Tuesday, 2015-06-09

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #329 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-arm/builds/32902:19
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #330 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-fsl-arm/builds/33003:08
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frackersCan someone help a noob with getting an ARM image that runs OK on the target to run under qemu?04:32
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redenginfrackers, I can try my best to help you, what errors are you seeing?04:39
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frackersThe zimage kernel I'm using doesn't see the init in the ext3 filesystem image04:40
frackersGets usual kernel panic04:41
redenginare you using the yocto qemu launch scripts?04:41
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frackersyup - I've built the latest sample using poky zip from git and that runs fine. The image created following the instructions at variscite for their var_som_mx6 runs OK from sdcard but using 'runqemu' fails. The ext3 image looks OK but since it usually starts from uboot I wonder if I'm missing something04:44
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frackersSupper time - back later...04:46
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RagBalabelloni, I'm running into the same issue as you mentioned 2014-10-08 in here: error: Can't install libgles-omap3-es5- no package provides ld-linux.so.3(GLIBC_2.4)08:03
RagBalabelloni, this is in reference to yesterday when you gave me the advise to build libgles-omap3 without distro08:04
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bluelightningmorning all08:09
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ryoshugood morning08:40
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sm0ketsthi all, how can I invoke 'nasm' from a recipe (is DEPENDS="nasm-native" only required)? I only need to do: 'nasm -f bin asm.file -o execfile'08:44
redenginsm0ketst, should work, have you tried it?08:45
sm0ketstredengin: not yet, just figuring out if i should use something like ${AS} -f bin ... but for nasm08:47
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bboozzoohi all, has anyone used swupdate, specifically this thing http://sbabic.github.io/swupdate/ ? I recall bluelightning mentioned it on the mailing list, but haven't really seen it being mentioned in other discussions09:01
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LetoThe2ndbboozzoo: can't share too many details, but we're using it and it works(TM)09:02
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sm0ketstredengin: worked by just calling 'nasm' from the do_compile, thanks! i had to add two inhibit to avoid QA complaining about the debug packages but i think it is ok, it is only a simple load/stress bin to run09:15
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LetoThe2ndis there some additional magic that i need to include a kernel header from include/uapi/linux/xyz.h into the images' /usr/include? the module gets properly built and installed, but the file is just not there.09:34
LetoThe2nd(if i manually do make header_install, the header is there, by the way)09:37
_4urele_Hi I just took the latest version on master, and I get this error : https://gist.github.com/4urele/6a9c82b99dd0cce3ad5009:43
LetoThe2ndso is kernel.bbclass some additional mechanism? or a kind of filtering?09:43
likewiseLetoThe2nd: look in your deploy/rpm/ and see if there is a -dev package for your module09:43
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_4urele_it seems that a patch doesn't work anymore...09:44
LetoThe2ndlikewise: nope, the modules don't seem to get dev pacakges09:45
likewiseLetoThe2nd: I am probably mistaken. I thought a -dev package was created for the headers. Hmmm. Let me see.09:46
LetoThe2ndlikewise: kernel-dev gets created, but that also doesn't include the header. it just has a complete copy under /usr/src/kernel, which is not really the same09:48
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: perhaps use find under packages-split in the workdir for the kernel to see which package it went into?09:50
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: hm. none.09:51
likewisebluelightning: That's what I thought, but it seems we do not build UAPI dev packages for module automatically (or I cannot find it).09:51
likewisesimilar reports: https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/meta-freescale/2015-January/012144.html09:52
bluelightninghmm, it's not really something I'm familiar with myself unfortunately...09:52
LetoThe2ndi wouldn't care that much for the package that goes into the target, but as it doesn't get added into the sdk too, its a bit of a showstopper when you want to develop against it.09:53
likewiseLetoThe2nd: I would expect it to end up in the 1) sysroot, 2) SDK, and 3) as a -dev package for the target.09:53
LetoThe2ndlikewise: some expectations here. but none applies.09:54
LetoThe2ndthe kernels make headers_install seems to do the right thing(TM)09:55
likewiseLetoThe2nd: well good point you bring it up.09:55
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likewiseThe last two threads give some ideas.09:58
likewiseThey are the neatest work-arounds I would say.  Now that I read them, I remember to have run into this before.09:58
LetoThe2ndlikewise: yeah, probably the least-impact solution is to just add the file into the project i'm developing for now. but i'd say that "pretty" is something different.09:59
likewiseThere was discussion on whether we should include the UAPI headers in linux-libc-headers, but this is not recommended as they are sanitized (for whatever that means).09:59
