Tuesday, 2015-03-03

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Xzhi guys, anybody here?01:48
rewittI am but that might not be that useful :)01:49
XzI have minor dylan tweaks, was wondering who do I talk about patches01:49
XzI'm talking meta-oe01:49
rewittSo you can subscribe following the link at http://www.openembedded.org/wiki/Mailing_lists01:51
Xzrewitt: I sent my patch there and no response + no commits01:53
Xzrewitt: I thought maybe dylan has died already?01:53
nrossiXz: how long ago did you send said patch(s)?01:53
Xznrossi: 19 feb 201501:54
Xznrossi: it's opencv backport01:54
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nrossiXz: did you remember to prefix your change with [meta-oe]? i cant see it in the meta-oe patchwork01:55
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Xznrossi: did you try just looking for 'opencv' on the list? I put a subject:01:56
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Xz[oe] [meta-oe][dylan]opencv: master->dylan backport01:57
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nrossiXz: i see your email, its not a patch though? you are just requesting the backport of a commit. I cant see from the list but did you send it with to: Paul?02:01
nrossiXz: it might be just building up in Paul's email and he has not see it yet. Also it has not yet been 2 weeks, but if you are after quicker action you can ping that email and see if you get a response.02:03
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Crofton|worknrossi, sounds like zynq SPL might want u-boot-dtb.img now02:05
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Net147how do I add kernel source code to a toolchain SDK? is there a package name for kernel source code?02:17
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Xznrossi: so should I just wait?02:26
Xznrossi: I could send a patch if that's necessary instead of request02:26
Xznrossi: it just made sense for me to do it this way02:26
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nrossiCrofton: Yep, im working on updates for SPL and U-Boot at the moment, u-boot-dtb.img is the way forward it appears :)03:06
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Crofton|workah cool03:21
Crofton|workth exlnx u-boot branch works for me03:22
Crofton|workI'll not worry and wait for it to trickle down then03:22
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EddyLaihi, I want to use open-iscsi recipe, found it's inside meta-cloud-services and seems this need poky 1.7.x? Im using poky 1.6.x , any possible to use that open-iscsi recipe directly? or should I upgrde to 1.7.x?03:29
gabrbeddI built dizzy for beaglebone black today, and USB host doesn't work. (3.14 kernel)03:39
gabrbeddIs this broken for everyone or just me?03:40
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eddylaitwis the meta-cloud-services ready for dizzy? I got a "no recipe for dhcp_4.3" error05:18
nrossieddylaitw: looks like there is only support for master, not sure what the 'grizzly'/etc. branches refer too though :|05:24
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bluepimpleanyone did yocto on IMX6 Quad (element 14 PCB board)07:58
bluepimpleis there any step by step yocto document for new newbie like me?07:59
abelloniis it a sabrelite ?08:00
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rink_we use yocto to build an imx6 platform08:00
rink_as abelloni said, using sabrelite is a good starr08:00
rink_*start; geez I can't typer08:00
abellonibluepimple: https://github.com/Freescale/fsl-community-bsp-platform08:02
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bluepimplefsl stand for?08:04
abelloniset MACHINE to imx6qsabrelite08:04
abellonibluepimple: freescale08:04
bluepimpleyes, i am using freescale imx6, thanks08:05
abellonibluepimple: freescalle imx6 is too broad, it doesn't say which board you are using08:06
bluepimpledual core08:10
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bluepimplePart number: MCIMX6Q-SL08:13
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abelloniisn't it a quad core ?08:15
bluepimplei had the BSP working once, a green GUI screen that can be swept by the mouse.08:15
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mckoanbluepimple: http://www.element14.com/community/docs/DOC-49013?ICID=designcenter-sabre-space08:18
mckoanbluepimple: it is the one I use during my FSL training http://www.adeneo-embedded.com/Media/All-static-html/Invitation_Training_Linux_Milano_Marzo_201508:21
