Friday, 2014-11-07

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bluelightningmorning all09:29
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mckoangood morning09:30
stori want to build an external toolchain (installer) and have gcc configured with --enable-plugin, but gcc configure doesn't seem to support this in canadian cross build09:35
storconfigure:27252: checking for exported symbols09:35
storconfigure:27278: result: unable to check09:35
storis there any way to achieve this?09:35
stormaybe somehow explicitly tell that "yes, you can get exported symbols with -rdynamic"?09:36
storthe problem seems to be that configure doesn't know what to set export_sym_check, which is generally understandable (e.g. if build=x86 host=arm target=mips)09:40
storbut in the yocto toolchain case host is almost == build09:41
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GaryHello All10:11
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Guest58286Actually, i am doing bitbake webkit-git....and the shared library is also getting created...but the size of libwebkit*.so is nearly 1 gb...i understand that the library has debug symbols....can anyone help me to build release library instead of debug library????10:13
Guest58286thanks in advance10:14
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Xzhi guys13:13
XzI'm playing with iotdevkit repository13:13
Xzit is based on ipk packages (opkg is the package manager)13:13
Xzso the way ipk works there is a 'Packages' file within the repository that contains list of packages repo supports13:14
Xzand that file for iotdk repo is empty (
Xzwhich means when I fetch it from the Galileo board I cannot install any packages repo provides13:15
Xzunless I got something wrong13:15
Xzin my case I'm trying to install 'gnome-destktop' that is availabe as ipk package13:16
Xzhowever opkg says that package does not exist13:16
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XzI think it's 'bitbake package-index' creating that file13:20
bluelightningarfoll: ^13:24
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arfollXz: yes I spotted that need to fix it13:28
arfollthe file used to work, so I guess an update wiped it or something silly13:29
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Xzarfoll: do you have access to file share?13:52
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arfollXz: yes14:03
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Xzarfoll: cool, will you be able to get that up and running soon?14:15
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Xzarfoll: I'm doing Galileo training in 2 weeks, was planning on using iotdk as a part of it14:15
arfollXz: yes, I'd hope it's fixed by EOD monday14:17
arfolli'll ping you when it's sorted14:17
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Xzarfoll: cool, thanks14:39
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mikejanzenI accidentally deleted my /var/www/rpms/all pacakages folder.  Is there an easy way to regenerate that without rebuilding everything?17:33
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bluelightningmikejanzen: /var/www ? were you sharing the tmp/deploy/rpm directory directly?17:39
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T0mW<sigh> devshell stopped working17:55
mikejanzenbluelightning: That was really unclear.  Yes: lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root   37 Apr  9  2014 rpms -> /mnt/host/yocto/build/tmp/deploy/rpm/17:55
mikejanzen(I meant: "Sorry, *I* was very unclear")17:57
bluelightningmikejanzen: so one way to do it would be to delete the stamps for do_package_write_rpm for all of the "all" architecture recipes17:58
bluelightningmikejanzen: i.e. rm tmp/stamps/all-*/*/*do_package_write_rpm*17:59
bluelightningthen just run whatever build you originally ran to produce the packages in the first place17:59
bluelightningnot that I normally advocate deleting stamp files directly, but it's one way to solve the issue in this instance18:00
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junlandI'm getting a 1.1kb image size from the poky-base, I only added the smart pm so it went from 90 packages to around 98 it really that small?18:20
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Crofton|workbluelightning, fosdem stand application !18:24
bluelightningCrofton|work: thanks for the reminder, I do plan to do it this weekend18:25
Crofton|workcut and paste from last year18:25
bluelightningshould be yes18:25
Crofton|workbelen, and I both have devrooms this year18:25
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belenwe are taking FOSDEM over ;)18:36
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vignattisorry :)19:51
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