likewiseLetoThe2nd: I would surely expect we had kernel-module-xyz-dev packages...10:00
LetoThe2ndlikewise: i don't think that its possible that way, because in KBuild there is no relation between a specific header and a module10:02
likewiseLetoThe2nd: Hmm, indeed. Only building out-of-tree modules with their own meta data could steer the package creation.10:04
likewiseLetoThe2nd: But if you add to the kernel itself, you can also bbappend the metadata for your specific kernel10:05
LetoThe2ndand as i understood it, the addition of new header into uapi is the recommended way, so we'll certainly need a fix someday10:05
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bluelightningI will say if there's functionality missing it would be worth filing an enhancement bug if there isn't already one to track this10:13
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niteshnarayanlalhi if I want to copy a complete director in the rootfs11:34
niteshnarayanlalthen only install -m won't do11:34
niteshnarayanlalany help11:34
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RagBalerror: Can't install libgles-omap3-es3- no package provides libews.so11:42
* RagBal getting frustrated11:43
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_4urele_hi again,12:25
bluelightningniteshnarayanlal: you can alternatively do cp -r if you need to12:26
_4urele_I'm on poky master branch I'm using glibc with a custom distro12:27
_4urele_I have a patch which doesn't apply correctly12:27
_4urele_as far as I checked this seems to be normal : as far as I can see the targeted file is too different to apply this patch12:28
_4urele_on my poky tree I can see that I'm using glibc 2.21 and the patch which doesn't apply is ./meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/grok_gold.patch12:29
_4urele_if anyone has any idea...12:29
bluelightning_4urele_: we do run regular builds, is there something in your custom distro that might be influencing this?12:29
_4urele_I don't think so, as far as I can see the patch is applied with any configuration12:31
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bluelightningthat patch did get updated when we upgraded to 2.2112:31
bluelightning(going by the git history)12:32
bluelightninglong shot but you didn't by any chance change PATCHTOOL ?12:32
_4urele_bluelightning, no, and the patch and configure.ac (because this is where it fails) are really different, I tried to checkout again and so on12:34
abelloni_4urele_: I thought you were using buildroot ;) (running joke)12:35
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_4urele_abelloni, long run!12:37
bluelightningwell, FWIW, glibc do_patch just succeeded here12:44
bluelightningthat was in a from-scratch build though12:44
bluelightning_4urele_: did you try bitbake -c clean glibc ?12:45
_4urele_bluelightning, thanks, it seems that the cloned version is not the good one in my work directory... it is the glibc 2.2012:45
_4urele_bluelightning, I will try cleanall again...12:45
bluelightninger, how did that happen?12:45
_4urele_bluelightning, I'm sharing the download directory with another yocto version12:47
_4urele_bluelightning, maybe this is not a good idea12:47
bluelightningideally that shouldn't matter, though having those actually running builds at the same time probably isn't a good idea if you're doing that12:47
bluelightningmerely sharing the same dir should be just fine though12:48
bluelightningI switch back and forth between branches with the same DL_DIR12:48
_4urele_I will check but I just updated from an old 1.7 to the new master, when I "run bitbake-layers show-recipes glibc"12:49
_4urele_it says 2.21, and obviously it uses a 2.20 (which is probably coming from 1.7...) (I'm using tarballs also...)12:50
RagBalabelloni, I'm still unable to build libgles-omap3, I tested with oe-core like you told me12:52
RagBalabelloni, I'm running into the same issue as you mentioned 2014-10-08 in this channel: error: Can't install libgles-omap3-es5- no package provides ld-linux.so.3(GLIBC_2.4)12:52
_4urele_maybe I did something wrong... I erased everything then I will retry, many thanks for the help12:52
abelloniRagBal: yes, this seems familiar to me, I managed to solve this, unfortunately, I don't exactly remember how12:54
*** lamego <lamego!~lamego@> has joined #yocto12:54
RagBalabelloni, aww bummer =(12:56
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC12:57
RagBalabelloni, when using poky I run into libgles-omap3 unable to install because no package provides libews.so, so I guess it's not meant for me to use libgles12:58
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bluelightning_4urele_: I'm still a little bit confused about your configuration - are you overlaying or bbappending the glibc recipe at all?13:15
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has joined #yocto13:19
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_4urele_bluelightning, you're right I'm using another layer, I checked removing the layer seems to be ok13:20
bluelightning_4urele_: was it a public layer causing the issue or something you'd set up yourself?13:20
_4urele_bluelightning, I just found a bbclass which is fixing the SRCREV for glibc...13:21
bluelightninga bbclass?13:21
_4urele_bluelightning, it is closed source...13:21
bluelightningit's pretty unorthodox to be setting that from a bbclass13:21
_4urele_bluelightning, yes with multiple versions set13:22
_4urele_bluelightning, anyhow I will discuss this with some people ;)13:23
bluelightning_4urele_: ok, well at least you found the source of the issue :)13:23
_4urele_bluelightning, many thanks13:24
