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halsteadRP, Killing all builds in progress and rerunning yours.00:01
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #63 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #64 of nightly-qa-pam is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #63 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Failure [failed Publishing Layer Tarballs Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #65 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #61 of build-appliance is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #63 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Nilesh_good morning..:)04:22
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RPhalstead: It looks to me like the autobuilder is hung up :(11:44
RPcore-image-sato-sdk - 10 hours? :/11:44
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otavioRP: do you have any hint where to look for the packagedata behavior ? I am looking at the fsl-arm issue14:59
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hsychlaHi! I have a problem (of course...): We have customer-specific layers with recipes whose packages should be available only for one customer. Having all customers' packages in the same repository is therefore not ideal. So I looked at package_ipk.bbclass, found PACKAGE_DIR_IPK and set that in the customer-specific recipes. Voila, the customer's packages are now put into tmp/deploy/customer<arch> instead of tmp/deploy/ipk/<arch>. So far,16:02
hsychlaso good. But: To make that directory available as a repository, I need to create the package index. Setting PACKAGE_DIR_IPK in conf/local.conf to both paths gives me what I want, both indexes are updated on running "bitbake package-index". The problem is that now my builds fail in package_write_ipk ("ERROR: sstate variables not setup correctly?!", "ERROR: Function failed: sstate_task_prefunc") because I guess it is now unclear, in which16:02
hsychla path the built package should be put. Unfortuantely, I can not make "bitbake package-index" update the customer specific index by setting PACKAGE_DIR_IPK as an environment variable, even when adding it to BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE. So, how can I have customer-specific packages be put into an extra directory and all indexes being updated without breaking the build process? Any hint would be much appreciated!16:02
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RPotavio: did you read my update in the bug?16:18
RPhsychla: Why not set PACKAGE_ARCH to a different architecture in the customers recipes?16:23
RPhsychla: You'd have to add that arch to the list of comparible package architectures but it would otherwise work16:23
hsychlaRP, that would still put the packages into the same repository (tmp/deploy/ipk) and same package index, would it not?16:26
zeckeRP: hi, sorry off-topic question. Do you autobuilders publish the sstate? E.g. for travis-ci it would be nice if I would rely on some existing state16:27
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RPhsychla: they'd be in a different directory in DEPLOY_DIR_IPK16:58
RPzecke: they do happen to share it fwiw, I'm not sure we've ever suggested people use it though16:59
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zeckeRP: do you build on ubuntu too?17:08
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hsychlaRP, exactly, so it would definitely be the same repo and package index. we could of course limit access to the subdirectories based on credentials but then all customers would still see the other customers' packages and get a 403 if they try to install them. but this feels very wrong.18:07
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hsychlaRP, no, wait, each sub directory is listed in /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf. so this actually could work. where exactly would I set the compatible package architectures then?18:11
hsychlaRP, ah, /etc/opkg/arch.conf, I guess?18:13
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otavioRP: no,18:53
otavioRP: ok; testing18:55
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seebshalstead and/or RP, any issues with pseudo update? I ask because I have a desk and will likely be variously-not-very-online for a while soonish.19:04
halsteadseebs, Did you release a new version?19:05
seebs1.6.2, you should have gotten an email I think about the tarball?19:05
halsteadThank you seebs I see the e-mail.19:06
seebsFixes XFS problem and also probably fixes a much sneakier problem involving renames that's been causing weird errors to do with debuginfo splits since the MAY_UNLINK code went in.19:06
seebsSo if you rename(x, y), y is unlinked, and if x isn't already in the db, we create a link for x before issuing the rename.19:06
seebsThis is so that if x was a directory, and we somehow ended up with db entries for things under x, but not x itself, the entries get fixed up.19:07
seebsOnly. Actually, if y *was* already in the database, we create a link for x.19:07
seebsAnd that's totally the wrong test. And then there's a logic bug elsewhere, such that in some cases we end up with two db entries for the file, one lacking a pathname, and then divers alarums and excursions.19:08
halsteadseebs, It's released now.
seebsk. I sent patches to the oe-core list. I would recommend a little burn-in on them and I may have botched them in some hilarious way, but they should be sane.19:10
halsteadseebs, Is pulling in the same code that 1.6.2 is built from?19:12
halsteadseebs, It looks like we are testing 3 commits behind.19:14
seebsRight. That's the XFS fix. But I was seeing weird problems on a 32-bit filesystem, so I started digging.19:15
seebsAnd I found what turned out to be a diagnostic error, and a minor relatively harmless logic bug, and a slightly more significant logic bug, the net result of which was a possible serious bug.19:15
seebsI think the short answer is: If you rename over a file that already exists and is in the database, pseudo can do some stupid stuff, which it will *almost* always recover from.19:15
seebsPseudo's paranoia is a mixed blessing from a debugging standpoint. It can be really hard to tell that something's going wrong.19:16
seebsWayyy back when there was a really silly logic error such that if you had multiple clients attached to a server, and they didn't disconnect in LIFO order, the server would segfault.19:17
seebsI didn't notice for at *least* three weeks.19:17
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RPhalstead: I need to merge an update for 1.6.2 into master-next22:32
halsteadRP, I'm trying to get the builder working.22:32
halsteadRP, I can stop everything so you can kick it when you're ready.22:32
RPhalstead: lets concentrate on getting the builders working properly22:33
RPhalstead: I'll queue up 1.6.2 in master-next now its ready22:33
halsteadRP, I'm troubleshooting using master-next so when I fix it that's the build that will be running.22:33
RPhalstead: the issue is if I push a new head whilst a build is running, bad things will happen :/22:35
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halsteadRP, Builds are stopped. Go for it.22:35
RPhalstead: pushed, thanks!22:37
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