Monday, 2015-04-20

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miandonmenmianhow can i get detailed info from a recipe using bitbake? or i need bitbake-layers?05:59
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AndersDmiandonmenmian, what are you looking for? Does `bitbkae -e <recipe-name>`shou what you need?06:11
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miandonmenmianAndersD: wow, thanks. i suppose somewhere there has to be. I'm trying to locate the .bb file and location for the python stack. would like to add some more dependencies to python and want to see how the current ones are done06:45
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AndersDWell, usually I end up being lazy and run find to locate the bb-file (or look at the history in git to find the path).07:25
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mckoangood morning07:31
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bluelightningmorning all08:12
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jaz303how would I go about creating an SD card image that includes a UBI image?09:00
jaz303at the moment I'm flashing the SD card myself and then mounting the rootfs and copying in the UBI image + all the supporting scripts09:01
jaz303i have a dive through the python oe.image module but was a bit out of my depth09:02
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ant_workjaz303: why would you use UBI on an SD?09:05
diego_rHi everybody. Can anybody help me understand what variable FEED_DEPLOYDIR_BASE_URI is supposed to do? I'm using ipk package format and opkg package manager. I expected to find an additional conf file under /etc/opkg/ but no additional file has been placed there after bitbaking09:05
ant_workjaz303: is it to be flashed on nand/nor ?09:05
jaz303ant_work: i want my users to be able to boot from the SD and if they like it they can flash it, yes09:05
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ant_workah, ok, thne I se09:07
ant_workah, ok, then I see09:07
ant_workiirc there are some layers handling complex SD images, if I'm not wrong meta-fsl-arm09:12
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lpappgood morning10:24
lpappwhen migrating to Daisy from Dylan, I can see this, but nothing in the migration guide: WARNING: Building libpam but 'pam' isn't in DISTRO_FEATURES, PAM won't work correctly10:24
lpappthis is the only entry in the migration guide: libpam: Deny all services for the OTHER entries.10:24
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bluelightninglpapp: somewhere a dependency on libpam exists that is not conditional on pam being in DISTRO_FEATURES; you should find it and eliminate it10:29
lpappit is probably our software, but pam is not option for that.10:30
bluelightningif by that you mean it's required, then you should add pam to your DISTRO_FEATURES value10:31
mckoanI've a couple of questions about 'dizzy'10:36
mckoanthe command 'hystory' is no longer available on generated fs, what's missing?10:36
mckoanthe 'opkg-target' command is no longer generated in minimal-image, what's missing?10:37
lpappbluelightning: ok, thanks; interesting that this transition step is not documented.10:39
lpappor I may be missing something.10:39
bluelightninglpapp: it's not that we added a new requirement, we probably just added a check, the issue was probably always there10:40
lpappstill, it could have been put in there.10:41
lpappso this will do it? DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " largefile --disable-zlib pam"10:42
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diego_rsorry if I ask again, but maybe not everybody read. Can anybody help me understand what variable FEED_DEPLOYDIR_BASE_URI is supposed to do? I'm using ipk package format and opkg package manager. I expected to find an additional conf file under /etc/opkg/ but no additional file has been placed there after bitbaking my image10:44
mckoanI mean, are those removed features in 'dizzy' ?10:45
bluelightninglpapp: er, --disable-zlib doesn't belong in there10:50
bluelightninglpapp: otherwise, yes10:50
bluelightningbecause nothing will check for that?10:50
lpappso why is it in there?10:50
bluelightningI'm not sure, it's your line that's adding it10:50
bluelightningcould be that somewhere a check was added for it in your custom metadata, but I wouldn't have thought so10:51
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lpappbluelightning: hmm, it was not used even at the denzil era?11:11
bluelightninglpapp: no, we wouldn't use that syntax in DISTRO_FEATURES11:12
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lpappok :)11:14
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JYDawgis there a parser for bitbake recipes that allows me e.g. to get the dump as a dictionary in python?11:28
JYDawgor the entire layer for that matter11:28
