Monday, 2015-05-18

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-world-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #309 of nightly-world is complete: Failure [failed Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #305 of nightly-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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bluelightningmorning all08:01
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mckoangood morning bluelightning, AlexVaduva, all08:27
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joshuaglthe best thing about Hob being put out to pasture is that I will no longer have to read people type it as HOB08:47
bluelightningjoshuagl: word08:53
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mckoanjoshuagl: I completely missed the Build Appliance news10:24
mckoandoes exist any useful link showing how does it work without necessarily install it?10:24
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joshuaglmckoan: ?10:28
joshuaglnot sure how useful it is, but that's *a* link10:28
joshuaglthere are docs and everything10:28
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cart_manWhat should I do when I cant build an image cause of this error?11:21
cart_manERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'syslinux'11:21
abdurrcan two recipes have the same name? I need to include two layers, both have a recipe with the same name, will this work?11:21
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rburtonabdurr: yes11:35
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cart_manrburton:  Do you know what I should do with my ERROR  maybe?11:37
rburtoncart_man: find out why it can't find the syslinux recipe i guess. what machine are you using?11:39
cart_manIm using Ubuntu x64 and im trying to compile for beaglebone11:43
cart_manUbuntu 1411:43
cart_manrburton: ^11:43
rburtoncart_man: the syslinux recipe will only build for x86…11:44
rburtonso either stop trying to use syslinux if you're explicitly trying, or don't build an image that needs syslinux.  are you trying to build a live image for beaglebone?11:45
rburtonthe images that need syslinux shouldn't be attempting to use it on non-x8611:47
cart_manWell a live image would be nice and helpfull although I could not even get the Beaglebone to boot a normal SD card version. So no im not trying to build a live version11:47
cart_manI used HOB11:47
cart_manafter using HOB it seems to have this problem\11:47
cart_manIs there live bootable version of Yocto for beaglebone?11:48
rburtonpersonally, i recommend not using hob - it does odd things.  it probably enabled live images for you.11:48
cart_manrburton:  Im starting to think the same thing...Problem though is I am not really familier with getting my custom package totally right. theres always something wrong and it crashes... No ive kind of given up on the idea. I first thought that adding packaages is as easy as adding them to the list on the local.conf file11:49
rburtonwell, an image with the "live" type won't work with non-x8611:49
cart_manbut it kept on crashing when I build it11:50
rburtonit is that easy - CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append = " my-recipe"11:50
rburtonfor the "quickly add a recipe" situation11:50
cart_manSo one literrally just add your packages to that list?11:51
cart_manwhow ok11:51
cart_manrburton:  and what about the " EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES " in the local.conf ? because the mostly the  things I want on the Image11:54
cart_manOhh nevermind I guess you just add them there11:54
rburtonfeatures != recipes11:54
rburtonfeatures map to package groups11:55
LetoThe2ndout of interest, is hob gaining additional traction (again)? i always thought it was going to be superseded by toaster.11:56
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cart_manLetoThe2nd:  So should one rather use Toaster?12:06
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LetoThe2ndcart_man: at least at this very moment, one should probably not listen to me specifically in this respect - i'm all in for the cli anyways12:07
joshuaglI don't know which is the more usable option right now, but certainly Toaster is receiving the bulk of engineering effort12:11
Crofton|workI hear the LF training course is still teaching hob12:12
LetoThe2ndwell, i personally am using some script magic to setup layers and config, and build on jenkins - so i'm probably not the blueprint12:13
* Crofton|work uses a script to build images and run wic12:14
LetoThe2ndfor reference, this is what i'm using:
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cart_manrburton: In which file do I switch off the "Live" function?12:39
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rburtoncart_man: it would have been a modification to your local.conf12:59
cart_manrburton: Ok thanks allot13:00
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ericbuttershi.. i try to build qt5-base. i got wayland and opengles in my sysroot. but qtbase is configured for -opengl desktop13:05
ericbuttersinstead of -opengl es213:05
ericbuttersif i modify to use es2 it works, but why it does not by itself?13:06
ericbuttersi use meta-qt513:06
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belenCrofton|work: we should probably reach out to LF and ask them why …13:16
Crofton|workI found out from a guy who had the class last week13:17
Crofton|workneed to double check13:18
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belenCrofton|work: I've told jeffro about it. Let's see what he says13:20
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pevHm, I don't seem to be able to over-ride /etc/default/ssh via a bbappend as image.bbclass redirects into it in the read_only_rootfs_hook() .... :-/ I guess that means I have to modify image.bbclass ?13:32
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bluelightningpev: are you using read-only-rootfs in IMAGE_FEATURES?13:35
pevbluelightning: It looks like it's half been thought about..! I need to move the key storage into the r/w mount which is easy to do via updating sshd_config / sshd_config_readonly but I can't also update the defaults to match...13:37
pevI suppose I could always mount-bind over the top instead but it's kludgey13:38
