Monday, 2014-11-17

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adbelhimounGood morning every body. I have got a little problem with yocto daisy. I have a proper image which compil. A day, I needed a sdk for a collegue and used populate_sdk function but now yocto populate a new sdk for each new image compilation. It make time, and it is not needed each time. Every body now how to disabling this function ?07:50
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adbelhimounNobody can help me ?08:01
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mckoangood morning08:04
mckoanadbelhimoun: how did you used populate_sdk?08:05
adbelhimounI used 'bitbake myimage -c populate_sdk' only one time but now, sdk is populating automaticaly each times08:06
mckoanadbelhimoun: I don't think it works that way08:13
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bluelightningmorning all08:51
mckoanhi bluelightning08:52
bluelightninghi mckoan08:53
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frscHi! I'm trying to build chromium on yocto for i.MX6 on a VM running 32bit Ubuntu. Although I set up my VM to have 10G of RAM and 10G of swap I get "Memory exhausted" during link of libblink_web.09:37
frscCan someone help? Or is it even possible on a 32bit OS?09:38
frscI even tried the "sharedbuild" PCKCONFIG, but without success.09:38
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gebreselaisihi guys09:51
gebreselaisianybody had any luck with alsa in qemu?09:51
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stavrosv1hi ppl, I have the following question: I have a recipe which I build from an external source tree using the INHERIT += "externalsrc" and EXTERNALSRC_pn-myrecipe = "path-to-your-source-tree". When I make a change to a file in this source tree and try to rebuild it using `bitbake recipe` it says that does not need to rerun, which I suppose it's because it doesn't detect the change. I have to make `bitbake -ccleanall recipe` in order to build it which rebuild10:19
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Xzstavrosv1: I guess you can try to cheat a little bit and use sth like 'do_fetch[nostamp] = "1"' - thanks to that sources will always be fetched, even when no change happened11:08
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kimrhhfrsc: new chromium cannot be linked on a 32bit system11:45
kimrhhfrsc: for their own build infra, they change the 32bit builder to use a 64bit toolchain+kernel11:46
kimrhhbloatware :)11:46
kimrhhsee the answer from Lei Zhang11:48
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stavrosv1Xz: thanks for the suggestion. it worked using `do_compile[nostamp] = "1"`, though I still getting the whole source tree to build. At least I don't need to make `bitbake -ccleanall recipe`.  The rebuild of the whole source tree it might be related to the build files of the recipe. The recipe is for webkit which every build it takes 15 minutes in my machine in every change that I make. I will investigate more on this. Thanks12:03
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frsckimrhh: Thank you for the info! Is there anything I have to watch out for when I change my OS to a 64bit Ubuntu, copy my current Yocto environment and do a rebuild of my image?12:28
kimrhhdon't ask me about that :)12:29
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pev_frsc: I'm pretty sure I've done that successfully. However I keep my workspacve drive separate to the OS so effectively reinstalled ubuntu 14.04 64bit with all packages for yocto then rebuilt my working code...13:31
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frscpev_: Thanks! I'll try.13:57
tynohow i can patch a kernel in a custom image?13:57
T0mWadd the patch file name into the SRC_URI list13:59
T0mWe.g. SRC_URI += "file://halt.c.patch"14:00
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tynoT0mW: I already put in a  meta-custom/linux/linux-yocto_3.14.bbappend14:02
T0mWtyno: what I do is not bother with patching the kernel as I find the Yocto approach to handling the build of the kernel to be a bit clumsy, I use my own git repository for my customized kernel.14:02
tynoT0mW when I run devshell I can see patch apply but when I build my custom image it is not applyed14:04
tynoT0mW: maybe there is a way to select kernel?14:08
