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* nerdboy assumes pseudo has same usage00:00
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abelloninerdboy: but as the name implies, it is fake00:10
abelloniso it can't be used to write in a root owned directory00:11
nerdboyuh huh00:11
nerdboyoh, directly from recipe to host filesystem00:12
nerdboythen group thing is best option...00:13
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whirmhi everybody10:50
whirmI'm a newbie trying to make an ocaml cross compiler recipe. So far I've successfully made the normal recipe to have a host-native compiler as required, but I'm having trouble building the cross compiler: stdio.h & co. are not on the host sysroot's include dir. What do I need to include in the recipe so it looks on the right place?10:57
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josh__dHello, I'm very novice to yocto. I'm trying to get opengl es 1.1 support into a build. I've read much of the manual and I believe I have to create a bsp layer with appropriate recipes in the graphics directory. I've also found a mesa .inc file which I think will be helpful. Where should I go from here18:03
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josh__dhere is the inc file I was referring to:
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abellonijosh__d: it actually depends on your platform18:54
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josh__dabelloni: I'm attempting it first on a genericx86 image which I'm going to run on qemu19:21
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