pevI would have thought generating the post-process hook in the openssh recipe would have been more appropriate?13:38
bluelightningpev: it is probably an oversight... you should probably email the list about it and CC the person who worked on that (Chen Qi <>)13:39
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pevbluelightning: Yep, for sure - although I try to not get too involved in the list as I'm flat out and my builds are based on daisy which makes it trickier to submit changes...13:42
pevor can I submit against daisy and let them find their own way upstream?13:43
pevI've got a few things stacked up I should pass on I guess and quite a few read-only rootfs tweaks13:45
bluelightningpev: we do prefer things to be against master unfortunately13:46
bluelightningpev: the other alternative is you send them to the list clearly marked as being WIP and needing adaptation for master, and CC Qi asking him to take care of them13:47
joshuaglI was just about to suggest pushing a branch and asking whether anyone wants to own upstreaming them to master13:47
bluelightningat minimum it would be good to let Qi know of the issues13:47
bluelightningjoshuagl: right, that would be an idea13:47
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seezerhi there. is there a way to populate headers from "non-standard" paths (/opt/foobar/include) into sysroot?14:17
lpappisn't it up to the buildsystem of the software in question?14:18
lpappor at worst, your own installation rules into the sysroot?14:19
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lpapp(i.e. do_install() { .. })14:19
seezerlpapp: would you install into $some_sysroot_var there?14:20
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lpappyes, there are special variables.14:20
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seezeri tried installing into ${D}${includedir}/... which works but that duplicates the files in my manually defined -dev package which then holds opt/ and usr/include with the same files14:21
lpapp${sysconfdir}, ${bindir}, ${libdir}, etc.14:21
lpappseezer: list the files in your package14:23
lpappseezer: or use mv instead of copy :-)14:23
lpappis it some proprietary software coming with preinstalled headers like that or why can you not specify it for the buildsystem, by the way?14:24
seezeractually i could. for the sake of "simplicity" for others depending on the framework, some argued putting all into /opt would be "easier".14:25
lpappok, that is not too linux-y, but it is possible.14:26
seezeryeah i know - it's currently mostly a POC, porting the framework to arm14:26
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seezerit's a cmake based receipt and therefore i use a CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX of /opt/foo14:26
seezerwhich fits for everything but the -dev package in sysroot. but i guess i'll just move it and be done with it. simple = sexy.14:27
limotec-devhello, anyone has accomplished building gutenprint for yocto?14:27
lpappseezer: sorry, I do not follow14:27
limotec-devi'm trying to add ppd files to cups14:27
lpappseezer: why cannot you use the right path to cmake if it already allows customisation?14:27
lpappand your colleagues will use this /opt/foo for their own experiment.14:28
lpappdo you need to provide the headers at both places? If so, why not symlink?14:28
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seezerlpapp: yeah moving/linking are what i'm gonna do. i was just thinking i'm missing some knobs to "populate /opt". but that will work for me. thanks!14:29
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fishey1When I enable -fsanitize=address for some programs in my yocto build I see this error . The same program appears to work fine with libsanitizer when built for my local system14:41
fishey1Anyone else run into that failure? Or have debugging suggestions?14:41
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lpapplimotec-dev: perhaps you can make your own .bbappend?14:44
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limotec-devlpapp: i'm not that experienced in writing recipes my own14:45
limotec-devlpapp: I found a recipe for gutenprint, but it's 5years old14:45
lpapplimotec-dev: hmm, that sounds like a good starting point then to customize, no?14:46
limotec-devlpapp: yes, thats true14:47
limotec-devlpapp: but I don't have any clue what cups needs14:48
lpappwhere did you find the recipe?14:48
lpapplimotec-dev: so it no longer works?14:50
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limotec-devlpapp: not for me, i'm getting quite a lot errors14:50
limotec-devlpapp: like do_stage is deprecated14:51
lpappit is possible that it could be migration to meta-openembedded with some fiddling.14:52
bluelightninglimotec-dev: if you do want to migrate that, you may find this useful:
limotec-devi'll look into that14:54
limotec-devthanks bluelightning14:54
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ericbutterskergoth: you once gave my some idea to find out which packages are missing from: "Multiple .bb files are due to be built which each provide" .. "This usually means one provides something the other doesn't and should"15:10
ericbutterswhat was that?15:10
kergothgenerally you should inspect both PACKAGES and PROVIDES for those cases, as it can be either a build time or runtime dependency pulling them in. bitbake -g may be of use here15:10
ericbutterskergoth: PACKAGES what i am missed.. thanks!15:13
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clopezany idea of how can i define a PREFERRED_PROVIDER in the recipe of a package (.bb) (for any machine) ?15:43
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bluelightningclopez: you can't; PREFERRED_PROVIDER must be set at the configuration level15:44
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bluelightningclopez: you can depend explicitly on the preferred provider that you would have selected, if that helps15:53
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clopezgood idea, thanks :)15:58
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ericbutterskergoth: hmm.. that was not all.. how to remove mesa? all i need is provided by pre-built binaries that i copy. but i get the multiple provide errors. last time i managed to get all the packages that i should provide listed on the console.. but i can not remember..16:10
