Wednesday, 2015-04-22

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chankitis there a service that I can stop or something?03:07
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redenginchankit, have you checked for an init script?03:25
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chankitredengin: sorry can't follow you..I just want to kill and start X in a more canonical way05:27
chankitredengin: not sure what init script u r referring to05:27
redenginchankit, if X started upon boot, there is a script in /etc/init.d that made it happen05:28
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redenginthat same script should be able to be called with a "stop" option to kill X05:28
redenginor you can grep the process list and kill the xserver05:29
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chankitredengin: I'm afraid there's no such script that controls X05:33
chankitredengin: never mind then...thanks a lot05:33
redenginwhich image are you building?05:35
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bluelightningmorning all08:06
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bluelightninghi marquiz08:18
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sm0ketstmorning all08:47
sm0ketstwhen using my own kernel (vanilla plus own patches) rules and my own defconfig i have issues with the QA rules (i.o.w. certain k. params are discarded as they are in the defconfig and the defconfig provided is changed). What's wrong with it? TIA08:50
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ant_worksm0ketst: is this a linux-yocto flavor you are building?09:07
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ericbuttershi, i need to extract some archives within a bitbake task, but as the archive is a rootfs containing dev/* i need to untar with sudo. but that is not working, bitbake not showing password prompt. so any idea?09:43
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mrsan__is there anyway to make yocto use svn folder instead of a copy to build in?09:46
BCMMericbutters: i don't know if i've linked the best source, but basically you don't do stuff as root ("with sudo"); you do it with fakeroot, which makes it look like dev nodes and so on exist when they don't really09:47
BCMM(i assume the reason you want to untar with sudo is so that tar can create dev nodes?)09:47
LetoThe2ndmrsan__: sounds like you're looking for EXTERNAL_SRC (at the cost of reproductibility, be aware of that.)09:48
BCMMericbutters: also google says i am out of date and people use this instead now
ericbuttersBCMM: thanks.. and yes, also yocto replaced fakeroot with pseudo:
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BCMMhmm i'm curious about the history of fakeroot now... was it originally created for debian packaging?09:51
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bluelightningBCMM: ericbutters: note that we already have pseudo, so you wouldn't need to use fakeroot09:59
respapehi all09:59
mrsan__LetoThe2nd: do u know any better way to set SVN version if the cmake file requires it10:00
mrsan__respape: hi10:00
respapeanybody has experince with intel nuc n2820 ?10:00
bluelightningBCMM: ericbutters: well, what I mean is you wouldn't need to add fakeroot itself, it may be that you'd need to mark the do_unpack task with the "fakeroot" flag though (which means run it under pseudo)10:00
respapeany meta repo available ?10:00
respape( like  rappberypi  meta )10:01
respape( like  raspberypi  meta )10:01
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bluelightningrespape: I would suggest meta-intel with MACHINE = "intel-corei7-64"10:02
BCMMbluelightning: so the fakeroot flag makes psuedo happen now, meaning the migration from actual fakeroot is transparent to most recipes?10:02
bluelightningBCMM: yes, more succinctly the fakeroot flag means "I need fakeroot functionality" which is implemented by running the task under pseudo10:03
ericbuttersbluelighning: that was the info i needed, prepend fakeroot for the tasks10:03
ericbuttersbluelightning: ^10:04
miandonmenmianis yocto default build system for debian? or other distros?10:04
miandonmenmiani think i saw somewhere mentioning debian on yocto10:04
bluelightningericbutters: not so much prepend as d.setVarFlag() (you can do this from an anonymous python function)10:05
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: no; debian has its own build infrastructure, but I believe there was a project presented to build debian using our system at ELC10:06
BCMMmiandonmenmian: no, debian has it's own automated building system10:07
BCMM(i.e. a proper debian package is not just an archive of binaries some developer built; it should come with a source package that can automatically recreate the binary package. some somewhat conceptually similar to a BB recipe)10:07
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sujith_hJaMa: ping10:11
miandonmenmianwould be be easy to build debian with yocto ? where can i find more information about ELC ?10:12
JaMasujith_h: pong10:12
sujith_hJaMa: Wouldn't it be better to change qtquick1 recipe name to qtquick?10:12
sujith_hJaMa: Unless there is any reason for making it qtquick110:12
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bluelightningmiandonmenmian: I haven't tried it myself and don't necessarily endorse it...10:14
miandonmenmianmostly out of curiosity, yocto's learning curve ( for a newbie like me ) is a bit rough. but I'm actually liking this quite a lot, so far, very impressed10:16
miandonmenmiandid some openwrt before and is quite different10:17
bluelightningright, it's something we hear a lot; we do try to improve things where we can, so if you can think of anything that we could do to make the system easier to use then please let us know10:21
JaMasujith_h: ask upstream
sujith_hJaMa: aah ok :)10:29
