Monday, 2015-01-19

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hippieha`anyone have a kernel recipe pointing 3.19-rc4 or later?04:51
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hippiehacker looks like it has 3.19-rc504:52
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bluelightningmorning all09:30
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LetoThe2ndhowdy! i'Ve got a package where i need to debug the configure step. so my thought was to use externalsrc, and being able to retry as often as i need to10:20
LetoThe2ndbut i looks like it gets cached somehow. any pointers on how to have bitbake -c configure just starting cleanly over each time?10:21
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: do_configure gets stamped as normal when you use externalsrc - you can use -c configure -f (or -C configure) to force it however10:26
bluelightningif you really want you can set do_configure[nostamp] = "1" in your recipe / a bbappend to have it always run10:27
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: hm ok. and i have INHERIT += "externalsrc" as well as EXTERNALSRC_mypackage = "/my/path" in local.conf, right?10:28
bluelightningEXTERNALSRC_pn-<recipename> yes10:29
bluelightningthe override to apply only for a specific recipe (PN, to be precise) is _pn-<PN> e.g. EXTERNALSRC_pn-gettext = "/path/to/srctree" if the PN of the recipe you want to apply it to is gettext10:31
bluelightningthat works for any variable10:32
LetoThe2ndi see, did that change recently?10:32
bluelightningno, we've had that for a very long time10:33
LetoThe2ndhm. my package is name libfoobar for example. so verbose, it really shuold be 'EXTERNALSRC_pn-libfoobar', not 'EXTERNALSRC_libfoobar', right?10:33
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LetoThe2ndseems this does the trick, thanks. :)10:34
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LetoThe2ndso deciding to postpone it until monday #yocto office time was the correct choice yesterday 6am instead of wasting more time ;)10:36
bluelightningI am occasionally on over the weekend, but not always paying attention10:47
LetoThe2ndi would want anybody spending his sundays over my $orkplace problems. its enough if i do.10:49
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LetoThe2ndhm. "This autoconf log indicates errors, it looked at host include and/or library paths while determining system capabilities."11:04
LetoThe2ndis there some possibility to find out *what* exactly triggered the message?11:04
LetoThe2ndthe configure step did work fine just a moment ago from externalsrc11:04
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: see config.log, look for "unsafe for cross-compilation"11:14
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: the only thing i see is configure: WARNING: using cross tools not prefixed with host triplet11:20
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: is that in log.do_configure or config.log?11:20
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: log.do_configure11:21
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: right, when checking for that error the QA check is looking at config.log, so you'll need to look there11:22
LetoThe2ndah gotcha11:22
bluelightningwe really ought to just re-print the error text11:22
LetoThe2nddang, exactly what i feared. the libboost detection i use seems to be b0rk3d11:24
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mario-goulartHi bluelightning.  Do you happen to know what the registry fields in mean?12:11
bluelightningmario-goulart: registry?12:12
mario-goulartrecords, sorry.12:12
mario-goulartbluelightning: I mean, what's "id" in that context?12:13
bluelightningmario-goulart: id is just the id of the layer dependency record, it's not particularly useful outside of the database12:13
mario-goulartbluelightning: oh, I see.  I think I get it now.  Thanks.12:14
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bluelightninglayerbranch is a pointer to the layerbranch record for which the dependency is recorded, but dependency is a pointer to the layer that it depends upon (note that branch-specific and non-branch-specific data is kept in separate tables)12:15
bluelightningmario-goulart: you may find this useful as a reference for the database structure:
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mario-goulartCool.  Thanks.12:16
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mcfriskHi, could different compiling hosts be able to share sstate cache? Noticed that my Debian unstable one wasn't used by an Ubuntu container based build.12:41
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bachp_Hi, is somebody using OpenEmbedded with busybox init instead of sysvinit/systemd?13:26
bachp_I could not find any information about this in the docs13:27
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LetoThe2ndis there a recommended way to copy with packages that use autoconf, but not automake? e.g. that ship with a
LetoThe2ndand it seems to have issues with inherit autotools15:39
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bachp_LetoThe2nd: Did you try autotools-brokensep instead?15:52
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LetoThe2ndbachp_: hehe. actually i did, but externalsrc bit me. just the very same moment you asked me, i retried in the proper way ;)15:54
