Sunday, 2015-03-01

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Mikel_Hi, I want to install ipsec-tools 0.8.2 from meta-oe (it already has recipe). However, it does not install any .conf files related to racoon or setkey. Can someone help?11:47
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lpappanyone active during this nice weekend?12:35
abellonidefine active ;)12:37
lpappah, great.12:37
lpappso anyone using sysvinit in here?12:37
lpappI am struggling with implementing my ntpd use case for busybox12:37
lpappI would like to use this start-stop-daemon facility12:38
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lpappwhat I would like to achieve is to run the daemon in the background to sync up from a remote peer; all cool, done12:38
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lpappbut now I have another board and I would like to sync that up from the one which goes to the internet12:38
lpapptherefore, the "main" board would have a client daemon as well as an ntpd server running12:38
lpappit is trivial to run these, but I do not quite get how to handle the start, stop and restart for the instances separately.12:39
lpappsince the busybox binary run would be the same12:39
lpappso when I say "start-stop-daemon -K -n ntpd" -> it would kill both instances.12:39
abelloniyou don't need a client and a server12:39
abellonintpd is both12:39
lpappof course I could parse the ps output on my own, but I am wondering if there is a friendlier way.12:39
lpappabelloni: nope12:39
abellonihowever, I'm not sure that is the case for the busybox applet12:39
lpappyou start the server with a specific option12:39
lpappit is not.12:40
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lpappabelloni:         -l      Run as server on port 12312:40
lpappso basically I am lost at how to get their own life cycle.12:41
lpappwith regards to start, stop and restart12:42
lpappI could probably wrap them into a script or even binary.12:42
lpappthat is another hackish way.12:42
lpappbut ultimately, I think start-stop-daemon ought to provide an identifier12:42
lpappI thought -n was for that as you specify -a for the daemon already.12:42
lpappbut apparently not!12:42
lpappsuch an option could help users using things like ntpd from busybox where the same executable is used for both client and server purposes, you see?12:43
lpappI could also launch and get pid, store it, etc, but it is kind of tedious, all.12:44
abellonifrom what I see in the code, using -l it will be both client and server12:45
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lpappoh, really?12:45
lpappthat would be good if it was just documentation failure.12:46
abelloniI wouldn't agree that this is documentation failure :)12:46
lpappsee, I got confused12:46
lpappand wasted a lot of time12:47
lpappif it clearly writes that it is also a client when you run it as server, then I could have spared a lot of time.12:47
lpappbut I am still unsure that is the case, to be honest.12:47
abelloniI don't see why it wouldn't be the case12:50
abelloniit just listens on the port12:51
lpappbecause being a server is radically different from being a client12:57
lpappthere may be exceptions, but that usually holds true 99%.12:57
lpappat least in my experience anyhow.12:57
lpappbut we would need to know what are the exceptions.12:57
lpappit was not clear to me after all!12:58
lpapphmm, I cannot quite get the code just yet.13:00
abellonilike I said, that's what on would expect from an ntp daemon anyway13:01
lpapplike I said, that is not what I expected.13:01
abellonifeel free to sent a documentation patch13:01
lpappalready requested the change ;-)13:01
lpappwell, I just asked.13:01
lpappbecause I cannot get my head around to the code.13:02
lpappit is a bit complex...13:02
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abellonithat sets up the fd13:04
abelloniprocesses incoming packets13:04
lpapprecv_and_process_client_pkt(/*G.listen_fd*/); :O13:05
lpappthat commented file descriptor is "funky"13:06
abellonithat is the ugliness added by busybox13:07
abelloniadding globals everywhere13:08
lpappI think busybox's codebase is one of the worst ones I have ever seen13:09
lpappnot because of this, but for goto abuses, etc.13:10
lpappok, thanks.13:12
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lpapphmm, I think I will try to improve my one year old patch on the mailing list to finally to get in :)13:32
lpapphopefully with more luck this time ;-)13:34
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lpappJaMa: are you around13:44
lpappI am looking for a good example of LSB header to finally get my busybox ntpd patch in :)13:45
lpappbecause even now, pretty much no busybox daemon has such a header13:46
lpappand that was the reason for my feature to be blocked ;-)13:46
lpappbut since no one accepted it like this, just me, I will update it, but I need a prime example...13:46
JaMalpapp: e.g. a5f631eefdfaeca22d8d06b63d1e27fb934a8bc5 in meta-oe adds LSB header13:48
JaMasearch "LSB header" in git log to easily find many more examples13:49
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lpappJaMa: ah, ok, I was using git log -S lsb13:52
lpappbut that gave me lots of irrelevant results, thanks.13:52
lpappJaMa: git show a5f631eefdfaeca22d8d06b63d1e27fb934a8bc514:03
lpappfatal: bad object a5f631eefdfaeca22d8d06b63d1e27fb934a8bc514:03
lpappwhich repository are you referring to? I am in poky.14:03
lpappJaMa: bad object in openembedded-core, too.14:05
lpappah, sorry, you wrote meta-oe .... how silly I am!14:05
lpappapologies :)14:06
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lpapphey, Jama! ./meta-oe/recipes-connectivity/gateone/gateone/gateone-init:4:# Required-Start:    networking -> isn't the hash missing before networking?14:19
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