Thursday, 2015-03-26

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redenginanyone added fortran to a yocto image?  I'm trying the meta-yocto/conf/local.conf.sample.extended hints, but I get a link error that it can't find libquadmath02:33
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sarnold_hey, i thought you guys were going out...02:51
sarnold_and hey, this completely forgot my nick config...02:51
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* JaMa went to work from office just because of bigger screen, just to find our that someone decided to take my LCD after they haven't seen me for 3 days :)02:52
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* mr_science tending to neglected GSoC duties02:57
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redenginanyone added fortran to a yocto image?  I'm trying the meta-yocto/conf/local.conf.sample.extended hints, but I get a link error that it can't find libquadmath03:45
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mr_sciencethere's a local.conf option i needed, but I'm 300 miles from my build box04:16
mr_sciencei put it there so long ago i don't remember it...04:17
JaMaFIXIT = "1"04:19
mr_scienceit's in there04:20
redenginmr_science, I believe thats what I got, I'll try adding the FORTRAN = ",fortran" as well04:21
mr_scienceworked last time i tried it...04:22
redenginI think the problem is that there is no longer a libquadmath recipe, the gcc recipes add the --disable-libquadmath but that doesn't seem to take effect04:22
redenginmr_science, how long ago?04:22
mr_sciencea little while...  i got busy in the middle of refactoring image recipes and i haven't built my full devtool image for a few months maybe...04:23
mr_scienceheh, paul's devtool talk still stuck in my head04:24
mr_scienceapparently i am not the only gentoo party-crasher now...04:25
redenginwell, no luck with those additions mr_science   :(04:27
mr_sciencewell, i'm not in a good place to play with it now, but if it's still an issue after saturday you can ping me again04:28
redenginwill do, thanks04:28
mr_sciencemaybe tomorrow, depending on how busy it is...04:28
mr_sciencebut then, nobody has "officially" asked me to help tomorrow, so...04:29
redenginyou have any idea how libquadmath gets configured?04:30
mr_sciencehaven't had to really look at it before04:31
mr_sciencethe fortran piece usually just works...04:31
* mr_science has wrestled with gnat but not so much gfortran04:32
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mr_scienceredengin, i pilfered a lot of stuff from tkoskine in #ada04:36
nrossiJaMa: sure its not 'FIXIT_ALL = "1"' :)04:37
JaMatrue that one is better, someone should implement FIXIT_ALL_AND_SUBMIT_THE_PATCHES = "skynet"04:38
mr_sciencenot sure this will help much, but might spark something...
nrossiPREFERRED_FIXER = "skynet" no? need to follow the convention :P04:39
JaMathen it should be PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/fixer = "skynet'04:40
JaMa' instead of " doesn't matter, it will fix itself04:40
nrossitrue, but make sure you set PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/fixer = "pre-judgementday"04:40
JaMais there already bugzilla ticket for this?04:41
nrossinope, need to get on that :) maybe set the target version as 1.9 ;)04:43
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redenginwhere does the gcc tarball get expanded?  maybe it'd help to see what it takes to do it by hand04:47
nrossiredengin: the source tarball? its in work-shared/gcc-source i believe04:47
redenginyeah, I found it04:48
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redenginwoot, I think I got it!05:11
redenginwhy have a single disable when you can make a special one just for fortran.....   now do I want to do the retesting necessary to fix the yocto recipe....05:11
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redengincan someone help me out in the process to submit the change?05:34
nrossiredengin: what change are you trying to submit?05:46
redenginits additional configure flag for gcc-runtime to allow libgfortran to compile without libquadmath05:46
nrossiok so its against oe-core/meta?05:47
redenginyeah, its an update to meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-4.9.inc05:47
nrossiHave a read of the oe patch submission process here:
nrossiyou should just be able to git format-patch, and then send-email to the oe list05:48
redenginok, I was trying to avoid subscribing to the mailing list, but I'll make a burner email05:49
nrossiyer its a bit annoying that, but you can subscribe and disable all the traffic05:49
nrossijust make sure your in the Cc for you patch and you will get all the replies05:50
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redenginwhats the difference between core and devel?05:59
nrossi-devel is for meta-openembedded06:00
nrossicore is for the core layer, aka "meta"06:00
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redenginhow do I disable the cc of my git global email?06:04
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nrossigit send-email -h -> i think you want "--suppress-cc", but just check by dry-running the send email with --dry-run06:09
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redenginbah, I don't smtp is working  :(06:14
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nrossiyep, that is why the pull request model is not really so bad as people make it out to be :P06:16
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redenginwoot, finally got it configure06:21
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redenginhow do I confirm the email made it into the mailiing list?06:27
nrossiyou can check the archive:
redenginshould it be immediate?06:29
nrossiredengin: it can take awhile, email is slow :(06:29
redenginguess I'll wait, I hadn't confirmed my email before sending the patch, guess I'm in limbo06:30
nrossipossibly, you will get an email if it was rejected because you are not subscribed06:30
nrossiso if you dont get one of those emails within the next 5-10minutes its probably in the moderation queue06:30
redenginso much work for a one-line change :)06:33
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ericbuttershi got QA error from nativesdk-opkg: this is on poky07:51
ericbutterssry on dora07:51
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rink_is it possible to build the Yocto SDK for both Linux and Win32?08:43
* rink_ notices heavy resistance from co-workers using VM's08:44
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_4urele_rink_ there is a layer for this I think, never tried :)08:45