sm0ketstant_work: sorry for the delay. not it is not. im using the vanilla kernel. I defined an .inc and + SRCREV to point the version i want10:29
sm0ketstso no KMETA used. Also using my own defconfig10:31
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ericbuttersi want to archive some (maybe) unusual approach with yocto: i just want to use yocto/bitbake to extract a pre-build yocto rootfs out of an archive, then apply some recipies which also extract some binaries out of archives, and then copy the binaries over the pre-build rootfs. finally let bitbake create the rootfs out of this.10:59
ericbuttersis this possible? what will be the best way to do this?10:59
ericbutterswhich tasks should be used, which tasks should be added/overwritten?11:00
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bluelightningericbutters: that's not something we support out of the box; in theory it would be possible, but you'd need to do a bunch of work to implement it11:04
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miandonmenmianbluelightning: excellent article. when and where was the ELC?11:18
miandonmenmianoh, San Jose..11:19
mrsan__LetoThe2nd: is there any other way to do it?11:22
LetoThe2ndmrsan__: huh, what?11:22
mrsan__svn issue11:23
mrsan__11:48 < LetoThe2nd> mrsan__: sounds like you're looking for EXTERNAL_SRC (at the cost of reproductibility, be aware of that.)11:23
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LetoThe2ndmrsan__: i don't know the backgounrd of your question, so i really can't comment more. you said you want to build from some directory that is *not* what OE fetched. the mechanism for that is called EXTERNAL_SRC - and it obviously breaks the reproductibility of the build11:24
LetoThe2ndmrsan__: if you ask more specifically, maybe some other pointers can be found (not necessarily by me, i'm no expert either.)11:24
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mrsan__im using SRC_URI = "svn://;module=trunk;rev=${PV}" , but in the working directory it makes export it seems of svn, and looses svn information. is there anyway to make it checkout instead, so the recipies CMake file doesnt need to be patched and the svn version can remain in the working directory?11:26
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mrsan__currently the cmake fetches this information and builds it in to binary11:27
LetoThe2ndnow that actually sounds more like actually only out-of-tree building is broken for that thing.11:27
LetoThe2nde.g. make your recipe build in-tree.11:28
mrsan__LetoThe2nd: and how do i do that (im a n00b :()11:29
mrsan__any links i can read about it i would be happy:)11:30
LetoThe2ndmrsan__: i have no clue for cmake, for autotools its inherit autotools versus inherit autotools-brokensep. maybe the difference there can also be applied to cmake11:30
LetoThe2ndmrsan__: see
mrsan__LetoThe2nd: Ty il read it :)11:35
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ericbuttersbluelightning: yes, that is what i was thinking. could you please provide some basic ideas how to start with this? and how is the workflow?11:36
LetoThe2ndmrsan__: good luck11:37
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mrsan__is variables like PV parsed down to compiling shell so it can be picked up by f.ex. CMake?11:46
mrsan__parsed pushed11:46
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zamansince there are number of kernel configuration files e.g. under arch/x86/xyz_defconfig ... is there any way to specify in recipe file to use specific 'xyz_defconfig' when building kernel?11:54
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pidgeotavio: I can build out the meta-fsl fido stuff now for release on the AB if you want.14:12
otaviopidge: meta-fsl-arm you meant14:12
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pidgeotavio: where does meta-fsl-ppc stand (I keep forgetting who needs pinging on that).14:13
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pidgeotavio, ok, arm is kicked off.14:15
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otaviopidge: ping Luo14:19
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otaviopidge: to be honest I am not following them so I am not aware how well tested fido was with it14:19
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postman|Hi all, quick question -- what's the easiest way to figure out which recipe is causing a dependency to be built?15:09
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kergothbitbake -g -u depexp works fairly well. -g gives you the info in the form of graphviz .dot files, but -u depexp gives you an x11 browser for the data. not perfect, but better than nothing15:10
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kergothmy 'bb' tool provides a 'whatdepends' subcommand, but unfortunately it only works for build deps at this time, not runtime, which makes it very limited in usefulness15:10
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postman|kergoth: thanks, I'll take a look!15:12
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kergothHas anyone seen ncurses libraries with incorrect ownership? That is, owned by the build user, not root15:40
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bluelightningkergoth: IIRC there was some discussion recently about file ownership issues, don't think it was specific to ncurses though15:43
kergothI know there are some other cases, e.g. files written by qemu end up with wrong ownership, hence the recent fontcache fix, but this one i've not seen before, quite odd15:43
* kergoth reads the current ncurses recipe15:44
*** chrgrff1 <chrgrff1!~chris@> has joined #yocto15:44
kergothsuppose i could check the pseudo logsd15:44
bluelightningare these files that would have had debug symbols stripped out?15:45
bluelightningI guess yes15:45
bluelightningmaybe this would be related?
