Sunday, 2015-02-08

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otaviorburton: starting the tests of u-boot class change12:03
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texelSo, attempting to build Yocto for the Intel Edison board, and I seem to be stuck on a weird issue popping up from quilt.17:51
texelWhen I issue 'bitbake core-image-minimal', quilt's configure script bails out claiming that 'cp -l' doesn't support hardlinks.17:52
texelWhere the heck can I look to see what the heck it actually tried to run?17:52
* texel sighs17:53
texelJust found the exact command in the configure script.17:53
texelStill doesn't really help -- no idea which cp it's attempting to use.17:53
texelAh, sorry, this is in quilt-native_0.48.bb17:54
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texelAha. Apparently it needs to build "pseudo" first.18:00
texelThing is, I've already built this and it's on /usr/local in my host system. How can I tell poky about it?18:00
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kergothits unlikely you have the exact version poky needs (read: the absolute latest)18:10
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texelAha. I see what happened now.18:12
texelIt's due to weird filesystem semantics on my end.18:12
texelThe extra bit of info here is that I'm running this on Ubuntu somethsomething inside of Parallels Desktop on a MacBook Pro. =op18:12
texelThe source tree is in my "shared folders" mount, which apparently can't create hardlinks.18:13
* texel sighs18:13
* texel really doesn't understand why people make filesystems and then don't support basic semantics like this...18:13
texelMy only other question is, what does quilt do that actually needs hardlinks? =op18:20
bluelightningthe build system makes quite a lot of use of hardlinks in order to save space18:21
texelAh. That's good to know.18:22
texelAlso, that's awesome -- wish more build systems did that. =o)18:22
texelYeah, moving the build off the weird Parallels fs fixed the issue.18:23
texelWoot! Now I get build errors relating to tar. ;_;18:24
texel"tar: --same-order option cannot be used with -c"18:25
bluelightningthere is a fix for that, one moment18:29
texelAh. These are on mainline, I take it?18:30
texelOr rather, in the master branch?18:30
texelAlso, thanks for digging those up. =o)18:31
bluelightningwell, a newer stable branch18:32
texelAha. That explains why it wasn't in edison.18:34
texelWhoa. The year on that is 2013.18:39
texelWow. Okay, so what build of Ubuntu is used generally to develop on Poky?18:42
texelI just got an error for gets from the host glibc install.18:42
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bluelightningtexel: what is the error?18:52
otaviotexel: the reference manual has the list of the supported versions18:52
otaviotexel: mainly LTS supported ones work18:52
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texelbluelightning: "#error gets is a security risk" or something similar.18:58
texelIt's from that recent change that went into glibc that broke the world. =o/18:58
texelI've given up trying to build yocto directly and instead am using the BSP from Intel directly. Hopefully that will have better results.18:59
texelotavio: I'm on Ubuntu 14 LTS18:59
texel14.04.1 LTS, to be precise.18:59
bluelightningtexel: I'm confused now - I thought you were building the BSP as supplied before...19:00
texelI'm not sure what "as supplied" really is when it comes to the Edison. The docs are all over the place. =op19:00
texelSo first I tried building the BSP from source by cloning the yocto core git repo and then pulling down meta-intel on top of that.19:01
texelHad to setup my bblayers.conf and local.conf to reference the right machine and all that.19:01
texelNow I've downloaded a "source tarball" directly from Intel which seems to include a source tree for Yocto that seems to build (so far)19:01
bluelightningjust checking - you didn't at any point check out the "edison" branch... right?19:02
texelYes, I did.19:02
texelIn both repos.19:02
bluelightningok, so our "edison" branch bears no relation to the Intel Edison... one of our previous releases was coincidentally named edison19:02
texelOh, geeze.19:02
bluelightninghence the already solved build failures you had to work around...19:03
texelOkay, that makes much more sense now.19:03
texelSo then if I wanted to build an image for the Edison, I'd stay on the master branch and just use the appropriate machine targets, then?19:03
bluelightningfor the moment, I'd recommend sticking with the Edison BSP build instructions19:04
bluelightninghopefully there will be a better answer than that soon19:04
