Tuesday, 2014-10-14

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LetoThe2ndhalstead: ping08:03
LetoThe2ndi've got some contacts for you WRT power adapters08:03
halsteadLetoThe2nd, pong!08:04
LetoThe2ndyou can call +49 22188841520 (large music shop and rental) or +49 2103252300 (rental company)08:05
LetoThe2ndhalstead: my old roadie friends thought those *might* be able to help you08:06
halsteadThank you LetoThe2nd. We'll get in touch.08:07
LetoThe2ndno problem, good luck08:07
* halstead smiles.08:08
LetoThe2ndin case i mistyped the phone numbers, the company websites are http://www.musicstore.de/de_DE/EUR/ and http://aventem.net/08:09
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bluelightningmorning all08:36
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halsteadMorning bluelightning !08:38
bluelightningmorning halstead08:38
bluelightningyou're at ELCE I presume?08:38
halsteadbluelightning, Yes. Scrambling for DevDay again. At least my part of it is pretty solid. AFAIK.08:39
bluelightninghalstead: cool... good luck :)08:39
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lpapphi, I am slightly as to what installs this because the following command returns nothing, and I cannot find this file in my yocto tree either: opkg search /etc/rcS.d/S04modutils.sh -> Got a clue?11:06
lpappit is using modprobe, but I am not really having depmod available on the target since it is 72 KB, and I would like to change that to insmod.11:06
lpappbut I need to find what exactly generates it!11:06
erbolpapp: isn't that a symlink to something like /etc/init.d/modutils.sh11:07
lpapperbo: sure, it is, but still opkg search does not find that.11:08
lpappso what installs this?11:08
erboopkg doesn't return anything for the link target either?11:08
lpappnope :(11:08
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lpappseems it is coming from modutils-initscripts based on a Yocto find command.11:09
lpappI mean in the tree.11:09
lpappopkg cannot identify the file, apparently.11:09
erbopoky/meta/recipes-kernel/modutils-initscripts/modutils-initscripts.bb ?11:09
erboI was too late :)11:10
lpappperhaps it is better to make modprobe optional?11:10
lpappotherwise I need to install 72 KB with busybox, and our target is very limited.11:10
lpappI would not waste it on such a trivial thing, personally.11:10
erboif you know exactly what modules you need at what time I guess insmod should be just fine11:11
lpapp[ -e /sbin/modprobe ] || LOAD_MODULE=insmod11:11
lpappseems it is already have some kind of fallback.11:11
lpappso I assume the best way is to find a way to get rid of modprobe on the target.11:11
lpappif depmod is not coming with busybox, getting depmod on the board does not make so much sense after all.11:12
lpappah, ok, modprobe comes from busybox, so we either ship both or none.11:12
lpappsounds fair.11:12
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lpappah, heh, actually both fall back to /bin/kmod11:14
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kroonIs there a way of getting an autotools project to automatically source the environment-setup script from en OE sdk ?11:17
kroonsorry for being slightly offtopic11:17
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lpappkroon: sure, why not, you just need to know the SDK install path, no?11:28
kroonlpapp, but where would I include the env script ? Is there a autoconf macro for including it, so that for instance PATH in all generated Makefiles will be correctly set ?11:30
lpappkroon: not sure, I prefer to source the environment script on demand.11:30
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lpappI mean when I build for the target, and usually do it manually for one shell session, not always.11:31
kroonlpapp, thats what I kind of want to avoid, manually sourcing the env script11:31
lpappsince the developer would need to specify the SDK path, it is one-one step either way, isn't it?11:31
lpappunless every dev has the same path, and you hard code it.11:31
kroonlpapp, thats the case in our setup, every developer will have an identical environment, and we want to make it easy for them11:34
lpappkroon: strange, but fair enough ^_^11:37
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lpapperbo: grep -rn DEPMOD ../meta/recipes-core/busybox/busybox-1.20.2/defconfig -> I am not convinced that it is a good idea to disable that by default.12:04
lpappgiven that modutils-initscripts sort of depends on it.12:04
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lpappbasically here: if [ ! -f /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.dep ]; then [ "$VERBOSE" != no ] && echo "Calculating module dependencies ..." depmod -Ae12:05
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xataHow do i fetch the source code and other files from recipe?12:30
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LetoThe2ndlike bitbake $RECIPE -c fetch ?12:34
xataLetoThe2nd: something like that, thanks12:36
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rjvI have added a new recipe file in meta/recipes-support/ folder12:48
rjvWhen I am doing bitbake for the individual recipe I am getting below error:12:49
rjvQA issue : Package was already stripped, this will prevent future debugging!12:49
rjvCAn anyone please help me12:51
LetoThe2ndwell just by reading the error message it sounds like the packages own build process is already stripping it, and therefore bitbake cannot control that12:53
LetoThe2nd(e.g. provide a stripped and a non-stripped version)12:53
LetoThe2ndso i personally would go and look at the build process used12:53
bluelightningrjv: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.7/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#qa-issue-already-stripped12:55
bluelightning(this section was just added to the in-development manual for the upcoming release)12:56
rjvis there any way to change the error to warning12:56
rjvI see the files are copied to the correct directory in tmp folder12:56
rjvI have taken the atr file from below link12:59
rjvSorry tar file13:00
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rjvmy bb file contents are  at   http://pastebin.com/PvTj10M813:02
bluelightningrjv: ideally, find out why the debug symbols are being stripped and disable it13:03
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LetoThe2ndwell look at the documentation that comes with the source on how to disable stripping13:04
bluelightningthere are hints in the link I posted above13:04
