Friday, 2015-05-15

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lpappdenix: hmm, it seems that the date is always regenerated in that pdf :P07:55
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Baikonuris the FAQ at weirdly broken for anyone else?08:05
BaikonurI mean if I click that link, or navigate to it from the wiki, it just downloads a file called FAQ08:08
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chankitBaikonur: same from my side08:10
bluelightningmorning all08:10
chankitbluelightning: ping for the slightly broken FAQ link that Baikonur posted08:11
chankitit's in case you dont see Baikonur's post08:11
bluelightningBaikonur: chankit: I will email Michael H about it, thanks08:12
lpappso I have the same question as yesterday: what is the proper way of customizing the permissions for serial consoles with Yocto?08:13
AlexVaduvamorning all08:13
chankitbluelightning: my pleasure08:16
bluelightninglpapp: same answer as yesterday, look into the udev scripts...08:16
lpappbluelightning: you mean .bbappend and echo stuff into the permissions file in do_install_append?08:17
bluelightningthat would be one way yes08:17
Baikonurjust managed to get 3g connection working on my poky so all is good in the world <308:18
Baikonuronly took two days of work :)08:19
Baikonurand that's just because I had done it earlier on debian08:20
bluelightningBaikonur: using connman, modemmanager or something else?08:22
lpappbluelightning: would that be the preferred way?08:23
bluelightninglpapp: depends on the change you are making, but broadly, whatever works08:23
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Baikonurbluelightning: just pppd08:23
bluelightningah ok08:23
bluelightningBaikonur: is there anything you'd recommend we do to make things easier?08:24
Baikonurmy major mistake was assuming that there would be a file at /etc/chatscripts/gprs since there had been at debian, but I think it's just my mistake08:27
bluelightningwe do lay some things out like debian, so I could understand the expectation08:27
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hb2331Good day. Does anyone know how to enable NTFS-support to yocto? E.g. for mounting an externel USB-drive? I just need the name of the module which needs to be set to "=y"08:45
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chankithb2331: not sure how can help but it does contain some guide on editing .config file for the kernel config08:50
hb2331chankit: So far I already added support for specific driver modules to the kernel. But I cant figure out how to add ntfs support (Dont know how to figure out the appropriate module name)08:51
chankithb2331: did u manage to get menuconfig working or are you just editing the .config file?08:53
nrossihb2331: is CONFIG_NTFS_FS the options your looking for?08:54
hb2331both is possible08:54
hb2331YES that seems to be a hit08:55
hb2331this one looks good08:55
nrossihb2331: you might also need CONFIG_NTFS_RW08:55
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hb2331Thank you very much, that will be the solution for me :)08:56
chankithb2331: if you are thinking about using menuconfig, the command should be bitbake -c menuconfig linux-yocto08:56
chankithb2331: glad to hear that :-)08:56
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lpappbluelightning: I understand your point and thank that, but I still wonder why I have got these permissions with dylan, not daisy, by default: crw-rw----    1 root     dialout     4,  65 May 15 09:39 /dev/ttyS110:21
lpappcompared to daisy's crw-------    1 root     root10:21
lpappand we do not seem to set it in our layer either and even if it was so, it would be set for daisy, too, I believe, unless there is some more subtle issue somewhere.10:22
lpappthere is this line in both Yocto variants: ../meta/recipes-core/udev/udev/permissions.rules:56:SUBSYSTEM=="tty",                           GROUP="dialout"10:23
bluelightningFWIW, I just booted a dylan image and a master image under qemu, and both had /dev/ttyS0 as root/root10:27
lpappdid you have any udev issues during the boot?10:28
bluelightningI would suggest consulting the udev documentation and debugging the scripts (print out stuff, log to a file... whatever you need to do)10:28
lpappyeah, I will do that when in no hurry, for now, I would use chgrp, I think.10:29
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joshuaglgoodness, just noticed my devshell is root?!11:09
* joshuagl wonders how that's happening11:11
pohlyjoshuagl: are you sure it's not just the effect of running under pseudo (like reporting id = 0)?11:45
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joshuaglpohly: oh, perhaps...11:52
rburtonyes, devshell is pseudo'd11:59
joshuaglcarry on, nothing to see here12:02
joshuaglthanks rburton & pohly12:02
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jedixbluelightning: ping13:42
bluelightninghi jedix13:42
otaviorburton: saw my message regarding the bad plugins?13:43
jedixbluelightning: hey, I emailed you regarding the HG fetcher.  Did you get a chance to look at it?13:43
bluelightningjedix: I did see your email, I hadn't had a chance to look at the code yet - unfortunately the hg fetcher is not my area of expertise either13:43
jedixah, okay.  Thanks.13:44
jedixDo you have a suggestion who I could ask?13:45
jedixVolker Vogelhuber perhaps?13:46
jedix..I'm just going by the git log on the file13:46
rburtonotavio: yeah, merged into mut.  sorry, failed to reply.13:46
