Wednesday, 2014-08-20

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reti am getting packagegroup-core-x11-base : Depends: packagegroup-core-x11-utils but it is not going to be installed error06:04
retany help06:04
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lpappgood morning; is it possible to specify custom commands for the SDK to be added to the sdk environment setup after the installation?06:10
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bluelightningmorning all06:54
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mranostaybluelightning: you are on weirdo side of the pond :P07:22
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lpappbluelightning: hi07:30
lpappis this the right syntax? Apparently, this did not work: grep RM_WORK_EXCLUDE ../meta-foo/recipes-core/images/foo-core-image-dbg.bb07:31
lpappRM_WORK_EXCLUDE += ""07:31
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lpappfray: do you happen to know how I can print out what path gdb is looking for?07:34
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lpappoh, show directories, maybe.07:44
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #210 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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lpappfray: got it working by using the set substitute-path thing, but is this really needed for every developer? Shouldn't Yocto set up the right rootfs path by default?09:10
lpappfray: on a second thought, that would be breaking on the target though, so it is yeah .. probably it is better to prioritize it for the target, and once can set it up explicitly on the host. Anyway, this is the kind of thing I am talking about with regards to missing tutorials. I will write one up later since I now got all the pieces in place, I think!09:11
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #213 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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void-devGood Morning. Is anybody else having issue with pushing some stuff to the git server. Or I am the only one getting "No space left on device"?09:20
lpappto the yocto git server you mean? Can you show the git push output?09:22
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void-devyes, the yocto git server09:22
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void-devclose log failed: No space left on device09:22
void-devfatal: Could not read from remote repository.09:22
lpappvoid-dev: do not commit 500 TB lol09:23
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void-devlpapp: it just a changed SRCREV :)09:27
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #209 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
lpappvoid-dev: not sure, can you poke the guys at Intel? It might be quicker.09:30
JaMahalstead: ^09:37
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_rinkbluelightning, ping10:22
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Crofton|workI'm pretty sure only a few people can push to the yoctoproject git servers10:28
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bluelightning__rink: pong10:50
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bluelightningI think is out of space (which affects poky-contrib which a lot of folks do have push access to)10:51
RPvoid-dev: its got some space back now10:52
bluelightningRP: great, thanks10:52
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #223 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
RPJaMa: Any thoughts on the allarch/packagegroup proposed changes?10:52
void-devRP: thank you, git push did work again now11:00
_rinkbluelightning, I've got a reply regarding the dosfstools patch11:19
_rinkbluelightning, author is okay with relicensing11:19
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JaMaRP: I haven't tried them yes, but looks OK12:16
JaMaRP: just feels strange that we need so many exceptions to support such small corner case (that's why I was proposing just to quickly rebuild them)12:17
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bluelightning_rink: ok, great12:23
_rinkbluelightning, so, should I submit a bugtrack issue or something?12:24
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bluelightning_rink: if you could send the patch (in the form of a patch adding the patch to the recipe that is) that would be awesome12:32
_rinkbluelightning, sure, what's your e-mail address?12:32
lpapp_rink: mailing list?12:34
bluelightning_rink: typically patches are sent to the mailing list, in this case (as it's an OE-Core recipe) it would be openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org12:35
bluelightningI may have linked before but FYI:
_rinkthanks for the hand-holding, I'll prepare something12:36
paulbarkerJust a quick check before I send more fixes based on patches from Sabotage Linux12:39
paulbarkerThe patches in Sabotage are licensed as per
paulbarkerI think that makes them ok to include in OE12:40
paulbarkerany other opinions?12:40
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bluelightningI'm no lawyer, but it looks pretty good to me...12:41
