Friday, 2015-04-10

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #252 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
khem`hmm Variable SRCPV value changed from 'AUTOINC+3ae139ecd8' to '3ae139ecd8'00:33
khem`how could that be ?00:33
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khem`my PV = "1.99+gitr${SRCPV}"00:44
khem`SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"00:44
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #256 of nightly-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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vickylinuxerI am building some recipes extra but not included  in image06:55
vickylinuxerBut those packages are not updated in packages file at tmp/deploy/ipk/../Packages06:56
vickylinuxerAny way to update the package information06:57
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DatGizmovickylinuxer: A bitback package-index should do it.06:57
vickylinuxerThanks alot07:02
vickylinuxerIt works07:02
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mckoangood morning07:27
eballetbogood morning07:36
eballetboanyone knows how to configure a specific tmpdir for a builder in yocto-autobuilder ?07:36
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wCPOIs there a "easier" yocto alternative, where I don't need to compile anything? Something like docker, but where I get a image.07:48
pevHey - anyone got a suggestion for an interesting shell script oddity? Ive got an md5 hash that looks a bit like "$1$2qyyasiDFa" etc... (i.e. not vars but a string) - I pass this to a script e.g. script '$1$2qyyasiDFa'07:48
pevbut of course internally to pass on to another util in the script e.g. util "$HASH" it gets parsed as if shell var. If single quote passing, the variable doesn't get resolved. Catch-22 ...07:49
pevwCPO: That would be using pre-compiled binaries surely? Two different things! :-D07:49
LetoThe2ndwCPO: a lot of people provide binary images for a lot of boards - but usually thats what comes *out* of something like poky07:51
LetoThe2ndwCPO: its just another stage of deployment.07:51
wCPOpev: yocto seems a little bit too complex for my use case. I need it for a digital signage box. So I need bootsplash, X and firefox basically. It for a x86 box.07:51
LetoThe2ndwCPO: if you don't need it to be reproductible, install $STANDARDDISTRIBUTION and beat it into shape.07:52
wCPOLetoThe2nd: That is what we is doing now.07:53
pevwCPO: One of the knoppix type variants would be plenty maybe?07:55
LetoThe2ndwCPO: most distros also offer one way or another of automating the install, so just utilize that and be fine. its not really an 'easier yocto alternative', its basically a different use case. if it fits your needs, just use it.07:55
cart_manAnybody here who actually succeeded in installing Yocto to the BeagleBone Black?07:59
LetoThe2ndcart_man: yes, but its been so long since that this answer is basically useless to you. so whats your actual question/problem?08:00
cart_manWell im not quite sure what I am doing wrong but it wont boot...not even the little blue LEDs are flashing and my Armstrong is wiped off so that wont boot obviously... I partitioned my SD card into 2 partirions. One named BOOT(Fat32) and the other named ROOT(ext4) . I copied MLO and u-boot.img to the BOOT partition and unzipped the OS to the ROOT partition but it doen not seem to even want to boot even with pressing S2 on power up08:03
cart_manLetoThe2nd, Why wont my leds not even flah?08:03
cart_manLetoThe2nd, I also dont have a usb to serial converter so I wont be able to check the serial coms : /08:04
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LetoThe2ndcart_man: i remember that back in the day i did that, i grabbed a known good sd card image. dd'ed it to the card, and then replaced the partition contents without changing the partitions or formatting them08:04
cart_manBut that does not matter anyway since my LEDs dont even come on08:04
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cart_manLetoThe2nd, Ok but which image because I cant find a .hddimg OR a .img in the Yocto prebuilt repo08:05
LetoThe2ndcart_man: maybe that can help you, but without a serial connection you'Re basically doomed, because you can'T see which boot stage actually fails (MLO, uboot, kernel)08:05
LetoThe2ndcart_man: a known good image from beagleboard.org08:05