LetoThe2ndJYDawg: hm, the information you're looking for might already be contained in bitbake -e11:33
rink_you can try 'bitbake -e <receipe>'11:33
LetoThe2ndcan be spammy, though :)11:33
rink_but it depends on what you need11:34
JYDawgwe have several developers in the same layers and I'd like to be able to make sure they increase the package versions where needed. The other issue is that I'd like to be able to make package patches from builds but thats another item.11:37
* rink_ never increments package versions when adding patches and stuff... it's amazing how well the dependency tracking in bitbake works11:39
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JYDawgbuildserver has a load of 55. This may take a while11:44
JYDawgdoes bitbake have a python lib backend or sumsuch?11:45
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RPJaMa: thanks for the reminder about the fontconfig patch. I want to talk to rburton about it and check his concern was addressed but will merge as soon as I can to do (or give feedback)12:03
* RP really needs to get a better process around this...12:04
bluelightningJYDawg: there is "tinfoil" that allows accessing some of the internals e.g. parsing12:07
bluelightningJYDawg: here's an example of using it:
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miandonmenmiani've got a layer working, where can i set distro params on my layer to override current default ones?12:17
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: add a conf/distro/yourdistroname.conf with the settings you want, and then set DISTRO = "yourdistroname" in conf/local.conf12:20
miandonmenmianbluelightning: thanks a bunch. i've also had some trouble setting maintainer on per package basis. isnt it suposed to be MAINTAINER= " " on the .bb ?12:21
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bluelightningmiandonmenmian: where are you expecting the MAINTAINER value to show up?12:23
miandonmenmianon opkg12:23
lpappbluelightning:  ELF binary '<file>' has relocations in .text [textrel] from here: -> What would be the solution suggested? -fPIC/-fpic or something else?12:26
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: well, near as I can tell, setting it in the recipe should affect any packages produced; it may be that just changing MAINTAINER doesn't trigger do_package to re-execute though, I'm not sure12:26
bluelightninglpapp: I believe so yes12:27
lpappbluelightning: could be put into the document as a hint, no?12:28
bluelightninglpapp: could be extended yes12:29
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lpappok, thanks12:32
JaMaRP: thanks12:34
bluelightninglpapp: thanks for filing, i can remove that from my todo list now ;)12:35
JaMaRP: this one is only 1 week old, but also didn't get any feedback (nor is in master-next)
lpappbluelightning: :D np.12:41
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JYDawgbluelightning: nice, starting to look a lot like what I need.12:53
lpappbluelightning: I am getting some strange warnings,
RPJaMa: didn't see that one for some reason. Have replied suggesting a minor tweak to the naming12:56
bluelightninglpapp: there was a regression a while ago where we now expect everything added to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND to be a function rather than a plain command12:56
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miandonmenmianbluelightning: followed the process, seems the layer is found alltogether with packages, that individually do well. however, image is not. set the distro as per the guide link you shared didnt work for me. do i need to refresh the cache for the distro to appear?12:57
bluelightninglpapp: I suppose we should probably fix it, but then again using functions is generally a better way to structure things there12:57
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: what exactly is failing? I'm not quite following...12:59
miandonmenmianbitbake mydistro does not exist12:59
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: that isn't generally expected to work13:00
lpappbluelightning: should probably also be documented in the migration guide?13:00
miandonmenmiannot expected to work as in will have problems? or as in nothing will happen?13:00
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: a distro is a set of configuration values that you can select through DISTRO, it's not a target you can build13:00
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: what I suspect you want in addition is to define a custom image recipe containing the packages you want13:01
bluelightninglpapp: well, not if it's a bug that we should fix, no13:01
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miandonmenmianbluelightning: BBFILE_COLLECTIONS ?13:02
