Wednesday, 2014-11-26

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otaviorburton: I am leaving to a work trip and will not be able to test until Thursday00:22
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otaviorburton: so please wait until Thursday before merging it; I want to give it a good test in the two use cases (with and without SPL)00:26
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mckoangood morning08:05
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bluelightningmorning all08:53
bluelightninghi stiandre08:53
stiandrebluelightning: hi08:54
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stiandreAnyone an idea on how to generate a salted password hash for use in the (useradd command)?08:58
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bluelightningstiandre: it's somewhat complicated to do, hence why it supports plain text passwords as well09:25
stiandrebluelightning: i've just found/modified a python script to generate a sha-512 hash with salt09:27
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stiandrebluelightning: but you're saying that I could just provide a clear text password as argument to -p <..>09:30
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stiandrebluelightning_: i just tried that, and it doesn't seem to work..09:32
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bluelightningstiandre: it might be -P rather than -p10:06
bluelightning(an option we have patched in, IIRC)10:06
stiandrebluelightning: thanks, okay, I just tried to find the man for the adduser, but couldn't find the -P options10:06
bluelightningright, it's non-standard10:06
stiandrebluelightning: thank you10:07
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vincent-Hello. I wanted to build a development-xfce-image and remove the gdm package, and also add the slim package. So in my local.conf I have added gdm to PACKAGE_EXCLUDE and slim to IMAGE_INSTALL_append. The problem is when I start bitbake, it says that nothing provides slim.10:32
vincent-And the slim recipe is present at .sources/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-graphics/nonworking/slim/slim_1.3.2.bb10:33
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bluelightningvincent-: it's under a path ("nonworking") that is not matched by BBFILES, which means it isn't actually a recipe that is parsed when that layer is enabled10:52
vincent-Ahhh, damn it.10:52
bluelightningvincent-: odds are the recipe was moved into that directory because it is somehow broken10:52
vincent-bluelightning: anyway, I have changed it to lxdm and now bitbake doesn't complain.10:52
vincent-Actually is not Yocto what I'm using, but I asked some questions in #angstrom and nobody replies, so I came here...10:53
bluelightningvincent-: no worries, it's generally fine to ask angstrom-related questions here as long as they relate to the build system side of things10:54
vincent-Thanks bluelightning :-)10:55
vincent-So, it seems the gdm autologin in Angstrom is broken. At least, it doesn't work for me. It says "Authentication error". Then, I log in using the xuser (previously I set a password for that user, otherwise it doesn't work), and the Gnome desktop I see doesn't have any panel.10:56
bluelightningvincent-: I'm not sure if that's really meant to work with xuser, does it make a difference if you create another user and try that?10:58
vincent-Then I open a gnome-terminal using the launcher (Alt + F2), and I try to start a gnome-panel from there. It's already running. So I kill the current gnome-panel process, and then I try to start it. And it fails with a message like: "Failed to load default panel configuration. panel-default-setup.entries hasn't been installed using gconftool-2 --load ?"10:59
vincent-bluelightning: no, same problem with a new user account.10:59
vincent-I also tried to change the /etc/gdm/custom.conf to use the autologin with different users (just in case it was a problem of root not being able to start a graphical session), but no, the autologin doesn't work at all.11:00
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bluelightningvincent-: hmm ok, I'm not sure what would cause that, but I'm no gdm expert11:01
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vincent-I hope lxdm works :P11:02
bluelightningvincent-: gdm is not a recipe that the yocto project maintains so I'd suggest probably emailing the angstrom or openembedded-devel mailing lists about it if you haven't already (assuming lxdm doesn't work for you)11:02
vincent-What I want is to have graphical autologin. I also tried to autologin in a console (it worked), and then start the graphical session by "startx", but then the board freezes, or at least the keyboard and mouse don't respond.11:03
bluelightningFWIW, we do have login-less X startup with mini-x-session, but that of course doesn't provide all the functionality of a display manager11:05
vincent-I already have a yocto-sato image which is working perfectly. Now I wanted something more complete :-)11:06
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bluelightningfair enough11:10
bluelightningI think it's reasonable to expect this stuff to work11:11
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stiandrebluelightning: I just tried to build my image including adduser recipe, but got the task failed because the useradd command did not succeed, useradd: invalid option -- 'P'11:43
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stiandrebluelightning: The reason may be that I currently use dora and not dizzy (1.7) of poky11:47
stiandrebluelightning: btw, do you know if it's possible to use poky dizzy (with dora version of fsl-community-bsp layers)?11:48
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bluelightningstiandre: ah right, yes I can confirm that functionality was not added until daisy (1.6), it wasn't in dora (1.5)11:50
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bluelightningstiandre: sorry, I don't know, you would have to aks someone familiar with fsl-community-bsp (perhaps the maintainer(s)?)11:51
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stiandrebluelightning, okay, otavio may be the right guy for that question..11:52
stiandrebluelightning: or Richard Purdie.. I can see you were the maintainer of Dylan..11:55
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bluelightningstiandre: it's really a question relating to the bsp layer itself in this case11:55
stiandrebluelightning: yes, of course.. my mistake11:55