paulbarkerbluelightning: That's pretty much my thoughts12:44
paulbarkerI'll keep going, 'mc' next12:45
halsteadJaMa: void-dev: A backup script used all available space last night. The script is fixed and space is available now.12:49
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RPJaMa: Most of the patches are not exceptions as such, just small improvements to process. I made the patches pretty granular12:50
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lpappso who is working on getting rm_old_work into oe-core?12:54
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lpapphmm, I changed the source code in the workdir, and then I did bitbake -c cleansstate foo-git; bitbake foo-core-image-dbg13:00
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lpappyet, the rootfs was not populated with the modified source and the unmodified is there; why?13:00
lpappwhat is the correct way to update the debug rootfs after some custom source code experiment in a package that is part of the dbg image?13:01
lpappI even tried bitbake -c cleansstate foo-core-image-dbg13:01
lpappnow I am always pushing to the repository for testing so that I can use bitbake foo-core-image-dbg since that detects the autorev'd package has changed, but this is not optimal. I would like to be able to test before committing.13:06
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zerus_Hi all. I have added below lines: But still not able to create a branch called "dev/test": [access "refs/heads/dev/*"] create = group Registered Users13:08
zerus_Only get: Code review error - 404 Not found13:08
zerus_Any suggestions what I might do wrong? I know that it should be possible to create branches under a certain keyword (like /dev/).13:10
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zerus_hmm sorry. Wrong window.. Should be in the gerrit channel =)13:13
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gebreselaisiyou said13:45
gebreselaisi<_valle_> Hi I can't get qtdeclarative-examples to run from meta-qt5, master branch.13:45
gebreselaisi<_valle_> The error given is module "QtQuick" is not installed13:45
gebreselaisiany luck with that?13:45
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Mattias_Is there anybody out there who has successfully built qt5 on yocto, using the meta-qt5 layer, and also got a working sdk from it by using bitbake -c populate_sdk? I don't get the qmake executable on my sdk (moc, uic etc are there).14:07
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lpappMattias_: yes14:09
lpappfray: do you know how Yocto knows which source files to move to the sysroot?14:10
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fray_the debugedit program (sourced from RPM) inspects the dwarf symbols we were talking aobut yesterday..14:11
Mattias_ipapp: How did you get the qmake executable to your sdk? Is there som packare I have missed perhaps?14:11
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fray_it then creates a list of referenced files which are copied into the /usr/src/... directory... and files it can't find (i.e. the libgcc.a and .o files mentioned yesterday) are ignored14:12
Mattias_lpapp: How did you get the qmake executable to your sdk? Is there som packare I have missed perhaps?14:12
fray_the code occurs in meta/classes/package.bbclass -- splitdebuginfo function14:12
fray_debugedit will output a list of source files.. (as well as modify the references within the dwarf symbols)..14:13
fray_we then split the binary...14:13
fray_add the 'debuglink'14:13
fray_and then the 'copydebugsources' is run, this uses the list generated by the debugedit program...14:13
lpappfray: I am surprised that it did not pick up some files that it should have.14:14
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lpappfray: how can I fix that? Is there a fallback rule added for explicit decision?14:14
fray_it's either debugedit didn't output the file in it's list, or the cpio couldn't find the file..14:14
fray_        (retval, output) = oe.utils.getstatusoutput(cmd)14:15
fray_that is what does the build.. 'output' is ignored.. you can add in a bb.warn afterwards and pring out the output if you want to see the cpio errors..14:15
fray_search for:14:15
fray_        cmd = processdebugsrc % (sourcefile, workbasedir, workparentdir, dvar, debugsrcdir)14:15
fray_        (retval, output) = oe.utils.getstatusoutput(cmd)14:15
fray_        # Can "fail" if internal headers/transient sources are attempted14:15
fray_after the 'Can "fail"' comment.. just put:14:15
fray_bb.warn("dbg-src: %s" % output)14:16
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fray_(note it may be a lot of output, I don't remember off hand if it's just warnings/errors or if it's the full file list..)14:16
joran_has anyone here made qt applications with yocto?14:17
joran_any idea why myWidget->update() would not be triggering a redraw in a timer event when running in yocto?14:18
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lpappjoran_: can you not reproduce it with stock Qt without Yocto?14:20