pev_tyno: If you can see it applied in devshell then it is... Have you done some basic tests like putting14:08
pev_#error's in files that should be compiled to test if they are?14:08
tynopev_: Ok I'll do now14:10
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* T0mW wishes he can run a devshell14:12
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tynopev_: but patch changes headers and I didn't find headers changed14:13
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Crofton|workIf wishes were horses, we'd be eating steak!14:17
T0mWlart Crofton14:18
pev_tyno: Ok, lets start again :-) You said that you could see the patch applied but the headers hadnt changed. Can you say how you knew it had applied if it wasn't applied?14:18
tynopev_:adding a error in kernel source by patch build fails, so why I don't find header changed?14:18
pev_T0mW: How come you can't devshell?14:19
T0mWoe.terminal.spawn(terminal, command, title, None, d)14:20
T0mW'command' is a bash shell function, my opensuse has the shellshock patches in it.14:20
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AndersDtyno, Wich headers are unchanged? The installed kernel headers (libc), or the one used to build the kernel?14:22
pev_T0mW: hm, that sucks...14:22
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tynopev_: patch  changes kernel include/uapi/linux/can.h14:23
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tynoAndersD: patch  changes include/uapi/linux/can.h but when I look into  sysroot /usr/include/linux/can.h14:33
tynoAndersD: there isn't my changes14:34
pev_tyno: you'd need to manually export the changes I think14:34
pev_sysroot is the libc headers IIRC14:35
pev_tyno: Have a look at the discussion
T0mWThis script,, is that even necessary for the devshell ?14:36
AndersDtyno, just like pev_ says, the headers installed under sysroot/usr/include/linux/* comes from the linux-libc-headers package.14:36
T0mWOr, is that some "maybe someone will need this" type of thing?14:36
tynook many thaks I'll ready now14:36
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T0mWIf I edit 'meta/classes/terminal.bbclass and comment out "command = emit_terminal_func(command, envdata, d)" from emit_terminal_func(), I can get a devshell.14:43
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T0mWThe shell seems to work just fine without the  BASH_FUNC_mc%%14:45
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ericbuttershey.. bitbake can not find a *.pc file, so how to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH additionally?15:10
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JaMaanyone with nice one-liner to generate "installed-packages" report from
JaMaI'm thinking about using networkx to find reach-able packages, but there should be easier way15:18
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erbois there a way to disable sstate cache for a package (or certain tasks of packages)?15:50
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tynopev_: so better solution is to add an extra directory with changed linux header15:59
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tynopev_: and not change /usr/include/linux header16:00
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kergotherbo: afaik, nope. might be possible with some fiddling, but there's no provided mechanism to do so. why would you want to?16:03
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pev_tyno: exactly. I've had the same problems here...16:18
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RzRShould I report a bug to request an upgrade to latest syslinux ?19:34
*** melonipoika <melonipoika!> has quit IRC19:34
RzRcan anyone mentor me , or is it a regular process I can figure out /19:34
*** tomz1 <tomz1!~trz@> has left #yocto19:40
*** tomz1 <tomz1!~trz@> has joined #yocto19:45
RzRand eventually provide patches ;)19:47
*** jimBaxter <jimBaxter!~jbaxter@> has joined #yocto19:47
*** jmd <jmd!> has joined #yocto19:50
jmdI've just inadvertently overwritten /lib/libc.so19:51
jmdHow can I recover ?19:51
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC19:53
RzRon your host I presume ?19:57
RzRdo you have a static busybox ?19:57
jmdNo.  It would seem to be dynamically linked too :(19:58
RzRyou have only < > shell redirectors ?19:58
RzRthat's better than nothing19:59
jmdecho > > <19:59