LetoThe2ndusually its some flag thats handed to the configuration or compilation stage, just as bluelightning's link points out, yes.13:04
bluelightningalternatively you can set INSANE_SKIP to skip the error (as documented in the manual), but that's hacking around the problem13:05
LetoThe2ndwell, insanely skipping can be entertaining at times, though.13:05
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rjvI have to made following cahnges in meta-yocto/conf/distro/poky.conf13:14
rjvmoved options already-stripped and installed-vs-shipped from ERROR to WARN13:15
rjvso now it is building13:15
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: heh13:19
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icanicantHas the version numbering of RPMs changed to add a decimal point? e.g. "tzdata-2013d-r0" is now "tzdata-2013d-r0.0"13:29
icanicantsmart upgrade is showing every single package needs upgrading13:30
JaMathe last number is from PR service13:30
bluelightningpresumably you just enabled that?13:30
icanicantI've taken over the project from someone else, I guess they didn't have it enabled13:31
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mikhail_Dear all,  is there a way to pipe all stdout  to console UI when running "bitbake -c testimage <image>" ?15:29
blloydI've noticed a few packages that are using src uris like ${VARIABLECONTAINERSERVER}/path/to/binary.  Some packages like the yocto kernel beig able to easily specify a local server makes sense to me.  Is there a risk of breaking something by doing this type of URL for like the kernel (master really hurts for updates)?15:30
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bluelightningmikhail_: -v ?15:44
bluelightningblloyd: wouldn't PREMIRRORS be the best way to handle that kind of situation?15:45
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blloydblueligtning: my understanding of premirrors is it checks there for the download files (the ones places in downloads).  For a yocto-kernel, this entails downloaing the entire git repo again when the hash is changed.  Typically it's a small change from lasttime, but 600+ megs has to be downloaded.15:52
mikhail_-v works  during normal build tasks, but with testimage, it does not add much useful info15:53
blloydwhere a bare local repo can be effectively kept up to date efficiently and only the changes get pulled across the network.  Then a .tar.gz can be made of that image no big deal.15:54
bluelightningmikhail_: I think that's just the way it has been implemented15:56
mikhail_bluelightning: hm, is there a workaround that does not involve piping log files to stdout manually?15:57
bluelightningmikhail_: not that I am aware of at the moment, sorry15:58
blloydlooks like the meta-kernel-dev layer implements just what I asked about.15:58
bluelightningblloyd: I'm concerned that if the current mirroring system is not working we should try to fix that... meta-kernel-dev is for development, it's not really intended as a workaround for this kind of issue15:59
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blloydwhy I am asking here.  It seems inefficient and one of the sites I'm working from has a very poor inet connection.  The downloading the full git repo to get the next revision is a painful way to get a minor change.  Once the revision is retrieved, later recompiles use it fine.  But that first get is awful.16:03
blloydthe kernel is just the one I've noticed as it is very big and I've been working directly with it lately (trying to move a machine from 3.4 to 3.14)16:04
kergoththe git mirror tarball doesn't contain the hash16:06
bluelightninghmm, I'm not sure I'd class that as a minor change though16:06
bluelightningwe keep each linux-yocto kernel version in separate repositories currently, that probably doesn't help matters16:06
kergothit will download whatever it can find, then if necessary git fetch to get what's missing if the SRCREV isn't included in that repo16:06
blloydthe dev also brings over ${AUTOREV} which I don't want.16:06
kergothat least, thats how it typically works, maybe linux-yocto is special16:06
blloydso if it is working properly it should extract the download, git update if needed, then update the download again?16:08
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mikhail_bluelightning: thanks for clarifying,   we really need this functionality, would this question be appropriate for the subscribers of the yocto mailing list?16:17
bluelightningmikhail_: I would suggest filing this as an enhancement request in bugzilla16:22
bluelightningblloyd: if that's not the way it currently works, then it seems to me that it ought to16:23
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blloydthanks blue.  I will try to do some checking into what it is really doing and file bug/enhancement request as appropriate.  If it isn't pulling the whole thing, I will have to see what the huge bandwidith is caused by.16:45
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mikhail_bluelightnin: thanks,  Created  https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=684116:47
yoctiBug 6841: enhancement, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , '-v' switch and testimage16:47
bluelightningblloyd: thanks16:47
bluelightningmikhail_: thanks, I've adjusted the categorisation slightly (it'll almost certainly be a change to the testimage implementation rather than bitbake)16:49
mikhail_bluelightnin: thanks, :)  I was not sure - that sounds good!16:50
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otavioIs David here?19:13
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return_to_senderHi all, I have a general question about yocto/bitbake and how an image is prepared19:51
return_to_senderI have a cmake package that builds a library and some executables.  My recipe results in all the files being built and staged in TMPDIR/image19:52
return_to_senderLibrary in TMPDIR/image/usr/lib, binaries in TMPDIR/image/usr/bin, and a file in TMPDIR/image/etc/udev/rules.d/89-device.rules19:53
return_to_senderHowever, when the final image is put together only the library is present.  Do I need to do anything special to make sure those other files are included?19:54
return_to_senderAre binaries omitted by default or anything like that?19:54
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edsiperreturn_to_sender, it should work right away, unless your CMAKE rules miss something. As a workaround you can append a do_install() {...} to your recipe to install the missing files20:27
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