Monday, 2014-12-08

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chankit1anybody has built clang+llvm before?01:44
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TypoNAManybody know how I can fix these build errors?  build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/util-linux-native/2.24.1-r0/util-linux-2.24.1/sys-utils/unshare.c:151: error: 'MS_PRIVATE' undeclared  build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/util-linux-native/2.24.1-r0/util-linux-2.24.1/sys-utils/unshare.c:151: error: 'MS_REC' undeclared02:27
chankit1TypoNAM: what version of yocto are you using?02:29
chankit1BTW is destsuffix parameter applicable to SRC_URI for svn checkouts?02:30
TypoNAMbuild info
TypoNAMso I think it's yocto 1.6.202:32
chankit1TypoNAM: did you customize the recipe or you just used the default one? if it's the latter try bitbake -c clean util-linux and try again?02:56
TypoNAMchankit1: I've only followed directions for building a custom image for a gateworks board and ran into the error on my first try, the tutorial is:
TypoNAMso I didn't change the recipe myself, however the instructions do call for retrieving them from a gateworks github repository, so they might have changed it from what yocto vanilla provides.03:00
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TypoNAMlooks like openwrt might have some fixes for my problem:
TypoNAMcause I'm lazy and don't know how to append my own .patch file to bitbake, went with this cheap hack  except I inserted the macros into unshare.c  ;)03:08
chankit1did it work?03:09
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TypoNAMchankit1: happy to report that's the only problem I ran into building a .ubi image for my board and it boots and seems to be working fine ;)04:56
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chankit1TypoNAM: Glad to hear that :-)05:32
chankit1anyone has bitbaked clang+llvm for yocto?05:41
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bluelightningmorning all08:38
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bluelightninghi soderstrom08:47
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soderstromhi bluelightning, how are you today? :)09:10
bluelightningsoderstrom: not too bad thanks, and you?09:10
soderstromblueligtning: Not bad at all, got some free time at work so can actually do something interesting for once (in my case this is to learn more about yocto) ^^09:11
lpappgood morning09:14
bluelightningsoderstrom: great :)09:15
bluelightninglpapp: morning09:15
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soderstromlpapp: morning09:30
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sodahi folks!14:37
sodaI'm interested how can I add builded package to ipk repository14:37
sodathe package is compiled and I have an ipk file, but I dont know hot to include it in Packages.gz file, which will go to remote repository folder14:38
sodaI believe that bitbake has certain recipe for this but I cant find one...14:39
ndecsoda: it's package-index recipe that creates that file14:42
sodandec: many thanks, you've saved my day :)14:44
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wotteHi folks - I'm trying to burn an image generated from yocto to a CF card.  I've gotten to the point where I'm building for genericx86, and getting a hddimg generated by bitbake.  The hddimg, however is very small and doesn't appear to contain the root filesystem and kernel image.  Is there something I'm missing?16:01
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bluelightningwotte: it should, that sounds like something has gone wrong16:15
wottebluelightning:  That's what I assume.  Probably has something to do with the fact that I'm trying to use btrfs as my filesystem, seems like quite a bit of the infrastructure has assumptions about ext3 baked in16:16
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bluelightningwotte: possibly, I'm not sure16:16
bluelightningin any case if that were the issue it ought to be erroring out with a reasonable error, so I think you've probably hit some kind of bug16:17
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RPkergoth: around?16:49
RPkergoth: wondering if you can spot a way to reproduce
yoctiBug 6949: normal, Medium+, 1.8 M2, richard.purdie, NEW , Hanging (endless looping) after receivin SIGTERM after one package failed16:52
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tomprinceHas anybody used yocto to build minimal base images for docker?17:41
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fisheyIs there a nice way to add newlines in a bitbake variable? I'm considering just passing it to printf so '\n' gets replaced.20:29
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