Friday, 2015-01-23

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #164 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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ma-o-nigirihi guys - yocto sdk toolchain and package manager question: i've built a package that i would like to install into my sdk sysroot (on the host)... what's the appropriate way to install the rpm?01:49
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #165 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #170 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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seebsSo, yes, pseudo 1.6.3 has a bug that can cause its configure to fail, workaround is to make the directory that will be used with --prefix before configuring it, 1.6.4 patch should be sent to the list shortly.06:32
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bluelightningmorning all09:26
jaro123hi bl09:29
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mckoangood morning09:49
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dguthrieI have a situation where one recipe in the shared state sometimes has an empty p09:54
dguthrieopulate-sysroots.tgz. This doesn't happen on first execution of the recipe but s09:54
dguthrieeems to happen when multiple nightly builds use the same shared state. The stran09:54
dguthriege thing is that is only happen for one particular recipe. Is there a way of deb09:54
dguthrieugging this09:54
dguthrieI have a situation where one recipe in the shared state sometimes has an empty populate-sysroots.tgz. This doesn't happen on first execution of the recipe but seems to happen when multiple nightly builds use the same shared state. The strange thing is that is only happen for one particular recipe. Is there a way of debugging this?09:55
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bachpdguthrie: are you using a common PR server for all builds?10:45
bachpWe experienced issues when sharing sstate but were not using the same PR server10:46
bluelightningdguthrie: the recipe isn't installing files directly into the sysroot is it?10:50
dguthriebluelighting: No, it is using ${D} as the destination directory.10:53
dguthriebachp: What is a PR server?10:53
bachpdguthrie: It's a service that takes care of PR numbers. See:
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bluelightningI'd be surprised if this related to PR numbering at all10:59
bluelightningdguthrie: would it be possible to pastebin the recipe?11:00
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bluelightningdguthrie: hmm... unless "make install" for the software being built is doing something odd (since you're doing do_install_append rather than do_install) then I can't see anything that would lead to staging problems11:10
bluelightningdguthrie: I would suggest that "touch *" probably isn't a good idea - with autotools that might lead to the configure process being re-run during do_compile11:11
bachpdguthrie: I'm also having a thrift recipe internally. Would it be possible for you to work together on a shared recipe and try to bring that into meta-oe?11:11
dguthriebluelightning: ok.... I'll keep looking11:12
dguthriebachp: Ya that would be great. I can shared the native and target recipes that I have with you11:13
bachpdguthrie: That would be great11:17
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dguthriebluelightning: I will check what the history of the touch command is and remove it. Thanks11:24
bluelightningdguthrie: also, btw, the standard way to pass those ac_cv_* options is to add them to CACHED_CONFIGUREVARS (or just pass them as arguments in EXTRA_OECONF)11:25
dguthriebachp: What is the standard way to shared recipes or patches?11:31
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bachpdguthrie: I think the best way would be a git repository12:23
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dguthriebachp: I will follow up with you on this on Monday12:24
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ramosecould  anyone  please point why I'm getting this error: package quilt-native-0.51-r1: task do_populate_sysroot: Failed12:57
ramoseI'm running on ubuntu14.04 and I don't see it on ubuntu12.0412:58
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ramosewould anyone please look at my query?13:04
LetoThe2ndramose: i don't think that without additional information (which release of poky? are there logs?) anybody can actually be helpful.13:09
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rburtonotavio, denix: good work on the u-boot-fw-utils work.  will there be a new u-boot upgrade to follow?15:06
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otaviodenix: do you mind to rebase your upgrade patch on top of mine?16:35
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LocutusOfBorg1hi folks, how to install npm modules in yocto?16:54
LocutusOfBorg1at this moment I just copy-paste downloaded modules during install :p16:54
kergothyocto isn't a linux distribution16:54
LocutusOfBorg1I'm wondering if there is something arch independent approach16:54
LocutusOfBorg1kergoth, I know that16:54
kergoththe question doesn't make sense16:55
LocutusOfBorg1I would like to create a recipe that automatically downloads the right modules and installs them in the final image16:55
kergothyou can't install something into an umbrella project16:55
kergothah, that clarifies it. i'm not aware of something like that personally16:55
LocutusOfBorg1sed s/install/do_install\(\)/g16:55
LocutusOfBorg1install in the yocto meaning of course16:56
LocutusOfBorg1what I did was to run npm on the target machine and create a tarball, put in the recipe and live happy16:56
LocutusOfBorg1with a different target I need to redo everything, I'm trying to learn if there is a smarter approach16:56
LocutusOfBorg1thanks, I also think there isn't this approach16:57
kergothpresumably someone needs to create a class to handle most of the node.js build bits to ease creation of recipes to package its modules16:57
* kergoth shrugs16:57
LocutusOfBorg1yep, maybe :)16:57
LocutusOfBorg1but who cares? I live happy with a cp in the do_install and two different SRC_URI16:58
LocutusOfBorg1thanks for the great product and the help!16:58
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kergothwhatever works :) np17:00
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RPkergoth: I'm thinking "crazy" things like dropping update_data() as per (and the preceding patch which tweaks append/prepend handling)18:04
RPkergoth: It appears to 3% faster parsing and throws new warnings. The nature of those warnings needs investigating obviously18:06
kergothThat does seem like a step in the right direction. I'd rather see the _append/_prepend/etc done at getVar() time as a part of the variable expansion for each variable, make less be done at finalize time in general, though :)18:06
* kergoth goes to get caffeine18:06
RPkergoth: the previous patch does the append/prepend move18:07
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RPkergoth: this makes finalize happen any time OVERRIDES is changed18:07
kergoththat seems to do the append/prepend when overrides is altered, not when the var in question is used, though, no? or am i missing something18:07