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Net147kernel-dev package has headers, but is there a package generated for the kernel source so I can include it as part of a generated SDK?09:19
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rink_Net147: add TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK += " kernel-dev"09:31
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bluelightningmorning all09:50
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stiandrebluelightning: hi10:00
* funman finally getting to build kernels for the odroid boards10:01
funmanarm-poky-linux-gnueabi-ld.bfd: error: Source object drivers/amlogic/audiodsp/dsp_data.o has EABI version 5, but target drivers/amlogic/audiodsp/audiodsp.o has EABI version 010:07
funmanHow can I set up PATH properly to run make V=1 in kernel build dir?10:08
abellonifunman: dps_data is an object compiled by amlogic10:10
abelloniI guess you are out of louck :)10:10
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euanHi, I have managed to setup Yocto ADT, eclipse plugin and build/debug the hello world application. I would now like to experiment with pthread but when I build get an error "undefined reference to `pthread_create'", I assume I need to add the pthread library? How do I do this?10:52
Net147rink_: I thought kernel-dev has only headers and not sources?10:52
abellonieuan: -lpthread ?10:53
euanwhere do I specify this? I have tried adding "AM_LDFLAGS = -lpthread" to Makefile.am but no success10:54
rink_Net147: oh, right, sorry.10:56
rink_i assumed you wanted to build kernel modules outside of yocto or similar - you just need the haders for that10:57
Net147rink_: I would like to debug the kernel10:57
rink_no experience with that apart from printk(), sorry10:59
abelloniprintk is the best tool for the job :)11:00
rink_assuming it works - which, incidentally, isn't the case during very early i.mx6 startup11:00
Net147trying to find the cause of a panic that happens once a month or two...11:00
Net147using gdb and kgdb to debug over serial11:02
_4urele_hi everyone!11:02
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rink_and there isn't a linux-kernel-dbg or something pacakge?11:03
_4urele_I'm using smart to update my target, i discovered that a package crash smart during install due to an unicode error...11:03
_4urele_does someone knows about this? does someone knows where I could get some help?11:03
Net147rink_: that's what I am trying to figure out. at the moment I just do bitbake -c patch linux and then rsync the linux source directory over to the SDK machine.11:03
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Pierre_I am working with an imx28evk board and in the path : /home/pjo/fsl-community-bsp/build/tmp/work/imx28evk-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-sato-sdk/1.0-r0/rootfs/lib/modules/
Pierre_there are 2 files named modules.builtin and modules.order11:21
Pierre_I suppose that the modules.builtin regroups all the modules available, whereas the second one is listing the ones available in the image11:21
Pierre_this is the case for example for : kernel/drivers/power/mxs/mxs-battery.ko11:22
Pierre_I tried to use bitbake -c menuconfig linux-imx11:23
Pierre_and in the configuration menu : Power supply class support ---> Mxs SoC battery charger driver is already activated ....11:24
Pierre_I do not understand what other otpion I should check to get it activated before I rebuild the kernel11:26
Pierre_any help would be appreciated11:26
Pierre_thank you in avance ;)11:26
*** thaytan <thaytan!~thaytan@> has joined #yocto11:27
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Net147rink_: looks like kernel-devsrc is what I need. it's in master but not in any official release yet...11:31
*** simonl <simonl!uid6729@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-nrbmbeoojjrjftba> has joined #yocto11:37
euancan anyone help me add the pthread library to the hello world application? I can now see there is a second Makefile.am in /src which has the line "AM_LDFLAGS = @euan_test_LIBS@" but I can't find when euan_test_LIBS comes from?11:38
*** pev <pev!~pev@mail.analogue-micro.com> has joined #yocto11:42
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has quit IRC11:43
pevIf I'm generating a bbappend and want to create / manipulate /etc/default/dropbear, whats the "right" mechanism? It looks like image.bbclass generates / adds to it but scratching my head slightly11:43