_4urele_rink_, let me know if it fits your needs (and if it fits your needs let me know if it works ;) well for you )08:46
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rink_sure, ty09:00
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rink_hmm I wonder how I plug this in my existing SKD09:04
* rink_ wonders if he shouldjust copy the sysroot over after the mingw sdk is done ...09:04
_4urele_rink_, I think you just have to add the layer, maybe set a variable to add mingw to sdk (honestly don't know where...), then run populate-sdk?09:19
* rink_ 's google-fu is weak09:19
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rink_guess I need to dive into it09:21
_4urele_rink_, i'm watching at the ref-manual, there are some interesting variables containing "SDK"09:24
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darkspikeIs there a way to exclude a "native" package when building an sdk with populate_sdk ? (i want to exclude the nativesdk-unfs-server, nativesdk-qemu and some others)10:02
darkspikeI tried with SDK_PACKAGE_ARCHS[vardepsexclude] = "nativesdk-unfs-server", but it does not work, it is still getting built10:04
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euanHi, can anyone tell me how to enable UART1 on the beaglebone as part of the yocto build?10:12
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darkspikeeuan: do you need to set an kernel command line parameter to enable UART1 on you board ?10:24
darkspikeeuan: when you enable it manually ?10:24
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euandarkspike: I'm not sure what you mean. my understanding is the pin mux is set by the dtb file generated by the build, I assume I need to modify a recipe to customise this file10:35
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darkspikeeuan: yes, it is better to make you own layer, make a recipe in it and add it to bblayers.conf11:08
euandarkspike: any idea what recipe is generating the dtb file? or where to find the source?11:09
euanI have been digging through the poky directory but can't find anything11:10
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irontia_Hi folks. Has anybody every thought about using debootstrap with yocto-build packages?12:43
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irontia_It may be useful to have an environment to build a single component12:54
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otaviopidge: I didn't make the branch yet as we are finishing some bugs14:53
otaviopidge: will do it soon14:53
pidgeotavio: that's fine. Let me know when you do so when I roll rc2 I know where to pull from.14:53
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darkspikeeuan: meta\recipes-kernel\linux\, in do_install_append you have oe_runmake ${DTB}15:18
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JaMaheh now I know the 1.8 name, was it announced somewhere or leaked unintentionall?15:57
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cgkadesso, if i want to add a recipe that is on openembedded to yocto.. how exactly do i go about doing that? do i add the layer (which includes a BUNCH of stuff)? Can i just tell it to use the one recipe from that layer? do i create my own layer and download the .bb file? I'm reading but it's not really clear for this use case. also the recipe that i want has dep17:12
RPJaMa: I put it on the wiki a while ago ;-)17:17
cgkadesThere is sooo much info scattered around. I'm reading as fast as i can :)17:17
RPJaMa: there was no official "announcement" other than me pushing the branches17:17
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JaMaRP: I've somehow missed this year/217:36
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cgkadesdoes it add all recipes inside a layer directory? or is there something that tells it what to add?18:08
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kergothcgkades: layer.conf in the layer adds the recipes to BBFILES with wildcards.18:35
cgkadesok thanks18:40
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realBigfootI have tried including gcc on my final build but, there is no bin... does anyone know why?20:24
kergothtried how? and what does 'my final build' mean?20:28
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realBigfootkergoth, i put on local.conf IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "gcc" (final build I mean my image)20:34
kergothyou forgot a separator, unless you missed it when typing into irc20:34
kergoth" gcc", not "gcc"20:34
realBigfootkergoth, oh... it is separated in the conf20:35
kergothis gcc installed? did you chekc the image manifest?20:35
realBigfootkergoth, it is installed but i just saw some folders but I can't run la gcc --version20:37
cgkadeshow do i make sure a recipe is going into the build? i created a layer and added the gphoto2 recipe from openembeded.
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cgkadeswoah, got it to work21:02
pumpernickelHow did you do that?21:02
pumpernickelI've added a layer using yocto-layer, but I'm trying to create my own image in it, and not having much luck.21:03
pumpernickelMy recipes don't show up in bitbake -s21:03
pumpernickelI might be doing the wrong thing in the first place trying to add a layer though.  Don't know.21:05
pumpernickelI mean, an image layer specifically.21:05
cgkadesso, in the base dir i created meta-elabs and all the sub dirs (see paste bin)21:09
pumpernickelAlright, haha, got that to work once I saw the breakdown of your pastebin.21:09
pumpernickelThe thing I was missing was silly.21:09
pumpernickelMy BBFILES line wasn't adding the location of my image.bb21:10
cgkadesah ok21:10
cgkadesi've been bashing my head into my desk trying to figure out how all of this interacts with each other21:10
pumpernickelThanks though! Without seeing all the files compressed into one pastebin, I probably would have missed that.21:10
cgkadesglad my struggle could help someone else :)21:11
pumpernickelThe more I look at it, the more I think that .bb files can do most anything.21:11
pumpernickelRegardless of where they are.21:11
pumpernickelAs long as the layers they need are in the bblayers.conf21:12
cgkadesnow to figure out how to add a kernel module o.O21:12
pumpernickelYeah, good luck! I'm nowhere near that point.21:13
pumpernickelI'm trying to figure out how to use the externalsrc functionality.21:13
pumpernickeldevtool would be nice, but I'm pretty much stuck with working from 3.17 due to the platform I'm working on.21:13
cgkadesyeah, i think i'm going to have to write my own recipe for getting the actual gphoto2 built.. but at least i was able to add someone else's recipe21:14
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