Friday, 2014-08-22

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ivanstojanovicgood morning06:20
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lpappgood morning07:48
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freaky_good morgen08:13
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lpappI do not get it ... -> the manual says to use _append rather than +=, so why is oe-core not following the manual therein?08:14
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jooncheolhello, what is best tutorial to study creating recipe ?08:18
lpappjooncheol: I would read this,
jooncheolis there any useful pkg repository tool and server such as yum, apt, zypper ?08:21
jooncheolor does anyone use scratchbox or qemu to build something difficult to x-compile for yocto environment ?08:22
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bluelightningmorning all08:27
lpappjooncheol: Yocto supports deb, rpm and ipk.08:36
lpappand bitbake is doing the building.08:37
lpappyou can use this for existing recipes and layers:
lpappbluelightning: why is it += rather than _append = " foo" as per manual?
bluelightninglpapp: because here we are inside a recipe vs local.conf08:40
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bluelightningaside from any hypothetical bbappends there are no lines to be parsed after this that might touch IMAGE_INSTALL, so += is fine08:40
lpappbluelightning: that is not what the manual says.08:40
bluelightning(well, rather than "touch", "set it outright")08:41
bluelightningthe manual is trying to make a general recommendation that will always work, that doesn't mean you can never use +=08:41
bluelightningyes, I know, I helped write that section...08:41
lpappplease read it again; it is confusing.08:41
lpapp"Furthermore, the same operation from within an image recipe may or may not succeed depending on the specific situation." -> that is very ambiguous08:42
lpappwhat situation?08:42
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lpappwell, at least it is confusing to me because I do not get what situation it is referring to.08:47
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jooncheollpapp, thanks!08:48
jooncheolone more question, what does "-native" mean ?08:49
jooncheolwhen I do 'bitbake -s', there's xxx and xxx-native08:49
jooncheole.g - pkgconfig, pkgconfig-native08:49
jooncheolis "xxxx-native" for cross compile env ??08:50
lpappjooncheol: -native is the same arch as your host, not necessarily like the target08:52
lpappin other words, xxx is meant for being used on the target, whereas xxx-native on the host.08:52
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jooncheolso, if there's xxx-native, xxx pkg could be used for cross compile in the host. right ?08:53
lpappyes, xxx is cross-compiled on the host for the target.08:54
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lpappIMHO the whole -native idea should be hidden and internal details, but that is not a discussion for today... :-)08:54
lpapp(it just confuses users needlessly)08:54
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jooncheolthanks !08:54
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jooncheolactually, I wanted to build qt5.3.1 for freescale imx6 target08:55
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lpappmaxin: ping08:55
jooncheoli found the qt-4.8 but I couldn't find the recipe for 5.x. but I just found it on github.08:56
jooncheolbut I need to study more, I don't know how to import it on my env yet. ^^08:56
jooncheoland I wonder whether it can be used or not ...08:57
jooncheolsince I don't know BB yet, I'm trying to build qt5 on the qemu  chroot env.08:58
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jooncheollpapp, what about nativesdk-xxx ?09:01
jooncheolI found libxcb and nativesdk-libxcb.09:01
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jooncheolwhat it does not follow the rule of xxx/xxx-native ? Is there something different concept ?09:03
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maxinlpapp: pong ..09:08
lpappmaxin: sorry, unping now.09:10
maxinlpapp: ok :)09:11
lpappmaxin: well, reping, my ptest package is not generated. :-(09:21
maxinlpapp: was working with some other tasks.. sorry that I didn't get time to look into that..09:22
lpappmaxin: no, I mean I just modified my recipe (inherit ptest, added ptest install function and run-ptest), but I am not seeing foo-ptest generated.09:23
lpappmaxin: should I see it after bitbake foo or even bitbake foo-core-image-dbg?09:25
maxinlpapp: have you set DISTRO_FEATURES= "ptest" and IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " ptest-pkgs"09:25
maxinlpapp: ok, can you share the name of the recipe.. or your modifications..09:26
lpappmaxin: well, no, actually that is not what I used. I used what the manual said, namely: DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " ptest"09:28
lpappEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "ptest-pkgs"09:28
lpappI put this into the dbg image recipe.09:28
lpapp(since ptest should be always present for the debug image)09:29
maxinlpapp: please set IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " ptest-pkgs" in local.conf09:29
lpappno, that will be global or local, that is not acceptable behavior for us.09:30
lpappthat is different to what I am trying to achieve. I want to get ptest packages for my debug image, only.09:31
lpappI could put the distro features into the distro config, however, I believe.09:32
lpappbut the image feature should go into the specific image.09:33
maxinlpapp: yes..09:33
lpappanyway, the ptest package is not generated for my recipe :(09:34
lpappwhy is that?09:34
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lpappmaxin: this is my ptest install function in the recipe, do_install_ptest () { cp ${S}/foo/ ${D}${PTEST_PATH}/ }09:35
maxinlpapp: this part looks ok..09:37
lpappmaxin: then I added this to the SRC_URI:  file://run-ptest"09:38
lpappmaxin: and run-ptest says this,
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lpappmaxin: was ptest working properly in dylan?10:18
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lpappI do not mean the individual ptest additions for many recipes, but the bulk stuff in the core.10:18
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lpappmaxin: I am getting the foo-ptest package now, but it only contains the run script, not the actual test script itself, so it will not work.10:22
lpappmaxin: this is in the do_install_ptest_base log: /home/lpapp/Projects/polatis/Yocto/poky-dylan-9.0.1/build/tmp/work/armv5te-foo-linux-gnueabi/foo-git/AUTOINC+0373d08fcd19348aae58bc76bce031d7471b76b2-r0/temp/run.do_install_ptest_base.32556: 84: [: a-t:: unexpected operator10:32
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lpappmaxin: if [ a$(type -t do_install_ptest) = afunction ]; then -> this is the 84th line.10:53
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lpappmaxin: is it some issue that is fixed post-dylan?10:54
maxinlpapp: was out for lunch..10:57
lpappmaxin: got a clue?10:59
lpappseems the Yocto generated stuff is broken.11:00
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maxinlpapp: do_install_ptest_base is present in meta/classes/ptest.bbclass. Have you tried to debug it from there ?11:09
lpappmaxin: nope, I have no idea how this code works, sorry.... got a clue though what to put in there?11:11
lpappmaxin: anyhow, what is wrong about the shell line?11:11
lpapptype is empty or what?11:11
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maxinlpapp: the bug that you see  was one of the corner cases in ptest at that time.. It is fixed in master .. Could you try the latest version..11:21
lpappmaxin: no11:21
lpappplease show me the change and I will try to integrate it or even better, is there any workaround?11:21
lpappwell, it is not such a corner case... it always appears with stock manual copy/paste.11:21
joseppclpapp: the problem happened if you didn't have do_install_ptest defined (type will return an empty string, which make the test fail). The function is defined in ptest.bbclass, but only if you have ptest in DISTRO_FEATURES11:24
lpappjoseppc: I have ptest in the DISTRO_FEATURES.11:26
lpappjoseppc: bitbake nic-git -e | grep ^DISTRO_FEATURES | grep ptest -> works as expected, so that is not my case.11:28
lpappin which other cases was it still an issue?11:28
joseppclpapp: ok, I was just commenting the reason behind that change in the line you mentioned above11:30
lpappjoseppc: so it must be something else then, I guess...11:30
joseppclpapp: most likely, and if you have ptest in DISTRO_FEATURES, and ptest-pkgs in EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES, then I don't know, sorry11:36
lpappjoseppc: perhaps it is an irrelevant old log?11:36
lpapphmm, no, it is relevant11:36
lpappthe ptest package is created, but not with the content in that function.11:36
lpappyeah, I am running out of ideas, too ... :(11:36
lpappjoseppc: which is the change anyway? I could give it a try.11:39
lpappjoseppc: maxin dbus ptest failed :(11:41
lpappthis stuff seems to be very unstable in dylan, sadly.11:41
lpappjoseppc: maxin
joseppclpapp: those changes were introduced in 44120a0, if that's what you're referring to11:43
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lpappI will leave ptest for now, I guess.11:45
lpappit is too broken in dylan for the basics. I think we will need to get back to it when we update Yocto in 1-2 years maybe.11:45
lpapp(hopefully that will not be broken)11:46
lpappwhat bugs me is that I can reproduce this with just enabling ptest, so this feature seems to have never been really tested with clean stuff. Can such commits even go to Yocto? :(11:46
