Sunday, 2015-04-12

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hugtHi, I build an image for a beaglebone black using the meta-ti. I want to use an LCD cape 7'' but from now only the HDMI output is working :(  So I tried compiling this dts file ( to a dtb (with the dtb-rebuilder), copy it to the boot folder and adding "dtb=am335x-bone-4dcape-70t.dtb" to the uEnv.txt. Is the LCD is suppose to work or I need to ap00:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #262 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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kidothanks kergoth! :) (and sorry for the delay)12:09
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xulferHow would I compile a package for my image, but not install it (while still being able to use the files)?17:26
xulferDuring image build time i mean17:28
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kergothwhat do you mean by use the files?17:46
xulferWell it's a build time dependency for a few recipes, but not a runtime dependency.17:48
kergothif it's a build time dependency for thsoe recipes, then it should be in the DEPENDS for those recipes17:49
xulferRight.  However what I'm trying to figure out is how to keep it off of the rootfs.17:49
kergoththat doesn't make sense.17:49
kergotha build time dep doesn't magically become a run time dep unless its explicitly added, or the automatic dep code added it, in which case it's truly required (e.g. the shlibs code will add a runtime dep on a package containing a library if a binary links against that library)17:50
xulferIt's a strange case.  It's working with erlang releases.  In which they copy the built portions of the erlang runtime they need as part of the build process.17:50
xulferThen at runtime don't need erlang on the system at all17:50
xulferso erlang needs to be compiled for target, have parts of its runtime copied by other recipes, but never installed on the rootfs17:50
kergothstill not seeing the problem. having eralnd in the DEPENDS of a recipe won't make erlang get installed when you install that recipe into the rootfs, unless something actually required it, as i said before17:51
kergothDEPENDS is build time, RDEPENDS_<pkgname> is runtime17:51
xulferAhh I'm getting what you mean.  Where would the files be located at that point?  sysroot?17:51
kergothadding A to DEPENDS of B == making A's do_populate_sysroot task a dependency of B's do_configure17:52
kergothso yes17:52
xulferAh okay.  Might have to append then.  The dependency recipe doesn't have anything for the populate_sysroot task.17:54
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kergothevery recipe has a do_populate_sysroot task17:55
kergothas defined by the bbclasses17:55
kergothwhich stages files from its do_install into the appropriate sysroot17:55
kergothyou don't have to do anything17:55
kergothit sounds like you're trying to solve a problem that doesn't yet exist.17:55
xulferProbably.  That's why I asked.  I wasn't aware that took place.17:56
kergothmy point was, go work on the actual recipes, and if you hit a problem, then try to solve that problem. don't worry about things being installed into your rootfs unless they're installed into your rootfs..17:56
* kergoth shrugs17:57
xulferAh it was being installed, but that was just because I was in a hurry.  Now trying to remove + use.17:57
xulferBut this has cleared things up quite a bit.17:57
xulferThanks for the insignts.17:58
xulfer*insights rather17:58
kergothif this recipe is including, building, and shipping its own erlang, that should probably be fixed to use the erlang in the erlang recipes, but beyond that just remove it in do_install if it's being installed and you don't want it installed, within a single recipe. once you switch to using erlang via DEPENDS, it won't be installed unless it's needed at runtime.18:00
xulferyeah.  well if i can find it in sysroot by removing it from the image requirements, and just keeping it in the recipe depends then that's great.18:01
xulferIt's an odd build process, but it just naturally builds releases that only ship with only what it needs.  Will save me a good 15MB or so.  Worth the effort.18:02
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