Thursday, 2015-06-11

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tripzerois there an environment variable bitbake sets at do_compile for prefix?04:21
tripzeroi'm looking for a directory in in /usr/include but it's not finding it I suspect because of "/" before "usr"04:21
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tripzerolooks like it may be: "PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR"04:29
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RagBalAnybody that can help me a bit getting libgles-omap3 from meta-ti working? Evverything compiles perfectly but when do_rootfs is running it errors on "no package provides" I'm using fido branches06:01
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parrothello, can i use file:// in SRC_URI?06:23
redenginparrot, yes, the docs show examples06:27
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parrotredengin: lemme file:// shall point the the <recipe_name> folder within the recipe itself?06:29
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redenginyes, you should create a subdirectory for your local stuff06:31
parrotredengin: splendid. Thanks a lot :-)06:31
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tripzerohmm... is there a do_install_remove() in a bbappend?07:02
wvHello, how do I automaticaly add some custom files to a rootfs so it's also in the image?07:03
tripzerowv: make a recipe!07:03
joshuagltripzero: iirc _remove is for lists only, I'm not even sure what you'd want it to do with a function - what are you trying to do?07:04
tripzerojoshuagl: not install things that the original recipe shouldn't have been installing anyway07:04
joshuagltripzero: fix the original recipe? :-) or do_install_append () and rm the things?07:05
tripzeroi will fix the original...  this bbappend is a stop-gap07:05
tripzeroi already modified the source not to built the bad things.07:05
tripzerobut do_install tries to install them anyway :(07:06
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joshuagloh, I see the problem07:06
wvtripzero, well, I made an image-recipe07:06
joshuagltripzero: stop-gap just overwrite the do_install () from your bbappend?07:06
wvwhere I added some post-rootfs-thing07:06
wvis this the way to go?07:06
bluelightningmorning all07:07
tripzerojoshuagl: kk.  will try07:07
joshuagltripzero: just copy/paste do_install from the original recipe and drop the redundant lines07:07
tripzerothis project is awesome.  it has no make install, so all the installation happens in do_install() manually07:09
tripzeroonly 20k characters in do_install()07:10
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joshuagltripzero: you may be better off fixing the original recipe and carrying the fixed version in your layer07:11
parrotbluelightning: how do I comment blocks of lines in yocto recipe?07:11
tripzerojoshuagl agreed07:11
bluelightningparrot: we only have a single line comment directive i.e. #07:12
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parrotbluelightning: ok....thanks :-)07:12
tripzerojoshuagl: how are you, btw?07:14
tripzeroit's been a while since I encountered you on the internets07:15
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joshuagltripzero: very good thanks :-) and yourself? is your yocto hacking for work or leisure? or both?07:21
tripzeroat the moment for work :)07:22
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wvI have an image recipe, located in "a folder"07:24
wvthis folder has a subfolder "extra", which has some gzip files07:24
wvI want to write a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND function, in which I extract the content of this file to the rootfs07:25
wvapparantly, tar -xzf file://extra/version.tar.gz -C ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} ;07:25
wvis not correct07:25
tripzerojoshuagl: having lots of fun with yocto at 12:30am07:26
tripzerothe good news is I think I'm done.  I'll dump these patches on the maintainers tomorrow07:26
joshuagltripzero: it's still early, enjoy your evening ;-)07:27
_4urele_I'm using an initramfs, I wrote a simple script to boot and prepare the target, I would like to remove sysvinit from the initramfs image07:27
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_4urele_(I told to kernel "init=/usr/bin/my_init" but if /bin/init is present it prefers to take /bin/init ...07:28
_4urele_if anyone has an idea...07:28
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bluelightning_4urele_: you don't by chance have the kernel command line hardcoded in your kernel config?07:31
* tripzero trolls a mailing list and abandons post.07:34
_4urele_bluelightning, there is one but nothing to do with my cmdline, when I remove the sysvinit, kernel says hhe couldn't find init and it lauches my script07:34
_4urele_(and there is nothing set for "init" : CONFIG_CMDLINE="noinitrd console=ttymxc0,115200"07:35
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parrotbluelightning: if I were to use my own kernel source which is a tar file, how can I override the do_kernel_checkout and other methods which use git?07:44
_4urele_parrot, I would say you can write a bbappend and override SRC_URI (and put your tar on a server or in a "files" directory07:46
parrot_4urele_: I did that but there are several methods such as do_kernel_checkout which seems to be git based. I checked and I found something like "addtask validate_branches before do_patch after do_kernel_checkout" which I have no idea of07:50
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_4urele_parrot, me too... I'm using a custom kernel with git hosted on a local machine... I wrote a receipe I did not used a bbappend...07:52
bluelightningparrot: that should all be fine but I would suggest creating a new recipe based on meta-skeleton/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-custom.bb07:53
bluelightningrather than using a bbappend07:53
parrotwell I can exclude, copy and paste its content into my bb recipe and comment out the line the contains do_kernel_checkout. But I'm looking for a bette way07:53
parrotbluelightning: I'm already writing another new recipe which includes linux-yocto.inc07:54
bluelightningparrot: right, that would amount to the same thing07:54
bluelightningparrot: you really don't need to be copying in linux-yocto.inc07:55
parrotbluelightning: so taking and overriding some of its details (like kernel version, SRC_URI) should get me further?07:56
parrotbut even takes in so I'm quite blurred here07:57
