Friday, 2014-12-05

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chankit1anyone had luck with comping clang recipe in yocto?02:10
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chankit1how do bitbake do_fetch work with checking out svn repository with http prefix?04:05
kergothchankit1: svn:// url, but add ;protocol=http to the end of the url04:14
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chankit1kergoth: will try it out05:28
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chankit1kergoth: now it's complaining about "..missing required parameter 'module'"05:29
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mckoangood morning07:51
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irontiagood morning all09:15
irontiaI've added pkgconfig pc files to my library (automake setup). At the moment i install the file with a do_install_append() function, with this cmd: install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/build/libpsx.pc ${D}${libdir}/pkgconfig/ . It feels wrong, i probably should install the file in the sources make install, no?09:17
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cassidyso I'm still trying to use my SSTATE_MIRRORS. What would be the easiest way to test if it's actually used? Delete my local sstate-cache directory, run a build and check the number of 'Cached Tasks' in toaster?09:36
bluelightningmorning all09:38
bluelightningcassidy: that would be one way yes09:38
cassidybluelightning, is there a way to enable some extra debugging to see cache hit attempts from Yocto or something like that?09:39
bluelightningcassidy: short answer, other than toaster, not really09:47
bluelightningcassidy: you might get something out of -DDD but that spews quite a lot of other debugging output09:47
cassidybluelightning, ok. It's still not that clear to me when the cache is actually used. For example, on a build of 1360 tasks, I only have 5 cache attempts and all of them are "File not in cache"  (and this is before removing my local sstate-cache dir)09:51
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bluelightningcassidy: what does bitbake print at the end of the build for the task summary?10:07
bluelightningcassidy: and what value are you setting for SSTATE_MIRRORS ?10:07
cassidysomething like "NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 3814 tasks of which 3797 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded."  (not the actual number of this specific build). Bitbake doesn't even do a catch attempt for the "no need to rerun" tasks?10:08
cassidySSTATE_MIRRORS ?= "\10:09
cassidywhere contains 0a 0b etc directories10:09
cassidy(the root of the cache dir)10:09
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bluelightningcassidy: it will be doing a cache check for all of the tasks which are marked as being sstate tasks (probably about a third of them)10:13
bluelightningwhether or not it correctly reports that via toaster is a different issue10:13
cassidylooks like my https server isn't in the "URI(s) searched" reported by toaster10:15
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cassidyis file:////mnt/sstate/qemux86hyb/PATH a default thing as well? I don't have any /mnt/sstate10:17
bluelightningdoesn't mean anything to me I'm afraid, but it doesn't sound right10:17
bluelightningit's probably worth noting that there is a small amount of guesswork as far as what toaster captures for sstate reuse, it doesn't directly connect to the part of the build system that does the cache fetching for all of it10:18
bluelightningso if it's reporting strange things it's more likely that the data collection is incorrect than the cache is not functioning (at the moment, anyway)10:19
cassidyI'm trying with SSTATE_MIRRORS commented out to see if this URL is still reported10:20
belencassidy: let us know what comes out. I can file a bug if Toaster is reporting the wrong thing10:20
cassidyis still there even without SSTATE_MIRRORS, so it's not confusing it10:23
cassidyso I guess there are 2 questions here a) why do we have this URI? b) why isn't it trying my mirror10:23
belencassidy: which version are you using? 1.6 or 1.7?10:24
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cassidybelen, where can I see that? (not my setup)10:26
bluelightningcassidy: was it fetched from git? if so what branch are you on?10:27
cassidyit's been branched at some point I think, HEAD is 8e386a710023e000a504e05c13da0106df0c7f3a if that helps10:28
bluelightningcassidy: also, can you run bitbake -e | less and then search for SSTATE_MIRRORS and see if somewhere else is setting SSTATE_MIRRORS ?10:29
cassidyahah !10:29
cassidySSTATE_MIRRORS=" file://.* file:////mnt/sstate/qemux86hyb/PATH \n "10:29
cassidyit's starting to make some sense :)10:30
cassidylet's see where this come from10:31
bluelightningthe history reported by bitbake -e should report that10:32
cassidyso I have a custom specific file doing a -SSTATE_MIRRORS += "\10:38
cassidy-file://.* file:////mnt/sstate/${MACHINE}/PATH \n \10:38
cassidyremoving this line seems to not override my mirror anymore, running a build now to test with it10:39
cassidyshouldn't I use a += instead of ?= in my local.conf instead? (so I won't have to modify this file)10:39
cassidyah I see setscene tasks now !10:41
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bluelightningcassidy: ?= sets if it isn't already set, so if it's already set that statement won't do anything10:43
bluelightningcassidy: so += (or =+) would work better here, yes10:44
cassidyI see lots of "ERROR: QA Issue: Package version for package ldd went backwards which would break package feeds from (0:2.19-r0.3 to 0:2.19-r0.1)"  I guess that's because I ran more build on my local machines than on my build slaves, right?10:45
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bluelightningcassidy: sounds like you are using a different PR server or a different PR server database resulting in the PR increments (the .x in the version) being reset10:56
