Wednesday, 2015-04-08

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carbnhi. does anyone have experience setting up icecream/icecc with yocto? it was super simple to enable and the farm is able to compile stuff, but some recipes keep failing due to missing headers (e.g. ncurses can't find stdlib.h). i'm guessing the build env is not sent properly. any ideas on how to debug/fix this?06:43
_4urele_carbn, i'm using a Black List06:46
carbn_4urele_: simply bl every failing recipe?06:46
carbnthat could work, but i fear there might be a ton of those packages06:48
_4urele_carbn, I have something like 15 to 20 packages, but it speeds up the process anyway ;), anyhow I thought it was just a matter of build-env generation script06:53
_4urele_carbn, as far as I saw you can tweak the script06:54
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mckoangood morning07:16
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_4urele_denix, hi, I'm working with meta-ti, building a pandaboard, my kernel fail at configure with "make: *** No rule to make target `oldconfig'.  Stop."07:58
_4urele_i'm on yocto master and meta-ti master07:58
_4urele_(from yesterday) do you have any idea?07:59
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cart_manWhen I try to build a PLX driver in YoCto I get EGLUT: failed to initialize native display08:05
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cart_manAnybody know what to do with that? Seems like the fancy make file display they have built in is actally breaking the make process and its not even really needed08:06
cart_mancd /08:06
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bluelightningmorning all08:40
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_4urele_hi everyone, i'm using yocto with poky master branch and meta-ti master branch, I'm building for pandaboard. The build is failing at kernel (linux-omap4) do_configure... it says "make: *** No rule to make target `oldconfig'.  Stop.", when I go in the build directory it is empty...08:54
_4urele_if anyone can help... I don't know what to do.08:55
_4urele_(I checked when the mke oldconfig is executed the PWD is "btmp/work/pandaboard-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-omap4/3.4-r2a/uild"08:55
_4urele_I tried to do "cd ../git" it goes further and fail asking a "make mrproper"08:56
bluelightningit sounds like the recipe hasn't been updated for changes in master, but I'm honestly not sure what changes would need to be made...08:57
_4urele_thanks bluelightning maybe i could use an older commit08:58
bluelightningI would imagine dizzy on both sides would be a safe choice08:58
LetoThe2nddenix: ^^^^ can you maybe tell the state of panda in meta-ti?09:00
LetoThe2ndgiven the maintenance state of panda altogether, i wouldn't be surprised if the recipes also had seen little love lately09:02
bluelightningI have to admit I'm a bit bothered by this as it suggests there might be changes we should be documenting in the migration guide that we probably haven't09:02
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ant_workmany non-yocto kernels needs a simple fix: the S dir must be redefined09:15
ant_work(after S/B split)09:15
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_4urele_bluelightning, LetoThe2nd, ant_work, thanks for adices, I will try dizzy branch (on poky as there is no dizzy for meta-ti)09:21
_4urele_ant_work, i will have a look at this S/B diretories maybe ;)09:21
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sm0ketsthi all09:52
sm0ketstusing the intel-core2-32 (meta-intel) with the DEFAULTTUNE changed to the "core2-64" in the local.conf is the appropriate option for the Atom N2550 ??09:53
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pevDoes anyone know nuts and bolts of EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS?09:54
pevSo I'm using it to do a usermod09:54
pevbut I've had to adapt shadow as in a read-only rootfs environment and shadow creates temp / lock files under /etc. Obv thing to do is make them under /var/lock as you should. However this gets cross compiled natively and shadow borks in the build process as it tries to resolve the /var/lock and these are symlinks in dev machine rootfs and when the build runs useradd (via pseudo) they resolve to non existant dirs on the dev machine...09:57
pevscratching my head as to the correct approach to fix09:57
ericbuttersis there a way to list all tasks invoked by populate_sdk?10:00
pev*usermod not add...10:00
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pev_Interesting - the perform_usermod works in the build if I hack shadow to use "/run/lock" not "/var/lock" i.e. the link target...? Surely symlinks should work with pseudo -R?10:19
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pev_Seems like a general thing with pseudo and anything that uses /tmp?10:43
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bluelightningericbutters: bitbake -g ?11:02
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ericbuttersbluelightning: yes, thanks11:04