jmdAnd I have only one shell running.  Once I logout I'm gone forever!19:59
RzRreboot and mount ?19:59
jmdBut if I reboot, nothing will run.  It'll fall over on the first thing that needs libc20:00
* RzR sudo apt-get install busybox-static20:00
RzRi mean poweroff , mount20:01
RzRcp fie20:01
RzRand boot again20:01
jmdNow you've lost me.  How can I mount something when powered off?20:01
*** kimo_ <kimo_!> has quit IRC20:01
RzRboot an other os ?20:01
RzRor pull the hdd out20:02
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has quit IRC20:02
RzRis your host next to you or down in the cloud ?20:02
jmdIn the cupboard in the next room.20:02
RzRso you're safe20:03
RzRwhat distro is it running ?20:04
*** jackmitchell <jackmitchell!> has quit IRC20:04
jmdActually I'm not sure.20:04
*** jackmitchell <jackmitchell!> has joined #yocto20:05
RzRjmd, cat you type /lib/libc<TAB> ?20:07   libcrypt.so20:07 
RzRjmd, maybe you have other files to link to redirect ?20:07
RzRjmd, ok good20:07
RzRjmd, /lib/ < /lib/
RzRjmd, no ln ?20:08
jmdlib# ln20:09
jmdln: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:09
RzRjmd, cat ?20:09
RzRjmd, mv ?20:10
RzRcp ?20:10
RzRbash ?20:10
RzRi mean what is your shell ?20:11
RzRecho $SHELL20:11
RzRbash has printf20:11
jmdYes.  Its bash20:11
*** jbrianceau_away <jbrianceau_away!uid10952@gateway/web/> has quit IRC20:11
RzR# rzr@lap:tmp/ # [1] # date > input20:12
RzR# rzr@lap:tmp/ # [0] # printf "%s" < input > output20:12
RzRshould be possible to deal with printf20:12
jmddate requires libc20:13
RzRwe dont care of date20:13
RzRthat was an example20:13
*** kimo_ <kimo_!~kimo@> has joined #yocto20:14
*** Siecje <Siecje!> has left #yocto20:14
jmdWhat will printf "%s" < input > output achieve ?20:14
RzRit copy the file but in text20:14
RzRyou want a binary one20:15
jmdWhen I try it on my laptop, it creates an empty file.20:16
jmdwhich is what I would expect.20:16
fisheyjmd: it's really going to be easiest to copy a file in externally (from another system or a recovery environment)20:17
*** alimon1 <alimon1!> has quit IRC20:18
jmdfishey: Yeah I was afraid that was going to be the case.20:18
fisheyyou can mess with pasting hex encoded data (which is the direction I think RzR is headed), but it's probably not worth it.20:18
RzRfishey, this is less fun20:18
*** colrack <colrack!> has joined #yocto20:20
RzRfishey, do you have eval ?20:20
RzRjmd, ^20:20
jmdI think theres a way to open an arbitrary file with read, but I don't remember how.20:21
RzRyou want to read a binary stream right ?20:23
RzRexec 3<binaryfile20:23
RzRread -N1 -u3 char20:23
fraywhile read foo ; do process_foo ; done < /tmp/foo20:25
*** rwoolley <rwoolley!~rwoolley@> has quit IRC20:25
jmdYeah thats the way.20:25
frayyou want to avoid  cat /tmp/foo | while read ....  because in some shells the pipe opens a new subshell, and any variable changes you make may get lost20:25
jmdAnyway, I'm not sure where that gets me.20:26
*** pohly <pohly!> has joined #yocto20:27
pev_Hm, with busybox are there no options for setting mode/uid/gid on mountpoints? That seems like a bit of an omission?!20:31
kergothfray: oh i hate that pipe subshell behavior, so irritating, if understandable. always makes the shell code slightly more complex20:32
* kergoth grumbles at bitbake20:32
*** pidge <pidge!pidge@nat/intel/x-tbgqdzalnsyvonet> has joined #yocto20:36
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*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto20:43
RzRjmd, no chmod ?20:44
RzRjmd, I what thinkgint about serializing busybox-static20:44
RzRbut this is no use for you20:44
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC20:45
*** tmpsantos <tmpsantos!~tmpsantos@> has joined #yocto20:45
*** manuel__ <manuel__!~manuel_@> has quit IRC20:45
jmdI think fishey is probably right, I will have to get it reinstalled by someone who knows how.20:49
RzRgiving up ?20:51
jmdI think I've exhaughsted most avenues.20:51
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel_@> has joined #yocto20:55
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fisheyjmd: on a working box with the libc in question: `hexdump -v --format '1 1 "%02x\n"' | xclip -i`21:06
*** colrack <colrack!> has quit IRC21:06
*** colrack_ <colrack_!> has joined #yocto21:06
fisheyjmd: on the dead one: `while read byte; do printf "\x$byte"; done >/lib/`21:07
fisheyand then paste :)21:07