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miandonmenmiandoes that refer to the set of configuration for the distro? or i need to look for this inside the distro.conf file?13:03
miandonmenmianbluelightning: ok, i will take a look at your second suggestion, seems like that is exactly what i need13:04
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: if you haven't already seen it -
lpappbluelightning: is it a bug or feature? ^_^13:05
lpappeither way, report is neded for either? Is there one already to fix this regression?13:06
bluelightninglpapp: it seems like a regression to me, if you could file a bug that would be great13:07
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lpappbluelightning: submitted, thanks.13:25
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LongQican the target Runtime Package Management install .deb or .rpm from existed distribution repository?13:30
LongQiif they have same CPU architecture.13:31
LongQior we must build our own repository?13:31
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mckoanthe history command is still present but the list of commands is not persistent, how can I enable it?13:36
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miandonmenmiani'm building a package that installs a file, without do_compile. the file is located on the recipe/files and im calling it with SRC_URI = "file://myfile"13:46
miandonmenmianinstall -m 644 ${WORKDIR}/myfile ${D}/usr/lib/myDestinationFolder13:47
miandonmenmianis this wrong? my package is built empty13:47
lpappbluelightning: it does not matter whether it is a python or bash function?13:47
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bluelightninglpapp: that is one of the things we gained in exchange for the regression, yes14:00
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lpappbluelightning: how can I assign a function to a variable?14:02
lpappis there an example somewhere?14:02
lpappjust pass the function name along?14:02
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: you will need to add that path to FILES_${PN} i.e. FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/myDestinationFolder" (and use ${libdir} rather than /usr/lib in your install command14:02
bluelightninglpapp: ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND is still semicolon-separated, that hasn't changed14:03
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lpappso the function names separated by semicolon?14:03
lpappthank you very much14:04
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miandonmenmianbluelightning: add the file to path for the do_install function ?14:10
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: no, outside of it14:10
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: assuming you were asking where to put this FILES_${PN} line14:12
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miandonmenmianyes, that is right, sorry. However, i am not sure I understand it:14:13
miandonmenmianthe source SRC_URI += "file://myfile" assumes the recipe folder?14:13
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miandonmenmiani was worried the file was lost on {WORKDIR} since there are no other sources. perhaps the line should be SRC_URI =14:14
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: myfile should be placed in a directory next to the recipe, named either the same as the recipe, or "files"14:14
miandonmenmianbluelightning: ok, well, at least got that right :S14:14
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miandonmenmiansomehow, on verbose, bitbake is still looking for sstate folder sources14:17
miandonmenmianpackage is built empty14:18
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: something is still wrong with your FILES line then, it's not matching up14:19
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: just checking, are you using Toaster or oe-init-build-env-memres?14:20
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bluelightningmiandonmenmian: would you be prepared to pastebin your recipe?14:21
miandonmenmianshould've done that before. sorry. give me a sec14:21
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bluelightningmiandonmenmian: you need an install -d command to create the ${D}${libdir}/python-2.7 directory14:31
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bluelightningmiandonmenmian: also you should be doing FILES_${PN} += not = (although that won't make much difference in this case, but it's good practice)14:31
miandonmenmianbluelightning: tried that as well. however, another package should be bcreating this directory14:31
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bluelightningmiandonmenmian: doesn't matter, this recipe builds in isolation as far as the install step is concerned14:32
miandonmenmiani'm reading another doc that adds the asterisk at the end for the FILES line.  ${libdir}/lib*.so.* \   does the myfile have to be included here? or just the path ?14:32