texelI hope so -- the instructions available are a bit crazy.19:05
texelNot that I think the yocto project should be responsible for Intels docs, mind you. =op19:05
bluelightning(FWIW, I work for Intel, but in a different part than the group that produces the Edison)19:06
texelOh, cool.19:07
texelGlad to see Intel folks out in the OSS world. =o)19:08
texelUltimately my goal for this little mote is to run a copy of SBCL and build a wearable system out of it.19:11
texelI'd like to do that with as little extra junk as possible (ie: get rid of Node.js, etc.) -- hence the point of building a whole new image.19:12
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texelUgh. Doesn't look like this is going to work, either. Now I'm getting errors in the gcc toolchain build relating to -Wformat-security "format not a string literal and no format arguments"19:22
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texelHm. Nevermind. VM config error.19:40
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r23sHi all, I have a question about DISTRO_FEATURES and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME.  Is it possible to set these in an image recipe?  I want to configure them in a more permanent/cohesive location than conf/local.conf21:09
r23sI tried putting them there of course, but the options didn't stick.21:10
paulg$ git grep -l DISTRO_FEATURES|grep image21:12
paulgmeta/recipes-graphics/images/core-image-x11.bb21:12, it looks like it.21:12
kergothsetting DISTRO_FEATURES in a recipe would have no meaning, the whole point of it is to affect how things build21:13
kergothone recipe can't affect others21:13
kergothvirtual-runtime, yes, it's used in the image21:13
r23sIs inheriting distro_features_check in the recipe required as well?  As paulg indicates, they are set in some of the default image recipes.  My image inherits core-image, but not distro_features_check yet.21:17
kergothdistro_features_check is used to make the recipe not buildable when its required distro features are not set, that's all21:18
kergothyou'd only inherit if it that's what you need21:18
r23sok, interesting21:20
r23sWhere would you recommend I set DISTRO_FEATURES then?  Is conf/local.conf the most appropriate place?21:22
kergothdistro features are generally set by the distro21:23
kergothif you need to build on that, then yes, local.conf21:23
r23sHmm.  I forked poky and am using that as the basis for a largely custom distro.  If I wanted to make a systemic change my distro settings where would I do it?21:25
kergothin your distro .conf, as i just said21:26
r23sI'm looking to replace sysvinit with systemd, by the way.  I just want it to be tied in with the rest of the feature set, not local settings.21:26
kergothyes, again, put it in your distro21:28
r23sOK, where is that set?  o set21:29
r23sIs there a file for distro configuration?  Maybe I'm having trouble with terminology.  Is that distinct from image .bb recipes and .conf files?21:30
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r23sI appreciate your patience with my scattered questions21:33
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kergothfirst of all, you really shouldnt' be forking poky, just create your own layer with your own distro and do what you like there21:35
kergothyou can have the new distro include poky.conf, to use poky as a starting point21:35
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r23skergoth, I misspoke earlier.  We cloned oe-core, not poky.  Apparently oe-core is distroless, hence no [poky/distro].conf.21:56
r23sI need to read up on the differences.21:56
kergothstill a bad idea that isn't really in line with how things are done nowadays, but if there's no other option, okay21:59
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kergothr23s: at any rate, your best bet would be to create a distro in a new layer. conf/distro/<your distro>.conf and adjust policy there. see poky.conf in meta-yocto as an example, or just include it in yours as a baseline22:14
r23skergoth: I'm reading up on the differences now and think that's exactly what I need to do.  Thanks for your patience and for helping me out!22:16
kergoththere's a lot to get your head around22:17
kergothhigh complexity, but also high flexibility22:17
r23sIndeed.  I'm excited to get my head around all of these capabilities.  It's already been immensely helpful, even with my primitive understanding of it.22:20
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texelWelp, everything built. I'mma happy camper now.23:33
texelThanks bluelightning. =o)23:33

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