bluelightningI wonder if we should have some sort of check to see if the actual version fetched matches PV13:24
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bluelightningthat might not be practical though13:25
_4urele_bluelightning, maybe something which tells what impacts the recipes (local.conf, bbclass, bbappend, ...)13:27
bluelightningthat would be tricky to do generically, but worth thinking about yes13:28
_4urele_it is hard to find what modify the recipe behaviour (as far as I know, maybe you have some magic to get those kind of information)13:29
bluelightningbitbake -e recipename is probably the closest thing we have to that on an individual recipe basis, but then of course you need to know what you're looking for13:29
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abelloniRagBal: I did that: http://hastebin.com/ojucicitiv.md14:16
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paulgpatching a bb that still has a PR= in it ; should I also delete that line while there?15:41
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto15:41
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bluelightningpaulg: if you are increasing the PV value as part of the change, yes15:42
bluelightningif not, it should stay15:43
* paulg had no intention of touching PR or PV originally....15:44
*** timsche <timsche!~quassel@port-92-192-66-155.dynamic.qsc.de> has quit IRC15:46
bluelightning(renaming the recipe to change the version number counts as changing PV, but you probably know that ...)15:46
*** timsche <timsche!~quassel@port-92-192-66-155.dynamic.qsc.de> has joined #yocto15:47
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paulgyou'd be surprised how little I know when it comes to recipe magic.  :)15:49
bluelightningok, FYI then ;)15:50
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dasabhihello any one there?18:22
dasabhii have a few questions to ask about the galileo board i am currently working with18:22
dasabhitrying to update the linux kernel on the board18:23
bluelightningdasabhi: if you ask your question we will try to answer18:23
dasabhiokay perfect!18:23
bluelightning(FWIW I did say the same thing yesterday but you vanished shortly after...)18:23
dasabhiso i have a gentoo image on the board which is booting as expected18:24
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto18:24
dasabhibut i can't connect to the internet with it18:24
dasabhiand yeah sorry about that i had to leave LOL18:24
dasabhishould have said something!18:24
dasabhiso my friends at work tell me that i should update the kernel with modules and that it will allow internet access18:25
dasabhibut the documentation for the board isn't working out that well for me18:25
bluelightningok, so... if this is a question about using the board itself, I think the Intel Makers forum is going to be your best bet rather than here18:26
bluelightningthis channel is for discussion about the Yocto Project18:27
dasabhiyeah you are right but that is also why i am here18:27
tripzeroanyone seen "shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory18:27
dasabhisee the documentation i was reading said that it used yocto to build their default images18:27
tripzerowhen building?18:27
bluelightningtripzero: can't say that I have...18:28
tripzeroi'm trying to create a bbappend that appends onto SRC_URI18:28
dasabhiwooow sergeiK is in this chat room!18:28
tripzeroi get that error during the unpack step18:28
dasabhii was reading this docs and several questions came up18:29
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dasabhiis sergei active during a particular time of day?18:29
bluelightningI can't say, I'm not sure I've noticed him saying anything here though I'm not always active myself18:29
tripzerobluelightning: are using meta-intel?18:29
dasabhialright then i will ask this, do you guys know how bitbake works?18:30
bluelightningtripzero: I do on occasion when I'm building for a board it supports, yes18:30
tripzeroerr, dasabhi are using meta-intel?18:30
tripzerosorry, bluelightning wrong person to ask ;)18:30
bluelightningdasabhi: pretty well yes18:30
dasabhii was reading this documentation and it said to use the bitbake command, but bitbake isnt a bash command...18:30
tripzerodasabhi: you need to source oe-init-build-env first18:31
bluelightningdasabhi: if you want to use bitbake you need to follow the proper set of setup instructions18:31
dasabhihis documentation told me to unzip a BSP and then use bitbake to build something18:31
dasabhiyeah his docs didn't really mention that18:31
tripzerohis docs may be missing a step18:31
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dasabhiso do i just type source oe-init-build-env ?18:32
bluelightningthere's more to it than that, you have to actually be in the directory containing that file18:32
dasabhiand then use the bitbake command?18:32
bluelightningI'm not sure what BSP you have unzipped18:32
dasabhihttp://www.malinov.com/Home/sergey-s-blog/intelgalileo-buildinglinuximage this is the link i was using18:33
dasabhiit was the BSP for the galileo board18:33
bluelightningthat set of instructions and the BSP it points to is positively ancient by now18:33
dasabhiyeah i have no idea how to setup this bitbake thing, so i guess its a good place to start18:33
dasabhino i found the BSP18:34
dasabhibut yeah some of the files inside like meta clanton had newer versions18:34
bluelightningthis is really something for the maker forums, if you search for bitbake there you'll find it has been discussed a number of times18:35
bluelightningI have to go catch a train, bbl18:35
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC18:35