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: the path is sufficient14:32
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: you shouldn't be inheriting autotools or gettext for this recipe either14:33
miandonmenmianah, that is a very good point14:33
bluelightningyou do have a closing } at the end of do_install as well right?14:34
miandonmenmianoh, brother...14:35
miandonmenmianthanks a bunch bluelightning, that was probably it14:36
bluelightningit's curious that that didn't trigger an error14:36
miandonmenmiani was wondering as well. but i'm pretty certain i have not seen any with regards to the do install or brackets14:37
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bluelightningafter reproducing the lack of error I filed a bug:
yoctiBug 7633: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Parser does not error out on unclosed function14:52
timschehey guys, i'm trying to build yocto for rpi with qt5. so i'm using poky master, meta-qt5 master, meta-raspberrypi master and meta-openembedded master.14:55
timschemy bblayers.conf goes like , while my local.conf goes like .14:55
timscheqtbase fails to compile - the error log goes here .14:55
timschedid anyone of you succeed in building this configuration? any opinions?14:55
timscheand i forgot to mention that i've edited to use gles2 instead of desktop gl14:57
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lpappbluelightning: I am getting this, WARNING: libstdc++-4.8.2 was registered as shlib provider for, changing it to foo-0.1 because it was built later15:26
lpappI wonder hwy15:26
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto15:26
bluelightninglpapp: is foo-0.1 is installing its own
lpappnot as far as I am aware of.15:27
bluelightningthe warning would suggest that it is15:27
lpappoh, wow, it does15:27
lpapphow nasty15:27
lpappthis is not what I agreed with my colleague :P15:28
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ericbuttershi. i simply want to build my linux kernel. i use an external toolchain. i only do: bitbake virtual/kernel -- and that works. but why there are 457 tasks installing i.e binutils-native, so *-native* packages? is this really needed to just compile my kernel? how to remove unused stuff? can i blacklist this?15:48
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away15:57
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #266 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #266 of nightly-fsl-ppc is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #270 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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lpapphmm, renaming yocto based repositories with ain't fun.16:39
lpappsadly, git will not do renaming of a directory with more than 4K files without further trouble and it seems the poky repository has far more than that file amount.16:39
lpappbluelightning: so is it ok to use PRIVATE_LIBS then?16:51
lpappit would be less work for me now than refactoring the system with testing.16:51
bluelightningyou probably should yes16:52
bluelightningthough it probably won't change the behaviour since it appears to have acknowledged your "custom" version of the lib16:52
lpappyes, that is fine, I just want to get rid of the warning.16:53
kergothericbutters: i'd say use bitbake -g, possibly with depexp, to explore the dependency graph to determine that. e.g. bitbake -g -u depexp virtual/kernel16:54
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lpappbluelightning: if you had not seen it,
yoctiBug 7632: normal, Undecided, ---, scott.m.rifenbark, NEW , ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND no longer accepts raw commands, just functions17:26
lpappbluelightning: which file shall I put into PRIVATE_LIBS, the library with the symlinks, too?17:27
lpappthere are two symlinks created by the recipe to the library.17:27
bluelightningjust the library I believe17:27
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC17:27
lpappso -> ->
lpappbluelightning: so in my case or
lpapp -> this seems to use the .so files.17:30
lpappnot the versioned ones.17:30
lpappI wonder if that is intentional or just coincidence.17:30
bluelightningnot sure, sorry17:30
lpappok, I will keep trying until the warning is gone.17:31
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trip0what is the status of fido?  Is it too late to pull in the latest bluez (5.30)?18:23
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has joined #yocto18:30
lpappdoes the Yocto build bail out with failure if a patch cannot be applied?18:31
kergothif a patch can't be applied, the do_patch task will fail. bitbake will then cleanly shut down, letting the other currently running tasks finish, and then exit non-zero, unless you run with bitbake -k, in which case it will continue running as many tasks as it's possible to run given the task that failed, and will then exit non-zero18:32