seebsI don't think I've seen that. For a while most of the recent bits have been recipe issues.15:46
*** manuel__ <manuel__!~manuel@> has joined #yocto15:47
kergothah, i don't hvae that commit, guess its time to update our upstream layers (we do it explicitly, usually on a weekly basis, to reduce churn)15:47
kergoththanks for the tip, bluelightning, will see if that takes care of it15:48
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bluelightningkergoth: that was the middle of three patches that affect that area (the last of which was just sent today)15:50
bluelightningthe first was
bluelightningI think it was the first that introduced the issue in question, so if you don't have that one yet then you may not be seeing the same problem15:53
kergothah, we do have that one. that could explain it, then15:55
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lpapphi, how can I force yocto to regenerate the image once I removed that manually from ./tmp/deploy/images/foo?16:14
lpappbitbake -f myimage did not seem to work out.16:15
kergoth-f operates against a specific task. without specifying -c, the task being forced is likely the default task, which is 'build'16:16
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto16:16
kergothsince build is a no-op, that doesn't do what you expect16:16
kergothyou can do -f -c rootfs16:16
kergothor you can -c clean it and re-run the bitbake16:16
lpappok, thanks.16:16
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kergothalternatively, bitbake -C rootfs foo will "taint" do_rootfs, and then build up to the default task. the difference would be if the recipe had any tasks after the one being tainted. e.g. -C fetch foo will rebuild the entire recipe, since forcing fetch to rerrun will make all its later tasks rerun16:18
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kergothNow playing with a prototype enhanced Local fetcher that can support PREMIRRORS, has improved wildcard support, copies symlinks without resolving them, and simplifies/improves the destination/subdir handling, with an eye toward using it for sysroot extraction for meta-sourcery like the way fray described the other day17:45
kergothhmm, think i'll have to give up on ideal support for wildcards in the relative subdirectory path, though, as determining the correct destination will be tough when coupled with both premirrors and filespath.. (e.g. file://.${libdir}/gcc/*/*/foo.*)17:46
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* kergoth ponders17:54
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acidfuif a recipe has a PACKAGES =+ "p1 p2"18:08
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acidfuwhen I build the recipe, does both the p1 and p2 will be compiled and copie ton the fs of my image ?18:08
acidfuor I need to specifically include p1 and p218:09
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kergothoh, i didn't realize we had open bugs on these behaviors, and tests in the selftest, excellent.19:24
kergothhmm, a couple cases are likely missing from it, should add them19:24
kergothdoesn't test behavior with multiple entries in FILESPATH, either19:24
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* kergoth writes a little python script to first inject a replacement fetcher instance, then run the unit tests on that19:38
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kergothgahh, the unexpected/unanticipated full rebuild is the worst19:48
kergothat least if i just did a layer update or something, it's not unexpected19:48
kergothbut when you're just going to test a build of some recipe and for some unknown reason it'll now take an hour, it really irks19:48
kergothand can't always use -S printdiff due to sstate mirror involvement..19:49
kergothhmm, having trouble with the multilib support in meta-sourcery, because the PREFERRED_PROVIDERs aren't set for the multilib variants of the external toolchain recipes. wonder how best to resolve that19:51
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halsteadYocto Project 1.8 is officially released.
* halstead cheers!21:23
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Crofton|worktoo many names for the smae thing21:41
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darknightehalstead: you got a sec to setup the webhook?22:31
halsteaddarknighte, Yep!22:32
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kergothhmm, ./var/lib/opkg/lists/oe-all and the ncurses libs are still having build user ownership, even with the previously discussed commit applied22:34
* kergoth checks for pending bits on the list22:35
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ant_homehat off to all developers for the 1.8 release!22:46
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