dasabhimaker forums on the galileo site? :S18:35
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realBigfootI am installing about a thousands files in a image and I'm putting like this -> FILES_${PN} += "/PATH_TO_FOLDER". When running the installation i got an error that i have to set the name of the files. Is there a way to skip this ?21:28
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bluelightningrealBigfoot: what's the exact message you are receiving?21:41
*** frackers <frackers!de9aebe5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto21:45
realBigfootERROR: RECIPE_NAME not found in the base feeds21:55
realBigfootbluelightning, ^21:55
bluelightningrealBigfoot: are you also receiving an "installed but not shipped" warning?21:57
realBigfootbluelightning, yes... with the files i asked to be copied21:58
bluelightningrealBigfoot: ok, so whatever path you are adding to FILES_${PN} is incorrect21:58
realBigfootbluelightning, sorry i didn't show this message i was searching it but i couldn't find it anymore (dunno why)21:58
bluelightningrealBigfoot: note that FILES expects the path as it would appear in the final image, not a path on the build host21:59
realBigfootbluelightning, that makes sense21:59
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realBigfootbluelightning, thanks :) it worked!22:03
bluelightningnp :)22:03
xulferHm given a choice of making a legacy gcc work on a newer yocto version vs downgrading a large setup all the way to dora... which would probably be easier?22:08
bluelightningthat's a tough call22:10
xulferYeah.  I have a full BSP and everything running on daisy, and apparently it uses some daisy specific features.22:11
xulferNot to mention all the other bbappend files I have going on in other layers. :/22:11
bluelightningmy gut says you may be better off with the legacy gcc on a newer version, at least then you aren't heading further away from something current at least22:12
* paulg_ wonders what is depending on the old toolchain22:12
xulferMy boards kernel22:12
xulferIt doesn't compile properly on GCC 4.8.  Requires GCC 4.722:12
bluelightningif this is for ARM I think we dealt with this issue before a number of times22:13
paulg_if it were me, I'd just fix the kernel, but then again, that is where I spend most of my day.22:13
xulferWell it compiles properly, but rather doesn't run properly.  I thought it was an issue on my side, but I was able to track down a TI confirmation today.22:13
bluelightningrequires a patch or two for the kernel22:13
bluelightninghang on boot?22:13
xulferNo u-boot output.  (running an OMAP 4460 if that helps)22:14
paulg_back in the day it was always -Os  that seemed to screw ARM.22:14
xulferThe TI stuff I read MENTIONED patches for it, but didn't provide any information.22:14
bluelightninglet me see if I can track down the most recent post about that22:14
paulg_wait, the u-boot binary is busted, or you really mean that you don't see any early serial console output from the kernel?22:15
* paulg_ assumes folks aren't changing u-boot binaries on a regular basis....22:15
bluelightningI've no idea if this will help but this was what I was referring to: http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2015-April/104352.html22:16
xulferNo serial, but it's not u-boot.  I have a working version on the same u-boot22:16
xulferand with TI confirming it as a known issue on this specific board I imagine GCC is the issue.22:17
paulg_I'd try the two patches from bluelightning, and if you still have no luck, you can...22:19
*** dfaught <dfaught!~dfaught@cpe-70-123-104-72.tx.res.rr.com> has quit IRC22:19
paulg_...pseudo bisect by sticking object files from the working kernel build into the failed one and relinking it (starting in dirs that are related to early setup).22:20
paulg_once you get it down to a single object, you can disassemble and compare and figure out wtf.22:21
paulg_it isn't pretty but I've done it before with success to track down a tc bug.22:21
xulferbluelightning:  Did some more in-depth googling based on your post, and those are indeed the patches.22:25
paulg_yeah,  hope it works for you, since that smells a lot easier than digging in and solving wtf from scratch.22:27
xulferThat's referring to my specific board even.22:32
*** nicktick <nicktick!~john@unaffiliated/nicktick> has joined #yocto22:32
paulg_I'd be tempted to move the whole thing to a newer kernel too, assuming it didn't have a dumptruck worth of invasive bsp specific/vendor specific patches.22:39
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC22:39
xulferit does22:39
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto22:40
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xulferBlah.  Those patches are pretty different than what I've got here in 3.4 though. :(22:51
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xulferWonder if there'd be a lot of harm in just patching in the whole memset.S file from say 3.1022:52
paulg_xulfer, yeah you can probably adapt in a chunk like that w/o too many API changes.22:53
paulg_adapt the object file bisect technique to source file based.22:53
paulg_maybe, depending on your end goal, you won't care to mine in deeper than file level, once you find the file that gets munged.22:54
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frackersMorning all!23:01
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frackersShould I expect a filesystem built to imx6 to run under qemu arm?23:02
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frackersSo how do I build an arm project so it runs under qemu - its fince on the target (imx6)23:35
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