Monday, 2014-09-08

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sm_Hi, it’s so many days that I have problem with qt4-x11-free package & say it here, but no useful recommendation... my OS is Gentoo. the errors happened in do_package and do_compile task. ath this link, I do paste Output log of "bitbake qt4-x11-free" command.
sm_what's the problem? what can I do to solve this error?06:11
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LetoThe2ndsm_: i verified it some days ago, a clean poky clone builds qt4-x11-free nicely for qemux8606:28
LetoThe2ndsm_: so my personal guess is that some other layer you are pulling in messes up things.06:28
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sm_LetoThe2nd: I remove all the layers that added to BBLAYERS, and then clean its build, but the same errors happened... I searched so many times, at end I found that its problem happened because of "usr/lib64 is unsafe for cross-compile” message in do_compile.log .06:41
sm_LetoThe2nd: but I don't know what is the reason of this message & how to solve it.06:42
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LetoThe2ndsm_: tried a total clean rebuild already, in a fresh clone?06:45
sm_LetoThe2nd: My goal is to bitbake qt-creator.06:50
sm_LetoThe2nd: the qt-creator package is in meta-oe layer.06:51
sm_but its build stopped at "qt4-x11-free" package with do_compile & do_package task. so if I remove all the layers how can I build qt-creator?06:53
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LetoThe2ndsm_: well you would at least know if the reason for your problems is in poky or in meta-oe ;)06:56
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mckoangood morning07:00
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sm_LetoThe2nd: If it helps, I did this (“bitbake qt4-x11-free” without any additional layers for a fresh clone) on Ubuntu OS and error happened for do_compile task again.  {But it’s important for me to use bitbake on Gentoo OS.}07:07
LetoThe2ndsm_: then i personally(!) suspect that something on your machine is fishy, as it works here without any problems.07:09
LetoThe2ndthat is: fresh clone, source oe-init-..., bitbake qt4-x11-free07:10
LetoThe2ndbut i'll kick it off one more time for dora.07:11
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LetoThe2nd(as suggested in your paste)07:11
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sm_LetoThe2nd: I download poky-daisy again & extract it. then --> cd to its directory, source oe-.. then -->bitbake qt4-x11-free  --> just the first ERROR in ( didn't appear but the other ones appear.07:16
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LetoThe2ndare you having some ccache things or such in use on that machine that might affect the compilation?07:18
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LetoThe2nd(i think especially gentoo, with all its hey-i-can-compile-everything-magic is prone to "help" you there in unpredictable ways.)07:19
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LetoThe2ndnow running - clean clone of dora, only sourced the init script, then bitbake qt4-x11-free. we will see.07:20
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sm_LetoThe2nd: I don't think that have any ccache or something like this... BTW, how can Gentoo help me to bitbake?07:27
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LetoThe2ndsm_: that was ironic.07:27
sm_LetoThe2nd: :)    {   :|   }07:29
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bluelightningmorning all08:33
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errordevelopermorning bluelightning10:42
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sm_Hi again, for building a recipe, I have 2 QA Issue ERROR in do_package_qa task.10:48
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sm_#first error is:  files/directories were installed but not shipped10:49
sm_#2nd error is: the compile log indicates that host include and/or library path were used.10:49
sm_For solving this problem I used “INSANE_SKIP_${PN} = “installed-vs-shipped compile-host-path” in the recipe file. The first problem solved but the second exists! Why? What is the difference between these two?10:49
errordevelopersounds like whatever you are compiling a) doesn't follow conventions b) has a generally fucked build system10:51
errordeveloperis this an autotools-based thing?10:51
errordevelopersm_: ^10:52
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sm_errordeveloper: It's "bitbake qt4-x11-free" output result.10:54
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sm_errordeveloper: how can I skip compile-host-path QA check?10:55
sm_errordeveloper: & just for transparency, I have problem with "qt4-x11-free" package on Gentoo, & send my error here. if you look backward the irc log! thanks!10:58
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errordevelopersm_: i see11:04