bluelightningjedix: I'm looking into it now13:48
otaviorburton: good; once it is merged can we queue it for Fido as well?13:49
rburtonotavio: you'll have to ask joshuagl about that :)13:49
otaviorburton: it is very harmless and is  really the right config way for this specific case13:49
otaviojoshuagl: !13:49
rburtonyeah, it is13:50
joshuaglhello? what's this?13:52
jedixbluelightning: thanks, I appreciate it13:52
otaviojoshuagl: it is regarding gst bad plugins patch in MUT13:52
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* joshuagl looks up the patch14:00
joshuaglhappy to queue that for fido once it has landed in master14:01
bluelightningjedix: so what are the exact circumstances under which ud.localpath will be a file rather than a directory?14:04
jedixbluelightning: when looking at the cache dir, I believe is the only time14:05
bluelightningjedix: by cache dir, do you mean DL_DIR?14:05
bluelightningjedix: I'm asking because I just built vim and what I have now is that ud.localpath is a directory, not a file14:05
jedixbluelightning: ah.. so I had two projects with the same DL_DIR14:06
jedixbluelightning: project A had internet and cached vim to DL_DIR, project B had BB_NO_NETWORK set to 1.  project B deletes the vim archive that project A fetched14:07
jedixbluelightning: but, vim fetched a tar.gz file for me.. most likely because that's what my PREMIRROR had14:08
otaviojoshuagl: thx; want me to ping you again?14:08
otaviojoshuagl: or you manage it?14:09
joshuaglotavio: I'll try and remember to pull it in next time I review master, but please ping me if it doesn't appear14:10
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bluelightningjedix: ok, I'll reply to the email14:11
otaviojoshuagl: thx14:12
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RPjedix: I assume you saw in master?15:02
RPjedix: what is really needed is some test in need_update which tests whether the revision is present in the current copy of the tree or not15:03
RPjedix: the git fetcher is the model for getting this right15:03
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has joined #yocto15:06
jedixRP: I'll have a look.  Thanks15:06
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jedixRP: That patch won't stop the hg fetcher from removing an archived repo15:13
RPjedix: I'm not claiming it solves your problem. It does remove the tarballs out the equation though15:14
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RPjedix: I have no idea how you ask hg this but you need a "does this checkout in this directory have this revision" command. Once you have that, you need to integrate it into need_update15:16
RPjedix: in the git fetcher, this is _contains_ref()15:16
jedixRP: and once I have that, the way the HG source is mirrored needs to be changed as well, right?15:17
RPjedix: I hadn't realised at the time but that last patch does look like it pulled out some of the hg mirroring code :/15:18
jedixsince right now, there's just a tar file and in the future, the souce should be in ${DL_DIR}/hg/<repo>15:18
RPjedix: the tar files simply aren't used after the patch in master15:19
denixbluelightning: thanks for yesterday's help - my workdir did change some time ago and required a clean build. sstate was masking the issue until it needed to rebuild...15:22
denixbluelightning: but I'm still having issues with nativesdk packages being rebuilt for different machines15:22
bluelightningdenix: ok, no worries15:23
denixRP: should nativesdk packages be shared between machines, when SDKMACHINE is the same?15:23
RPdenix: yes15:23
bluelightningdenix: hmm... are you able to bitbake-diffsigs to see the difference?15:23
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denixTask gcc-crosssdk-initial:do_configure couldn't be used from the cache because: blah-blah, different TUNEs15:24
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jedixRP: But uri_replace will still return a tar to try and fetch off the PREMIRROR/MIRROR..15:26
jedixso it still could be used, and seems to still remove my archived file when I cherry-pick that patch15:27
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jedixuri_replace in __init__.py15:28
denixbluelightning, RP: so, basically, gcc-crosssdk gets rebuilt between machines and its populate_sysroot forces all nativesdk packages to be rebuilt15:28
RPjedix: I'm a bit confused about how mirroring works at all with hg to be perfectly honest15:29
RPdenix: that is not what should happen15:29
jedixRP: well, I was using it by having a tar of the repo for a specific version.. which was then extracted and used.  It appears that need_update was not being called if the fetcher had downloaded15:30
RPdenix: can you pastebin that output somewhere please (from diffsigs)15:30
denixRP: sure, its bitbake -S printdiff though15:30
jedixRP: if it had been called, well.. we know it would never work15:30
RPjedix: I'm not sure what you want me to say. I've done my best to describe how this problem should get fixed, at least as far as master is concerned15:31
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RPjedix: need_update just checking random files is not correct15:32
jedixRP: Thanks, I appreciate your time.  I just think my patch is still useful for the archived repo case15:32
RPjedix: no, that patch is not correct, that much I'm pretty sure of15:33
jedixRP: okay, I will look for a correct way of checking what I need.  Thanks!15:34
denixand I sometimes see PR going backwards, but that's caused by rebuilding and not reused packages, I believe...15:37
