Thursday, 2015-04-16

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mimetonboredengin here?05:22
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jaeckelgood morning07:08
jaeckelis there anything special I have to do to create a core dump of a killed process?07:09
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lpappgood morning07:20
lpappkergoth: are you around by any chance?07:20
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jaeckelit was a missing CONFIG_ELF_CORE setting in the kernel08:18
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mckoangood morning08:33
bluelightningmorning mckoan, all08:33
mckoanhi bluelightning08:34
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_jmleoI am trying to compile perf with yocto and the latest 4.0 kernel. And I have an error I didn't have before : config/Makefile:254: *** No gnu/libc-version.h found, please install glibc-dev[el].  Stop.09:45
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_jmleoI have to add includedir in the bb recipe :diff --git a/meta/recipes-kernel/perf/ b/meta/recipes-kernel/perf/perf.bb09:53
_jmleoindex 19772d8..ca957ea 10064409:53
_jmleo--- a/meta/recipes-kernel/perf/perf.bb09:53
_jmleo+++ b/meta/recipes-kernel/perf/perf.bb09:53
_jmleo@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ EXTRA_OEMAKE = '\09:53
_jmleo EXTRA_OEMAKE += "\09:54
_jmleo     'prefix=${prefix}' \09:54
_jmleo+    'includedir'={includedir}' \09:54
_jmleo     'bindir=${bindir}' \09:54
_jmleo     'sharedir=${datadir}' \09:54
_jmleo     'sysconfdir=${sysconfdir}' \09:54
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_jmleostill not working I would say, as I now get a "perf not found in the base feeds". In fact, I have perf-dbg and perf-dev rpms but no perf rpm10:09
_jmleonoticed the error in my includedir line, and yet, still the compilation error... rha !10:12
bluelightningthat suggests to me that it didn't install anything during do_install10:12
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cart_manHey whts the difference between the image-sato-dev and the image-sato-sdk packages?13:03
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rburtoncart_man: -dev has just development headers -sdk has far more tooling13:39
lpapphi, which is task to pass to bitbake -c to get the state before the patch task is run?13:39
lpappI want to get the original content in there.13:40
lpappI could possible say -c fetch and get the tarball13:40
lpappbut that is not yet extracted.13:40
lpapp-c unpack?13:40
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mimetonbohi can anyone help me with a yocto build on the cyclone5 platform13:53
mimetonboIm facing certain issues with it13:53
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kergothlpapp: yep, unpack14:27
kergothfetch, unpack, patch, configure, compile, install, populate_sysroot, package, packagedata, package_write*, basically14:27
lpappyes, worked half an hour ago14:27
lpappbtw, I went ahead with the issue yesterday14:27
lpappAre you interested in my findings?14:27
kergothyeah, definitely, any progress?14:27
lpappI can now say that for sure it is an issue in the Yocto environment14:28
lpappcause I wrote a simple lib calling pthread_atfork14:28
lpappin a foo function, and app with a simple main function calling that foo14:28
lpappand I can reproduce the issue14:28
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lpappif I try to reproduce it on my host, either debian or archlinux, I cannot14:28
lpappit just works.14:28
lpappFurthermore, if I replace pthread_atfork with pthread_create for instance or pthread_cancel, it just works even inside Yocto14:28
lpappso it is possibly a broken toolchain version in Yocto or something14:29
lpappI have all the simple files to reproduce the issue. I was going to submit it on the bugtracker.14:29
kergothHmm, perhaps it's a glibc version thing? I wonder what version it was moved from the .so to the .a14:29
kergothsounds reasonable14:29
lpappmy current workaround will be -shared14:30
lpappbut in general, this is a very weird linkage process14:30
lpapplibgpib does not link against libpthread even though that is the one using pthread_atfork14:30
lpappand instead the gpib app links against both which is not using any pthread directly.14:30
lpappand the libgpib library is dynamic, yet gpibapp links against pthread statically14:30
lpappit is a bit of mess IMHO :)14:30
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kergothIndeed. Maybe they don't want the static pthread_atfork sucked into libgpib to avoid conflicts with apps that link against libpthread_nonshared.a themselves? *shrugs* not sure as to best practice when both shared and static libs are involved like that.14:37
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kergothif anyone didn't see the email from them: "A member of the Archive Team graciously offered to host as a read-only archive on and GitLab agreed to allow to use the domain name for this.", so will still be able to clone read only repos from there for a while even after the hsutdown14:40
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bluelightningkergoth: thanks, I hadn't seen that - nice15:04
lpappkergoth: yes.15:05
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kergothHas anyone else tried building a target gcc with an external toolchain? Seems like all manner of difficulty, since the libgcc/gcc-runtime bits extracted from the external toolchain reside in gcc version + target_sys specific paths, and clearly are bound to that particular gcc version..15:13
lpappkergoth: I do not know a workaround for this issue yet though ...15:14
kergothguess ideally the external toolchain would include a target gcc we could extract which aligns with the external toolchain, or build it from its same gcc sources15:14
lpappunless I can somehow specify that I want to link dynamically rather than staticlaly.15:14
lpappfirst I thought -static would do a good job in there, but that is for library creation and not use.15:14
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mimetonbo__anyone working with yocto on the cyclone 5 platform?15:34
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fishey1Anyone know how to get meta-qt5 to build qdbus as part of qttools?15:46
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lpappwhat have you tried?15:52
fishey1lpapp: I've tried adding IMAGE_INSTALL += "qttools". It appears to install qttools, but qttools (for some reason) doesn't include qdbus. Using 'find' a bunch on tmp/work indicates it hasn't been built at all.15:54
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fishey1I've also tried qttools-tools15:55
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lpapphi, is this a known issue?