pevOr should I just provide a complete replacement in the same way that interfaces gets over-ridden for ifupdown11:45
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lpappgood morning12:14
*** warthog9 <warthog9!~warthog9@> has quit IRC12:14
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scekhem, hello12:23
lpappabelloni: hey, start-stop-daemon -S -b -n ntpd -a /sbin/ntpd -- -p pool.ntp.org -l -n will not start12:24
lpappabelloni: is it because I am not connected to the internet and so pool.ntp.org cannot be accessed?12:24
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!anselmolsm@nat/intel/x-fqamfebnbeagodff> has joined #yocto12:25
*** aswin <aswin!~aswin@> has quit IRC12:25
lpappabelloni: ntpd -p pool.ntp.org -l -n12:29
lpappntpd: bad address 'pool.ntp.org'12:29
lpappperhaps it is because the hostname cannot be resolved?12:29
lpappabelloni: there does not seem to be a force option either to at least get the server part running in such cases. :/12:31
*** khem[away] <khem[away]!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC12:32
*** ssk <ssk!~ssk@> has quit IRC12:36
abelloniyou are asking for conflicting things12:38
lpappabelloni: what do you mean?12:41
*** hugovs <hugovs!~hugo@> has joined #yocto12:42
abelloniits is either a stratum 1 server or not12:43
abelloniwhat you can do is start 2 servers12:44
abelloni/sbin/ntpd -I lo12:44
abelloni/sbin/ntpd -p pool.ntp.org -p -I eth012:44
lpappwell, I was told that it can operate as a server as well as a client ....12:45
abellonithat is the case12:45
lpappit is now more confusing than it has ever been.12:45
lpappthat documentation really could take some love.12:45
abellonior maybe you could learn how ntp is working12:46
abellonibut bascially, what you are currently trying to do is bad12:46
abellonieither the time on your machine is correct and don't need to be synchronized12:47
abellonior it needs to be synchronized12:47
lpappthat is just wrong12:47
abelloniyou can't say both at the same time12:47
lpappboard one _is_ supposed to fetch its own time and also provide a time server for board two.12:47
abellonithen why do you want to use pool.ntp.org if board one has the correct time ?12:48
lpappwell, learning ntp can be done through a very simple documentation or the painful hard dway.12:48
lpapphard way*12:48
lpappand to be honest, even then, you may not know at all, how busybox decided to behave.12:49
lpapp(which is the case here, pretty much, I could implement an ntp daemon the way I told you)12:49
abelloniand that would be plain wrong12:49
lpappI can say and _want_ to say both at the same time.12:50
lpappI really do not want both board to go the internet for several reasons, some of them are in no particular order:12:50
lpapp1) Limit internet access12:50
lpapp2) Keep the boards in sync even when the device is not connected to the internet.12:50
*** varibull <varibull!~varibull@ta.tainstruments.com> has joined #yocto12:50
lpappto a certain definition of "plain wrong". It is different.12:50
lpappI do not like the complexity of busybox's ntpd, but it is not plain wrong, it is just not how I would do it.12:51
abelloniyou can also use another ntp server like I suggest12:51
abellonibut I don't believe you'll find a simpler one12:52
abelloniand you keep changing your spec12:52
lpappanyway, this was exactly the reason why I asked the problem of sysvinit and ntpd the other day.12:52
lpappwhen I started asking about it. I wanted to run two processes initially until I was told one process could do both.12:52
abelloniif board one is connected to internet, then let it contact a stratum1 server12:52
abelloniif it is notl et it serve its own time12:53
lpappso I guess am back to root square after 1-2 days investigation.12:53
lpappto the same problem: start-stop-daemon is not nice for multiple instances.12:53
lpappto track the instance's lifecycle on their own.12:53
abelloniif it is only connected sporadically, then let it serve its own time and synchronize the time another way12:53
lpappI have never ever changed the spec.12:53
lpappit is the same from day one.12:53
abelloniyes you do12:53
lpappyour understanding may change, but that is a different thing.12:54
abellonisometimes you say board one has internet acces, sometimes no12:54
lpappthis is exactly what I have been trying to achieve from day first; just read back.12:54
lpappLet me quote my first questions:12:54