bluelightningthat sounds wrong to me, PR ought never to go backwards unless I'm missing something15:38
bluelightningat least with the PR server enabled15:38
rburtononly if a recipe explicity bumps pr and then you revert the changeā€¦15:38
RPdenix: I just did a "bitbake meta-toolchain -S printdiff" locally, the ran diffsigs on the do_configure:gcc-crosssdk-initial stamp file15:38
RPdenix: in my local copy there is no dependency on DEFAULTTUNE15:39
RPdenix: can you mail be the gcc-crosssdk-initial sig file?15:39
bluelightningrburton: right, yes15:39
kergothcan't PR still go backwards if you change the metadata back to a previous version so a previous sstate is pulled rather than building from scratch with an autoincrement? or did we fix that?15:41
kergoth"fix", since the behavior is debatable15:41
RPkergoth: you can still do that15:42
denixbluelightning, rburton: local PR server is enabled. this is multimachine build. each machine rebuilds nativesdk packages for some reason, bumping PR in the process. then when trying to build the first machine again, it complains its nativesdk packages has lower PR15:42
RPand denix likely has previous sstate it would restore to15:43
RPdenix: the underlying issue is that the target tune shouldn't influence that recipe. It doesn't in my local build so I suspect some unintended side effect of some layer code, or something with the arm tunings15:43
denixRP: it's daisy, BTW - has anything changed in that area afterwards? I can quickly run some tests on more recent setups of mine...15:44
RPdenix: its possible I guess, my memory is fuzzy on that15:45
RPdenix: to be clear, a lot has changed/improved with this kind of thing so its possible15:45
denixRP: ok, do you still want to see the sig file? Is that siginfo for corresponding populate_sysroot?15:47
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RPdenix: The file will be something like tmp/stamps/i586-pokysdk-linux/gcc-crosssdk-initial-i586/*.do_configure.sigdata.* and yes, I'm interested. From the file you can see the code that brings in the dependency on DEFAULTTUNE. If we can see that it would give an idea of what is doing this15:50
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RPdenix: bitbake-diffsigs <stampfile above> | grep DEFAULTTUNE would give the info I'm thinking about15:54
denixRP: ah, sigdata from stamps, not siginfo from sstate-cache... Ok, sent15:55
denixRP: let me try that15:55
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denixRP: here -
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RPdenix: following this back, you get to List of dependencies for variable get_tune_parameters is set(['ABIEXTENSION', 'TUNE_CCARGS', 'BASE_LIB', 'TUNE_FEATURES', 'OVERRIDES', 'TARGET_FPU', 'TUNE_ARCH', 'PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS', 'BASELIB', 'TUNE_PKGARCH']) (TUNE_ARCH depends on DEFAULTTUNE)16:00
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RPdenix: At a guess
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denixRP: yeah, right! I just checked get_tunes_parameters in daisy and it excludes only AVAILTUNES, unlike master with many more vars...16:07
denixRP: thanks! I'll try to cherry-pick that and see if it help16:08
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denixRP: ah, much better - only nativesdk-perl got repackaged, not rebuilt. -S printdiff points to nativesdk-libgcc:do_fetch and nativesdk-gcc-runtime:do_fetch for some reason...17:02
RPdenix: quite an improvement then :)17:03
denixRP: indeed, thanks a lot!17:04
denixRP: so, debugging why nativesdk-perl got repackaged - it says its own do_package changed hash, nothing else is different. but comparing those 2 sigs of do_package shows they are identical... what else should I look at?17:13
RPdenix: that sounds very odd since if the hash is the same, it could pull from sstate :/17:16
RPdenix: is rm_work involved?17:16
denixno rm_work17:17
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RPdenix: good ;-)17:18
denixand why did -S printdiff pointed towards do_fetch tasks of nativesdk-libgcc and nativesdk-gcc-runtime17:18
RPdenix: -S does have some bugs. We've asked people to report reproducible corner cases like this where is does something odd...17:20
RPdenix: I'm out of time today, need to head afk, sorry17:20
RPdenix: be interesting to know if master does this though17:21
denixRP: no problem! have a good night and weekend!17:21
RPdenix: thanks!17:21
denixand thanks for your help!17:21
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kergothdenix: is the release you're on using shared sources for gcc & co?17:35
kergothdenix: if you're seeing lots of native do_fetch differences with printdiff, but no details on what's changed, you might need c9105597763be4bf5bc0ec97cc999566d0f1067817:42
kergothnot sure as to the state of the version you're using, though, so not 100% on that, but it fixed that behavior of me with fido17:42
denixkergoth: thanks, let me try that17:45
denixkergoth: btw, I'm using daisy17:46
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denixkergoth: it didn't help with -S printdiff complaining about nativesdk-libgcc:do_fetch, but at least it didn't repackage nativesdk-perl w/o any reasons! more testing is required, but so far a good sign, thanks!18:22
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Roland-hey folks, is there a way to configure what to compile/install without x support for hob ?19:55
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