Monday, 2014-09-22

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mckoangood morning06:48
erbogood morning06:49
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Nilesh_Hi ...I'm using yocto for the first time and trying to alter the kernel ,06:59
Nilesh_I've passed bitbake -c devshell linux-wandboard then after changes in the devshell ..i've bitbake -f -c compile linux-wandboard06:59
Nilesh_with this bitbake -c deploy linux-wandboard, i'm coping the zImage from the /tmp/deploy/image/wandboard-solo/ to the sd card .06:59
Nilesh_Is this the rite process to alter the kernel?please let me know06:59
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mckoanNilesh_: may be the proper behaviour although I prefer to extract the kernel and work on i out of Yocto unless it is completed07:14
Nilesh_ mckoan: since i wanted to include only the ldb device tree ...i changed it there itsself...perhaps the change in the dts file is not been reflected in the hardware as the display was not i doubt that the zImage  which is deployed after the bitbake command is inheriting the changes in the dts files or no07:17
gebreselaisi#join #qt07:22
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mckoanNilesh_: remember that you can easyly lost every modification in this way when you do a bitbake without -c07:45
Nilesh_mckoan: -c parameter shouldn't be there in bitbake?07:46
Nilesh_while compiling and deploying?07:47
mckoanNilesh_: maybe if you a bitbake yourimage07:48
Nilesh_mckoan:i see...thats a great clue to me.......let me try without -c parameter....thanks mckoan07:49
erboNilesh_: Every change you make in the devshell (using -c devshell) is only done in the temporary directory used for that build. If something in the recipe or it's dependencies changes and the recipe is rebuilt your changes will be lost07:50
erboYou can use the devshell you test you changes, then create a patch which does those changes and add that patch to the recipe07:52
erbohmm, it should say "to test your changes"07:52
Nilesh_erbo: or if i try bitbake compile/deploy without -c parameter then it should work?07:53
erboNilesh_: until something changes is the recipe, or until you do a bitbake -c clean <recipe> your changes done in the devshell will still be there07:54
erboDo you have your own layer set up? So you can modify linux-wandboard recipe using a .bbappend?07:56
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erboI suggest you create your own layer, then you can add the patch you want to meta-yourlayer/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-wandboard_3.10.17.bbappend07:59
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erbothen add the patch in meta-yourlayer/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-wandboard/0001-do-my-customization.patch08:00
erboand the bbappend should contain FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:"08:01
erboand SRC_URI += "file://0001-do-my-customization.patch"08:01
erbothen you changes will be used each time you build, without you having to manually do it using a devshell08:02
Nilesh_erbo: ok will help me.....thanks for the clue ....08:02
bboozzooNilesh_: you can use the same method to add kernel config fragments08:03
erbobboozzoo: I don't think linux-wandboard supports fragments (not based on linux-yocto), but maybe I'm mistaken08:04
bboozzooerbo: correct, but whatever is based on linux-yocto does08:05
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bluelightningmorning all08:13
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embedhai yocto, Am working on linux-3.6.9 kernel build using  yocto. i can get standby mode to work , its hanging  in PM: Syncing filesystems ... done.10:56
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flihpanyone else seeing core-image-minimal builds failing on linux-yocto fetch step?14:13
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kergothso, the meta-intel changes completely broke meta-minnow. was that expected?15:58
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postman|Hi all -- I'm having issues booting an image built for a Freescale IMX6 (Wandboard Quad).  Here is a boot log:
postman|It looks like I'm winding up in a non-interactive shell, possibly due to ext3 errors, but I'm not seeing either elaborated on in the log16:03
postman|I would appreciate any help.  I'm new to yocto so odds are I overlooked something simple...16:05
k-swhy do we have that special systemd-serial-agetty?16:18
k-sjust to inform the baudrate? is it something really needed? AFAIU if you give the proper kernel command line systemd will use it16:19
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k-sit is said that it will use "console=" kernel-parameter, so console=ttyS1,9600 will launch a serial console (getty) on ttyS1 using that baudrate16:23
k-sthen I wonder why do we include that in systemd_216.bb16:23
k-sI'm reviewing that file, hopeful to deliver a better and more complete version soon16:24
k-sbut I don't want to remove something that was discussed before16:24
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postman|Please disregard my prior question, I got it figured out16:38
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kergothRP: Thoughts on adding a layer.conf variable ala LAYERDIR which has regex special characters escaped, for use in BBFILE_PATTERN, to reduce the # of path restrictions, at some point?16:48
mranostayDarkKnight_: germany eh?16:51
* kergoth yawns16:53
Croftonthat reminds me, I need a train ticket16:53
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RPkergoth: I can see how that could be yseful17:04
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k-sif I have multiple packages inside one .bb and I want to selectively move files to specific packages, leaving the rest for the master package, in which order I need to declare their FILES_?18:22
kergoththat doesn't make sense18:23
kergoththere is no "FILES"18:23
kergothit's FILES_<packagename> for every package listed in PACKAGES18:23
kergoththe order of the packages in PACKAGES determines which package gets a file18:23
k-sops, $FILES_${PN18:23
kergoththe first one gets it18:23
k-sok, so FILES_${PN}-specific before FILES_${PN} should get a file listed in both just in -specific?18:24
k-s(listed in both by means of directory or globs)18:24
kergothagain, its the order the packages are listed in PACKAGEs that matters18:24
kergothorder of variable definition is irrelevent18:24
k-sgot it!18:25
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k-skergoth: found my problem, used += instead of =+ in the .bb :-/18:34
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k-show to handle split package for locales? is there something automatic?21:43
k-ssystemd have not only /usr/share/locale, but also /usr/lib/systemd/catalog/systemd.$LANG.catalog21:44
k-sthen I'd like to move to french locale21:44
k-salong with those gettext files21:44
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