Monday, 2014-10-20

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mckoangood morning07:32
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prashHello, while building yocto, I am getting eror : "No rule to make target `/lib/firmware/radeon/SUMO_uvd.bin', needed by `firmware/radeon/SUMO_uvd.bin.gen.o'"08:47
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timohlhello everyone.10:03
timohli have a question regarding smart package manager10:03
timohlcan i use it to install some rpms in do_install() or do i have to go for ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND?10:04
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timohlif you recommend the latter, can i use ${S} in ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND?10:09
timohlhope anybody can help me10:09
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erbotimohl: do you want the variable that points to the rootfs? if so it's ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}10:20
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erbooh, I missed you first part.10:22
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erbotimohl: is it RPM's not built with yocto?10:23
timohlyes those are prebuilt rpms10:30
timohlactually i am trying to install mellanox infiniband drivers which come with a script to create a yum repo10:33
erboI would probably build new rpms in yocto by manually getting the content of the rpms using something like "rpm2cpio foo.rpm | cpio -indv" in a recipe10:34
timohlok, i will try this. thank you10:37
timohlI have another question regarding the gcc runtime package. I added tools-sdk to image-features to get gcc amongst others, but the package gcc-runtime seems to get not deployed on my image.10:42
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timohli tried to append gcc-runtime to IMAGE_INSTALL but "ERROR: gcc-runtime not found in the base feeds (crystalforest_server corei7-64-intel-common corei7-64 core2-64 x86_64 noarch any all)" is thrown10:43
timohlEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks dev-pkgs tools-sdk ssh-server-openssh package-management"10:43
timohlIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " git gcc-runtime "10:43
timohlthose are my lines in conf/local.conf10:44
timohlany idea what's my mistake?10:45
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volker_123456I'm currently a bit confused about the content of recipes-multimedia/gstreamer in the meta-intel layer. There is a and a Is this intended? As both seem to create a gstreamer-vaapi package for gstreamer-0.10. Shouldn't it be
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ndecvolker_123456: 1 is for gst 0.10, the other one for 1.013:33
volker_123456interesting, does that mean, gst-va-intel is only available for gstreamer 1.0 ? As gst-va-intel-vaapi depends on gstreamer-vaapi (so gst 1.0, right?)13:35
volker_123456ndec: At the end I'm interested in having a hw acclerated h264 encoder available in my image for a bay trail atom. So I'm wondering which package I have to include for that.13:38
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ndecvolker_123456: well, i am not very familiar with h264 encoder on intel... but in master branch there seems to be gstreamer-vaapi-0.10 and gstreamer-vaapi-1.0 .bb files13:45
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volker_123456nec: ok, that would be definetly more clear than a, would be interesting if those two are equal or if the file is something completly different13:46
volker_123456I'm currently on daisy not master13:46
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lsb_testerMy build creates the image but ends with the message "Summary: There were 3 ERROR messages shown, returning a non-zero exit code."14:18
lsb_testerHow to find what the errors are14:18
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jmleoI have a custom image and ther eis a recipe which probably is required by another one, which I would like to remove from the image14:28
jmleoI tried something like IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "my_recipe"14:28
jmleobut it is still compiled14:28
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jmleook, found PACKAGE_EXCLUDE14:37
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otavioIs someone using SDK with cmake?15:30
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mckoanotavio: actually I use the native one in /usr/bin/cmake because the SDK doesn't generate it15:55
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otaviomckoan: hum15:58
otavioI succeed in adding the nativesdk-cmake in the toolchain but it seems broken for me15:58
Crofton|workhmm, I need to15:59
Crofton|workwhat seems broken?15:59
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fishey2Is there a way to call shell functions defined in a bbclass file to populate variables in that same file?16:15
fishey2ie: I have a `foo_triple () { echo foo }` and a `FOO=$(foo_triple)` in the same bbclass16:15
fishey2Right now bitbake complains about foo_triple being undefined16:15
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kergoththat's supposed to work. if it doesn't, it's a bug16:16
kergothoh, no, i see16:16
kergothbitbake variables are expanded in bitbake itself, not the shell16:16
kergothso no, you can't do that. if you want to call shell functions from a variable definition, then the variable definition has to be a *shell* variable (defined inside a shell function), not a bitbake variable16:17
kergothyou can, however, use inline python to accomplish teh same thing16:17
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otaviomario-goulart: please point RP to the parsing error backtrace; he might be able to find out the culprit and we could fix both the bitbake error and the customers metadata.16:19
otavioCrofton|work: it seems it does not generate the needed toolchain information16:19
otavioCrofton|work: so it fails badly to find out the right paths for sysroot16:19
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Crofton|workwe use it with an toolchain file we store in gnuradio etc16:20
Crofton|workhmm, I think it needs some stuff adding :)16:22
otavioCrofton|work: yes but this shouldn't be required16:22
otavioCrofton|work: it should work out of box16:22
Crofton|workthat would be nice, I'm just showing what we have don ein the past16:23
Crofton|workwe are starting to add cmake to sdk's to contrll the cmake version16:23
Crofton|workbut still show the toolchain in build instructions16:23
otavioCrofton|work: what seems to be missing is something like
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otavioCrofton|work: I need to find out if it looks for it in a specific directory16:25
otavioCrofton|work: if it does, I can fix it easily16:25
Crofton|workthis would be very helpful16:25
mario-goulartRP:  If I run bitbake for the first time, I get that error.  On a second run, it is successful.  If I touch my recipe (no real content change -- just using the touch command line tool) and run bitbake again, I get the error.  If I run bitbake again after that, it runs successfully.  And so on.16:27
otavioI came up with something which ought to work16:27
otaviolet me try16:27
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RPmario-goulart: that is rather odd. Its from the code16:32
RPmario-goulart: if you move the codeparser cache out the way does this still happen?16:32
mario-goulartRP: where does it get stored?  tmp/cache/.../bb_cache.datxxx?16:34
RPmario-goulart: cache/bb_codeparser.dat16:36
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mario-goulartRP: Maybe db/bb_codeparser.dat ?16:41
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RPmario-goulart: if that is where it is in your local config, yes16:45
mario-goulartAh, ok.  I'm making some tests with that one.16:46
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mario-goulartRP: looks like removing db/bb_codeparser.dat has done the trick.16:50
fishey2kergoth: so I need to write a `python foo_triple` and then use ${@foo_triple(...)}? Or something?16:52
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RPmario-goulart: so somehow that file is getting corrupted I guess :/17:02
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fishey2Hi, I'm using the -cross bbclass to build a compiler, and it tries to run itself after installation, at which point it fails to find libraries it installed. Is this expected?19:29
fishey2My guess is that I'm using --libdir=${libdir} when I should be using something ele19:30
fishey2Or perhaps I need to set rpath?19:31
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otavioCrofton|work: I got it working20:04
otavioCrofton|work: I am building it and will test the generated SDK. But I tried it on the pre-installed one and it worked just fine.20:04
otavioCrofton|work: I will shortly show you the patches so you provide early feedback. Does it work?20:05
Crofton|workI'll run a build and see how it works with the stuff I use20:05
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fishey2There appears to be a bug in the openssl.pc, libs are in ${prefix}/lib, but openssl.pc thinks they're in ${prefix}/usr/lib :(21:56
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cpuNotFoundis lscpu command available in yocto?22:27
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