Friday, 2014-10-17

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pevHm, is there an easy way to make the preferred version of one recipe be governed by another? i.e. in my case I have two kernel versions I'm supporting concurrently and two standalone module builds for it...?00:32
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LetoThe2ndafter doing some toaster poking, i'm always unable to get it working, only thing i see in the browser is a 501 error. any pointers?07:23
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TuTizzmorning all, did someone got a yocto recipe for sdl_mixer v2?07:58
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auke-Hi! I'm trying to build QT5 (5.3.2) from meta-qt5 without X11 or Wayland and it fails due to the following error: eglvivante.h:222:22: fatal error: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory09:05
auke-I think this error occurs because EGL_API_FB isn't defined, but i have no idea what should define this.09:07
bluelightningmorning all09:08
auke-good morning!09:09
bluelightninghi auke-09:09
volker_123456Has someone experience with the meta-intel layer? I'm very confused about the state of support regarding GPU/QuickSync etc. with ATOM E3845 Baytrail CPUs. One the one there seems to be an EMGD driver on the other there is a valleyisland layer mentioned, but that does not seem to be part of the meta-intel daisy branch. In the meta-intel layer README they say for Baytrail SOCs one should use the intel-corei7-64 config, but09:10
volker_123456this config does not use the EMGD driver.09:10
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bluelightningvolker_123456: I'm pretty sure we don't use EMGD on baytrail-based systems09:12
bluelightningit's not my area of expertise though; if you don't get an answer here I would strongly recommend emailing the meta-intel list09:13
volker_123456bluelightning: thx: ok, I'm just wondering what that means for hardware acceleration support. Intel itself seems to mention EMGD for the E3800 family:
volker_123456but I also saw that there was some comment on the meta-intel mailing list, that EMGD is retired (whatever that means and what's the reason for that)09:15
bluelightningI think the answer there is that EMGD is binary-only and is tied to the particular kernel version it was built against09:17
bluelightningwithin meta-intel at least we prefer to use the open source drivers which do not have that limitation09:17
bluelightningbut the best way to get a definitive answer on any of these kinds of questions is to email the meta-intel list09:19
pevHm. So I have a build that has three layers meta-myhardware, meta-mymiddleware and meta-myapplication. Now, it so happens that I pull the conf from the "myapplication" layer via TEMPLATECONF with oe-init-build-env. However, I'd really like to have a bit of local.conf that sets up certain vars for the mymiddleware as well. Is there a way you can build / inherit things or do I just have to bodge it into the other layers local.conf.sample instead?09:24
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condo43Hello all; I need help, I need to write some recipe which need to build an image (like initram) to include it in a binary, and, to make a final package.09:32
condo43at this moment, I have a "bad" solution, witch consiste to have a package witch depend to an image, and make all thing, but, i think it's not the best way to do...09:33
condo43the question is, how to generate in a do_compile for exemple, a rootfs or an image ?09:34
bluelightningpev: you really should have a distro layer to contain such policy configuration09:39
bluelightningcondo43: any recipe that produces an image should simply "inherit image" which will allow it to produce an image during do_rootfs09:40
bluelightning(or core-image)09:40
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pevbluelightning: OK, I'd looked at this before but the documentation is a bit thin - can you reccommend any documentation / good examples?09:47
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condo43bluelightning: Yes, I success to build an image, my problem is to include this image in a package09:48
bluelightning(I'm happy to help if that doesn't cover things adequately)09:48
bluelightningcondo43: I don't follow - why would you include the image in a package? the image is composed of packages itself...09:48
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LetoThe2ndtoaster people, heads up? i'm trying to follow on the quick start instructions, but my interface only gives me a 501 page10:07
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condo43bluelightning: In fact, we build an uboot with an embedded minimal kernel+initrd for rescue10:19
condo43the process is to build a busybox minimal, a kernel, different filesystem part... generate u-boot elf, and make a file with uboot elf, and the kernel + initrd, and store it into RPM u-boot installed on the system10:20
bluelightningcondo43: ok, well, if the recipe producing that binary (u-boot itself?) has a task dependency on do_rootfs for the initramfs image, that would be the way to implement that10:21
condo43ok, i will try this solution... I'll back later if I fail...10:21
