Wednesday, 2014-10-22

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irontiagood morning yoctoianers07:06
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mckoan_ccube: does it boot?07:56
mckoangood morning07:56
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ccubemckoan, I dont have the board yet, so dont know. I just need to know what I can expect.08:35
ccubeI assume, that it behaves similar than a10s becuase hw is kinda the same08:35
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ccubebut just wondering, because I have to estimate the workload to prepare the custom firmware for the new biard08:35
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irontiaI do have a which does a include_HEADERS = someheader.h, my problem is that make install doesn't install this file into sysroot, but tries to install it to host /usr/include/. What am i doing wrong?09:33
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irontiaoh i found the configure --prefix is wrong...09:42
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gebreselaisihi all11:11
gebreselaisianybody else getting some strange issues with systemd from dizzy?11:12
gebreselaisiversion 216 that is11:12
gebreselaisiFailed at step CHDIR spawning /usr/bin/dbus-daemon: No such file or directory11:12
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gebreselaisiso nobody using dizzy I assume12:34
irontiai dont, sry12:35
gebreselaisithanks for answring though :)12:36
Crofton|workIMAGE_BOOT_FILES = "boot.bin u-boot.img"12:40
irontiameta/conf/bitbake.conf assumes that libs always have the name*. I do have a package with 15 so libs installed as /usr/lib/ Now these are not getting shipped because of "lib" assumption in base_libdir = "${base_prefix}/${baselib}" baselib=lib" ${base_libdir}/*${SOLIBS}SOLIBS = ".so.* . Any idea how i should cope with that? Eventually i will even change the package, but how could i ship such aux files?12:40
irontiaIs anyone here, who has been also at the yocto devday in Düsseldorf?12:42
Crofton|worksort of12:42
Crofton|workDo you have a specific question?12:42
irontiaoh i have many, but still trying to figure it out myself12:43
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Crofton|workwe are here to help12:46
Crofton|workor at least listen when you need to vent12:46
irontiagood to know12:48
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gebreselaisihey Crofton|work , maybe you are suing systmed 216? :)12:50
gebreselaisiusing that is12:51
Crofton|worknot at the moment12:51
gebreselaisiyou're still on 213?12:51
gebreselaisiwith yocto I mean12:52
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bluelightningirontia: to answer your question, you should be able to do FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/${PN}/*.so"12:58
bluelightningirontia: assuming that *.so matches only real libs and not symlinks to versioned libs12:59
frscwhat is the best way to disable a bbappend when its related recipe is in a different layer that is not used?12:59
bluelightningfrsc: basically the choices are (a) BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = "1", (b) set BBMASK to a regex which masks out the offending bbappend file(s), (c) delete the offending bbappend file(s)13:01
bluelightningif you are having to work around this it perhaps suggests that that bbappend shouldn't be there though...13:02
frscbluelightning, all right, thanks!13:03
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irontiabluelightning: where should i put that line? Not the package recipe?13:09
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frscI'm trying to build qtwebengine from meta-qt5. because of my 32bit os i run out of ram during link of the chromium library. Therefore I tried to build as shared library, but then the system complains about missing source-files for all the test directories of chromium,webkit,etc.13:49
frscDoes anyone know why the shared build tries to build the test packages?13:50
frscAnd the static build doesn't?13:50
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bluelightningirontia: in conf/local.conf in your build directory13:53
gebreselaisianybody playing arond with a dizzy build and qemu?13:55
gebreselaisior maybe some real hw?13:55
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Crofton|workexcellent product placement13:58
Crofton|workalso, is that halstead with the yocto shirt?13:58
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bluelightningCrofton|work: yes and yes13:58
bluelightningwe remarked on this some time ago I think13:59
Crofton|workhe doesn't look like that any more13:59
Crofton|workI missed that :)13:59
bluelightningoh? more or less beard? :)13:59
Crofton|workway more beard13:59
Crofton|workway more hair13:59
bluelightningso looks more like fray now then? :)14:00
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Crofton|workwell, not really14:07
Crofton|workhalstead, hair is "larger"14:07
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LetoThe2nd\o/ more beard14:13
LetoThe2ndmaybe even like spocks beard!14:13
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* zeddii has conference withdrawal symptoms14:18
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Crofton|worktomz2, my gut feeling is any large image should trigger the issue15:52
Crofton|workregardless of machine15:52
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tomz2Crofton|work, ok, I'll just use something else and see15:56
Crofton|workI've mainly got the meta-xilinx machines atm + custom15:57
Crofton|workis there an easy way to adjust the size of the partition it creates?15:57
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tomz2Crofton|work, you could use the --size param in the wks file for the partition16:03
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Crofton|workI want to see if I can get something to build16:03
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Crofton|worktomz2, intial results suggest setting size solves issue17:48
Crofton|workwriting to card now to check17:48
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tomz2Crofton|work, ok, good to know - in any case it should work without that, continuing to look18:23
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Crofton|worktomz2, right19:09
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Crofton|workalso looks like it ignores the --label for ext419:38
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fishey2If I have a packages that requires build dir = source dir, is there an accepted way to avoid having a dirty source dir in future builds?21:36
fishey2(ie: if I change the .bb file and rebuild)21:36
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tastycactusHow do I add things to meta-toolchain, specifically can I add the native protoc protobuf compiler to the toolchain?22:12
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tastycactusOr can I add native protoc to the populate_sdk for my image?22:30
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