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lpappI think the workaround for now is to do the copy in do_install11:53
lpappor is there any better workaround?11:53
lpappjoseppc: maxin do you know if I remove the EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "ptest-pkgs" line from my image recipe, it should disable ptest completely for the image generation?12:00
lpappbecause I tried to do that, but I am still getting the ptest error for dbus.12:00
lpappI am OK with getting the ptest only for my package now by bitbake foo-git.12:01
lpappbut I would like to able to still keep building the dbg image properly without ptests in it since it is broken.12:01
maxinlpapp: dbus recipe had ptest related bug and it was fixed before.. Please use ptest implementation from master..12:04
lpappmaxin: as I said already, I cannot, we use dylan. It is not like we can update the whole Software Stack just because one little thing is fixed there.12:04
lpappupdating a full software stack is a HUGE and RISKY undertake.12:05
lpappI am disappointed that Yocto accept fully untested commits :(12:05
maxinlpapp: I understand your concern. Please backport those fixes.12:05
lpappno, I will not mess up with the core foundation of the software stack. I will take that risk.12:06
lpappI will work it around in the high layers.12:06
lpappwill not take*12:06
lpappsee, committing an untested change can have serious consequences, like this.12:06
lpappI will read upon the QA reports how Dylan was tested.12:07
lpappcause hopefully at least I will know what not to rely on ...12:09
lpapphaving said that, I do not even know a workaround for this... it is just so fundamentally b0rked :(12:13
lpappI cannot get bitbake foo-git working without the distro features, but with that, the image will not build.12:13
* lpapp clears ptest from memory12:13
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ant_worklpapp: afair runtime testing was expected to work on 1.5+12:19
ant_worktbh I never used that12:19
lpappant_work: dylan is 1.412:20
ant_workwhy do you insist then ? ;)12:20
lpappwhy was it put in there untested? This thing worries me because I lose the confidence... perhaps other things are also pushed untested?12:20
lpappant_work: I am not insisting at all; if you read above, you can see I rm -rf'd the idea.12:20
lpapppeople were insisting that I should use it because it is so cool.12:20
lpappI gave them half of my day wasted to see that I consider it.12:21
lpappant_work: the last thing I will try is pretty much this, and if that does not work either, I will completely give it up:12:23
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lpappin do_install () { ... }:
lpappand I will try to install ptest-runner, but I will not use ptest.bbclass for now.12:26
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lpappcan I call a recipe function from another recipe function in the same recipe, e.g. to create a do_install_ptest that I call from do_install?12:35
lpappso that when we get the latest Yocto, it will be as smooth transient as possible?12:35
*** fred35 <fred35!> has joined #yocto12:38
lpappmeh, really? inherit useradd # ptest12:44
lpappthat is a syntax error for bitbake, why?!12:44
lpapp# ought to be a comment, no?12:44
joseppcjust for the record, I cloned dylan and build an image with ptests enabled. It worked flawlessly12:47
lpappcloned != released12:47
lpapp(well, not necessarily)12:47
lpapptry 9.0.1 and you might se...12:48
joseppcpreferred is to clone with git:
lpapplike I said before several times, it is easy to say without seeing end user products.12:51
lpappyou cannot just clone forth and back and expect full reliability for a very serious and critical product.12:51
yoctiBug 6645: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Bitbake does not accept # (comments) in the inherit line12:51
maxinlpapp: normally end products will not contain test suites (in my experience)12:52
lpappmaxin: yeah, sure, you will not test serious and critical products ... :-)12:52
lpappor "better" (being sarcastic here): you will use a completely different environment for testing than the actual product... :-)12:53
maxinlpapp: will test the products.. but will not release a debug image for the prduct12:53
lpappyou do not get it.12:53
lpappeven the debug image relies on a _stable_ system.12:53
lpappyou will not use a completely difference release or even bleeding edge for testing, when you test a reliable product.12:54
lpappyou really need to see how Yocto is used in certain environments :)12:54
maxinlpapp: depends on your test strategy, it can vary..12:55
lpappwhen I was younger and hacking all the time, I also thought bleeding edge is always the coolest thing ever, but sometimes you need to cover your food, aka. get things done.12:55