LetoThe2ndhm. is there current breakage on master? current checkout breaks core-image-minimal with: Nothing PROVIDES 'gzip-native'10:28
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: I have to say I don't see that error...10:30
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: hmhmhm.10:30
LetoThe2ndlet me retry, maybe i managed to whack my builddir10:30
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: it would be metadata or configuration triggering that though10:32
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: metadata is totally unchanged poky10:33
LetoThe2ndno additional layers, just tring to cook up a super minimal functional toaster testing case10:33
bluelightningright... I guess what I was hinting at was if you were thinking of trying to delete tmpdir or something like that in order to fix it, it's unlikely to have an effect10:34
LetoThe2nde.g. checkout, source env, set downloads and sstate, source toaster start, kick build10:36
LetoThe2ndi interrupted it on my first try though, so recreadting builddir seems to have fixed it10:37
bluelightningthat is worrying...10:37
LetoThe2ndi actually just did ctrl-c during a running bake10:38
bluelightningduring the parsing I guess?10:38
bluelightningor later?10:39
LetoThe2nddon't know actually. think it was later, though10:42
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ddalexLetoThe2nd: hi - heard you encoutered Toaster issues10:56
ddalexLetoThe2nd: anything I can help with ?10:56
LetoThe2ndddalex: maybe! thanks for stepping up.. basically see for yourself at
ddalexLetoThe2nd: are you running the out-of-box configuration ? if so, please open up the browser to port 8000, not 820010:59
ddalexthe startup message is quite confusing10:59
LetoThe2ndddalex: totally out of the box :)10:59
LetoThe2ndok, let me check10:59
ddalexLetoThe2nd: the web server runs on port 8000, the bitbake server is on port 820011:00
ddalexLetoThe2nd: bitbake protocol is HTTP-based, so a browser will connect to it, but can't do anything useful11:00
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LetoThe2ndGAAAH gotcha11:02
LetoThe2ndi'd really, REALLY encourage anybody to change that startup message!11:02
ddalexddalex: on my todo list, thanks11:03
LetoThe2ndddalex: i've poking this now for about 6hrs, feel free to drop dead laughing :-(11:03
ddalexLetoThe2nd: sorry about the mess11:10
ddalexLetoThe2nd: we debated about automatically starting a browser, it might have been helpful11:11
LetoThe2ndddalex: i just re-read the startup message, which really is like "starting webserver - interface - successful start"11:12
volker_123456bluelightning: I tried cherry picking the mesa-demos 8.2.0 from master (to daisy) to get them compiled without glew/x11. But it still requires libglu and this seem to depend on libGL and that seems to be not compiled by the mesa package if you don't specify X11. At least libglu fails during linking with "cannot find -lGL"11:12
LetoThe2ndthe automagic browser wouldn't have helped, it's a non-X ec2 instance11:12
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ddalexLetoThe2nd: ok, then changing the startup messsages will be done on the next merge request11:13
LetoThe2ndddalex: if possible, i personally would just add a final line saying something like "find your webinterface on" or something similar11:14
LetoThe2ndddalex: </$.02>11:14
LetoThe2ndddalex: thanks!11:14
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bluelightningvolker_123456: I just passed that on, I don't have the details; but libglu shouldn't be being built since AIUI libGL cannot work without X11, so the dependency on libglu  is where the problem lies11:16
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ddalexLetoThe2nd: sure; feel free to ping me again for any issues11:17
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volker_123456thanks, that hint maybe gave me the solution: in the file there is the following line: PACKAGECONFIG ?= "drm osmesa freetype2 gbm egl gles1 gles2 glu ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'x11', 'x11 glew', '', d)}" but I guess it has to be:   PACKAGECONFIG ?= "drm osmesa freetype2 gbm egl gles1 gles2 \11:20
volker_123456                  ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'x11', 'x11 glew glu', '', d)}" at least it now compiles correctly..... I will check if it also results in a correct packaging on the final image11:20
rburtonvolker_123456: that sounds like a reasonable fix11:20
bluelightningI think it's fair to say we need more testing of x11 not in DISTRO_FEATURES11:21
bluelightning(on the autobuilder, I mean)11:21
bluelightningI might file a bug11:22
rburtonbluelightning: yes, certainly11:24
rburtonthe weston-no-x11 image should be a good test, as it builds gtk and clutter too11:24
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rburton(more accurate, core-image-weston without the x11 distro feature set)11:25
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Net147any tips on how to resolve "requires, but no providers in its RDEPENDS" QA issues?11:39
Net147just add virtual/libgles2 to RDEPENDS?11:42
LetoThe2ndby the way, whats the overall state concerning the eclipse plugin? $COWORKER just told me the last commit has been like 14 months ago..12:03