lpappsome bfd issue in there...16:21
lpappx86_64-linux/binutils-native/2.23.1-r3/binutils-2.23.1/bfd/opncls.c:264:5: note: in expansion of macro 'bfd_set_cacheable'16:26
lpappis it a known issue?16:26
lpappI really need to get a build out of the door and this got in my way :-(16:26
kergothfrom some quick googling: seems appropriate16:29
kergothsee also and
lpappyeah, but why did it work for me before on the same machine with the same dylan?16:32
lpappI have been building from our dylan branch for ages and now that I just cloned the branch from a fresh state, it started happening...16:33
bluelightningthis is native, so, maybe a host distro change of some sort?16:34
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~timo@> has joined #yocto16:34
lpappunlikely as I have not changed the debian for a long time16:35
lpappeither way, how can I fix and move along?16:35
moto-timowhat makes my meta-python patch 7/7 not show up in patchwork?16:36
lpappI am a bit frustrated now. :/16:37
lpappI have other errors, too. :(
lpappI wonder what on earth happened to my Yocto repository!16:38
bluelightningthat second one is definitely a host issue16:38
kergothlpapp: khem put the fix for this on the dylan branch 6 days ago, as far as i can see16:38
kergothlpapp: "binutils: Fix building nativesdk binutils with gcc 4.9"16:38
lpappoh gosh16:38
kergothwell, thats the commit date, not the merge/push date, but still16:39
bluelightningwell, host- triggered; IIRC there is a patch for it probably went in after dylan16:39
lpappI ran this stuff outside my debian chroot!16:39
lpappon the arch box!!!!16:39
kergoththat'd do it16:39
bluelightningbingo ;)16:39
lpappquite annoying to have chroot for this as you can see.16:39
lpappbut Arch will never work out of the box :(16:39
bluelightningFWIW, someone told me he regularly runs builds on Arch with current releases, so it is possible - there just aren't any guarantees, and for stable releases, well, that's not going to work16:40
kergothgiven arch uses rolling releases, i'd imagine there'd always be problems with older branches that'd require fixing16:40
kergothi used to do builds on arch pretty regularly with master, but it was a while ago16:40
kergothbluelightning: :)16:40
lpappah, the funny things, screen dit not get the fact that it was in chroot16:40
lpappso it started the screen with the debian console and another arch16:40
lpappI thought screen just worked in chroot16:41
lpapplesson learnt16:41
bluelightningmoto-timo: good question... can't see what would have caused that :(16:42
lpappit is an interesting question why screen does not respect "systemd-nspawn" or the other way around16:42
moto-timobluelightnin: I suspect it's the comma in python-cryptography,-vectors...but that's just a hunch16:43
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moto-timoNooB question... can you increase RAM size in qemu?16:44
bluelightninghmm, could be that... I know it chokes on some other things16:45
bluelightningmoto-timo: you can but IIRC there are some hardcoded limits for some architectures16:45
moto-timobluelightning: ptest on python-cryptography chokes qemu RAM, so it would be nice to figure out16:46
moto-timoof course 75k unit tests will cause stress...16:47
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bluelightningmoto-timo: basically you should be able to pass qemuparams=-m<number> on the runqemu command line16:48
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moto-timobluelightning: great, I'll test that after work16:59
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Crofton|workPR is deprecated17:46
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #265 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
Crofton|workalso I need 0.9.2 :)17:46
zeddii_homeCrofton|work: a mass update is about to happen. shiny new versions for everything, the OpenStack releases are all stepping forward.17:52
Crofton|workI'd liek to get it into meta-python so I do not need to carry openstack just to get some python :)17:53
moto-timoCrofton|work: give me a list you want in meta-python17:53
Crofton|workright now, just thrift :)17:54
zeddii_homeheh. people can do the copies. but my objections to generic categorization remain, so I’ll have duplication for the most part.17:54
Crofton|workwe'll want it for gnuraido soon17:54
zeddii_homeuntil meta-python is a separate git repo, or there’s a reference count on versions.17:54
Crofton|workalso, I think it might need some DEPENdS17:54
moto-timohad some discussion with bruce about making the crypto recipes in meta-python separate as well17:54