maxinlpapp: agree on that. still, bleeding edge is considered as the "latest and greatest"12:56
lpappin YOUR mind.12:56
lpappwhere stability, reliability and robustness are the leading factors, not "latest and greatest" (in fact that is the opposite of the previous traits), you behave differently.12:57
lpappwe are not Intel or any other company for that matter where wasting a few weeks for "interesting" stuff is acceptable.12:57
lpappmaxin: in other words, we can do better than ptest.bbclass and other ptest features except ptest-runner did in Dylan.13:02
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maxinlpapp: I agree that ptest is the panacea for all our testing problems.. Please suggest fixes or improvements or even better, send patches..13:03
lpappmaxin: why would I send patches?13:04
lpappwhen I do not wish to update the core stack? That does not make any sense.13:04
lpappbut one suggestion: please do eliminate the need for ptest-runner in each image ...13:04
lpappptest.bbclass should take care of it in the first place.13:04
lpappit should set the dependency basically, which should pull ptest-runner in automatically.13:05
maxinlpapp: the same reason why you would send the patches before :)13:05
lpappmaxin: I think you do not get it.13:05
lpappmaxin: I am not evaluating the latest. It might be working, I do not know. I am not in a position for the next 1-2 years to know.13:05
lpappwhat I see is that ptest was integrated into dylan and it is terribly broken. :(13:06
lpappI will solve that it my way in our project now.13:06
lpappthat my way*13:06
lpappin fact, I would strongly suggest to remove ptest altogether from the dylan documentation, at least 9.0.113:08
lpappcause it says it works which is wrong.13:08
joseppcexcept that it works13:09
lpappyes, I am a big liar.13:10
joseppcno, I guess I am13:11
lpappgit clone from the latest != 9.0.113:11
lpappif you claim that, yes, you are a liar.13:12
lpappany decent documentation includes a "since" tag for features when they were introduced.13:12
lpappfor exactly this very reason, others cannot misled you to try it and waste half a day or more13:12
lpappor the documentation does not misled you ...13:12
lpappit is not really rocket science, but generic practice.13:13
lpappI have tried this issue on three different machines now (all "supported" OSes, etc), and it works nowhere with 9.0.113:13
*** dbucar <dbucar!> has joined #yocto13:14
lpappif it _really_ works, the documentation needs to be extended what steps are needed to get it work.13:18
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yoctiBug 6646: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Implement rm_old_work13:25
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lpapphmm, why does ptest-runner always return zero (success) even when run-ptest failes (returning with 1)?13:41
lpappshould it somehow indicate that it failed at some test?13:41
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joseppcnot really, what's useful is the output of ptest-runner, <result>: <testname>13:47
lpappnot really, no.13:48
lpappfor me, the single most important thing is to know whether it succeeds, so Jenkins can report it as success or failure.13:48
lpappI definitely do not want to parse output in Jenkins... if this script cannot be extended to handle that, I have no desire to use it.13:49
joseppcthen you can pipe the script and grep for FAIL or something...13:50
lpappI do not really see why I would.13:50
joseppcfor most people it's important to know what tests failed, not that some tests failed13:50
lpappyou sure joke13:50
lpappin CI, you would like to know any failure.13:50
lpappif anything fails, report it to the corresponding developers.13:50
joseppcmy point exactly13:50
lpappwhich means return the failure code (whatever that is), and Jenkins can easily now.13:51
lpappand then the developer gets an email obviously, and can have a detailed look at the log.13:51
lpappthis should do it:
*** freaky_ <freaky_!> has quit IRC13:54
JaMaI agree with lpapp13:56
*** freaky_ <freaky_!> has joined #yocto13:57
JaMaor even add 1 for each failed test and use number of failed tests as return value13:57
joseppcyou might need to convince "make check" to do that too... but maybe it already does?13:58
lpappthat is a different problem :)13:59
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@> has quit IRC13:59
lpappJaMa: no, I would rather prefer FAILED/ALL instead of that.14:00
lpappso that the exit code remains reliable, not something constantly changing.14:00
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lpappwould it be acceptable to add CCACHE_PATH to the environment setup script when someone installs the SDK?15:01
lpappcurrently, ccache does not like my Yocto SDK since that does not touch CCACHE_PATH, only path.15:01