*** ssk <ssk!~ssk@> has joined #yocto12:54
lpapp12:38 < lpapp> but now I have another board and I would like to sync that up from the one which goes to the internet12:54
lpapp12:38 < lpapp> therefore, the "main" board would have a client daemon as well as an ntpd server running12:55
abelloniso ntpd -p pool.ntp.org -l is working fine12:55
lpappno it is not.12:57
lpappbecause pool.ntp.org is not accessible if the internet is dropped12:57
lpappbut the whole point of internal syncing is not relying on the internet.12:57
lpappwhereas, when connected, the server should still sync up from the remote ntp server.12:58
lpappPriority 1: Internal sync12:58
lpappPriority 2 (nice to have): sync them to the external.12:58
*** ssk <ssk!~ssk@> has quit IRC13:00
abellonintpd -l on board one with ntpd -p pool.ntp.org -q from time to time13:00
abelloniwhen connected to the internet13:00
lpappthis is a shame that busybox does not make this simple.13:01
abellonipatches are welcome13:02
lpappthere ought to be an option or something for this.13:02
abelloniI really believe you should stop using ntpd from busybox13:03
*** egavin <egavin!~egavin@43.Red-2-139-180.staticIP.rima-tde.net> has quit IRC13:03
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*** tmpsantos <tmpsantos!~tmpsantos@a88-115-217-160.elisa-laajakaista.fi> has joined #yocto13:05
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Pierre_hi guys13:06
lpappabelloni: why? We do not have much flash.13:07
Pierre_does anyone have a clue about my post 12:25 ?13:07
lpappabelloni: a few megs storage and we already use busybox for other things.13:07
lpappalthough I am thinking about rewriting the minimal tools that I need.13:07
lpappbut that is not a discussion for today....13:07
abelloniis that so difficult to patch it so that it doesn't abort when not finding peers ?13:08
lpappabelloni: ah, it is not that easy.13:10
lpappabelloni: plus the busybox codebase is horrible IMHO.13:10
lpappit is also disappointing not getting replies many times.13:10
lpappbut what makes it more difficult is the fact that you can online anytime and it should detect that somehow, you see....13:10
abellonicome on, it is a two liner13:10
lpappmost definitely not two lines.13:11
abelloniI can do it in two13:11
abelloniand one of those is '}'13:11
lpappI can do many things in one-line, too, that is not good enough :)13:11
lpappdo not forget about the usage either.13:12
abelloniactually, I don't see the issue with using 'ntpd -p pool.ntp.org -q' in an ifup script13:13
lpappI do.13:14
lpappremember that -q will only query once and then stop once it is sync'd.13:14
euanI modified src/Makefile.am replacing "AM_LDFLAGS = @euan_test_LIBS@" with  "AM_LDFLAGS = -lpthread" and my application now builds and I can run with qemu. This doesn't feel like the correct way as I have bypassed the euan_test_LIBS variable, does anyone know where this is set or how to properly include a library with autotools?13:15
lpappbut these machines may have very long runs.13:15
lpapptherefore -q is insufficient.13:15
lpappso it is a bit more subtle than that.13:15
abellonithen start ntpd -p pool.ntp.org -l from the ifup script13:15
lpappthat is not good either ;-)13:15
lpappthat will likely stop when we do ifdown.13:16
lpapptherefore, we lose the sync up internally.13:16
lpappunless you put some magic into ifdown, too.13:16
lpappand more magic into ifup (stop, start) and the same but vice versa into ifdown.13:16
funmanabelloni: I didn't see a .o in the git log13:17
funmanit has to come from somewhere though13:17
abellonifunman: it is a .z that get copied as a .o13:17
abellonilpapp: it wouldn't stop unless you explicitely do it in ifdown13:17
*** warthog9 <warthog9!~warthog9@> has joined #yocto13:19
*** jhieber <jhieber!~jhieber@> has joined #yocto13:19
lpappabelloni: but we need to stop it13:20
abelloniwhen ?13:20
bluelightningsomething to note - you shouldn't in general be using pool.ntp.org in any default configuration: http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/vendors.html13:26
*** marka <marka!~marka@> has joined #yocto13:26
bluelightning(if you aren't doing that, no worries - just thought I would mention it)13:26
lpappbluelightning: yeah, I am using it for local testing now, but it will be up to the customer to set the remote server.13:27
lpappif it is wrong, I am happy to use something else for testing.13:27
lpappabelloni: I think I will need a complex state machine :/13:27
