Monday, 2015-05-04

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mckoangood morning07:02
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AlexVaduvamorning all07:25
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jmleoHi there !10:09
jmleoWhat is the easiest way to get the size of all the packages installed in an image ? I know bitbake -g <image> but it does not give the size10:10
jmleoin the tmp/deply/rpm directory, I have all, but dev and dbg too, I only want those installed10:16
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sm0ketsthi all12:21
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sm0ketstI'm using my own defconfig + module selection + machine bsp with the MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS to include the module in the rootfs, but when i do the modprobe for the deployed module i get: "modprobe: no gzip/bzip2/xz magic". Clues? Thanks in advance12:23
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bukingtonsm0ketst, I installed kmod to solve this issue, instead of using busybox modprobe12:47
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bukingtonjust a workaround..12:50
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sm0ketstbukington: i had the same issue with iproute2 ... i had to check before which is running the modprobe.... Indeed thanks!!!!12:51
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sm0ketstbukington: i see busybox is aliasing the modprobe but i also saw libkmod2 and kmod are in the rootfs's manifest. ??13:56
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JYDawgCan/will yocto support package caching?14:35
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sm0ketstbukington: solved, i've read the core-image-testmaster.bb14:46
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RPjmleo: You could try toaster, that can give diagnostic information about builds15:00
jmleoRP: thanks, I was looking for a command line tip, but will give it a try ;)15:04
ericbuttershi.. i need some good input from you guys here :) i got a linux kernel recipe from a vendor. the recipe adds a task do_kernel_defconfig like here: -- i wrote a kernel driver and created a patch with git, and also a *.cfg file and added both to my bbappend SRC_URI. after calling -c configure i see my *.cfg changes in the defconfig and the .config files, but not as selected. i think the do_kernel_defconfig is overwriting this15:08
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zeddiiericbutters. does the vendor's kernel recipe inherit linux-yocto ?15:09
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ericbutterszeddii: no, inherit kernel15:11
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zeddiiand that's why the fragments aren't applied. they need linux-yocto (like the linux-yocto-custom) recipe shows.15:12
zeddiiFYI: I'm changing things around, so that will no longer be necessary shortly .. but for now, you do need to do that.15:12
ericbuttersyou say i need to change the vendor recipe to inherit linux-yocto? or is it possible to do this from my bbappend?15:13
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zeddiiI've done it in a bbappend before. but sometimes it is easier to just create a custom recipe. you just need to add: require recipes-kernel/linux/ to the recipe.15:14
zeddiibut the branch, the SRCREV and some other details needs to be right as well.15:15
zeddiiI don't suppose any of the parts are public ? I can advise better if I can see the recipe and tree.15:15
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ericbutterszeddii: i have to check if i can provide more detail to you.. but, how to add kernel modules to linux when using this "inherit kernel"? is that possible at all?15:29
zeddiiyou can just extend their defconfig. it really depends on how they are doing the configure phase.15:29
ericbutterszeddii: the configuration phase i provided in the link?15:30
zeddiibut a simple way to do it, would be to take a copy of their defconfig, put it in your layer, make changes, and then add it to the SRC_URI. yours will override.15:30
ericbuttersaddtask kernel_defconfig before do_configure after do_patch15:30
zeddiiah. sec15:30
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ericbutterszeddii: but what if more developers will bring in theri kernel modules?15:31
zeddiiouch. *sigh*15:31
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zeddiithat is going to cause you all sorts of pain.15:32
zeddiiericbutters: I'm yanking out fragments into a more consumable format, but when there are tasks defined like that, it won't really matter. that is going to clobber everything.15:32
zeddiiwhen is that defined to run ? i.e. how is it add_task'd into the build ?15:33
ericbutterstherefore the right way is to use yocto-linux rught?15:33
ericbuttersthat is from the original recipe of the vendor. it is in the *.bb file, so tasks will be added when bitbake parses?15:34
ericbuttersto get it right, i have to create a new recipe that does15:35
zeddiithey have to be added. that defines the task, but somewhere this is a "addtask kernel_defconfig after <foo>"15:35
ericbutters'inherit yocto-linux'15:35
ericbutterszeddii: yes, that is also in the recipe from the vendor15:35
zeddiiericbutters, it's an include you can add, versus inherit, since the include has the inherit as part of it.15:35
ericbuttersi see15:36
zeddiiericbutters, they even clobbered do_patch.15:39
zeddiiso if you needed to modify that tree at all .. good luck :)15:39
zeddiibut yah, this is something you can wrap with linux-yocto-custom. there's a sample in meta-skeleton15:40
ericbuttersi got more developers, each need to integrate kernel modules within yocto recipes15:40
zeddiiyep. a pretty common workflow.15:41
zeddiiif you give me a few minutes (I have to relocate home), I can mock up a sample linux-yocto-custom on how I'd deal with it (without having their source tree of course).15:41
ericbutterszeddii: where can i find meta-skeleton and more detail on linux-yocto-custom? thanks!15:41
ericbuttersokay nice!15:42
ericbuttersi am going to leave my desk here also, so i will come back to you in 1.5h or something, maybe you are ready then also :)15:42
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zeddii_homeericbutters: can you repost a link to that recipe ? I don’t have IRC history here :)16:12
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* mranostay spots a RP 16:53
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RPhi mranostay17:02
mranostayRP: so Crofton|work claims that 73 mile bike ride wasn't on a moped :P17:04
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Crofton|workmranostay, you just need to work harder17:05
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RPmranostay: Whilst I may have a set of suitable motorcycles, using those trails with them would get me arrested ;-)17:06
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mranostayCrofton|work: having the bar set at 73 miles on a Monday is dishearting :P17:06
RPmranostay: it wasn't really intentional, I just kind of forgot to turn around (its a holiday here)17:07
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RPThe plan was Wylam, then I saw a sign for Corbridge and once I'd gone that far, Hexham was only 4 miles further...17:08
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psidhuHi, I was wondering if I could get some feedback/commit on this patch, it's been sitting there a little bit now.
