Wednesday, 2015-01-21

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* mranostay spies a dvhart with his sunglasssses00:38
dvhartmifraine medicine00:42
dvhartmigraine even00:42
mranostaydvhart: i was wondering why exactly00:43
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hamisHDMI audio is not working with BBB core-image-sato06:06
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mranostaydid HDMI audio ever work on the BB?07:08
mranostaythat is extra license cost iirc07:09
mranostay*bbb gah07:09
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givemefive911Only CEA resolutions support audio as defined by the HDMI Specification.
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bluelightningmorning all08:30
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LetoThe2ndbut can see libcrypto1.0.0_1.0.1jsomething in the package deploy dir10:43
LetoThe2ndso how to properly depend on it?10:43
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: my openssl here builds a libcrypto package10:50
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: it's a shared library, so if your application links to it, it will get a runtime dependency on the libcrypto package automatically10:50
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: ah so it RDEPENDS?10:50
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: an RDEPENDS will be added during packaging yes10:51
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: you just need to make sure openssl is a build time dependency i.e. you do need an explicit openssl in DEPENDS10:51
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: hm. still somethings weird here. maybe openssl needs some added flags when being built then.10:51
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: but i see then, thanks for your input!10:52
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: first place to look would be the configure script and the packages-split directory10:52
bluelightningfor openssl itself10:52
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: no, its more like the linker complains about some md5 stuff not being found. probably its something $coworker relied on in libcrypto, but not being enabled by default in poky.10:53
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: I'm assuming it's not something silly like missing -lcrypto ?11:03
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rburtonhm is paul barker around?11:10
* rburton can't recall his nick11:10
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LetoThe2ndbluelightning: hehe no, certainly not :)12:07
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ipuustinDoes Yocto have support for non-manual system upgrades?14:14
ipuustinI mean tooling for reflashing the image, something like openwrt does it. :-)14:14
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bluelightningwe don't have anything out of the box, but there have been some efforts to build something on top14:18
dguthrieI have a recipe which I make do_compile[nostamp] = "1". When I execute the following the compile is always executed, bitbake -c compile myrecipe. However when I execute just bitbake myrecipe, the compile is not executed. Is there a way of forcing a task always to be rebuilt14:19
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LetoThe2ndipuustin: you can have a look at meta-swupdate by stefano babic, for example14:25
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bluelightningdguthrie: I think that's something we only recently fixed in bitbake14:28
bluelightningdguthrie: here's the patch that fixed it:
dguthriebluelightning: Thanks for patch.14:28
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bluelightningLetoThe2nd: ipuustin: ah yes that's what I was just trying to remember the name of - repo is here:
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grmahi, someone seen a .bb build file for ?15:43
JaMagrma: yes it was in meta-oe, now it's replaced by json-c15:45
JaMaand json-c was backward compatible until last upgrade in oe-core, so still better to downgrade json-c than re-introduce libjson15:46
grmaok, thx15:46
grmathe bad thing, the customer wants libjson lib :(15:48
JaMajson-c produces libjson lib :)15:52
grmayup, i have seen this and think about how to do it the correct way ...15:54
grmaJaMa: Are you the maintainer of meta-qt5 ?15:55
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bachpHello, does sombody know what is the recommended method to handle PR increases in .bbappend files since PRINC is deprecated?16:02
kergothlet the pr server increment it as needed, manual bumps aren't needed16:02
bachpWhat if pr server isn't used?16:03
kergoththen it won't be updated. which won't affect your builds at all, bitbake still knows what to rebuild when, it's just the binary packages that'd be affected16:04
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bachpOk so if we want to use binary packages a central PR server is mandatory?16:05
bachpBecause we have builds running on different machines16:05
kergothit's not mandatory, it depends on your needs and priorities. if you want package upgrades to work reliably, then yeah, i think a central PR server is about the only option16:06