bluelightningthere was some discussion about registering a yocto project or OE pool but I don't think we ever got around to it13:27
lpappabelloni: if the customer plugs the "internet" cable from one board to another in the device, I will also need to swap the local sync logic between the master and slave.... it is all complex a bit with two baords supporting both internet and non-internet case...13:28
abelloniI'm not even sure that is a good idea13:28
*** vneutrino <vneutrino!~rmacleod@> has joined #yocto13:28
lpappabelloni: see, it is up to our customers how they use our product. We have two boards in it.13:29
abelloni(registering for an oe pool)13:29
lpappthey have to be kept in sync irrespective of the remote internet connection.13:29
lpappand we would like to minimize the outbound internet traffic, too.13:29
bluelightningabelloni: right, I'm not 100% convinced by that either - our current approach is no default, forcing those using ntp recipes to set one themselves13:30
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!~schneider@ip92341b76.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has quit IRC13:30
*** Retza <Retza!c3dc2512@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:32
RetzaI'd like to use this : http://bec-systems.com/site/967/setting-the-root-password-in-an-openembedded-image13:32
Retzabut ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} seems to give the wrong path13:32
Retzawhere do I have to put the code ?13:33
bluelightningRetza: in the image recipe you are attempting to build13:33
Retza(currently it's in  core-image-base.bb, it's dirty)13:33
Retzabluelightning: in core-image-base.bb ?13:33
bluelightningif that's the image you are building then yes13:33
Retzabut it doesn't work though13:34
*** retza1 <retza1!82be4111@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:35
retza1I have this :13:35
retza1WARNING: Function mv /home/pi20/poky/freescale/tmp/work/imx6qsabresd-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-base/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/shadow.new /home/pi20/poky/freescale/tmp/work/imx6qsabresd-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-base/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/shadow doesn't exist13:35
retza1and /home/pi20/poky/freescale/tmp/work/imx6qsabresd-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-base/1.0-r0/rootfs  doesn't exists, even if it's the path given by ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}13:36
retza1any idea bluelightning ?13:37
bluelightningretza1: you need to create a function and call that from ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND, rather than adding the command to that variable value13:39
retza1bluelightning: have you an example of syntaxe ?13:40
*** vneutrino is now known as vmeson13:42
bluelightningretza1: yes, see meta/classes/insserv.bbclass (ignore the first line)13:44
Retzaparsing ok, thanks13:45
Retzanow I wait to see if I have the same WARNING13:45
*** euan <euan!5bb9b13a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:47
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Retzabluelightning: yay, thx a lot !13:50
bluelightningRetza: you're welcome :)13:51
Retzaby the way, do you know how to add an user (with password and /home/user) ?13:51
RetzaI guess I can't do it with ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND13:52
*** Net147 <Net147!~Net147@unaffiliated/net147> has quit IRC13:53
lpappabelloni: http://git.busybox.net/busybox/commit/?id=3aef814c0b08d9703280b4772060ce5016c683c413:53
rink_Retza: you can instruct yocto to add users to your system14:01
rink_in the image's passwd/group/etc14:01
*** melonipoika <melonipoika!~quassel@> has quit IRC14:07
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*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto14:13
bluelightningRetza: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#ref-classes-extrausers14:14
bluelightningassuming you are using a new enough version of the system that provides that class14:14
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@93-33-54-138.ip43.fastwebnet.it> has quit IRC14:22
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #216 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/eclipse-plugin-kepler/builds/21614:24
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!~Gianfranc@93-33-54-138.ip43.fastwebnet.it> has joined #yocto14:24
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Retzathanks bluelightning.14:27