ericbuttersbluelightning: maybe you got some idea also? Pls see my recipe here:
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DS__Hi, I'm having a problem trying to get initramfs/initrd to work. I'm never able to get yocto to generate an initramfs image (it always hangs on what appears to be an internal script), and if I try to load the rootfs separately through initrd, the kernel just hangs. It never boots. I have little idea of these things (I've been mostly following guides and what I can find in the Internet), so I can't even provide more information about this16:45
DS__I'm trying to load everything through u-boot, if that helps.16:45
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has joined #yocto16:47
DS__This is the error that appears when trying to bundle everything for the initramfs:
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abc1234Hello Friends. I have a bitbake recipe with RDEPENDS+${PN} and name of few packages. When I install the ipk generated with this recipe, I get this error --> "satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for"18:39
abc1234and list of packages listed in RDEPENDS_${PN}18:40
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abc1234does this mean I have to install all the packages listed in RDEPENDS_${PN}18:40
abc1234before installing this package:18:40
abc1234Is there a way to install all dependencies (dependent packages) as part of single installation?18:41
kergothhow exactly did you 'install the ipk generated with this recipe'?18:42
kergothif you want to use opkg to install something and its dependencies, you need a package feed18:42
kergothsee the opkg documentation18:42
abc1234opkg install package.ipk18:43
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abc1234thanks for the direction18:48
abc1234Is there a way to pack all these dependencies in one package?18:48
abc1234so as part of one ipk, install the actual package + all its dependencies18:48
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kergotheither use a feed, or manually copy them and install them18:50
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kergothhmm, devtool assumes SHELL is absolute when set, that's not guaranteed19:10
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seebsI would tend to consider a non-absolute $SHELL to be a Very Bad Idea.19:13
seebsI will take a stand against shellativism.19:14
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kergothit seems some versions of zsh set SHELL=zsh19:15
kergothfish doesn't set it at all19:15
seebsHuh. That seems like a strange choice. I would not expect a shell to *set* $SHELL, which I always thought was supposed to be set to the shell field from passwd.19:16
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kergothah, no, it wasn't zsh setting it, was a lurking profile remnant. eep, that's no good19:17
seebscase $0 in19:18
kergothinteresting, "This variable shall represent a pathname of the user's preferred command language interpreter." .. doesn't indicate that it has to be absolute, however19:18
seebs# This should never happen; little do we know.19:18
seebsecho "What the \$SHELL?" >&219:18
kergothas opposed to PWD, which is "This variable shall represent an absolute pathname of the current working directory."19:18
seebsI don't think that code ever executed.19:18
seebsHuh. I ... hmm.19:19
seebsYeah, that's odd. Because "a pathname" is almost useless.19:19
kergoththere's no guarantee PATH is what it was when the shell was spawned..19:19
kergothso having to search to find it could find the wrong thing19:19
seebsOr $PWD, for a path with at least one slash but no leading slash.19:19
seebsOr consider insanity like19:20
kergothi'm guessing most things make it absolute an yway, but it's strange that the standard doesn't see mto require it19:20
seebsln -s /bin/sh /tmp/dummy; export SHELL=/tmp/dummy; rm /tmp/dummy19:20
seebsThere you go. SHELL was sent to a value representing a pathname of the preferred command-line interpreter.19:20
seebsHeck, if I want to be dogmatic, I can point out that it doesn't say "a pathname on this host".19:21
seebs"/usr/xpg4/bin/sh", which is "a" pathname for the desired command interpreter. On Solaris. I think.19:21
kergothhuh ,yeah, it doesn't say it has to exist or anything19:21
kergothbasically its value is useless19:21
seebsBe careful when you stare into the POSIX spec, for the POSIX spec also stares into you.19:21
seebsStandards interpretation is very vulnerable to overthinking.19:22
kergothi was hoping/expecting it to be sane in this context... that was silly of me19:22
kergothit's kind of scary what *isn't* defined/explicit in there19:22
seebsI play D&D-like-games, and I note that they have the exact same problem.19:22
kergothand we just assume19:22
seebsAnd indeed, one of the major recentish releases was built around *dropping* a ton of specification and saying "look, the reason we have a person run the game is so they can make reasonable judgment calls".19:23
seebsBecause the attempts at formal specifications just made even weirder debates about what was specified.19:23
kergothhah, yeah, that makes sense. there'd be creative ways of working around the ambiguities anyway, might as well give them full lattitude19:23
seebsThere were these insanely complicated arguments that would arise out of combinations of bits and pieces of wording.19:24
seebsThere was one I found where it is *completely obvious* what the rule means.19:25
seebsAnd by that I mean, every gamer I know thinks that it is totally obvious.19:25
seebsAnd it's about a 50-50 split on which of two answers they think is "totally obvious".19:25
seebsAnd that ambiguity has been in the rule system for probably 30 years.19:25
seebsAnd in all that time, it's never really been made completely clear, but everyone reads it a given way and finds it consistent.19:26
kergothhmm, I wonder if devtool should get some functionality added to make it easier to override bits coming from outside the source tree, e.g. defconfig or other file:// bits19:29
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