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joran_it works fine in linux and windows ... but my timerEvent is not refreshing the screen in yocto14:23
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lpappyou mean built with Yocto, not in Yocto.14:23
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lpappas Yocto is just a build environment.14:23
joran_yeah ... built with yocto for arm714:23
joran_semantics meh :P you knew what I meant :P14:24
lpappwhich plugin is it trying to use for the drawing?14:26
joran_none ... just using qPainter to draw on the canvas14:26
lpappbtw, the Yocto people are usually not Qt experts... so you need to know what Qt should be doing, but it does not do.14:27
joran_it may be because I spawn a second thread that does the work and reports the data ... the timer event just polls if the data is ready ... maybe the CPU is working too hard14:27
lpappyou can know that either yourself or by talking to Qt experts.14:27
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lpappand of course, you need an SSCCE :-)14:27
joran_the painting works on resize ... it just doesnt seem to call the timer event ... bah of coarse :P14:28
joran_SO attacks even here :P14:28
lpappwell, try to run the examples ... that are presumably generated by Yocto.14:29
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vignattihi all14:33
joran_yeah Im going to try and use myWidget->redraw() which should repaint immediatly rather than just put it in some event queue14:33
joran_bah no luck ... oh well I'll keep trying ... Im pretty sure ill be able to get it  ... off to work for now14:39
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void-devhalstead: thank you for the update, and the fix15:44
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void-devhow to override/bbappend some environment variables in meta/conf/licenses.conf (i.e. SPDX_MANIFEST_DIR and FOSS_SERVER) ?  Pointers to specific RTFM chapter are fine15:54
halsteadThanks for reporting  void-dev . :)15:55
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theguyHey guys, I'm back again19:03
theguyStill having issues with my LCD shutting off after 15 minutes19:03
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theguyDoes anyone know what could be causing it to do that?19:06
theguyI most recently tried echo 0 > /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon1/bind19:07
theguybut if I do a cat /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon1/bind I get 119:07
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theguyHey cha5on19:19
cha5onFirst time on the channel, with a newb question: I'm looking to transition a homebrew rootfs project to use poky or some other system like openwrt or buildroot, but haven't really found a good comparison between them.  Anyone have any pointers?19:22
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Jefrocha5on I believe openwrt uses buildroot as its build system19:59
Jefrothis is an older blog post comparing openembedded/yocto to buildroot:
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cha5onJefro: Thanks!  That's one of the articles I stumbled upon a couple of days ago.  Openwrt actually uses a fork of an old buildroot that's pretty different---although they're both makefile-based, the projects have gone in quite different directions, with openwrt having package support and buildroot being focused on large numbers of platforms20:09
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kergothI find buildroot to be best when you're wanting to do a quick bringup, e.g. new board bringup work, or just need a quick rootfs for testing, but oe/yocto is nicer for long term maintainance of the fs and distro, but that's just my view on the subject. oe/yocto has more overhead, but a great deal of power and flexibility as well.20:14
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fray_kergoth, I've heard the same from others.. YP wins at long term maintenance (and also larger systems).. but has a steeper learning curve..20:15
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cha5onkergoth and fray_: good to know, thanks!  One of the concerns I have right now with yocto is with the build system requiring python 2.7, which isn't supported on RHEL6.  I see that there's a "buildtools" tarball that provides these, but telling everyone to install that seems like a major hassle, especially since it'll probably need updating sometime in the future21:07
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fray_we use (current) YP all the way back to RHEL 5.8? I think.. using the buildtools..21:14
fray_it's really easy to install.. and doesn't require any regular updates.. we just update it when new YP versions are released21:14
fray_on one of my RHEL 6 machines, I installed the build-tools into a common location on hte machine.. and all of the users who need it can just source it... avoids some hastle21:14
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cha5onfray_: cool, I think something like that might be workable here too21:39
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