funmanabelloni: CONFIG_AEABI seems to do the trick14:29
*** simonl <simonl!uid6729@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-nrbmbeoojjrjftba> has quit IRC14:30
funmannot sure why it's not in their defconfig14:30
*** e8johan <e8johan!~quassel@90-229-157-121-no198.tbcn.telia.com> has joined #yocto14:55
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funmani think it's rather a buggy recipe15:04
*** egavin <egavin!~egavin@43.Red-2-139-180.staticIP.rima-tde.net> has joined #yocto15:05
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acidfuwhat tool there is to "benchmark" a linux system? I realize that "benchmarking" is vague, but I'm open to hear about anything - still I think I'd like to start with something that can bench the CPU with a tool that tries a lot of different operation (like floating point math etc)15:36
*** cyclist <cyclist!~dan@24-207-238-91.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com> has quit IRC15:40
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*** darknighte <darknighte!~darknight@pdpc/supporter/professional/darknighte> has joined #yocto15:48
acidfus/google/I don't know15:48
rink_there are a lot of stress testing and benchmarking tools available15:50
rink_but most seem to have some kind of focus (integer, float performance, etc)15:50
*** onoffon <onoffon!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC15:51
acidfuI found this one, seems pretty cool https://code.google.com/p/byte-unixbench/15:51
* rink_ thinks the tool to use depends quite a lot on what you want to know15:51
*** darknighte <darknighte!~darknight@pdpc/supporter/professional/darknighte> has quit IRC15:51
kergothacidfu: no, if you're too lazy to bother looking, you really don't  need to be wasting our time anymore15:51
kergothgo do some research15:51
acidfukergoth, if you don't know just not bother to answer me15:52
acidfuthats it15:52
acidfuI know how to use google...15:52
kergothapparently not, if you waste people's time on irc before looking yourself15:52
acidfukergoth, just don't speak to me, thats it15:52
acidfuso you won't feel you are loosing anything15:52
*** darknighte <darknighte!~darknight@pdpc/supporter/professional/darknighte> has joined #yocto15:53
bluelightningacidfu: there are a bunch of recipes in meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-benchmark/ that may be of interest15:53
kergothagreed, thank god for /ignore15:53
acidfubluelightning, cool I'll have a look thank you15:53
* paulg munches on some popcorn15:54
kergothI hate it when people value others time less than their own. Pet peeve of mine.15:56
paulgI hear ya.15:56
* vmeson points to: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html15:56
funmanERROR: The recipe linux-hardkernel is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are: /media/fun/1T/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/odroid-c1/sysroot-providers/virtual_kernel15:56
* paulg fines vmeson $2 for using an ESR reference.15:56
funmanI think I understand, it means I already built a dummy kernel, and then modified my sources to build the real kernel15:57
vmesonwhat happened to the beer fines, paulg?15:57
paulgI fine you in cash and then use the $ to buy beer.  Same as it has always been.15:57
* funman unbuilds some stuff15:58
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darknightevmeson: hadn't seen that link before.  I like it!16:02
kergothi didn't realize esr updated it, i read it years ago. i see it mentions stackexchange now16:02
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vmesondarknighte: don't tell paulg, he'll be drunk before we know it. :)16:02
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* darknighte considers how many times he's asked "non-smart" questions16:03
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cyclistI'm trying to add net-snmp to a core-image-lsb build.  I'm getting the following error:17:05
cyclistERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'net-snmp-server' (but /home/dan/sabre/sources/poky/meta/recipes-extended/images/core-image-lsb.bb RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)17:05
cyclistI added the following to my local.conf:17:05
cyclistVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_snmp-manager = "net-snmp-server"17:06
cyclistIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " net-snmp-server net-snmp-libs net-snmp-mibs"17:06
cyclistThe meta-openembedded layer is enabled17:06