LetoThe2nddd that to the card, then start replacing.08:05
cart_manOhh ok I see...good idea08:05
cart_manthanks man08:05
bluelightningmorning all08:06
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wCPOLetoThe2nd: Think I will try with debootstrap. Do you know any other good tools?08:20
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LetoThe2ndwCPO: in what way is debootstrap related to what you asked earlier?08:21
wCPOLetoThe2nd: I can create a script, which "build" a minimalist version of debian, with all the package I need.08:22
LetoThe2ndwCPO: ... which is usually what you do *AFTER* you have a known good, booting environment, right? not if you're not even able to startup your stuff.08:24
wCPOLetoThe2nd: I do have a "known good, booting environmen"08:25
LetoThe2ndwCPO: plus, debootstrap probably doesn't play too well with custom kernel/module stuff as we have in the BBB. better read up on RCNs scripts that he provides08:25
wCPOLetoThe2nd: It is for a x86 Gigabyte Brix. I don't need any custom kernel/module.08:26
LetoThe2ndwCPO: ah sorry i messed you up with the other asker. well then go ahead.08:27
rink_hmm, anyone know this by heart? I'm adding a new group, but I want to place root into it. How can I do that?08:30
LetoThe2ndgpasswd -a USER GROUP08:31
rink_hmm I was hopeing this somehow integrated with GROUPADD_PARAM08:31
LetoThe2ndah, you mean in a build process?08:31
LetoThe2ndno idea then, but adding root to a group is rather pointless anyways ;)08:31
rink_not really08:32
* rink_ is creating this nice group 'sshusers' :-)08:32
rink_(yes I know I can use AllowRootLogin no and stuff ,but this is easier to tune)08:33
LetoThe2nd(goes, hides silent in his closet and weeps.)08:33
rink_:-) if you can instruct my co-workers that root isn't the only account on a linux system, be my guest08:34
* rink_ pretty happy our applications do not run as root and that there is a privileges daemon which takes care of all root-thingies08:34
LetoThe2ndthey're not my coworkers, so they're not my problem. my coworkers know how to use user accounts :)08:34
rink_Pretty sure your coworkers don't come from Windows CE :08:34
rink_where there is literally _0_ concept of security08:35
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LetoThe2ndstill i *personally* (so take it with a pinch of salt) think that giving in to their lazyness will cause more pain in the end than saying "NO ROOT ACCESS!" once now and forever and properly educating them08:36
rink_oh, it's not enabled by default.08:36
* rink_ notes SSH isn't enabled by default either - and if you enable it, you must instruct the system to bind it to something else than 127.0.0108:37
rink_But let's just say I've tried that fight over and over... people are evil08:37
LetoThe2ndi know. but sorry, still can't help you there. never needed that.08:37
nrossii know you can trick them, make an account call root which has uid != 0 :D08:38
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rink_LetoThe2nd: well fwiw, it seems you can use GROUPMEMS_PARAMS08:39
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LetoThe2ndrink_: thanks for telling! *notes*08:41
* rink_ wishes there were more ppl who took embedded system security seriously08:41
nrossiembedded system security is easy, remove all the external interfaces no?08:42
rink_nrossi: exactly08:42
rink_and, despite all my wishes, our product _still_ does DHCP by default08:43
rink_even though there is zero need for that08:43
rink_but 'windows ce does it, so people expect it'08:43
rink_LetoThe2nd: ugh, it seems GROUPMEMS_PARAMS is quite recent - my yocto doesn't have it08:45
* rink_ decides to add root group to sshd allowgroups - I'll do the crying when I get home08:46
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lpappgood morning09:19
lpappbluelightning: hmm, it seems that pseudo does not work after the migration.09:24
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bluelightninghow have you determined that?09:24
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lpappbluelightning: I have determined that based on this bitbake output,
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bluelightning"If the build fails, install 32-bit developer packages."09:36
lpappwhat packages exactly? why was it not needed before?09:36
bluelightningchange in behaviour after a much earlier pseudo upgrade I would guess09:37