kergoththe -k argument came from gnu make, which has similar behavior18:33
lpappok, thanks.18:38
lpappI updated from dylan to daisy and the build succeeds, but my kernel will no longer boot18:39
lpappit hungs up at the state of "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel."18:39
lpappwe have our own kernel recipe, not sharing it with Yocto18:39
lpappand after the upgrade, we did not change that, so I am surprised that it is broken.18:39
kergothpossibly a toolchain version problem, assuming the kenrel hasn't changed18:40
lpappperhaps the kernel was created properly, but the image not?18:40
kergoththere have definitely been issues with certain gcc versions and the kernel18:40
lpappI guess I would need to look into the the log.*?18:40
*** jimBaxter__ <jimBaxter__!> has quit IRC18:40
kergoththat's a possibility too, but if it stops that early, i doubt it got far enough to run init in the rootfs18:40
lpapphmm, I would not know how to proceed from there as I am not the kernel developer in here.18:40
kergothunless you're passing quiet in the cmdline18:40
kergothin which case you should remove that so you can see more of what's going on18:41
lpappoh, kernelopts=rw rootwait quiet18:41
lpappuboot has that, indeed18:41
lpappgood idea :)18:41
lpapp(to check it)18:41
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!sarah@nat/intel/x-fwjmndlhwainjcid> has quit IRC18:41
lpappthe bootlog seems to be the same without that, too :(
lpappI wonder how to proceed from here. I wish I had more low-level Linux kernel experience.18:43
lpappthere must be some command line option to turn more logging on18:43
kergothmy *guess* would be a possibly miscompiled kernel, assuming you're using an internal toolchain18:43
kergothyeah, should be able to crank up console printk log level18:43
kergothi don't recall the exact syntax offhand, though18:43
lpappI am using the toolchain that Yocto generates.18:44
lpappbut I can double check the log.do_compile file for the kernel18:44
lpapphmm, sadly not built with VERBOSE=118:45
lpappNOTE: make -j 8 uImage CC=arm-foo-linux-gnueabi-gcc  -mno-thumb-interwork -marm LD=arm-foo-linux-gnueabi-ld.bfd18:45
lpappthis is the best I can get out of it.18:46
kergothnot sure if that'll change anything, usually such bugs will just be a bad interaction between gcc and the kernel resulting in something ending up miscompiled, but no indication of such in the gcc output. i don't know of any specific bugs like that offhand, but i've seen them before. usually the kernel will end up with a fix to adjust for it later on. could check the kernel log for after your version, i suppose18:46
lpappthere is this in the compilation log, but I am not sure if it can be ignored: WARNING: modpost: Found 1 section mismatch(es).18:46
kergothalso don't know what version of gcc was used in your previous poky version vs current18:46
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has quit IRC18:46
lpappme neither, I would need to look it up, but it was a dylan to daisy change18:47
kergothno idea, unfortunately. been long enough since i've done any kernel development that those skills are all atrophied and out of date :)18:47
kergothmight be something else, this was all that came to mind as a possibility18:47
* kergoth shrugs18:47
lpappok, thank you18:48
lpappI will probably ask this in #kernelnewbies, too18:48
lpappthey might be less rusty than us :P18:48
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kergothHmm, I should propose adding 'd' to event handlers, the way it's available elsewhere and via, just as a convenience19:40
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!sarah@nat/intel/x-bekzunrshhzvojdm> has joined #yocto19:41
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kergothshould also propose including the cooker's expanded_data in the ConfigParsed event19:46
*** evanp_ <evanp_!evan@nat/intel/x-ffatingvmvuhlpps> has quit IRC19:46
kergothboth would simplify some event handlers somewhat19:47
* kergoth adds todo19:47
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* kergoth moves the meta-sourcery sanity checks from BuildStarted to TreeDataPreparationStarted20:29
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khem`Can we generate a rootfs tar with symbols and debug info and then strip it for final image ?21:29
khem`current tarball is as much stripped as any other image fs type21:30
kergothnot that i know of, but work has been done on generating a separate filesystem with just the -dbg packages installed, so you can point gdb at that. not sure if that was ever merged, however21:40
khem`do you have links21:40
kergothchecking for it now21:40
khem`it should be like21:40