bluelightningyou can ignore the errors if you don't care about version upgrades on the target from the previous versions (at this exact moment, anyway)10:57
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cassidybluelightning, belen: cool, looks like my cache is finally used now ! Thanks a lot, you've been very helpful :)11:03
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bluelightningcassidy: no worries :)11:07
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cassidyis removing the tmp, cache and sstate-cache dirs a safe and good way to start a clean build from scratch?11:18
bluelightningcassidy: yes11:20
bluelightningthough note that if you have your mirrors set up it will fetch from those, that may or may not be what you want11:20
cassidyyeah that's what I want, see how much this mirror speed up things (or not)11:20
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mcfriskhow to clear sstate cache for a single package? I have a build error with binutils native which seems to depend on compiler version on host but this oddly goes away by second or third compilation attempt..12:06
bluelightningmcfrisk: bitbake -c cleansstate <recipename>12:06
mcfriskbluelightning: thanks!12:08
bluelightningmcfrisk: what was the error?12:08
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mcfrisksome undefined macro/variable thingy with gcc 4.9, doesn't happen with gcc 4.612:09
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mcfriskbut build isn't breaking every time, which is odd..12:09
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bluelightningmcfrisk: hmm, ok... I've not seen that one before, I was wondering if it was another issue I had seen very occasionally12:13
mcfriskand after sstateclean got a successful build, sigh...12:13
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jaeckelis there a way to create a recipe that creates a package from source code that is located in a folder on the machine?12:24
jaeckelI thought about using one git repository for package and recipe/layer12:25
jaeckelor is this probably a stupid idea? ;)12:26
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frscjaeckel: Maybe you can use the first example here as reference:
jaeckelfrsc: yeah I tried that, both with relative and absolute paths to my source code, but I arrived not yet to get it to fetch the files12:36
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soderstromjaeckel: What is your SRC_URI, LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM variables? Also can you post your <arch>/<recipe name>/<software version>/temp/log.do_fetch log? Or just look in it and see what it is saying.12:43
jaeckelSRC_URI = "file://path/to/src/*"12:46
jaeckelLIC* are from the example12:46
jaeckeland the log.do_fetch does not complain that something went wrong12:46
soderstromjaeckel: if you are using the checksum from the example and not one generated from a file in the package it is very unlike for these to match ;)12:48
jaeckelLIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://${COMMON_LICENSE_DIR}/MIT;md5=0835ade698e0bcf8506ecda2f7b4f302"12:49
jaeckelI think that's probably just a bad idea to have one folder with the source code and parallel to that one folder with the layer12:51
jaeckeleither I should put the source code in the layer or clearly separate them12:53
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soderstromjaeckel: Actually the location of the source shouldn't matter that much (it can be a local file/dir,tar-file or external ftp,svn,git location). The source will be extracted to the S-variable location in the unpack task.13:00
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jaeckelokay, got it13:08
jaeckelthanks for your help13:08
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soderstromjaeckel: No problem, I'm only starting out with Yocto myself, hope to see you around :) Maybe you will help me next time ;)13:10
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manuel__heya, is there a way to pass PR and PV down to the built program, so that i can set version and revision strings in the program itself?13:17
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manuel__i guess EXTRA_OEMAKE is what i am looking for, also i use QMAKE13:22
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soderstrommanuel__: I haven't used qmake that much but I'm unsure if the EXTRA_OEMAKE will be passing anything to the qmake. Specially since there are variables name EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_POST and EXTRA_QMAKEVARS_PRE. So my guess is that you want one of those..13:28
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manuel__yap, can pass stuff down13:34
manuel__thanks you13:34
soderstrommanuel__: Your welcome :)13:35
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soderstromSometimes I just love my english.. Ofc it should be "you are" or "you're" welcome ^^. Anyways have a great day!13:37
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manuel__soderstrom: works perfectly, thank you13:39
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bluelightningmcfrisk: which host distro are you building on?13:53
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mcfriskbluelightning: debian unstable13:58
bluelightninghmm, ok13:58
bluelightningit's odd that you would get this kind of error intermittently13:59
mcfriskyep, but this is in 1.5.3 yocto, 1.6 seems better so... sigh, I wish we could move to the later releases but...14:00
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bluelightningah right... hmm14:02
bluelightningwell at least you were able to get past this one14:02
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mcfriskyes, and I have fingers on cherry-pick button to take the BUILD_CC fixes in and force builds to gcc-4.6, but then the problem just goes away..14:03
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