Monday, 2015-02-16

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chankitnrossi: ping05:55
nrossichankit: pong05:55
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chankitnrossi: I tried using the llvm recipe from oe and added clang as one of the source but no luck05:59
chankitfor some reason it kept complaining about not finding libxml/parser.h. I already added libxml2 in DEPENDS but no luck05:59
nrossichankit: Not sure if you saw this, there is a meta-clang layer,
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nrossichankit: not sure what the issue is with libxml2, maybe there is a --with-libxml=<PATH> configure option?06:06
nrossichankit: also sorry if my replies are slow, i am a bit busy got some things to do :|...06:07
chankitnrossi: no prob..getting llvm to work isn't exactly my main priority either :-)06:10
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FrankSansCHi there06:58
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chankithi..I tried compiling some stuff and I got  fatal error: libxml/parser.h: No such file or directory . How can I add that header file so that I can solve this?08:59
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bluelightningmorning all09:26
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pevDoes anyone know much about populate-volati;
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mckoangood morning11:16
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ericbuttershi. is there a way to call the default do_patch() inside my own do_patch in my bbappend?11:21
abelloniit may be easier to add a task before do_patch then11:22
abellonido_stuff() { ... }11:24
abelloniaddtask stuff before do_patch after do_fetch11:24
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bluelightningit's actually pretty trivial to call the existing function in this case11:28'base_do_patch', d)11:29
bluelightningnote that do_patch is a python function, not shell11:29
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bluelightningericbutters: just out of curiosity, what are you trying to do?11:39
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ericbuttersbluelightning: i got some strange meta layers from a vendor and i need to place my own patches.. and i was wondering how to call existing functions..11:41
abellonia simple .bbappend with FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:" should be engouh for that11:43
ericbuttersabelloni: right now i do not understand what they are doing. they use KMETA (linux-yocto) and somehow patch the .config with .cfg files11:45
ericbuttersbut i do not know how/where they are doing this..11:46
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abelloniwhat you have seems to be fragments11:48
ericbuttersbluelighning: Failure expanding variable do_patch: ShellSyntaxError: LexToken(TOKEN,"'base_do_patch',",0,0)11:49
ericbuttersabelloni: ah! okay11:51
ericbuttersbluelightning: sry, python, i see ;)11:52
ericbuttersbluelightning: but i get base_do_patch doesn't exist12:02
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danielpavelHello, I'm trying to build an ivi image using yocto and I ran into an error. I googled it and found others raiding this issue but no resolve. Maybe you guys can help me a bit.12:15
danielpavelhere's the error :
danielpavelrising *12:15
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ericbuttersbluelightning: should base_do_patch work for bitbake virtual/kernel?12:38
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bluelightningericbutters: actually kernel-yocto.bbclass defines its own do_patch, so if your kernel recipe inherits that it might be tricky13:19
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j105robnrossi: ping13:31
j105robnrossi: trying to build the meta-virt xen-image-minimal and saw you pushing lots of patches last night; when will they hit master? Any idea?13:34
j105robnrossi: I pushed a patch for the dev86 source location change last week; haven't heard anything from that submission either.13:35
j105robI'll be AFK most of the day today, you can hit me up on the listserv, should you want/need to get in touch sooner.13:36
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ericbuttersbluelightning: right, it inherits from that13:49
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kergoth may be of interest to folks in here if they haven't seen it14:18
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JEEBsvhmm, I have systemd appended to DISTRO_FEATURES and seemingly getting proper images that boot on systemd, but if I have something that depends on it I don't seem to get the libraries/headers in there...14:30
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pohlyWhen I run "runqemu serial nographic", how do I actually use the serial login? I see the login prompt, but also the qemu console prompt. Both seem to read from stdin in parallel.14:47
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pohlyI've already googled a bit, but don't seem to find the relevant information.14:48
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pohlyIt seems that appending 'qemuparams=-monitor none' gets rid of the qemu console and let's me use stdio for the serial login.14:52
pohlyI wonder whether this should be the default for "serial nographic", because otherwise both console and serial are essentially unusable.14:53
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FrankSansCI've got a question regarding kernel version : I've build an image for a beaglebone using yocto-1.7.1 which seems to use kernel 3.14.24. I've made a linux-yocto_3.14.bbappend to change the kernel type to "preempt-rt".15:15
FrankSansCNow on my board if I type 'uname -r' it returns "3.14.29ltsi-rt22"15:15
FrankSansCSo I'm not quite sure which version I really have15:15
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dl9pfHi !  Short question no longer contains all the adt rootfs. (only ../../1.7.1 is there)15:36
dl9pfshould there not be an archive of these or a symlink maybe ?15:36
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #195 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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JaMaRP: I'm testing final version of is it something you would be willing to take to 1.8?18:02
JaMaand is still waiting for review/merge18:03
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RPJaMa: yes, I will have a look at the x11 patch. For the other issue, do you have a final patch? It wasn't clear to me how you planned to fix it19:53
JaMaRP: I went with simple fix in
RPJaMa: looking at the patch, yes I'll take that19:58
JaMaok, will send to ML after world build19:58
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shinobihi every one i use a sbc that is radxarock21:55
shinobiand ı use linaro21:55
shinobibut linaro dont askme eny password or username on startup21:55
shinobibu i want it to askme password for root21:56
shinobihow can i this21:56
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rewittshinobi: basically you turn off debug-tweaks and setup a password22:10
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