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jkuI'm trying to understand how the autobuilder works... all of the builds seem to say they are from master-next but if I check the commit hash, it might not be in master-next?11:48
jkuare these builds someone is running manually for their own branch?11:48
jkuor again in english: is someone running these builds manually for their own branch?11:49
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bluelightningpidge: ^12:21
rink_hmm, no scponly in yocto/oe ?12:22
rink_and/or rssh?12:24
pidgejku: We don't automate the builds as the builds take a while and we need to be able to plan autobuilder usage a bit. The commit hash might not be in master-next as that branch can disappear in the middle of a build if RP decides to blow it away. Can I get an example?12:27
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CromFrHi ! I'm trying to build a kernel module for a custom machine. The conf works well for the qemux86 machine, but I can't figure why it doesn't with mine... (is fails with sysroots/mymachine/usr/src/kernel not found)12:28
bluelightningrink_: I don't believe we have one no, but presumably it would be fairly easy to create a recipe for it12:28
rink_bluelightning: alright, I'll dive into that when the need comes, thanks12:29
CromFrIs there any specific package/feature to enable to build custom kernel modules?12:29
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bluelightningCromFr: other than "inherit module", not really no... I assume you are basing your recipe on the one in meta-skeleton ?12:36
agherzanHi guys. I encounter a strange issue with poky dizzy. For whatever reason the "pkg_postinst" functions are ignored completely. Is this a known issue? I tested on a dummy package following the instructions in the 1.7.1 manual.12:36
CromFrbluelightning: yes it's based on the meta skeleton, I just changed the name12:37
CromFrbluelightning: and it works well with the qemu machine :/12:39
bluelightningagherzan: no, not a known issue - rpm / deb / ipk ? when creating the image or when installing packages at runtime?12:40
agherzanrpm and deb at image creation bluelightning12:40
bluelightningagherzan: anything in log.do_rootfs?12:41
jkupidge: ok, that explains it really -- similar commits did end up in master-next with different hashes12:41
bluelightningCromFr: are you also using a custom kernel recipe?12:41
agherzanbluelightning: absolutely nothing of interest...12:42
bluelightningagherzan: ok, would you mind filing a bug?12:42
CromFrbluelightning: I disabled recipes-kernel in my layer to be sure12:44
pidgejku: yeah, that's what I figured.12:44
agherzanbluelightning: is there any way i can increase the log level in do_rootfs?12:45
agherzani don't even see the respective package mentioned there12:45
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bluelightningagherzan: not that I know of12:46
bluelightningagherzan: if the package is not mentioned it sounds like that might be where the problem lies - are you sure it's actually getting included in IMAGE_INSTALL?12:47
agherzanso there is no way to see the output of the post install script of a specific package?12:47
agherzanyes - i see it in installed_pkgs.txt12:47
bluelightninghmm, there is some extra logging for those but I have never needed to enable it myself12:47
jkupidge: I was hoping there was an easy way to see if a patch I'm interested in has been through AB (or is currently building). Is that currently very difficult or am I missing something?12:48
jkuE.g. currently I'd like to notice when the revised GLib upgrade patch is being built...12:49
bluelightningCromFr: something must provide virtual/kernel, that's supposed to be what installs the files the module is currently not able to find12:49
pidgejku: ergh.... hrmmmmm..... I don't think there is a good way to do that right now. Most everything that is in master has been through the AB at least once, however. Generally, things get run through in a master-next and then pulled. But not always.12:51
CromFrbluelightning: I set the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel in the machine conf, and I the value is correct (using bitbake -e)12:54
sm0ketstbluelightning: hi12:54
bluelightningCromFr: what version of the build system are you using?12:54
CromFrbluelightning: Here is the machine conf:
jkuthe context is that I have upgrade patches that depend on the new GLib -- should I just send them and mention in the message that they shouldn't be applied before GLib upgrade , or wait for GLib to appear in master?12:54
bluelightningjku: I'd say it's fine to send them, just mention the dependency in the cover letter12:55
CromFrbluelightning: bitbake 1.24 with poky dizzy12:56
jkuthanks, I 'll do that12:56
CromFrbluelightning: i'm sure it's something really stupid...12:57
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sm0ketstbluelightning: how should i use the meta-intel for 64 bits (i.e. D2550) using the intel-core2-32 MACHINE? is it a good idea to use the DEFAULTTUNE to "core2-64" ??12:59
