Friday, 2014-12-12

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vmesonfishey: oe-core.git $ head meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-dev.bb03:33
vmeson# This recipe tracks the linux-yocto-dev repository as its upstream source.03:33
vmeson^^^ seems to be what you're looking for but I don't work on the kernel recently at least.03:33
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silviofHi, In which package can I find the qt modules "QtQuick.Layouts" and "QtQuick.Controls"?08:52
ramose__Can any one please point me out how tmp/deploy/images directory comes from?08:53
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silviofsilviof: You have to add an >>PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtbase = " accessibility "<< to your configuration.10:15
silviofsilviof: thx10:15
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ramose__ u-boot not found in the base feeds  ,getting this error while bitbake minimal image,can any one tell me what is the reason?10:27
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stiandreHi, anyone having experience using yocto + eclipse plug-in for "Build system derived toolchain"? I would be pleased to have some assistance:)10:35
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ramose__ u-boot not found in the base feeds  ,getting this error while bitbake minimal image,can any one tell me what is the reason?12:24
JustasMikaramose_ : did u prepare card correctly with 2 partitions?12:25
ramose__JustasMika:Sorry didn't get you,I was bitbake minimal image and getting this error12:28
JustasMikaaa while trying :) sorry, misread :) are u using stardard setup from yocto or adding your layers?12:29
ramose__JustaMIka:I have added my own layer12:30
JustasMikawhat layer consists of? kernel? uboot?12:31
JustasMikatry to check your recipes then of uboot,what is layer u are adding called?12:33
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ramose__JustasMika:Do you want me to ckeck u-boot recipe file?12:38
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JustasMikatry :) its not easy. what is the layer?12:40
ramose__JustasMika: I Just checked the error logs :NOTE: Installing the following packages: u-boot udev-extraconf run-postinsts packagegroup-core-boot12:45
ramose__ERROR: u-boot not found in the base feeds12:46
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stiandreHi, anyone having experience using yocto + eclipse plug-in for "Build system derived toolchain"? I would be pleased to have some assistance:)13:01
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AndersDramose__, have u-boot actually been built?13:14
ramose__AnderD: Yes,its been built13:15
ramose__AndersD:  I can see u-boot.bin /tmp/deploy/images folder.13:17
AndersDDo you have u-boot in your IMAGE_INSTALL?13:18
ramose__AndersD: IMAGE_INSTALL of local.conf?13:19
AndersDThere or in your image recipe... Another question, do you find a u-boot package under tmp/deploy/<packageformat>/<machine>?13:20
bluelightningshould there even be one? after all, the main output of u-boot is the bootloader binary - is there an actual u-boot package to go into the image as well?13:22
AndersDThat's correct; that's why I'm wondering if he has u-boot in IMAGE_INSTALL... If he has, he might have some reason, but quite likely no package has been generated.13:24
AndersDThough, the default seems to be to actually create such a package, and install u-boot under /boot. Though, I've never used that package myself...13:26
bluelightningI guess I've not (knowingly) made use of that either13:30
ramose__AndersD : Sorry for delayed response,I have IMAGE_INSTALL in my image recipe file13:30
bluelightningthe next question is is that supported/working in all of the various u-boot recipes we have floating around in different layers?13:31
ramose__AndersD: Also I have u-boot package under tmp/deploy/rpm/<machine>13:33
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AndersDramose__, hm, if you have the an u-boot rpm there, it ought to be found. What's the name of that package?13:40
AndersDAnd also, just as bluelightning is asking, do you have a use-case for having u-boot in IMAGE_INSTALL?13:41
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ramose__AndersD: This image recipe alredy has IMAGE_INSTALL defined when I started working on it and add a new machine in conf/machine/machine.conf,so I have to go with it :)13:44
ramose__*added a new machine in conf/machine/machine.conf,so I have to go with it :)13:44
AndersDBut does it have u-boot in the IMAGE_INSTALL?13:45
AndersDIs it a public machine and image? If so, which layer?13:47
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ramose__its this layer.13:54
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_valle_Is it possible to use files from a meta-layer in a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND?13:56
_valle_The files should not be transfered to the rootfs but I want to use them to create a package13:56
AndersDWell, for one thing, it looks like it does create an empty u-boot-package, that could explain your issue. Which image is it that add u-boot to IMAGE_INSTALL?13:56
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ramose__AndersD; Image is not public actually14:21
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ramose__AndersD:sorry ,this is the image recipe ""14:24
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AndersDOk. Though, using meta-fsl-ppc and assuming that you're using u-boot from that layer, did you actually have a u-boot-rpm in tmp/deploy/rpm/<machine>...? I just verified that it should work using standard poky and a beaglebone machine.14:26
AndersDSo if you have a real package it ought to work. Though, I can't really see what files should have been installed in that package though.14:27
ramose__AndersD : But I'm getting this error while bitbake fsl-image-minimal14:29
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AndersDThe u-boot binary et al gets packaged in u-boot-images. though I don't know why you want u-boot binaries installed in the image.14:29
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ramose__AndersD: if I remove u-boot then I get error on " packagegroup-core-boot" not found in the base feeds14:30
AndersDYes, the problem is that when you're bitbake fsl-image-minimal, bitbake can't find the u-boot rpm...14:30
ramose__AndersD: but what is workaround ,shall I call image_install in local.conf14:31
AndersDAh, that a bigger issue. Previously we, well I, thought that it was a u-boot problem.14:32