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bluelightningcyclist: meta-openembedded is a repository, meta-oe is a layer within that - but I think you'll find the net-snmp recipe is part of meta-networking17:13
*** onoffon <onoffon!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto17:14
cyclistit's in there, but I'm geting the error when I add it17:16
cyclistAm I missing something else in my local.conf?17:16
cyclistmeta-oe is in my bblayers.conf17:17
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #217 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-x86-64/builds/21717:17
bluelightningcyclist: you have both meta-oe and meta-networking?17:18
bluelightningi.e. both are listed in bblayers.conf?17:19
cyclistno they aren't17:20
bluelightningok, you will also need to add meta-networking17:20
cyclistI get it now (I think)17:20
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #215 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-fsl-arm/builds/21517:22
cyclistI thought that meta-networking was part of meta-oe, but now I see that it's not17:22
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cyclistIt's building now.  I had to add meta-python, too17:25
cyclistthanks for your help17:26
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khem`RP: there18:37
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acidfuis there a specific libpthread recipe, or does poky build it by default? thanks !19:20
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khem`acidfu: libc has it19:22
acidfuok thanks19:22
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fishey1Can I force a package to be rebuilt if a package it depends on has it's version change?20:32
fishey1Or does this always happen?20:32
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onoffonfishey1: usually bitbake will notice direct deps20:44
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rewittkhem: I just logged a bug for it 7388, but the journal appears to be empty after boot.20:56
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RPkhem: kind of21:01
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acidfuhum, I'm building a yocto recipe that needs that call -lpthread while compiling, but still I'm getting stuff like this:  undefined reference to `pthread_mutexattr_init'21:47
acidfuanyone have an idea where I could investigate? thanks!21:47
acidfu(using poky and arm-poky-linux-gnueabi)21:49
rewitt-pthread is the appropriate way to use libpthread when using gcc21:49
acidfuah ok I'll try this !21:52
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cyclistI'm trying to add a package from github where the name of the package and the directory created are different.  How do I handle thaat in my recipe?23:19
cyclistexample:  the package is "opendnp3", and the dircctory fetched by git is "dnp3"23:21
bluelightningcyclist: typically the source is fetched from git to a subdirectory called "git"23:23
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bluelightningwell, unpacked to that subdirectory, technically23:23
bluelightningwhich means you would set S ="${WORKDIR}/git" in the recipe to point to that23:23
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cyclistso it's smart enough to determine the path downloaded by git23:25
frankie99Hey all, I'm in the process of standing up a new image on an x86-64 target and am having trouble with networking23:31
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frankie99I can see my CPU's networking components in lspci, but when I try to add any interfaces (ip link set eth0 up) I get SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device23:33
frankie99I have a custom distro that is closely derived from poky, and am building for the genericx86-64 machine23:35
bluelightningcyclist: not really, it specifies it when running git23:35
frankie99The only interface available is lo/loopback.  Not really sure where to get started on this one.  Any advice, nudges in the right direction, or general methodology for approaching this kind of problem would be super helpful23:36
bluelightningfrankie99: if I had to guess I would say the appropriate driver isn't enabled in the kernel (either built in or as a module)23:40
frankie99bluelightning: In general, do networking drivers tend to have both built-in and modular components, or is it either-or?23:41
bluelightningeither-or, like most drivers in the kernel23:43
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