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mario-goulartShouldn't lsb rdepend on lsbinitscripts?  lsb's lsb_log_message file contains code that seems to relie on functions that are not defined anywhere in the files installed by the lsb package, as far as I can see.  Those funcions seem to be defined by lsbinitscripts' functions file.  Am I missing something?17:20
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theguyHey everybody17:55
theguyCan anyone help me with something?17:56
*** ecdhe <ecdhe!> has joined #yocto17:56
phakotheguy: ask17:57
theguyMy LCD is shutting off after 15 minutes, and I've tried everything but can't seem to stop it17:59
theguyHere's what I've tried:18:00
theguypassing consoleblank=0 to bootargs18:00
theguymodifying drivers/tty/vt/vt.c with static int blankinterval = 0;18:00
theguyecho -e -n '\033[9]' > /dev/tty018:00
theguyecho 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank18:00
theguyecho 0 > /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon1/bind18:00
theguyThose commands were all run in a startup script as root. Nothing is working!18:01
theguy If I run cat /sys/module/kernel/parameters/consoleblank I always get a value of 90018:02
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kergothanyone know how the populate_sdk/meta-toolchain stuff supports builds of out-of-tree kernel modules if you ship kernel-dev in the sdk? do we rely on the user who installed the sdk going into usr/src/kernel and running make scripts?19:01
kergothtrying to ship prebuilt binary stuff in there would be a giant pain in the ass, is why i ask..19:03
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khemkergoth: I have filed an enhancement request for it19:11
khemyes we do not really prepare the source tree for cross-build we do so for target build19:11
khemso if you build modules with on device SDK it will work19:12
khembut on cross SDK story is not complete yet19:12
kergothcross is the one i'm most concerned with. easing the lives of the application/kernel developer who doesn't want to care about bitbake is a good thing19:13
khemme too19:13
kergothwe're shipping something similar to the yocto sdk but as p2 artifacts that install directly into eclipse/codebench, populating an sdk in its install19:13
kergothor rather, we let the user use bitbake to build such a thing19:13
kergothbut then somebody has to run make scripts somewhere :)19:14
kergothI guess you'd have to create a nativesdk extend of the kernel, which grabs the sources and runs make scripts using the toolchain for the SDKMACHINE and wraps that up and puts it in the nativesdk sysroot, but likely under a subdir which references $MACHINE, or something.. or perhaps not, with the simplified sysroots in the sdk nowadays the entire sdk seems machine bound19:18
* kergoth ponders19:18
kergothmight have to do a disgusting hack for the time being :(19:19
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GumaHello I am running on 3.0.35-4.1.0+yocto+g5809938 imx6qsabrelite board and at some time at least one a day I get 100% CP usage and both daemon.log and syslog gets hudge filling entire /var/volatile partition.19:27
GumaI see connmand using high cpu and /etc/udhcpc/50default renew spining19:28
GumaAll I see is these two messages with rate about 20 a sec19:29
GumaAug  9 09:00:45 imx6qsabrelite connmand[1831]: eth0 {del} route gw scope 0 <UNIVERSE>19:29
GumaAug  9 09:00:45 imx6qsabrelite connmand[1831]: eth0 {add} route gw scope 0 <UNIVERSE>19:29
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brickeHi everyone, I'm trying to create a new layer for my custom board, is it possible to add a new machine definition taking as "required" another definition present in another layer? I'm using a custom freescale board and I would like to use the original machine definition with my custom hack.21:39
kergothuse the 'require' directive21:39
kergothgrep around, plenty of .conf files include or require other files21:39
kergothin fact, every machine should already do so, thats how they pull in the correct tune- config21:40
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brickeI know that, but I need to add a file from another layer, I've added a "require meta-fsl-arm/conf/machine/" but bitbake cannot find that path.21:41
kergothagain, every machine already pulls files from other layers21:42
kergothevery time a relative path is included, it searches all the paths in BBPATH (aka allt he layer paths) to find it21:42
kergothso drop meta-fsl-arm/ from that and it'll work fine21:42
kergothjust make sure your LAYERDEPENDS in layer.conf reflects the dependency on the other layer21:42
brickethank you, that's what I was looking for!21:43
kergothso if its missing, the build will abort21:43
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JaMazeddii: any news about perf @3.16?22:32
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