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LetoThe2ndbluelightning: strange, now bitbake doesn't seem to realize there have been changes to local.conf12:10
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LetoThe2ndcould that be a sideeffect of the toaster instance running?12:12
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: yes it does stay memory resident12:13
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: unfortunately there are a few things like that with the memory resident functionality that don't work as well as they should12:13
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: hm is that a local-sqlite-toaster effect only? or is it always like, stop toaster-change-start toaster again?12:14
bluelightningNet147: that should do it...12:14
bluelightningNet147: FYI:
bluelightning(just added yesterday)12:14
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: it's unfortunately a known issue with the bitbake memory resident functionality which toaster requires12:16
bluelightningsomething we will hopefully address in the upcoming dev cycle12:16
LetoThe2ndok, i see12:16
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: re the eclipse plugin, we're still looking for help with that basically12:16
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: has j.zh. been reassigned, or something like that?12:17
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: she's the manager of our team now12:17
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: uh-huh12:18
bluelightningit looks like we still have a job opening for that so if you know anyone who would like to work on Eclipse, let us know12:21
bluelightning(we being Intel in this instance, just in case that's not clear)12:22
Net147bluelightning: I noticed a few weeks ago in poky master that if I have file://somedir specified in a recipe, it didn't rebuild if a file inside somedir changed. is that normal?12:22
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: duly noted ;)12:22
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LetoThe2ndbluelightning: actually my eclipsing coworker is just sitting on the other side of the table and trying to dig into the plugin ;)12:23
bluelightningNet147: I don't think that is expected no12:23
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: ok, cool... FWIW I think we'd also be keen to have (tested) patches as well ;)12:24
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: i can understand that desire.. if he comes up with something i shall have it forwarded, but given our r&d team size and workload, don't expect much12:25
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: no worries, just putting it out there :)12:25
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LetoThe2ndbluelightning: :)12:26
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LetoThe2ndbluelightning: i just fear your offer tempted him too much.. seeing him leave would be a huge blow12:33
* LetoThe2nd continues pointless mumblings12:34
bluelightningI would certainly hope not to have anyone join us at the expense of leaving a big gap somewhere else; but then, that's always hard12:36
LetoThe2ndyeah don't take my mumblings too seriously, i'm just trying to do some yoctos tinkering during the train ride home from elce12:38
LetoThe2ndnet result: some more understanding of toasters pitfalls12:39
KirillHi everybody, can someone suggest where I can find examples of using python code in recipes? I have read documentation, but not sure if I understand everything12:43
rburtonspeaking of ELCE did they announce where it is next year yet?12:57
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ndecrburton: not that i know12:58
LetoThe2ndndec: same here12:59
rburtonhow am i meant to plan next years holiday without knowing where elce is!12:59
LetoThe2ndndec: seems like we successfully managed to run away from each other all week12:59
ndecLetoThe2nd: yeah. i tried hard, and it seemed to work ;_)13:00
LetoThe2ndndec: hooray13:00
ndecwell, i am still here, you too?13:00
LetoThe2ndndec: nah i'm riding the mystery train13:00
LetoThe2ndlittle sandworm is waiting for me13:01
LetoThe2ndi also missed woglinde.. so maybe next time13:02
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pevbluelightning: Thanks - I've had a read through that and giving it a shot. Is there any convention for how / where you keep multiple configurations? I'm assuming you probably would want to keep in your distro layer somewhere and then point at with TEMPLATECONF when you set up the build environment?14:24
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bluelightningpev: well TEMPLATECONF could point to a dir containing template config files which added the distro layer and set DISTRO to point to the distro config within that layer, yes14:40
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pevbluelightning: Grand, thanks. Just trying to figure out what the way thats "normal" is - I'm sure I can't be the only person with five or six standard configurations to support in that kind of way?!14:43
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bluelightningpev: I would expect not, but it ought to be as simple as separate distro files for each configuration14:46