lpappgit mv poky-dylan-9.0.1 src09:38
lpappfatal: bad source, source=poky-dylan-9.0.1/meta/classes/archive-configured-source.bbclass, destination=src/meta/classes/archive-configured-source.bbclass09:38
lpappit is another interesting thing.09:38
bluelightningIIRC, this would be caused by your system having some 32-bit packages installed (glibc?), enough to trigger pseudo wanting to build its 32-bit support - but not the headers, so it fails09:39
bluelightningI really don't know much about the archiver class(es)09:39
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lpappbluelightning: ok, thanks; I cannot seem to find a pseudo 32 package on my Debian.09:48
lpappis the package mentioned in the dependency section?09:48
lpappprobably there ought to be a section like that for 1.6, too09:49
lpappit does not affect everyone, I understand, but it affects some.09:49
bluelightningyou wouldn't be looking for pseudo, look for glibc and other core libraries09:50
lpappok, well, then "If the build fails, install 32-bit developer packages." was confusing to me.09:50
lpappsince it was a pseudo issue, I thought I would need to install a 32 bit version of pseudo.09:51
bluelightningby all means file a bug against pseudo for an error message improvement09:51
lpapphmm, libc6-i386 is already installed.09:56
lpappapparently, that is not enough.09:56
rink_hmmm can anyone help me getting scponly to build with yocto ?10:01
* rink_ is getting configure errors10:01
rink_/home/rink/fsl-community-bsp/build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/scponly/4.8-r1/scponly-4.8/configure: line 4007: syntax error near unexpected token `PROG_SFTP_SERVER,'10:01
rink_that line in question is SCPONLY_PATH_PROG_DEFINE(PROG_SFTP_SERVER, sftp-server, <stuff>)10:02
bluelightninglpapp: and the headers?10:02
bluelightningi.e. the corresponding dev/devel package(s)?10:02
* rink_ wonders if it processes the file correctly; I'm just inherit-ing autotools10:03
* rink_ doesn't see the macro being defined anywhere10:04
bluelightningunfortunately some software packages ship broken scripts that can't be autoreconf'd10:08
* rink_ gives up, tries rssh instead10:09
bluelightningit's usually worse for older packages10:09
rink_well the latest stable version of scponly is from 200810:09
bluelightningusually I look around for patches shipped in distros (debian, fedora) and if that fails, override do_configure to oe_runconf so that the upstream configure script is used (but that usually has its own pitfalls)10:10
rink_hmm let's see10:10
* rink_ wonders how to find patches in fedora repo10:12
rink_it seems that what debian did is just replace the entire configure file10:12
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rink_bluelightning: | /home/rink/fsl-community-bsp/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/libexec/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gcc/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/4.8.2/ld: rssh_chroot_helper.o: relocation R_ARM_MOVW_ABS_NC against `username' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC10:19
rink_any idea what that means ?10:19
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LetoThe2ndrink_: sure, rssh_chroot_helper needs to compiled with -fPIC10:21
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LetoThe2ndso make sure its configure scripts does set it.10:21
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rink_well, I am unsure _why_ it needs -fPIC10:22
rink_as neither the config scripts sets it10:22
rink_and appearantly it is not needed on other platforms/archs10:22
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LetoThe2ndrink_: i've seen the same when building a shared lib linking against qt10:24
LetoThe2ndand maybe its not needed on other builds if they link static only10:24
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* rink_ notes it seems to try to detect to build static10:30
rink_but even bluntly adding -fPIC does not help10:30
* rink_ sighs10:30
lpappbluelightning: thanks, that was it!10:30
lpappbluelightning: seems the kernel logic also changed? It fails in here.10:30
bluelightningwhich logic?10:30
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bluelightninglpapp: is that revision actually in master of the specified repo, or another branch?10:38
lpappbluelightning: it is the hash of the 3.2.1 tag10:39