bluelightningCromFr: I'm not sure, but I'd be looking at whatever kernel recipe you are building and checking what files it has installed13:00
bluelightningsm0ketst: intel-core2-32 is by definition 32-bit - AFAIK for 64-bit you should use intel-corei7-64 instead13:00
sm0ketstbluelightning: but according what BSP description says: "CPUs prior to the Silvermont core." for intel-core2-32 so.. ??13:02
sm0ketstand D2550 is an 64b unit but Cedertrail (< silvermont)13:03
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bluelightningsm0ketst: ah right, cedartrail13:05
bluelightningsm0ketst: unfortunately I'm not the best person to ask, you might want to post the question on the meta-intel mailing list13:05
sm0ketstbluelightning: ok thanks indeed, ill do13:05
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CromFrbluelightning: ok thank you very much :)13:06
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CardoeIs there a way to append to a machine config like with bbappend?13:54
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bluelightningsm0ketst: I was suggesting the meta-intel mailing list, not the yocto mailing list ;)13:56
bluelightningCardoe: I'm afraid not... you can do machine-specific customisations from a custom distro config though13:57
bluelightning(by using machine overrides)13:57
Cardoebluelightning: ok thanks. I'm trying to add another dts file to KERNEL_DEVICETREE and now I'm looking and maybe I can do that with a linux-kernel bbappend?13:58
bluelightningCardoe: should be possible yes13:58
Cardoebluelightning: awesome. Thanks. I guess I was approaching it wrong initially.13:59
CardoeAnother question if you might know13:59
CardoeWhen using a kernel with an initramfs (e.g. core-image-minimal-initramfs)14:00
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CardoeI'm getting Warning: Cannot create initial console14:00
CardoeI get no output from the init scripts14:01
Cardoecore-image-minimal is fine but I've obvious got a rootfs somewhere else.14:01
CardoeAtmel AT91SAM9G25 based board using their layer14:01
CardoeBooting with U-Boot14:01
bluelightningnot sure I'm afraid...14:02
CardoeI figure the initramfs that Yocto is building wants some extra kernel command line passed in14:02
CardoeNo worries. It was a long shot.14:02
bluelightningAFAICT that's not a message our scripts are writing out14:02
CardoeI believe its the kernel itself.14:02
CardoeI'm not sure I find it all over the internet.14:03
CardoeFedora users used to run into it a lot when they made some changes to dracut14:03
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agherzanbluelightning: you still around? i think i found out what i was doing wrong - but i don't know why14:17
bluelightningagherzan: yep I'm here14:17
bluelightningwhat did you find?14:17
agherzani was using ${D} and not $D14:17
agherzanand this was actually creating the files in image dir of the package14:18
agherzanwhich is at least strange14:18
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agherzanbluelightning: can you try on a dummy package too? is this an intended behavior? i hope not because is probably the most confusing one :)14:19
agherzanand we can kill people with this kind of easter eggs :)14:20
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agherzanbluelightning: it seems this is actually intended and mentioned in the manual14:25
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agherzan5.18.2. Post-Installation Scripts¶14:25
bluelightningoh, yes...14:25
bluelightningit's not so much intentional as a side-effect of the two things having the same name :(14:26
bluelightningin 1.8 we have added a QA check to catch this14:26
agherzani get that - but why it was ran at install time?14:26
agherzani was expecting to to be ran at all14:26
agherzanthat's the confusing part...14:26
bluelightningwhy was it run when sorry?14:27
agherzanuh no14:27
agherzani get it now...14:27
kergothpostinsts are run at do_rootfs time with D set to the path to the rootfs, to give them the opportunity to run at image construction time if it's possible to do so (e..g scripts that create symlinks are entirely safe in that context). if they fail at that point, they're run on first boot instead14:27
agherzanit actually instals it in the package's image14:27
agherzankergoth: thanks . I wish you morning was earlier a little :)14:28
agherzanthanks anyway14:28
kergothheh :)14:28
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agherzankergoth: bluelightning would it make sense to add a warning at do_rootfs time when using ${D}?14:30
agherzanis there any case when ${D} is used at do_rootfs time?14:31
bluelightningagherzan: the warning we've added is at packaging time for the recipe where the issue is14:31
kergothyou don't really understand how variable expansion works14:31
kergothusing ${D} in a postinst will get expanded tot eh full path to the ${D}/image directory of hta tpackage, when the package is emitted in do_package14:31
agherzankergoth: might be true14:31
*** Cardoe <Cardoe!~Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe> has joined #yocto14:31
kergothby do_rootfs time, the postinst has long had that value hardcoded14:31