errordeveloperso can you paste log.do_compile11:04
errordeveloperplease ;)11:04
errordevelopersm_: to what LetoThe2nd said about gentoo, i would agree11:09
errordeveloperhe meant that your problem could be somehow gentoo specific11:09
errordeveloperfyi i am currently experimenting with using docker containers for building yocto projects11:10
errordeveloperso i can dorun whatever best support distro11:11
errordeveloperto give you an example, the other day i was trying to get core-image-minimal built on quite an outdate slackware box11:11
errordeveloperand having just a slighlty old gcc (4.4) gave me a ton of trouble with complining the cross toolchain itself11:12
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LetoThe2ndBTW: a clean rebuild of qt4-x11-free on a clean checkout of poky-dora breaks in mesa_9.1.6 do_compile here.11:16
LetoThe2ndso if you actually reach something else, your box is doing something different.11:16
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sm_errordeveloper: My log.do_compile file is too heavy & has over 4,000 lines.11:18
sm_errordeveloper: actually it's impossible to paste it ... I don't know to upload it somewhere if it helps11:19
sm_LetoThe2nd: actually I should use poky on Gentoo & the bad news is when I run "bitbake qt4-x11-free" on Ubuntu, the similar errors happened!...11:21
sm_LetoThe2nd: sorry the above sentence was for errordeveloper11:21
errordevelopersm_: ok, so... have you looked into that log yourself? is there anything explicit about what host libs it might be using?11:22
errordeveloperbtw, why do you need x11 version of qt?11:23
errordevelopermay be nobody uses it and the recipe is just broken11:23
sm_LetoThe2nd: my error is same on qt4-x11-free....11:25
sm_errordeveloper: I need x11 version of qt because I want to build "qt-creator" , It's in "qt-creator" dependency & when I run "bitbake qt-creator" it stop at qt4-x11-free with the same ERROR.11:27
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sm_errordeveloper: how can I understand what host libs it might be using from log.do_compile file?  (I think it's "usr/lib64")11:29
sm_LetoThe2nd: so isn't there any solution?11:42
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LetoThe2ndsm_: i'm sure there is a solution, i just have it right now, nor the time/knowledge to iron it out.11:51
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Crofton|workurg: Building a Yocto project is like software developing12:40
* Crofton|work summons jefro, when he wakes up12:40
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tmpsantoswhat is the target bsp for the minnowboard max?15:25
gabrbeddtmpsantos: dunno. Maybe ask the guys in #minnowboard . I know some of them do yocto/oe stuff.15:29
tmpsantosgabrbedd: alright, thanks anyway!15:30
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fishey1Anyone know of any examples of packaging nodejs apps in bitbake?20:22
fishey1Or alternately: how can I get the build directory of another package (npm needs the node config dir)20:23
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fishey1When is a specification of FILES actually required? It seems in some cases it gets populated automatically, and in other cases I get issues with installed-vs-shipped20:53
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gabrbeddfishey1: I think the "obvious" stuff gets treated "obviously".  Stuff in /usr/bin/ goes into the package, stuff in /usr/lib goes to the lib and lib*-dev package... etc.21:28
gabrbeddfishey1: Anything beyond that may need a FILES rule. I'm not sure where the core patterns are set. Probably something related to package.bbclass21:30
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censorwhere would be the best location to set PREFERRED_VERSION_something?21:46
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censorit works if i put it in my local conf, but i'd rather have it in my layer.conf or a .bbappend or the image recipe... those don't seem to work =(21:47
censorit's only used if set in build/conf/local.conf21:49
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sarahsharpJefro: I heard there might be a possibility of doing touristy things after ELCE? Maybe on the Friday or Saturday afterwards?23:02
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Jefrosarahsharp hmm, interesting idea. YP DevDay is Thurs Oct 16, so Friday is a possibility.23:03
sarahsharpOk.  I'll book hotels through Saturday.23:04
Jefroseveral castles in the area:
sarahsharpOoh, castles!23:04
sarahsharpCan we get warthog9 to climb into a cannon and pretend to fire him?23:05
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Jefrosarahsharp his talk is about flying fish...23:14
sarahsharpJefro: lol23:14
JefroI'm only questioning the "pretend" part23:15
warthog9why am I suddenly afraid....23:17
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