
lpappsilviof: hmm, yeah, it exports CC, apparently.13:38
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joran_thanks lpapp!13:40
lpappsilviof: thanks, so do you also know what the best practice to develop software with and without Yocto13:41
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lpappI mean so far we hard coded the toolchain path in the Makefile, but if I remove that to use Yocto's auto-generated, it will not work nicely when err... try to build the software separately from Yocto.13:41
lpappit would be nice if "make foo" was enough in those cases, too, but I cannot see that happening without hard coding the path and/or some chroot alike solution.13:42
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lpappjoran_: no problem; just so that you understand how it goes: my understanding is that if you do not specify the workdir, you tell Yocto to pick it up from the files subdirectory rather than from within the tarball.13:45
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lpappsilviof: maybe the best way is to hardcode the path, but only if CC is empty... otherwise respect that.13:49
lpappso that would equally work with Yocto as well as outside of it.13:49
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joran_im now failing compilation with /ld: cannot open output file testqt: Is a directory13:54
joran_I probably (maybe need to set some variable in the bb file?)13:55
joran_failing do_compile13:57
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soderstromlpapp: I might be worth your while to use the standard "CROSS_COMPILE" variable in your Makefile, and let CC,LD, etc inherit from it. Just look at the Makefile for the Linux kernel and you'll see what I mean. And then just invoke your make with the correct toolchain.13:59
lpappsoderstrom: I am actually thinking hard coding the Yocto SDK path since we all install to the same place, I think.13:59
lpappifeq (x$(CC),x)14:00
lpappexport CC = " ... "14:00
lpappwhere " ... " means the complete command similarly to what Yocto generates: export CC="arm-foo-linux-gnueabi-gcc  -march=armv5te -marm -mthumb-interwork --sysroot=/home/lpapp/Projects/Yocto/poky-dylan-9.0.1/build/tmp/sysroots/foo"14:00
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lpappsoderstrom: the aforementioned code would go into the makefile.14:07
lpappone alternative of course would be to have some SDK setup scripts that every developer runs when opening a shell session and our buildsystem would use the variables set up by such scripts.14:08
lpappbut as long as we consistently use the same path, that flexibility is not necessary, I think.14:08
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soderstromlpapp: Well ofc the choice is yours, but I would definitly go with the second approach. You might not need the flexability today, but what about tomorrow? ..14:11
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joran_can I install pepper/qttest-dev-0.0-r4.pepper.rpm? its only creating -dev- and -dbg- versions of my rpm ...14:20
wrdis yocto actually using the generated environment-setup-xxx files or is it just exporting them?14:21
RPwrd: those are just exported14:22
bluelightningjoran_: that suggests that your do_install isn't installing anything14:22
joran_bah thats what I was afraid of :(14:22
wrdRP: is there a way to get exactly the same environment as yocto in a shell then?14:22
RPwrd: with or without the build system around?14:23
RPwrd: with the buildsystem the devshell task14:23
wrdRP: buildsystem means the compilers?14:24
RPwrd: build system means a checkout or poky or oe-core14:24
RPwrd: as opposed to the sdk14:24
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wrdRP: I'm fairly new to yocto. I'm not trying to use it, but to extract stuff from it and undertand how yocto builds the stuff so we can replicate the same thing. it's a vendor supplied set of shellscripts thats putting poky into path and then running stuff. so I suppose thats the complete build system.14:26
wrdRP: but I guess thats enough hints for me to figure out how to approach this beast.14:27
lpappsoderstrom: I do not need it tomorrow either :-)14:28
soderstromwrd: Yocto is no beast, it is a dream come true :)14:29
soderstromlpapp: Okay then :]14:29
bluelightningwrd: you could have a look at run.do_* in the temp directory under the workdir for the recipe, that should contain all that gets executed for the task14:30
wrdsoderstrom: I'm not discussing this now. but it's a fairly complex thing and if you know you cannot use it straight away (our infrastructure uses a whole bunch of things). even understanding all the things it does is somewhat challenging. I can imagine that in the right hands it is like a one button wonder factory creating any image you want it to.14:31
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wrdbluelightning: what is run.do_* ? is it a file ? I'm seeing a lot of layering and I'm not quite sure which of them really get executed. If my brain would be used to understanding yocto I'd not run into the troubles right now.14:35
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soderstromwrd: Yes, we all need to take those initial steps. But you will learn it if you stick around.14:36
soderstromwrd: It is more than one file, you find the run-files in your tmp/work directory. Well inside the package of interest..14:38
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lpappwhat is the quickest solution for this?