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LetoThe2ndbachp_: compiles now, just needs fixing the install stage. hooray!15:57
bachp_Glad to hear it's working16:06
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maxinHi, can someone please explain the use of KFEATURE_COMPATIBILITY in .scc files ?17:18
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zeddiiit's documentation. some external tools use it to decide if optional fragments are presented to users as valid.17:21
maxinzeddii: ok, thanks ..17:25
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trip0hi.  is there an edison layer ?18:18
trip0I want to try to build meta-tizen for the edison18:18
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Sid_H__I think there are meta-edison* layers that you can download from Intel's Edison software site.18:34
Sid_H__Not sure if there is any caveats. Haven't used it.18:34
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* Crofton|work grumbles18:40
Crofton|workERROR: Task do_configure in /home/balister/src/oe-core/oe-core/meta/recipes-kernel/lttng/ depends upon non-existent task do_shared_workdir in /home/balister/src/oe-core/oe-core/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-dummy.bb18:40
Crofton|workzeddii, any ideas?18:40
*** trip0 <trip0!~tripzero@> has joined #yocto18:42
trip0yay for random log-outs18:42
ulf`trip0: 10:33 < Sid_H__> I think there are meta-edison* layers that you can download from Intel's Edison software site.18:43
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto18:43
ulf`10:33 < Sid_H__> Not sure if there is any caveats. Haven't used it.18:43
zeddiiCrofton|work. aha. yah, you'd be the first person that linux-dummy was used and it doesn't have our new routine. I can add it to linux-dummy, but obviously that lttng-module build wouldn't work afterwards anyway.18:44
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trip0thx, ulf`18:44
trip0and thx Sid_H__18:45
Crofton|workI don't really care, just need something to boot on another kernel18:45
zeddiilttng modules shouldn't be building at all. if it was before, and against linux-dummy .. something odd is going on.18:46
zeddiiand in your build, you don't have a kernel defined. like you mentioned. it is from somewhere else, right ?18:48
Crofton|workI copy from an older build18:49
Crofton|workhaven't made it build with new gcc18:49
Crofton|workold kernel, new gcc issue I never solved18:49
zeddiigotcha. the dummy kernel should have that task .. or the kernel.bbclass needs a fallback .. but whatever garbles out of lttng modules would fail anyway.18:51
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Crofton|workwell I use tools-profile, so it gets sucked in18:52
trip0wait a minute... "Edison" happens to also be the name of a yacto release (v 1.1).18:53
trip0that's not what I want.18:53
Crofton|workzeddii, with any luck a dizzy build will work and solve my actual problem18:54
Crofton|workjsut ran a test against master and found the issue there18:54
zeddiik. but I'm adding the default ask now as well.18:54
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Crofton|workTizen is "Yocto-enabled"19:12
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hugovswhat's the easiest/best way to disable netfilter? i see that even tiny configurations includes ip_nf.scc, so i would have to explicit disable it in a config fragment. is there any other way to do it?20:12
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hippiehackertrip0: regarding the edison bsp layers
hippiehackertrip0: this email has links directly to the Edison BSP tarball and an import of it's contents and patches to linux-yocto-3.10
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trip0hippiehacker: cool.  thx21:30
trip0hippiehacker: so the merger has not happened yet?21:31
hippiehackerI haven't heard anything from Intel yet, though I'm hoping I'll hear something soon:
hippiehacker"Hello @hippiehacker, Please post all your feedback and concerns about the Edison BSP in this thread. We will get in contact with the team in charge of the Edison BSP and we will inform them about your concerns. Intel_Peter."21:33
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hippiehackerAnyone building a BSP against 3.19 yet? I'm really wanting some features out of it (Edison is currently on 3.10.17)21:34
hippiehackerI want to create a usb gadget that looks like a keyboard (hid), ethernet (rndis), and disk (mass_storage), and be able to swap out what is exported via mass_storage without killing rndis or the keyboard.21:36
* ulf` tries to find out who intel_peter is21:36
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ulf`warthog9: Do you know who intel_peter is?21:37
hippiehackerSo you could plug the edison into a computer, power it on, and the edison (via usb keyboard/hid) would select from the bios to boot from usb disk, which might contain ipxe, which can boot from usb rndis21:37
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warthog9ulf`: looking21:39
warthog9ulf`: no idea21:39
ulf`hippiehacker: I can't even register on that site. It doesn't like my captcha responses in Chrome :)21:42
ulf`Doesn't seem to work in either browser21:48
* ulf` emails them21:48
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ulf`Hi dvhart21:50
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