bluelightningagain... is that on master? or another branch? or no branch?10:40
lpappno idea10:40
bluelightningwell, you'll probably need to find out10:41
lpappbut since KBRANCH ?= "master" says master, I assume so.10:41
lpapp"If you do not specify a branch, BitBake looks in the default "master" branch."10:41
lpappmaster is not the default in many repositories though10:41
lpappperhaps it should check HEAD instead?10:42
lpappwhere it points to?10:42
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lpappbluelightning: yeah, the only problem is that it takes me an hour to clone that repository.10:49
bluelightningsurely you have a clone of it already somewhere...10:50
lpappnot really, no.10:50
bluelightningand none of your colleagues?10:50
lpappI am alone in here with this :-)10:50
bluelightningwell, I certainly can't tell you which branch it's on...10:51
lpappbut let me see if sstate-cache can get me to somewhere...10:51
bluelightningyou'd be much more likely to find it in git2/ under a previous downloads directory10:51
lpappyeah, that is what I need sstate-cache for10:52
lpappto get to that point.10:52
lpappor well, the download thingamajig10:52
lpappI certainly have no git2.10:53
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bluelightningthe sstate-cache does not contain downloads10:59
bluelightningdo_fetch is not an sstate-acceleratable task11:00
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lpappok, I cloned the linux repository finally.11:06
lpappit is good that it did not take an hour this time, still it was some.11:06
lpapphmm, I need to learn git11:09
lpappI do not know how to get the "branch" for a "tag".11:09
bluelightningperhaps: git branch -r --contains tagname11:10
lpappyes, I figured out11:10
lpappfrom this:
lpappalthough it just resally returns the output of git branch11:10
lpappgit branch -r --contains v3.2.1 origin/linux-3.2.y11:11
lpappseems that it is not master?11:11
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lpappbluelightning: shall I change KBRANCH to that?11:23
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lpappbluelightning: that did the trick; oh the license file checksum has also changed?11:42
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* rink_ shrugs ... avoid autofools problems by just adding a patch that supplies a config.h and Makefile feels... wrong12:14
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JaMaanyone seen issue where we strip only one from many hardlinks for the same file, so that in the end we have image directory with 5 hardlinks for the same file and packages-split has 4 hardlinks to old unstripped version and one stripped binary?13:38
JaMawell visible with mke2fs+mkfs.ext* or e2fsck+fsck.ext* files from e2fsprogs13:39
JaMaRP: ^ rings a bell?13:40
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JaManice e2fsprogs configure has option to use symlinks13:43
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RPJaMa: there is an open bug for it13:51
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!sarah@nat/intel/x-wifdcrczfdbnyfrb> has joined #yocto13:51
yoctiBug 7586: normal, Medium+, 1.9 M1, eduard.bartosh, NEW , Hardlinks are not preserved and files are not stripped13:51
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ed_JaMa: I've just started to work on that bug. Do you have any thoughts/ideas on how to fix it?14:09
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JaMaed_: I've just sent work around for e2fsprogs14:11
*** vneutrino is now known as vmeson14:11
JaMabecause that was blocking me in dizzy to fit our image to recover partition14:12
ed_JaMa: can you comment in bugzilla about your workaround? Is it about using symlinks instead of hardlinks by e2fsprogs?14:15
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JaMaed_: I did14:37
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lpappbluelightning: seems that our application does not build with daisy15:57
lpappit built with dylan, however.15:57
bluelightninghmm, I'm not sure what that error means15:59
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:59
lpappme neither :/16:00
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bluelightningkhem`: don't suppose you've seen that one before? ^16:02
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lpappbluelightning: the same recipe worked with dylan.17:43