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fishey1What is the right way to use FOO_append ? Always use `:=`? Or `=`? Or `+=`?18:48
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kergothnever use _append with +=, it's pointless18:48
kergoth:= should only be used when you need the value immediately expanded, and that's true with or without _append18:49
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fishey1ok. So multiple uses of FOO_append are fine with `=`?18:56
kergoth_append/_prepend are just lazy versions of .= and =., respectively, except that you can combine the former with overrides to do conditional append/prepend18:58
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kergoththey're cumulative, as they're all concatenation operators18:58
kergothso yes18:58
kergothyou should also never use _append or _prepend when .= or =. or += or =+ will do19:00
fishey1Ok, so in .bbappends is it generally ok to use .=/=./+=/=+ instead of _append/_prepend? Or is there some common pitfal that makes the later more preferable there?19:05
kergothbbappend is like concatenating content to the recipe19:05
kergoththere's nothing special about what you can put there that's idfferent than what you'd put in the recipe, with the exception of FILESEXTRAPATHS, since that modification is intended to add the location where the bbappend lives to it, and the variable used only has that value while the bbappend is being parsed19:06
kergothwhich is why we want := there, to force it to use the current value, not expand it later when it's set to the path to the recipe19:06
kergothso again, unless you have a very good reason, avoid both _prepend/_append and :=. in the case of FILESEXTRAPATHS, we have a very good reason for both.19:07
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fishey1kergoth: thanks, this has been very helpful.19:10
kergothsee also the yocto and bitbake manual for info on the file format and how the different operators work, for reference19:10
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kergoththe thing to remember with _append/_prepend is when they're processed — the end of the recipe parsing. so they can be used to postpone the operation, e.g. to make sure the append takes even if something is parsed after you and sets the variable19:11
kergothlazy rather than immediate19:11
fishey1Which is why I suppose includes & classes end up using _append/_prepend instead of .=/=./+=/=+.19:12
kergothlong term, they may end up being applied at expansion time, when the variable's value is obtained, rather than at a specific point in the parsing process, but it'd still be lazy19:12
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kergothyeah, exactly, in some cases they want their changes to stick around regardless of where exactly the recipe inherits it19:13
kergoth(inherit being an immediate operation as well, like include, so lines after the inherit are parsed after the lines of the file being inherited)19:13
kergoththat's why the convention for inherits is to place them after the recipe metadata variables, but before the functions, to ensure that the recipe can override the class tasks, and the class can easily append to the metadata variables if appropriate, but that's just a convention19:14
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* kergoth dislikes the imperative vs declarative confusion in our file format, but we're stuck with it for now19:15
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zeddii_homeericbutters: around ?19:31
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seebsThe behavior of OVERRIDES_append = ":foo" is fascinating.23:36
seebsSo people were saying something about seeing that "dir quasi-mismatch" message from pseudo, anyone happen to have a trivial reproducer?23:36
seebsLooking at it, if it's showing up a lot it suggests that I probably have some kind of logic error, but I think it's an error in the error message.23:37
seebsSpecifically, I *think* that in the case where a directory is referred to by a path without a trailing slash, I'm generating a diagnostic when I shouldn't be.23:37
seebsOkay, yeah, that would produce a ridiculous volume of false positives23:38
seebstest was (!!S_ISDIR(by_path.mode) != trailing_slash)23:38
seebsshould be (trailing_slash && !S_ISDIR(by_path.mode))23:38
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