Monday, 2014-09-29

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mckoangood morning06:41
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Nilesh_Good morning06:54
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mckoanhi Nilesh_07:29
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bluelightningmorning all08:33
Net147bluelightning: morning08:33
bluelightninghi Net14708:33
Net147bluelightning: hi bluelightning08:33
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laberschwallhi there10:09
laberschwallI have a small question for. I am using QT5 meta and a embedded device without OpenGL. After I run a QTQick Hello World application there is a missing libqt5declerative library. So I checked the receipes and found a message that gl or gles must be set to compile this lib. The lib is not found in my open embedded folders after a successful image compile. I read that I can force this opengl and all works fine, but I did not under10:14
laberschwallWith WinCE the same QT Quick app runs fine, no GL needed.10:15
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Net147bluelightning: u-boot is contained in my image because the image class is an SD image. is there a way of specifying that u-boot is a part of the image and should be included in the manifest?11:13
bluelightningNet147: by "contained in the image" I mean it's a package installed within the filesystem for the image11:14
bluelightningNet147: when you create your SD image is that within the build system, or does combining the bootloader to produce the final SD card image happen as an additional step?11:15
Net147bluelightning: the image class creates an image file, the partition layout and the boot loader is copied before the first partition. it's all contained in the image class.11:16
Net147bluelightning: does it get picked up if IMAGE_DEPENDS has u-boot? like in
bluelightningAFAIK there is no means of doing this right now, other than to add an additional pseudo-package to the u-boot recipe which contains nothing but enables u-boot to be in the list of packages installed into the image11:18
Net147I think it's important to have a mechanism to add licensing information for the boot loader and other packages that are part of the image but not necessarily part of the root filesystem11:22
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bluelightningNet147: I guess that's what your bug covers then11:23
Net147bluelightning: yes11:23
Net147bluelightning: I am not sure if the source archiver is affected by the same issue11:24
bluelightningsomeone would need to check, but I think the source archiver operates on the basis of what is built rather than what is contained in a particular image11:26
Net147bluelightning: can the archives generated by the source archiver be fed back into the build system for creating images?11:29
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bluelightningNet147: not directly, no... certainly not without the metadata12:38
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Net147bluelightning: I am just wondering what is the use for the archiver if it can't be used with the build system to meet license requirements, for example if you distribute a CD for offline builds for meeting licensing requirements.12:43
bluelightningNet147: different organisations (and probably jurisdictions) have different ideas about what is required in order to be compliant12:43
bluelightningnaturally the ultimate would be to just ship your DL_DIR and the metadata12:44
bluelightning(although there's no filtering for that...)12:44
Net147bluelightning: I think in GPL for example requires the scripts to reproduce the binaries12:44
Net147bluelightning: which would includes all the extra flags, patching, packaging that Yocto does12:45
bluelightningright, but are those scripts the makefiles? or the recipes? what about the distro config? ...12:45
Net147bluelightning: well you can't reproduce the binaries as they are in the image with the source tarballs alone12:45
Net147bluelightning: you need the build system12:46
bluelightningnot necessarily12:46
bluelightningif you have the source, all applied patches, and all the commands we used to build them, that should be sufficient (note: not a lawyer, not legal advice, etc.)12:46
Net147bluelightning: okay. but the archiver does not include the commands?12:47
bluelightningdon't know, I haven't dealt much with the archiver12:47
bluelightningmy advice would be, use the archiver to ship the required source, and then just publish your metadata alongside it12:48
Net147bluelightning: I think the best way would just be to run the clean checkout of the build on a different system and do a fetchall if you want do be able to do an offline build and distribute it12:48
Net147bluelightning: but of course, no filtering based on LICENSE12:49
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gebreselaisihi guys13:08
gebreselaisiyocto cannot apply patches that contain images?13:09
gebreselaisiit says binary diff not supprted13:09
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bluelightninggebreselaisi: by default no... you can try setting PATCHTOOL = "patch" within the recipe though13:20
gebreselaisiI see13:20
gebreselaisilet me try that13:20
gebreselaisiI have patch version 2.7.113:22
gebreselaisibut same error13:22
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bluelightninggebreselaisi: hmm... what about PATCHTOOL = "git" ?13:24
gebreselaisilooking in the output created by bitbake -e I still see PATCHTOOL = quilt13:24
bluelightninggebreselaisi: bitbake -e or bitbake -e recipename?13:25
gebreselaisiit does not seem to parse my recipe13:25
gebreselaisi-e recipename13:25
gebreselaisiit sets it based on just poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf13:25
bluelightningwhen you do bitbake -e | grep ^FILE= is it the same file you are editing?13:25
gebreselaisidoes not look into my recipe where I set PATCHTOOL = patch13:25
bluelightningwell, bitbake -e recipename | grep ^FILE=13:26
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gebreselaisibluelightning, silly me, I was in th wrong layer doing the changes13:29
gebreselaisiit works now13:29
gebreselaisibut with git13:29
gebreselaisinot patch13:29
gebreselaisithanks a lot13:29
bluelightningno worries13:29
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gebreselaisiso I have a qt dir inside my package13:51
gebreselaisiwhich contians the .pro file13:51
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gebreselaisiso I try to do a:13:51
gebreselaisiin which I cd to that dir13:51
gebreselaisiand then : qmake5_base_do_configure13:52
gebreselaisiapparently it cd's into that dir13:52
gebreselaisibut then it errors out because it searches for a .pro file in ${S}13:52
gebreselaisiany idea why it is jumping out of the dir I cd'ed into?13:54
bluelightninggebreselaisi: it explicitly looks in ${S}13:55
bluelightninggebreselaisi: alternatively you can explicitly specify the profile file(s) to build by setting QMAKE_PROFILES13:55
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gebreselaisithanks again13:59
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hramrach_I am trying to build mb-stroke-applet20:40
hramrach_this requires some mbstroke library20:40
hramrach_but where is that library?20:41
hramrach_ is the onle repo with stroke in name on
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