lpapppackagegroups conflicting, well, intentionally.14:45
lpappone is for debug, and the other is not.14:45
wrdbluelightning, soderstrom: thanks that looks promising.14:46
lpappis there a way to tell bitbake to move along and replace the current -dbg with non-dbg builds?14:46
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lpappthe error message is not to useful about giving hints what to do, on what packages, etc.14:49
bluelightningwrd: it's a set of files, one per task, e.g. run.do_compile for the do_compile task14:50
wrdbluelightning: yeah I see it. it looks like I can replay this file as it a bash script. that does the compile14:50
lpappif no one has any idea I will start wiping the build folder away and do a clean build, waiting 1-2 hours, etc.14:51
wrdand it looks as if yocto is parsing the bb files in python and generates shell scripts out of it and then executes the shell scripts, right?14:51
wrdand probably a dependency resolving scheduler that schedules cores -1 tasks ?14:51
bluelightninglpapp: clean the two recipes?14:53
lpappbluelightning: what do you mean?14:53
bluelightningwrd: mostly; not all tasks are shell tasks (some are python)14:53
bluelightninglpapp: you have two recipes producing the same package name; that isn't expected to work14:54
bluelightninglpapp: so clean those two, fix it so that they do not and then continue on14:54
lpappbluelightning: that error message does not even list them ...14:54
bluelightninglpapp: it's hard for me to tell given how you've obfuscated the text14:54
lpappI already tried bitbake -c cleanall foo--core-image{-dbg}, too, without success14:54
bluelightningcleaning the image will not do anything14:55
lpappthere is nothing obfuscated there, it is a copy/paste.14:55
lpappall the error I got from Yocto.14:55
lpappok, wiping the whole build folder away... let us see in two hours.14:55
lpappthis is certainly a point where Yocto could be improved.14:56
bluelightningwell right now I have no idea how you got into this situation, and if you wipe the build folder out then there's less chance of that happening...14:57
lpappI am already writing a bugreport.14:58
yoctiBug 6634: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Bitbake does not give any hint how to resolve conflicting packagegroups15:00
lpappbluelightning: it is not really difficult to get into this situation15:02
lpappjust create a debug and non-debug image, and say, build the debug image for debugging15:02
lpappand then try to generate the SDK for the non-debug image.15:02
lpappneedless to say that the two package groups are nearly the same, but one is git, the other is not, or just different configuration, etc, hence the same files provided.15:03
lpappobviously, it is a lot of messing if you have 10-20 overlapping debug/non-debug packages.15:04
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lpappso I do not want to run -c cleanall for everything if that is at all what I should be running.15:04
lpappI would rather prefer a -f option or something like that.15:04
lpappbluelightning: and -f does not really work here; still getting the error, so I assume proper -f operation would be a reasonable feature request here, and Yocto could override everything needed.15:05
lpappwithout manually messing with 10-20 packages or potentially more.15:06
bluelightning-f doesn't work that way15:06
lpappyeah, sadly.15:07
bluelightningit's not really meant to15:07
lpappwell, I do not mind if you call it -f or -ff15:07
lpappor -whatever, I just want that feature.15:07
lpappI currently do not see any more pleasant way for the end user facing this.15:07
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bwonkaHello all, I'm trying to run a dkms image (poky, core-image-minimal, genericx86) and it's stopping on boot, any clues?19:31
bwonka*vmdk image, sorry long hours19:31
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aimetis0hello everyone, I am having a problem regarding dependencies now. Basically, I need some libs from Package A to build Package B. I put Package A as DEPENDS in the Package B recipe, but how do I know where yocto puts the libs that I need?20:19
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khemaimetis0: the libs are in staging sysroot22:11
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khemaimetis0: check under tmp/sysroots/<MACHINE>22:12
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