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bluelightningthey can be as close as right next to eachother, even sharing common parts through inc files; or they could be in completely separate layers14:46
bluelightningall depends on what you're trying to do14:46
pevbluelightning: Well, I've created layer splits so individual layers for each custom board (where warranted) and then project specific software layers. Then theres also a general distro layer for all the common stuff and another layer for a particular bit of middleware thats always shared.14:50
pevso something like meta-pev (distro layer) // meta-pev-hw-boardN // meta-pev-sw-projectN // meta-pev-sw-middleware14:52
bluelightningso there are lots of different ways you could handle it; but at face value it's possible that you would need a distro config for each project so it might go into the project-specific software layer14:53
pevI was going to create dirs something like meta-pev/oeconf/proj-configN and put the local.conf.sample and bblayer.conf.sample under each14:53
bluelightningdepends how different the projects are14:53
bluelightningwell, one of the things the distro config is supposed to help with is avoiding putting too much into local.conf14:53
pevAh, OK, I was thinking "distro" was something more broad, hadnt thought that it was so flexible. I guess I should read up a bit more about that...14:54
bluelightninglocal.conf is really supposed to be just selecting distro, machine, and specifying local paths14:54
pevSo effectively then the per-project element is the distro config then, gotcha14:54
pevRight, I'll stick my nose back into the ref manual again then and experiment some more :-)14:55
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pevbluelightning: Am I better off duplicating poky.conf then modifying and trimming? Looks like I change / lose a lot just doing whats in the ref manual and starting with a bare conf15:46
bluelightningpev: you can certainly do that15:47
kergothyou can also just include/require poky.conf if you dont' mind a layer dependency on meta-yocto15:47
* kergoth yawns15:47
bluelightningand you don't care about your distro config changing to match anything new that gets added to poky.conf15:48
bluelightning(not that that happens often)15:48
kergothindeed, good point15:48
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pevkergoth: Ah yes! I see that's what poky-tiny does... That's a good plan as it does a lot of handy stuff already15:51
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pevOK. Here's an unrelated question... In my world I have a few different kernel versions that get built, e.g. linux-imx-3.0.35 and linux-imx-3.10.17. These get built by different recipes selected by PREFERRED_VERSION in the distro files now.15:57
pevNow, take for example something like v4l-utils. In it's package it contains its own copy of various kernel headers such as videodev2.h. So when building different distros with different kernel versions the included videodev2.h will probably be wrong.15:57
pevthe high-maintenance approach would be to create different v4l-util recipes to match the kernels15:58
pevbut could you for example just have the one v4l-utils recipe that matches the version of yocto we're using and then add a bbappend to patch?15:58
pev(which is what I do at the mo)15:58
pevbut how would you then with the two kernels via preferred_version select the different patch in the v4l-utils recipe?15:59
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pevor is there a simple and obvious solution I'm missing? :-D15:59
pevalso, creating the new distro (just requiring poky.conf and setting DISTRO=) seems to now build a new gcc-cross and I guess much more rather than pulling from sstate-cache - is that expected?16:02
kergotha distro change is pretty invasive16:03
kergotheven if none of the vars it sets change16:03
pevAh, OK, I'll just have to suck it up then....16:05
pevMaybe I'm better off supporting my multiple configurations just by using various local.conf.sample versions and TEMPLATECONF then. This could get pretty tedious if I have to build different full toolchains for each board type I'm using... ?!16:08
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kergothi wouldn't recommend that. maintanance over the long term you're best off using a distro. local.conf is best for temporary or user changes16:14
kergothbut it does depend on the situation, of course. everyone has slightly different workflow :)16:18
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pevHm, anyone seen : "ERROR: QA Issue: eglibc-locale: Files/directories were installed but not shipped" ?17:30
pevChanged to new distro conf which is basically a dupe of poky-tiny with a name change and I get that17:31
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fishey2I'm writing a bitbake file for a package that needs build_dir = src_dir, is there an accepted way to do that?19:02
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kergothB = "${S}" if not autotools, or change inherit autotools to inherit autotools-brokensep if autotools19:03
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fishey2kergoth: thanks.19:09
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balister_RP, home?19:17
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