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RPkergoth: the preceding commit:
kergothah! missed that18:08
kergothyeah, i'd be on board with this, we'd have to vet the shit out of it and compare previous to new metadata and everything of course18:08
RPkergoth: right, this was just a quick test to see how badly it would explode :)18:09
kergothi expect this is one of those things we've both had floating around int eh back of our minds for years, so i'm all for it :)18:09
RPsee if it was even feasible18:09
* kergoth nods18:09
RPkergoth: initially I was getting DEPENDS=" }SDNEPEDESAB{\$" out of bitbake -e which was kind of amusing18:10
kergoththe more we can do to reduce the need to know about when specific events happen, the better. most folks don't even know about finalization :)18:10
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RPkergoth: the fact we have update_data() calls at all kind of bothers me18:11
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kergothhmm, with the variable dependency tracking, maybe we could eliminate expandKeys(), that'd be another good step toward getting rid of it18:12
RPIt was the ordering of d.update_data and d.expandKeys causing "bugs" again the other day which caused me to think about this18:13
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RPkergoth: not sure quite how we'd get rid of expandKeys entirely but it means its ordering with update_data() is no longer contentious18:14
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RPanyhow, time to get some food. Something to ponder :)18:17
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ma-o-nigirihi guys19:14
ma-o-nigiriis there any documentation about using rpms to update the host sysroot for cross compiling?19:15
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ma-o-nigirihi kergoth19:24
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ma-o-nigirii'm wondering what the appropriate way is to install libraries to the host sysroot for cross compilation. do i have to rebuild the toolchain again with populate_sdk?19:25
kergothokay, the first time you asked taht question you didnt' mention the sdk at all. the question doesnt' make any sense without knowing you're working against a yocto sdk :)19:29
kergothmakes more sense now19:29
ma-o-nigirisorry :)19:29
kergothi suspect you might have to rebuild the sdk to add to it, but i'm honestly not sure, maybe someone else knows19:29
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ma-o-nigiriI'm giving that a shot - I sent an email to the list a few minutes ago. burned a few hours yesterday! digging through populate_sdk_rpm task to see if i find anything useful :)19:31
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gabrbeddPREFERRED_PROVIDER_bluez4 = "bluez5"20:13
gabrbeddThis just seems wrong.20:13
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kergoththere's a pending patch series to improve the bluez switching stuff. don't think its been merged yet20:13
gabrbeddkergoth: thanks! you've restored my faith in humanity. :-)20:14
kergothgabrbedd: pabigot/rfc-v2/bluez5 in poky-contrib. arranges to use DISTRO_FEATURES for selection of 4 vs 520:18
kergothnot sure what its status is, however20:18
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fishey1Is anyone else seeing qt4-embedded build failures with the latest poky? (
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gabrbeddkergoth: thanks again!21:23
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RPkergoth: I had a look at the issue with the patch, it doesn't interact well with PROVIDES since the append persists after finalise and then is applied after native.bbclass does it BBCLASSEXTEND magic :/22:05
RPso holding application of append/prepend until variable access does have issues :(22:06
kergothHmm, interesting22:07
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RPkergoth: it gets worse, there is a second issue, we rely on the fact that some event handlers run before update_data is called and they change OVERRIDES. With my code you can't undo class-target for example22:25
RPI guess we can check OVERRIDES at variable access time22:26
kergothhmm, add an event when the internal finalize occurs, and add handlers of that event, perhaps?22:26
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mranostayCrofton: hey philipster22:33
Croftonmranostay, How is it hanging22:33
* Crofton is in an airport bar charging all his devices and conducting optical experiments22:34
AethenelleIs there a way to get bitbake to skip the populate_sysroot task? I'm looking for ways to share the compilation burden between my osx box and a linux VM. I'm going to be using OSX to do most compiliation and sharing sstate with a linux VM for the parts that require linux to build... populating sysroot in the VM is completely surperflous...22:36
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mranostayCrofton: charging them with beer?22:52
Croftoncharginf me with beer22:52
Croftonstuffing electrons into my LiPo22:52
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RPkergoth: it gets worse. We change the values in OVERRIDES indirectly through other variables. We need to trigger internal_finalise when any dependent variable changes :/22:55
kergothheh, time for the datastore to get its own isolated event handling mechanism?, blah22:57
RPkergoth: I think there may be a way to resolve all this but its getting a bit messy :/22:57
kergothmight be time to take a step back and make sure this is the right approach rather than continuing to run down the rabbit hole :)22:58
kergothnot that i have any better ideas22:58
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RPkergoth: I have something that is so close but not enough :)23:05
RPkergoth: time to sleep on it I think23:05
kergothprobably a good idea23:06
RPkergoth: I think it can be made to work, if we defer all override expansion until variable access time23:06
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RybokHi, I'm trying to patch compat-wireless reciepe, the problem is that the backports src_uri has a destsuffix so when I add my patches in the src_uri they get in the root of the workdir, and the patches fails since the need to be in the same place as the git is23:09
RybokHow can I fix this? should I copy them manually in do_configure?23:09
*** alimon1 is now known as alimon23:10
kergothyou can change the strip level of the patches (-p arg to patch) as well as the dir the patch is applied in (patchdir url parameter, if it's absolute it's considered relative to ${S})23:15
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seebsWe had a really strange problem once involving the use of OVERRIDES_append to try to append something to OVERRIDES.23:52
seebsThe net result was that it wouldn't take effect for the primary multilib, but if you were doing a multilib build it would take effect for secondary multilibs.23:52
seebsI think. Debugging it was really hard.23:53
seebsWouldn't that be super-expensive? Or would it happen once per variable, I suppose?23:53
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seebsCopy them or regenerate the patches with different paths, I think.23:56
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