AndersDThe question goes again, do you have packagegroup-core-boot-*.rpm in tmp/deploy/rpm/<machine>?14:35
AndersDIf you have, it's almost time for a fresh rebuild...14:35
ramose__let me check but I have u-boot rpm in respected folder14:35
diego_rsgw_: hi. Would you be able to backport to dizzy?14:36
AndersDThough, what are the complete names of the u-boot rpm's? Could you paste them to pastebin?14:37
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ramose__AndersD : Its the name of "packagegroup-core-boot-1.0-r17.machinename.rpm "14:41
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ramose__AndersD: its name for "u-boot-2014.01+fslgit-r0.machinename.rpm" for u-boot14:43
ramose__AnderD: Names look oK to me as I checked with older machines that has  already supported14:46
AndersDThen I'd guess that bitbakeing core-image-minimal also fails (just to doublecheck)14:47
AndersDYes, they seems pretty OK to me. What's your machine name?14:47
AndersDJust to check if you've got something in the machine name that could break something14:48
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TuTizzhi all, I trying to cross compile a program with qtmobility and systeminfo. I succeed my build with LIBS+=/home/kapt/Linux/sources/poky/build/tmp-eglibc/sysroots/q7imx6kpack/usr/lib -lQtSystemInfoE, but not sure this is realy yocto compliant, which path shoud I use instead?14:50
ramose__AndersD: should it be the same with as defined in MACHINE ?? of local.conf?14:50
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AndersDramose__, Yes, that's the variable used to keep track of machine. I'm thinking about - and _ et.14:51
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ramose__AndersD:It actually is different and differnce lies in case sensitiveness14:56
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AndersDAh, that could very well explain it. (Not that I'm an expert on that part).14:59
ramose__AndersD: Let me just test to see if you really hit the bulls eye :)15:00
AndersDEven though it likely take you some time, I'd suggest replacing all the capital letters and re-run the test.15:01
AndersDI do think that you actually hit the bulls eye!15:01
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ramose__AndersD:oK,thanks for your time,will Let you know the result :)15:04
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ramose__AndersD:Thanks again,it worked well .15:41
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weeb0in a recipe, if I use : SRC_URI = "file://test.tar.gz", by default file:// point to a "files" subdir. If I want to use another subdir name (like ${PN}-${PV} subdirectory name) how can I achieve that ?16:04
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gabrbeddweeb0: it also searches ${BPN}-${PV} by default...
gabrbeddweeb0: But to extend the search path you use FILESEXTRAPATHS_append (or _prepend):
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weeb0gabrbedd: Thank you a lot !!!16:40
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gabrbeddSuppose I'm building for a product that can't have any GPLv3 stuff on it.17:22
gabrbeddThe obvious way is to do INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3 GPLv3+ LGPLv3 LGPLv3+ AGPLv3 AGPLv3+" in the distro's conf.17:22
gabrbeddBut then, we can't build a "developer build" -- which is OK to have GPLv3 stuff.17:22
gabrbeddIf I split it to a separate distro... then we're developing with different versions of software than we are shipping on the product.17:23
gabrbeddAny recommendations for how to handle this?17:23
paulbarkergabrbedd: What do you need in the developer build which is GPLv3?17:25
gabrbeddpaulbarker: for example, gdb17:25
paulbarkeryou could possibly try setting INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_pn-gdb = ""17:26
paulbarkerThat should change INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE just for gdb and nothing else17:28
gabrbeddpaulbarker: in the distro conf file?17:28
paulbarkerdistro conf or local.conf should be fine17:29
gabrbeddpaulbarker: one reason for _not_ doing that... it could accidentally end up in the product image.17:29
gabrbeddHmm... or I could add the override to the images that need it.17:29
paulbarkerThe override needs to apply when the gdb recipe is read so you can't put it in an image file17:29
paulbarkeryou could create a dummy recipe, set "CONFLICTS = gdb" in that and install it in the customer image but not the developer image17:30
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paulbarkerThat should trigger an error if gdb somehow got pulled into the customer image17:31
gabrbeddpaulbarker: let me see if I understand.... in the distro conf I set INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3...", and also set INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_gdb = "".17:32
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paulbarkerI think the syntax is _pn-gdb not _gdb17:33
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gabrbeddpaulbarker: Then create a special "poison" package that declares a CONFLICTS with things lik gdb.17:33
gabrbeddpaulbarker: what is "_pn" ?17:33
paulbarkerAnd you may need to set INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE using ?= so it can be overridden17:34
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paulbarkerIt's a prefix, think it means 'package name'17:34
paulbarkerAlso see PACKAGE_EXCLUDE in
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cubicoolHey guys! My foo.hdimg file (which is generated by my custom bitbake file): when I run it in qemu, fdsik can't recognize the partitions it creates. Has anyone seen this?17:40
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cubicoolThere's a screenshot of the output.17:58
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fisheyvmeson: thanks for the pointer to linux-yocto-dev.19:51
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stiandre_Hi.. I'm strugling with Eclipse + plug-in (Build system derived toolchain).. I am trying to build/run the hello world autotools example project, but get the following errors when reconfiguring my project: Missing PROG arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-dlltool, Missing PROG arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-mt, Missing PROG dlltool..20:32
stiandre_...appreciate any help ;)20:36
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vmesonfishey: I'm glad it helped.21:20
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