Friday, 2014-11-28

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mckoangood morning08:21
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david_____hello! I just managed to create a image based on core-image-x11, adding gstreamer1.0, plugins-base/good/bad/ugly, libav and plugins-imx using CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL += "gstr...". the image booted fine, but when I run gst-inspect-1.0 it looks like only the base and libav plugins are installed08:54
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david_____the only thing a find / -name "*plugins-good*" found was translation files08:54
david_____any ideas on why some packages are being installed but not others?08:55
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zeckedavid_____: you could look at the log.do_rootfs log to see if they were installed09:02
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david_____it says NOTE: Installing the following packages... to be installed... and lists the correct packages09:21
david_____and .../usr/bin/smart ... install -y ... (right packages)09:22
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eshukhanI need a urgent help. I want to install openssl package without any documentation, as i am facing some issues on ubuntu 14.04 . I got some references but where to do changes ? which file ? ..
mckoaneshukhan: wrong channel09:39
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eshukhanmckoan:  I am facing this issue when i do "bitbake " my tool chain09:43
eshukhanmckoan: I got the solution than i need to run make_install_sw instead of make_install for openssl package, but where i need to do this change. This url give some help. Please help.
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mckoaneshukhan: pastebin your error output09:46
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eshukhanmckoan: Please find the pastebin
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mckoaneshukhan: I don't understand what are you bitbaking there09:49
mckoaneshukhan: what do you mean with "my tool chain"?09:50
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eshukhanmckoan: Actually i moved to ubuntu 14.04 from ubuntu 12.04. Now i am tring to "bitbake fpl-toolchain" which build tool chain for us.09:51
eshukhanmckaon: but facing this issue. Same issue is coming for bitbaking minimal image also.09:52
mckoaneshukhan: from your pastebin is impossible to understand whick package is failing runmake09:54
mckoanpastebin your local.conf09:55
mckoanwhich branch are you using?09:55
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eshukhanmckaon: It is failing for openssl package. Please see this link which talk about the same.
miandonmenmianopkg failed to install due to not enough space, however some package and dependencies are still there, how can i do opkg -remove  ?09:56
miandonmenmiansince the package has not finished installing, there is no -remove to be done09:56
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eshukhanmckoan: Please find pastebin
eshukhanmckoan: It says its packaging openssl10:00
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mcfriskSimple question: how to tell yocto to use a specific version of gcc for host compilation? CC=gcc-4.6 ?10:35
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mckoanmcfrisk: PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc ?10:47
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mcfriskmckoan: I'm compiling poky 1.5.1 on Debian unstable with gcc-4.9, but binutils etc fail to compile, so I need to revert to gcc-4.6 or similar11:29
mcfriskso I need to tell bitbake that CC is gcc-4.6 instead of gcc11:30
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frscHi! I'm using the master branch of meta-qt5 with version set to 5.3.2 and built QtWebEngine for imx6. This worked fine, but I'm getting "eglCreateContext failed with error EGL_BAD_CONTEXT" and afterwards a SEGFAULT when trying to run it. Did someone try this?12:58
frscjturcotte over at #qtwebengine told me, that the 1.0 (5.4.0) branch of QtWebEngine is not working together with Qt 5.3.2. But in the yocto recipe there is a specific commit used and it says, that it was tested with Qt 5.3.213:00
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simonlrburton: fyi, I worked around my problems with do_split_packages by manually prepending each package name manually to the PACKAGES variable. Ugly as all h***, but at least it seems to work.14:07
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mcfriskfrrustration: where is bitbake documented? It can't be that hard to tell bitbake to use gcc-4.6 instead of gcc which default to 4.9 on my system...14:28
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rburtonmcfrisk: set BUILD_CC to gcc-4.614:33
rburton(that's nothing to do with bitbake)14:33
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lpappyeah, that is what my thought was, too, why it would be bitbake.14:33
mcfriskrburton: not working, tried BUILD_CC=gcc-4.6 and HOST_CC=gcc-4.6 too14:34
mcfriskand can't find any documentation for these, sigh14:34
rburtonwhat release?  i fixed native.bbclass to use BUILD_CC like that fairly recently14:35
lpappnot working means it does not pick that up, just the "default"?14:35
mcfriskalso tried CC=gcc-4.6 which of course doesn't work.14:35
rburtonbasically, look at native.bbclass14:35
rburtonoh old school14:35
mcfrisksigh, yes old...14:35
lpappI am even more old school :p14:35
rburtonmcfrisk: to be honest, i'd either put something first in the path, or if /usr/bin/gcc is a symlink change it14:36
rburton1.5.x didn't make it trivial to change the default native compiler14:37
mcfriskok, I can create wrappers then14:37
mcfriskis 1.6 and later supporting BUILD_CC, or HOST_CC somehow?14:37
mcfriskalso interesting for running clang static analysis compiler wrapper or Coverity one14:37
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rburtonmcfrisk: master only, probably.  the relevant fix was ac638b7bd1f4a347f2ebbf4f1f8d8f5f54b5173c (in poky)14:38
rburtonoe-core 9237d18964ff0bf76f5c37fca21ab3974d81d0d214:38
lpappmcfrisk: rburton why don't you backport it to 1.5?14:38
mcfriskrburton: thanks!!! I'll cherry-pick that...14:39
rburtonif someone tests it, fine.14:39
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davlawsonin my deploy folder, as well as the target platform cubox_i there are the folders all, cortexa9hf_vfp_neon and cortexa9hf_vfp_neon_mx6qdl14:45
davlawsonis that normal? some packages are not appearing as installed on the final image14:46
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acidfuI accidentally delete all files in the directory deploy/ ... how to I regenerate the rootfs, kernel and uboot ?16:19
acidfuthank you16:19
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lpappacidfu: bitbake yourimage16:21
acidfuI did it , but he thinks that everything has already been build16:22
acidfuI deleted verything in that directory: deploy/images/dra7xx-evm/16:22
acidfuthe kernel, u-boot, MLO, rootfs16:23
lpapptry -f16:25
acidfuMACHINE=$1 bitbake -f arago-glsdk-console-image16:26
acidfuit still think that everything is up to date16:27
lpappthat is impossible :D16:27
acidfuin the directory deploy/images/dra7xx-evm/ there was a file saying that I shouldn't remove anything manually there16:28
acidfubut accidentally it happened ;)16:28
lpapptry to force some of the last steps in bitbake image -c listtasks16:28
lpappyeah, but a while ago there was no way to clean up there other than manual stuff16:29
lpappthey added that feature lately.16:29
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lpapprburton: are you still around?17:57
lpappI wonder why my linux git repository is cloned again when I thought it would be put into our sstate cache?17:57
lpappit takes me a lot of time to do so ...17:58
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rburtonlpapp: kernel git should be in dl_dir17:58
lpapprburton: INHERIT += "own-mirrors"18:00
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lpappSOURCE_MIRROR_URL = ""18:00
lpappand I uploaded in there.18:00
lpappthis is from our distro conf.18:00
lpappI also uploaded all the sstate cache information to the server18:01
lpappso why would I get the linux git clone again rather than just downloading the uploaded git repository that was already cloned?18:01
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rburtonno idea18:09
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mtetreaultHi, I have an issue with a M25P128 flash memory. In the device tree I set compatible = "st,m25p128" but dmesg return found mr25h256, expected m25p128. Anyone have an idea of what's going on?19:30
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