bachpOk thanks for clarifying16:06
JaMagrma: yes16:08
bachpJust for my understanding all servers that contribute to the same package repository must need the same PR server to work reliably? But an sstate cache can be shared even if each machine has its own PR server?16:08
grmaJaMa: great job, what you and all others do here...16:08
JaMagrma: thanks16:09
JaMabachp: yes16:09
fraybackp, correct..  which is why you use a shared PR server if multiple machines are contributing to the same sstate-cache16:09
frayif you don't care about on-target upgrade or "PR" numbers, then you can skip that..  but any time you want to be able to move from one build of a package to the next.. (i.e. not always regenerating the filesystem image) you need the PR server16:10
JaMabachp: EXTENDAUTOPR isn't part of sstate signatures, so you can share the same sstate archive even when it's packaged with different package version16:10
frayyup.. the only piecce that gets loaded into it is the package bit, since the updated 'PR' is stored in there..16:10
frayso if the PR numbers are mismatched between systems you'll likely have to repackage everything (or worse case, you'll end up with package extracted that don't match the expected PR in the control files)16:11
bachpI tried once sharing an sstate-cache but i got some QA issue telling the PR went backward16:11
fraythat would be the PR server bit16:11
fraythere is documentation on setting up a shared PR server. only downside is that it's a single point of failure (and if you never "quit" the PR server, it never writes it's DB... at least not in older versions, that might be resolved now)16:12
bachpThe single point of failure was one of the reasons I wanted to avoid it16:13
frayif you can come up with a read-only PR server.. then you can seed your builders with PR data from the original instance..16:14
frayit might even be possible to generate the PR server data from the sstate-cache contents and use that to seed it.. but as soon as you start writing to a shared location then you need something to coordinate, and thats the shared PR server16:14
bachpWhat do you mean by original instance?16:15
frayoriginal design for the PR server (not implemented) was a DNS like approach.. where you could have multiple places for authoritative data.. but there are still failure points..16:15
frayyou'd then locate your PR server with the associated data at those locations.16:15
frayif you have a master builder.. that master builder can have it's local PR server and build and populate teh sstate-cache..16:15
fraythat PR data and sstate-cache can be shared read-only to users/developers to boost their build times..16:16
bachpOk I understand16:16
fraythe master build artifacts are the original instance..  the problem is if you have multiple builders feeding to a single sstate-cache location, then you need the syncronization piece16:16
bachpThat explains why I hade the issues16:16
bachpAnother issue I see is that you need to backup sour PR server DB together with your binary package repository to guarantee consistent update paths. Is that correct?16:17
frayIMHO what we really need (going back to DNS like approach) is something where you have a local resolver who is responsible for querying one or more remote resolvers.. that way you can have redundnacy.  You should also have a way to "post" your updated PRs out to the remote PR servers -if- you are sharing files to them.. if you aren't then read-only is fine..16:18
frayPR server DB w/ sstate-cache data... yes..  the binary package repository is contained in the image usually (or similar) and can always be reconstructed with the PR server DB and sstate-cache data16:19
bachpThe sstate-cache is also required?16:19
bachpI assumed PR server data + source are enough?16:19
frayThe PR server is hash -> PR...  so yes, DB + recipes + configuration should be enough to recreate teh data.. BUT when you rebuild differences in the results will creap in.  specifically build paths, build machine names, and timestamps.. since those don't affect the resulting "code", only data..16:20
JaMabachp: see
yoctiBug 5399: enhancement, Medium+, 1.8,, NEW , Sharing PR server between builders with different metadata16:20
frayso if you want to recrease your package 'feed'.. then you need the PR DB, sstate-cache (cache of previous builds), recipes and config16:21
fraythat way when you go to build "new", the system will see the hash has not changed and just load the data from the sstate-cache, this prevents the rebuild which prevents the embedded info from changing16:21
JaMabachp: and there is a lot of "PR went backward" caused by wrong PACKAGE_ARCH in recipes, see especially if you're building multiple MACHINES16:22
frayin the end what you do comes down to why you need to do it.  If you are doing something like CentOS.. then you need to preserve it all.. if you are just rebuilding images and imags deployed to new machines.. then you don't ned anything16:22
*** mago_ <mago_!> has quit IRC16:22
frayand there is a LOT of area in the middle.. but mostly the PR values are required for package upgrades on the target.16:22