kergother, ${WORKDIR}/image14:31
*** neur0Fuzzy <neur0Fuzzy!> has quit IRC14:32
bluelightningkergoth: actually it turned out it had been expanded by the time we wanted to look for it in the QA test as well, so we ended up just looking for the expanded value (which should never be in the postinstall script anyway)14:32
*** grma <grma!> has quit IRC14:32
agherzanexactly my point14:32
kergothso we already have a qa check for this case, sounds good to me14:33
bluelightningin master/fido we do yes14:33
agherzanuh - that's why14:33
agherzanok - that's fine then14:33
agherzanthanks once again14:33
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ericbuttersbluelightning: i managed to use populate_sdk, but it builds the cross compiler for the target again using my external toolchain. so is there a way not do build the tc again, just copy tell populate_sdk to copy from the external toolchain directory?14:45
kergothericbutters: at mentor, we just disable inclusion of the toolchain with it entirely, and assume anyone installing the sdk will have the external toolchain already, rather than attempting to redistribute the whole thing14:46
kergothsee — basically we remove packagegroup-cross-canadian-${MACHINE} from TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK and add back in meta-environment-${MACHINE}14:47
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ericbutterskergoth: thanks! but can you please explain what meta-environment-${MACHINE} is?14:53
ericbuttersso i mean, what is the result of meta-environment-${MACHINE}?14:54
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kergothericbutters: meta-environment provides the environment-setup script in the sdk which you source to set all your variables appropriately for the sdk. CC, CFLAGS, etc. it's important, so you want to keep it15:22
ericbutterskergoth: okay i thought like this.. but good to know15:23
kergothalso if you leave it out, the sdk installer will hang and never return when it tries and fails to sed the environment-setup scrpt15:23
kergothnever got around to opening a bug on that..15:23
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kergothwe used to have the TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK adjustment in meta-sourcery, but i wasn't sure if it was something we always wanted done for the external toolchain, so left it in the distro config instead15:24
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ericbutterskergoth: i got one more question about that, i used your patch to don't ship a newly built tc, but when installing the sdk i get: SDK could not be set up. Relocate script unable to find Abort!15:28
ericbuttersthe environment script seems to be okay with the path replaced.15:28
ericbuttersso the is the one for the sdk machine?! -- how to get this back in?15:29
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denix_4urele_, LetoThe2nd: the old panda-specific recipe wasn't updated with the latest kernel changes in oe-core - latest mainline and/or ti-staging should be used instead15:30
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wCPOIs there a newer Firefox recipe, other than the version 10 in meta-browser?17:41
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kergothRP: have a chance to look at #7563 and #7564 yet?18:21
kergothno rush, just checking status18:22
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kidoHi, I would like to know if it is possible to create several packages from one single recipe with Yocto/OE?19:21
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denixkido: see PACKAGES and FILES_*19:29
ScarEyehello everyone, anyone here come from an openwrt environment?19:34
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RPkergoth: I think I just merged them earlier today!20:50
RP(to master, too late for 1.8 but could be candidates for 1.8.1)20:50
RPkergoth: nicely tracked down btw, we really need to find a better way to remove some of the duplication in the sstate code paths :/20:52
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kergothRP: ah! thanks :)21:21
kergothagreed.. it works, though, and we usually have bigger fires to fight :)21:21
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RPkergoth: that is all too true...21:32
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bk_lsris it reasonable to conclude that bitbake can only support one git:// URI in the SRC_URI list?23:43
bk_lsrI was hoping to somehow fetch multiple git repositories and assemble them in the source directory in do_unpack23:44
bk_lsrBasically to do what Google's gclient utility does for a build of pdfium23:44
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kergothbk_lsr: no, that's not true23:58
kergothbk_lsr: you add a name to each url, and use that to specify SRCREV. as one example, see cross-localedef-native. specifically SRC_URI, SRCREV_*, and SRCREV_FORMAT. see also gstreamer1.0-omx and linux-yocto23:59

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