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stiandreDoes anyone know if it's possible to use the lastest version of poky (dizzy, 1.7) with dora version of meta-fsl-arm / meta-fsl-arm-extra?14:05
stiandreAre there any dependencies between the poky reference layer and the fsl-community meta layers?14:06
achestbluelightning: that I need to use my own device_tree?  I have the custom machine  ( mx6xxxxx.conf KERNEL_DEVICETREE = "mx6s-xxxxxx.dtb"14:06
achestbluelightning: Where i need to put my device tree? Do i need a recipe for it?14:07
rburtonstiandre: its always best to match versions, backporting where required.  why can you not use the dizzy meta-fsl-arm branch?14:07
achestbluelightning: what else should I do?14:07
stiandrerburton, hi14:07
stiandrerburton: ok, we are working with a product which started out using dora and kernel 3.0.35. We already have custom drivers and board file for our hardware (motherboard), and don't want to migrate/port everything to the new device-tree for now.. but we will do it on a later point14:12
rburtonstiandre: so stick with dora but backport the pieces fro dizzy you want?14:13
stiandrerburton: okay.. my hope was to avoid backporting.. but it seems like we have to stick with dora at the moment..14:16
stiandrerburton: thank you for answering14:17
bluelightningachest: I really don't know much about devicetree I'm afraid14:20
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achestbluelightning: thanks, i have a solution: one  *.patch for my machine. I will try to create new patch file for me-14:45
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achestbluelightning: I want to turn off some Kernel Modules( Module caam is not working on my hardware) and I don't want to use own defconfig  file. Other Layer already uses it. That need i do?  Thanks.14:52
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bluelightningachest: depending on how the kernel recipe you are building is constructed you may be able to use a config fragment14:55
achestbluelightning: Other Layer already uses whole defconfig file...14:56
bluelightningthat in and of itself is not an issue14:56
bluelightningthe fragments would be applied after the defconfig14:56
achestbluelightning: Yes, not a Issue. I undestand. Have you a example recipe for me?14:57
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achestbluelightning: I need the override some settings in defconfig.14:59
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FSCHIHello, I’m doing some kernel development in Yocto 1.7 and I’ve the problem, that my disk space always reaches it’s limits. But when I do a clean or cleansstate or so, then all my changes to the kernel in the tmp dir are always overwritten, as Yocto does a new checkout and patch …. Any suggestions how to save disk space?15:05
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bluelightningFSCHI: you could use rm_work with RM_WORK_EXCLUDE set to exclude your kernel recipe15:06
FSCHIThank you bluelightning. I’ll have a look at it15:09
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stiandrebluelightning: could you tell me where to find the patched version of adduser command in poky?15:17
stiandrebluelightning: the one with option -P15:18
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stiandrebluelightning: sorry, i meant useradd15:19
bluelightningstiandre: this was the commit that added it:
stiandrebluelightning: thank you15:22
stiandrebluelightning: but I can't see anything related to the -P switch of the useradd command?15:24
bluelightningstiandre: oh, sorry, that was the wrong one, one moment15:25
bluelightningstiandre: try this:
stiandrebluelightning: ok..15:25
stiandrebluelightning: thanks15:26
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achestbluelightning: 2.2.3. Changing the Configuration. Do i need to designate my directory "files" or I can use custom name?15:48
bluelightningachest: it can be called "files" or the same name as your recipe with the default setup15:51
bluelightning(with no version/extension that is)15:52
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achestbluelightning: thank you. I wil try to rename it15:59
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moto_I'm using kernel module skeleton, but don't want the module I've built to autoload at boot time... how can I disable this?16:38
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rburtongoddamnit fedora 2122:02
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rburtonCrofton|work: having problems getting the new fedora21 autobuilder slave to actually boot a working qemu22:08
Crofton|workis f21a thing now?22:08
rburtonits still in beta right?22:08
Crofton|workyeah I thought so22:09
rburtonbleeding edge innit22:09
rburtonmuch fun with random build failures22:09
rburton"a bit" annoying, halstead is playing whack-a-mole22:09
Crofton|workI'm sure you are aware all the "Americans" will enter the annual turkey slumber tomorrow22:09
rburtonthis is the week we get work done without those pesky americans insisting on meetings and sending emails22:10
* armpit sounds like a challenge : )22:10
rburtonfeel free to ruin your holiday :)22:12
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armpitwife has already done that.  xmas tree being setup22:14
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rburtonxmas tree already?!22:20
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rburtonarmpit: that 11 patch series you sent earlier was a dizzy branch, right?22:23
rburtonwasn't tagged in the summary as such22:24
rburtonalso i suspect rp would like it more if you included a cover letter with a link to a branch in git to make merging easier22:24
rburtonbut good work on dizzy so far :)22:24
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armpitI thought I did include a cover letter...22:25
rburtoni couldn't see one at least. but also oddly one of the patches was missing [oe-core] in the subject… no idea how that happened!22:26
rburtonmaybe some filtering went a bit crazy somewhere22:26
armpit[OE-core] [PATCH 00/11] Dizzy next #222:26
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armpitmaybe I should drop the #22:26
rburtonarmpit: oh found it, ignore me22:30
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rburtonfor some reason i'd deleted the cover letter22:30
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RParmpit: I merged that iirc22:55
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armpitlooks like it22:56
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