*** ecdhe_ <ecdhe_!> has joined #yocto16:23
JaMafray: you don't need sstate-cache in order to recreate the same feed if you have the same metadata16:23
fraythe timestamps..16:24
JaMaof packages will be different even if you have sstate-cache16:24
frayI don't want and can't allow (for on-target upgrades) my RPM package checksums to change because they've been rebuilt from source and all of the embedded timestamps, build data, etc has changed..16:24
frayno, the package timestamps remain the same with the sstate-cache, since they're just extracted from the cache and played in the deployment dir16:24
fray'er.. I mean package -metadata-16:25
gabrbeddQuestion: I've been re-using the same build/ directory and just changing MACHINE in the environment. This creates weired FTBFS bugs. Is that supposed to work?16:25
fraythe only time the package is rebuilt is if something affects the hash of the do_package step..16:25
JaMagabrbedd: yes16:25
frayI've had a few problems with changing MACHINE and SDKMACHINE, but all of them have been the results of bugs in the recipes16:26
JaMagabrbedd: there are still issues ( but this doesn't cause FTBFS16:26
gabrbeddWell, In my case the problem is the toolchain. Both machines end up with the same TARGET_PREFIX.16:27
JaMaonly just annoying re-extracting each time you change MACHINE16:27
fraygabrbedd if the target_prefixes are the same, then the contents of the toolchains should be the same..16:27
gabrbeddHowever, the compilers inside there have a hard-coded sysroot path that only points to ONE of the MACHINE sysroots.16:27
frayif your machines are affecting the tune parameters, you really need a new tune..16:27
fraythe sysroot is specified as a command line argument.. the embedded one is just for reference, but should be ignored..16:28
JaMagabrbedd: you should always get right sysroot path from C*FLAGS16:28
frayI believe newer versions of the toolchain integration may even be passed an invalid path to eliminate that issue16:28
gabrbeddWell, it seems that if TARGET_PREFIX somehow included $MACHINE... it would work.16:28
fray(at least there was talk about doing that)16:28
JaManever used the hard-coded one, now it's also poinsoned to prevent accidental use16:28
JaMathat's done in current master16:28
fraythree different machines can have entirely the same toolchain and target_prefix, that is absolutely allowed and expected16:28
frayJaMa, ok it did go in then16:28
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC16:29
frayif the toolchain confgiuration changes based on the machine (with the same TARGET_PREFIX), then you have a bug in your configuration.16:29
gabrbeddHmmm... OK. Let me chew on that. The problem I was having was with building things with a crappy vendor-supplied makefile system (the TI DSP toolchains)16:30
fraycommon bugs are changing values with the tune parameters in the machine .conf when a new tune should have been specified.. or even changing distribution setting values in the machine.. those should be in the distro file16:30
bachpThanks guys for discussion. Unfortunatly I need to go.16:30
gabrbeddIn general, the CFLAGS and whatnot were sanitized.16:30
gabrbedd...because it's also building kernel modules.16:30
frayrecipes that require specific machine knowledge, should be tagged as machine specific..16:30
frayrecipes should build userspace -or- kernel modules, generally not both.  This allows for the applications and kernel pieces to have localized knowledge to different pieces of the system16:31
*** CromFr <CromFr!~CromFr@> has quit IRC16:31
frayeasiest way to do that is use the same source twice, but only build half of it per16:31
*** CromFr <CromFr!~CromFr@> has joined #yocto16:31
gabrbeddfray: JaMa: thanks, guys.16:32
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paulgholy crap, does "top" from procps-ng ever look like cat vomit.17:12
* paulg will try rebuilding w/ " --disable-modern-top "17:13
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ulf`/data/yocto/tizen-distro/build-modello/tmp-glibc/work/genericx86-oe-linux/linux-yocto/3.14.19+gitAUTOINC+fb6271a942_902f34d361-r0/linux/scripts/mod/devicetable-offsets.c:1:0: error: code model 'kernel' not supported in the 32 bit mode #include <linux/kbuild.h>17:18
* ulf` grumbles17:18
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darkhorsebluelightning: hi, is it possible to append to a task inherited from a class in both .bb and .bbappend files?17:31
bluelightningpaulg: ugh, mangling standard unix tools? surely if something "modern" is desired, htop is a good existing alternative17:32
bluelightningdarkhorse: yes17:32
bluelightningdarkhorse: changes in the bbappend will be applied after those in the .bb, if it makes a difference17:32
kergoth<3 htop17:33
darkhorsebluelightning: no that's fine. but i get the following error: Failure expanding variable do_rootfs: ShellSyntaxError: Unexpected EOF17:33
kergoththough htop could use some better color schemes, they should improve that17:33
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC17:34
bluelightningdarkhorse: I imagine you're probably trying to add shell code to do_rootfs which is actually a python function - is that right?17:35