zeddii_homeCrofton|work: similarly, I can’t take the churn of meta-oe just to get some python ;)17:55
moto-timoI'll get what you want into meta-python... just ask17:55
Crofton|workI can send it in also17:56
moto-timoas for spinning it to a separate layer... bluelightning?17:56
Crofton|workthis just came up in the gnuradio dev call and I am glad to see we have a start, but they need to rev bump17:56
zeddii_homeif it’s a separate layer, with some level of version pinning possible .. we have a solution for me to move most python libs out. otherwise, I’m stuck.17:57
bluelightningmoto-timo: I wouldn't mind a separate repo if that helps others17:57
moto-timoalso, dividing into functional groups (recipes-security, etc)17:57
bluelightningright, we can do that too17:57
zeddii_homebluelightning: I wonder if it would be possible (since the layer index already knows), to know if a dependent layer is using a version ? (obviously that layer is registered and known).17:58
bluelightningwhat do you mean by using a version?17:58
zeddii_homemeaning I have specific version requirements in OpenStack17:58
zeddii_homeif someone bumps a version above what works .. I’m in debug hell.17:59
zeddii_homeso we could add a new version, versus a replacement in that case. otherwise, I have to copy everything.17:59
bluelightningwouldn't it be better to support one of the release branches, where we never do upgrades?17:59
zeddii_homefor the most part, yah. but that still leads me to combo layer hell .. but that’s not everyone worry, that’s mine.18:00
zeddii_homemeaning, I have to stay with an old release because of one damanged component .. that’s my problem :)18:00
bluelightningwell, honestly I worry for people doing anything serious on master, if you do that you are already opening yourself up to pain...18:01
zeddii_homereally >18:01
bluelightningnot that we ever intentionally break anything, but stuff does break18:01
zeddii_homedevelopment happens on master in my woo.rd18:01
bluelightningsure, development does18:01
moto-timowe could definitely pin version(s) in a release branch though18:01
bluelightningbut to expect that to be stable, that is another thing entirely18:01
zeddii_homeand that’s what I’m talkign about.18:02
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zeddii_homeanalog series of version bumps, when there is a way to know, just forces everyone to chase their tail.18:02
moto-timoseems like we would need to put a note in the recipe(s) to help remind us that other users depend on the particular version18:03
zeddii_homeI’m still making meta-c though ;)18:03
bluelightningfunny ;)18:03
bluelightninganyway I have to head to the train18:03
moto-timoponder the ideas and we can discuss more18:04
moto-timoI'm open to change and maintainence that will insue18:04
bluelightningI really do want us to work together on solving this though, I'll be back on later most likely18:04
moto-timootherwise meta-python is just a hodge podge with no umbrella purpose18:05
zeddii_homethat’s the big test/quality thing. couple some sort of application to drive them.18:06
* zeddii_home disapears for a bit as well.18:06
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* moto-timo is not opposed to a testing/quality framework for meta-python18:14
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CardoeI have an at91 based device which loads its kernel from NAND. I'm looking to make kernel images available as updates and have opkg's being built but they get installed into /boot. Is there some blessed mechanism to add some rules to that kernel package to nandflash it? I thought I would make a script that does that part and then bbappend the script to the linux-image package. But what I don't know is how I can automatically run that script when the p20:03
Cardoeis installed.20:03
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mario-goulartnice password. :-)20:13
kapareHi there! Just having issue to configure powertop after update on daisy (1.6.3, I think we are at rc3 now) branch. Anyone had such problem ?20:14
kapareconfigure: error: C compiler cannot create executables20:15
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kaparehmm so it basically search for checking for C compiler version, with -v, -V -qversion, then doesn't found it, here the log:
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xulferAnyone have suggestions for debugging a build failure?  Maybe a way to use devshell to run the build and tweak it manually?21:26
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