kergothfs types just control archival of the fs, that's too late to change their content21:41
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khem`I meant from usability POV21:42
khem`underneath I agree21:42
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!> has joined #yocto21:42
kergothyou can alwyas add dbg-pkgs to IMAGE_FEATURES< but of course that affects every output of the image21:42
kergothth enice thing about a separate debug fs is you can e.g. put it on a usb stick, or just extrac tit to point gdb at when you connect to gdbserver21:43
kergothlooking for the patch/branch now21:43
khem`I want the images to be stripped but corresponding debug rootfs image in tarball21:44
khem`so folks can use it to debug the crash by booting from USB and so on21:44
kergothwe rolled our own version of it in meta-mentor a while ago, but the pending one sent to the list is cleaner, if i can track the damn thing down21:45
kergothi need to start jotting down pending branches / patch series that interest me so i can monitor their status21:45
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC21:46
kergothkhem`: see poky-contrib, mhatle/debugfs21:46
kergothalso went to oe-core, "image.bbclass: Add a method for creating a companion debug filesystem"21:47
khem`hope it will work with 1.6 too21:48
kergothdepends on whether 1.6 was before image construction got converted to python, i don't remember when that happened :)21:49
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #269 of nightly-qa-logrotate is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
khem`ls ../lib/oe/package.py21:51
khem`so yes it was :)21:51
*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!> has quit IRC21:51
khem`let me try it21:51
khem`I dont see it in OE-core21:55
khem`do you have a  SHA21:55
kergothit went to the oe-core *list*, but wasn't merged21:55
kergothstill pending, no one merged it21:55
kergothshould be in patchwork, i'd expect21:56
kergothshould reply with a reminder in case it fell off the radar21:56
kergothi'm sick of having overridden image.bbclass in meta-mentor-staging :)21:56
khem`ah I see21:57
khem`you acked it21:58
khem`thats good but no heed21:58
kergothyeah, i'm guessing it probably fell off richard/saul's radar and mhatle and i never followed up21:59
kergothit happens21:59
khem`so resurrect it21:59
khem`thats why pw is so useful22:00
khem`we dont use it as effectively for oe-core as we do for other layer s22:00
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RPkergoth: its intended for master FWIW, just never see the patch at the right time :/22:07
khem`RP: its has  become a bit stale22:12
*** Crofton|work <Crofton|work!~balister@> has quit IRC22:12
RPkhem`: I think fray said he'd repost it22:13
khem`its worth for 1.8 too22:14
*** mario-goulart <mario-goulart!> has joined #yocto22:16
kergothlooks like the rejects are pretty straightforward to resolve, it seems, just did it here when applying it to meta-mentor-staging as a temporary measure.22:18
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khem`kergoth: can you post the updated patch somewhere ?22:49
*** lamego <lamego!jalamego@nat/intel/x-gkzxxvorfboehlve> has quit IRC22:51
kergothcurl | git am22:53
kergothonly limited testing done22:54
kergothbut should be fine22:54
kergothstuck waiting on a rebuild mostly from scratch after updating our upstream layers22:54
* kergoth taps foot22:54
kergothsstate is nice and all, but still feels awfully brittle, doesn't take much to end up rebuilding the world from scratch22:56
kergothneed to think about how to implement task output checksumming.. would likely be non-trivial, though, would require adjusting the runqueue more on the fly22:57
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khem`kergoth: Yeah i am getting lot of fire for it23:18
kergotheven output checksumming wouldn't be perfect, given we'd have to figure out how to limit the scope by path potentially, or capture the api of the output, or fix builds to be more reproducible, less encoding of timestamps and whatnot.. probably a combination of all of them23:19
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kergoththere's also the possibility of having file-level task-dependencies coupled with the output checksumming, e.g. we only depend on these files, only if they change should we rebuild, but others might depend on something else23:20
kergothhmm, bitbake chokes if TMPDIR is g+s.. we should improve it so it just does a chmod g-s when TMPDIR is created in the first place, if possible23:23
kergothif we know what's wrong, and what's wrong is in our output, we should just fix it23:24
kergothit's quite reasonable for COREBASE & friends to be g+s for sharing will colleagues23:24
kergothso if you create build dirs in ${COREBASE}/.., bitbake gets unhappy23:24
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