*** kimo_ <kimo_!~kbouhara@> has quit IRC17:35
paulgbluelightning, I just did a  EXTRA_OECONF += "--disable-modern-top"17:37
paulg in my layer of stuff and that fixed it.17:37
paulgI can send it for yocto in general, if ppl are in agreement that the new format is hideous.17:37
bluelightningpaulg: depending on how awful it looks we might want to consider doing that17:37
darkhorsebluelightning: i see. so you can't mix the two !!17:38
paulghere are some opinions that are similar to mine ; found when googling how to disable the POS...17:38
bluelightningdarkhorse: no, but there are ways to insert calls to shell functions if you want to extend do_rootfs17:38
bluelightninghah... 'Considering the trouble it has caused us, I suggest the name "bottom"'17:40
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:41
darkhorsebluelightning: can you provide me some pointers?17:43
bluelightningah yes sorry I meant to do that and got distracted17:43
bluelightningone sec17:44
bluelightningdepending on when you want the commands to run17:45
bluelightningtypically you would define a shell function and then append a call to it to the end of one of those variables (with a leading ;  )17:45
darkhorsebluelightning: it turns out that do_rootfs () is a shell function17:48
bluelightningremind me , which version of the build system are you using?17:49
bluelightningit did change a few versions ago17:49
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kergothgood god, you werne't kidding about how ugly top is out of the box now18:03
kergothwhat the hell were they thinking18:03
* zeddii pukes18:04
kergoth on my arch vm18:04
* kergoth twitches18:04
markaI thought it looked fine, especially when you have a boalload of CPUs18:04
* zeddii glares18:04
kergothglad i normally use htop anyway18:05
darkhorsebluelightning: it is dylan branch18:06
bluelightningdarkhorse: ok, so it would be shell there; however you'll still be better off using the aforementioned variables in most cases18:07
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paulgfray, that rpm splat that you had me run gdb on a few months ago?  zeddii  just hit it too.  :)18:29
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paulganyone know why meta/recipes-core/coreutils/coreutils-8.21/dummy_help2man.patch unconditionally cripples the manpages for coreutils?20:52
paulgthe commit 841ec528ec04e64bd09ff10f8d9ad2d6e3aac05d which does it does not mention a thing....   :(20:52
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paulgaha, it is RP 's fault...21:21
paulgcommit 2f8d643c76f5aa933b95a50092132ef37af203c721:21
paulgAuthor: Richard Purdie <>21:21
paulgDate:   Thu Sep 29 23:26:07 2011 +010021:21
paulg    Remove help2man dependency21:21
* paulg digs in, since I want real manpages, not crippled stubs.21:22
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RPpaulg: Its amazing how much is my fauly21:24
RPpaulg: btw, you want working manpages for the target, for native you probably don't want the build dependencies21:25
paulgRP, I'm essentially trying to improve the environment of the build-appliance/self-hosting deployment to suck less.21:27
paulgmeaning having sane devel environment with functional manpages etc.21:27
RPpaulg: fine, just keep in mind enabling manpages for native recipes will cause problems21:27
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paulgok, thanks for the heads up.21:28
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RPpaulg: I'm all in favour fwiw, its just a lot of docs are disabled due to dependency issues21:29
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto21:29
paulgRP, zeddii gave me a heads up on the foo req'd to limit to tgt builds, so I'll have a go at that when I get home.21:31
rburton1paulg: there was previously talk of enabling doxygen docs where relevant for target/sdk builds too, so i'm a fan of a global "build documentation" toggle respected by a few classes that recipes can inherit.21:32
RPpaulg: if you run into difficulties shout, we collectively have experience with figuring it out21:32
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paulgrburton1, I took a poke at building git manpages a while ago ; it did suck in a lot of things, asciidoc etc.21:33
paulgin the end I just cheated for now and used the prebuilt git manpages from kenrel.org21:33
rburton1paulg: yeah, other packages will build through xml/xslt and cause pain21:33
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paulgRP, seems virtclass-native is used to _add_ steps to a native build ; in this case we'd want to do _less_ steps for the native build...   can you think of an example to point me at on how filter out native?21:39
RPpaulg: well, one way we do things is PACKAGECONFIG = "xxx docs" and then PACKAGECONFIG_class-native = "xxx"21:40
RPpaulg: virtclass is dead, use class-native21:40
paulgok, that will give me sth to grep for when I get home;  thanks.21:42
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darkhorseis it possible to build just kernel modules and their pacakges to embed in ramdisk based image22:01
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