lpappso daisy must have changed the situation somehow.17:43
bluelightningonly in that it's a different version of gcc, with different bugs17:45
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victor_rodriguezHI .. quick question I am trying to build a core-image-minimal with mpich . When I build mpich byitself is working fine with a  warning ( no package provides /usr/bin/bash)19:35
victor_rodriguezbut latter that warning became a bug19:36
victor_rodriguezwhen I try to build the core-image-minimal19:36
victor_rodriguezdoes anybody has been with this problem :)19:36
kergothsounds like you have a shell script that needs bash, but your recipe doesn't declare that runtime dependency.19:38
kergotheither fix the script to not need bash, or fix the rdepends to indicate that it needs it19:38
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victor_rodriguezthanks kergoth .. I will test the rdepends19:39
victor_rodriguezkergoth: actually the receipe has the RDEPENDS_${PN} += "bash perl libxml2"19:46
kergothah, i didn't notice the /usr/bin/bash19:46
kergothbash isn't installed under that path19:46
kergothit's in /bin/bash19:46
kergothso find the script pointing at the wrong bash path :P19:46
kergothspecifically, grep for #!/usr/bin/bash19:46
victor_rodriguezkergoth: ok .. thanks19:49
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victor_rodriguezkergoth: the grep inside mpich shows that they are using #! /bin/bash. I realize the full log say more ingo when I build with bitbake20:00
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victor_rodriguezERROR: Unable to install packages. Command '/home/vrodri3/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/smart --quiet --data-dir=/home/vrodri3/poky/build/tmp/work/qemux86-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs/var/lib/smart install -y mpich@i586 gcc@i586 run-postinsts@all packagegroup-core-boot@qemux86 bash@i586' returned 1:20:00
victor_rodriguezerror: Can't install mpich-3.1.1-r0@i586: no package provides /usr/bin/bash20:00
kergothdid you grep the *output* of the build?20:00
kergothbitbake the recipe, then examine ${WORKDIR}/image/20:00
victor_rodriguezhum ok .. I was greping the src code of mpich20:01
victor_rodriguezmy mistake20:01
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aehs29victor_rodriguez: were you able to figure it out?20:05
victor_rodriguezaehs29: not yet .. debuging20:06
victor_rodriguezaehs29: have you ?20:06
aehs29victor_rodriguez: I just read this20:06
*** adelcast1 <adelcast1!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto20:08
victor_rodriguezaehs29: kergoth : Requires: /usr/bin/bash20:15
victor_rodriguezthat is in tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/mpich/3.1.1-r0/mpich.spec20:15
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto20:15
aehs29victor_rodriguez: if you mess around with meta/classes/insane.bbclasss you'd get the offending file20:15
khem`hmmm hidden symbol `pthread_atfork'20:15
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aehs29victor_rodriguez: k let me check20:16
khem`it seems this package is implementing some sort of fork ?20:16
khem`and hihacks the glibc version20:16
victor_rodrigueznot sure .. I am not that expert on glib20:17
aehs29victor_rodriguez: I only see /bin/bash on mpich.spec20:18
victor_rodriguezaehs29: I think I got it20:20
victor_rodriguezon the Makefile of mpich they have this20:20
victor_rodriguez9100 BASH_SHELL = @BASH_SHELL@20:20
victor_rodriguezin some way they got the bash you have on your build system20:20
victor_rodriguezwhen I type which bash I got /usr/bin/bash20:21
victor_rodriguezwhat do you have aehs29?20:21
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victor_rodriguezsorry aehs29 I got disconnected20:30
victor_rodriguezaehs29: cna you build mpich on the core image minimal ?20:30
aehs29victor_rodriguez: I got bin/bash20:33
aehs29victor_rodriguez: its building20:33
victor_rodriguezif is a prblem with my ... dev machine20:36
victor_rodriguezI wil lbe more relax20:36
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victor_rodriguezaehs29: :D21:19
victor_rodriguezmake my day please :D21:19
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* paulg_ wonders why everyone else uses /etc/default/grub/ but we (yocto) use /etc/grub.d/ instead....21:55
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