fisheyand press ctrl-d after pasting.21:07
jmdI'll try it21:07
*** ant__ <ant__!> has joined #yocto21:09
jmdNo idea how to paste binary21:10
fisheyjmd: the first command puts the hex encoded file into the clipboard21:10
fisheyor rather, the primary selection21:11
fisheyyou can tweak the xclip flags to put it in the clipboard if that's more convenient for you21:11
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto21:11
fisheypasting binary won't work because it probably has shell escape sequences in it.21:11
*** kscherer <kscherer!~kscherer@> has quit IRC21:12
fishey[which is why the hex encoding is needed]21:12
*** pidge <pidge!pidge@nat/intel/x-tbgqdzalnsyvonet> has quit IRC21:14
jmdMy hexdump must be different to yours21:15
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has quit IRC21:16
RzRuse od21:16
RzRis the one you want to write21:17
RzRnot /lib/
fisheyAnyone know how a python function can fail without throwing an exception? (bitbake)21:19
jmdthen I'll have to find a way to do chmod21:20
jmdOr maybe I should set umask first21:20
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC21:20
fisheyRzR: `cat /lib/ | head -n1` => '/* GNU ld script'21:20
fisheydepends on the system21:20
fisheyjmd: libc doesn't need to be executable, you're thinking of /lib/
jmdNah I need to do it to some things in bin I think.21:22
fisheyas long as something still has +x, you can `cat < chmod >thing_to_trash` (or some equiv with a shell builtin) and then run `thing_to_trash`21:23
jmdYeah trying that.21:24
jmdI get the error 'Text file busy'21:24
fisheychoose something else as your sacrifice?21:25
jmdSame with all I've found so far21:25
RzRfishey, he said he rm  libc.so21:26
jmdok found one21:26
RzRhe has
fisheyRzR: ah, I missed that21:27
*** tmpsantos <tmpsantos!~tmpsantos@> has quit IRC21:32
*** clsulliv <clsulliv!clsulliv@nat/intel/x-dsmipzygksqapnhh> has quit IRC21:38
RzR#jmd,   while read -n 1 byte ; do printf "%b" "$byte" ; done < /lib/ > /lib/libc.so21:41
RzRunsure it will help21:41
RzRsince is not supposed to be a lib as fishey suggested21:42
RzRelse just replace content21:43
RzRI have one like21:43
RzRGROUP ( /lib64/ /usr/lib64/libc_nonshared.a  AS_NEEDED ( /lib64/ ) )21:43
fisheyRzR: shouldn't be needed except for development21:48
fisheyWhich Is why I assumed he had the runtime one missing21:48
RzRyea rpath use versionned libs21:48
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel_@> has joined #yocto21:48
RzRi suspect he lost more than that21:48
RzRsince he had the
RzRjmd, how did you lost that file ?21:49
*** tmpsantos <tmpsantos!~tmpsantos@> has joined #yocto21:49
RzRfishey, btw i am new to yocto , is there a process to request a package upgrade ?21:49
RzRfishey, would a wish bug help ?21:49
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel_@> has quit IRC21:49
jmdRzR: Simple - I fucked up.21:50
fisheyRzR: sending a patch to the appropriate repo to the appropriate mailing list with the appropriate header is probably the best way :)21:50
RzRok I prefer trackers to mailing list , so I'll may do both21:51
RzRjmd, just like rm /lib/ ?21:52
RzRjmd, or doing crazy other things ?21:52
jmdNo I untared a tarball which overwrote a lot of stuff in /lib21:53
RzRso you probably cant rely on existing files /lib21:54
RzRin ^21:54
RzRforget my suggestions then21:54
jmdBut using your method I have copied some statically linked binaries to /bin21:55
RzRit is just spearding the nightmare :)21:55
jmdmaybe I'll be able to see what it goind on21:55
*** marka <marka!~marka@> has quit IRC21:55
RzRwhich binaries ?21:55
RzRlet me share my static bustybox21:56
*** colrack_ <colrack_!> has quit IRC21:56
RzRthis way you can have a decent shell21:56
jmdOh I have a static bash already21:56
*** colrack <colrack!> has joined #yocto21:56
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*** [Sno] <[Sno]!~Sno]> has joined #yocto22:02
RzRbusy have more command like like netcat22:02
*** colrack <colrack!> has quit IRC22:02
*** colrack <colrack!> has joined #yocto22:02
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jmdI thought I restored my libraries now.22:18
jmdBut anything non statically linked returns:  error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory22:18
jmdI have run ldconfig22:19
jmdWhat else do I need to do?22:19
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