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redenginparrot, do you have a final kernel config?   if so, its probably better to do a diff and patch it in using append08:01
redenginsince kernel parameters change, its best to keep you choices as additions08:03
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bluelightningparrot: AFAIK a tarball should work just fine with, the code supports a non-git SRC_URI08:09
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redenginparrot, appending should "correct" previous settings08:32
redenginI'm pretty sure it just takes the last entry for configs08:33
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parrotbluelightning: weird....I got git related errors like in this
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redenginparrot, it wants to to config git for you user08:49
redenginas well you'll need to set the correct branch08:52
bluelightningparrot: it still needs git to be set up, do that as suggested and you should be fine08:52
redenginbluelightning, if he has a bare git repos, he'll need to remove the change "meta" to "head"08:53
bluelightninger, meta branch shouldn't apply to a tarball (or indeed for git in a linux-yocto-custom style recipe)08:54
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redenginis there any reason yocto depends on git for the kernel source?08:57 (or to be precise, kernel-yocto.bbclass) does all of its patch management using git08:58
bluelightningthat doesn't mean the sources have to originally be in git, if they aren't it will set up its own repo in the unpacked sources08:59
redenginbluelightning, don't the other patches use diff?09:02
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bluelightningredengin: sorry, I'm not quite understanding the question...09:03
parrotredengin: bluelightning: now I get the error ERROR: The branch 'meta' is required and was not found09:04
parrotERROR: Ensure that the SRC_URI points to a valid linux-yocto09:04
redenginI'd rather stick to the standard diff/patch rather than git's patch09:04
bluelightningredengin: if you really don't like how linux-yocto works you can use a classic style kernel recipe without using or kernel-yocto.bbclass, there are BSP layers that do that09:05
bluelightningthat will of course mean you lose config fragment support09:05
redenginbluelightning, yeah thats what I use, I'm not sure git is bad, but I just haven't embraced it09:06
bluelightningparrot: AFAICT you would only get that error if you are setting KMETA - you shouldn't be doing that for a tarball09:06
bluelightningredengin: if you're maintaining more than just a few patches on top of a kernel you really ought to be using it, it'll save you a lot of pain in the long run09:07
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parrotbluelightning: ok..I commented out KMETA in my recipe. Should I comment out KERNE_EXTRA_FEATURES and KERNEL_FEATURES_append lines in my recipe if all I want to do is to setup the kernel?09:09
bluelightningparrot: are you going to supply your own defconfig ?09:10
parrotbluelightning: you mean my own .config?09:10
bluelightningin that case I suspect you shouldn't set those09:11
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parrotbluelightning: redengin: well I'm almost off work now so I shall continue them tomorrow. Really appreciate your help and can't overstate how much I learned here :-) . Thanks09:16
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sm0ketsthi all09:19
_4urele_bluelightning, I have an image receipe for an initramfs, which contains 'IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "sysvinit"', with my old yocto 1.7 sysvinit is removed from the initramfs, and with latest yocto 1.8, sysvinit is not removed at all...09:20
bluelightning_4urele_: if that worked before it was probably by accident09:22
bluelightninghi sm0ketst09:22
sm0ketstbluelightning: hello, trying to keep the calm with yocto-bsp  tool :)09:23
_4urele_bluelightning, ... sometimes there are good accident09:23
bluelightning_4urele_: it'll be coming in through a dependency, almost certainly packagegroup-core-boot09:24
bluelightning_4urele_: initramfs images are probably better off setting PACKAGE_INSTALL rather than IMAGE_INSTALL to bypass some of the things that get added to images by default09:24
sm0ketstwhy 'yocto-bsp create ... i386' (1.7.2) is defining a kernel config with the MATOM=y even if i select the default kernel with the '586' tune (neither the  'Atom' nor the 'core2')? is this expected? Im using and old Celeron M (petium M based)09:25
_4urele_bluelightning, I'm using this packagegroup.. I need some of the tools inside this packagegroup09:25
bluelightningsm0ketst: I'm not sure sorry, I'm not all that familiar with yocto-bsp, though I do know it's mostly template-driven09:26
sm0ketstbluelightning: thanks anyway09:26
bluelightning_4urele_: what you will need to do then is not use that packagegroup and instead either create your own or just explicitly list the subset of the packages it brings in that you want in your initramfs image09:26
_4urele_bluelightning, thx, any idea where I could find the packagegroup definition?09:28
_4urele_bluelightning, found it alone thx09:29
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_4urele_bluelightning, I think I can use "VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "my init package"", it does what I need and I hope there won't be any side effects, it seems that packagegroup core-boot allow this10:03
_4urele_(I hope that inly this packagegroup use this variable ;) )10:04
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bluelightning_4urele_: that will of course affect all images that use that packagegroup, not just your initramfs image10:23
_4urele_bluelightning, i put it in the image not anywhere else but thx10:27
bluelightning_4urele_: setting that from the image won't work though, there's no way setting it in the image can affect the contents of the packagegroup10:27
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joshuaglRP: rburton: pidge: OK for me to try a fido-next run?10:40
joshuaglon the autobuilder, that is10:40
RPjoshuagl: I guess. I do have a queue of other things which need doing but they can wait. Sadly I'll not be around this weekend to trigger them :/10:41
rburtonRP: i will, if you give me a list of branches10:42
joshuaglRP: don't let me get in the way, I just noticed the builder was idle and I have a number of changes queued10:42
joshuaglRP: I'm happy to wait until next week10:43
RPjoshuagl: go for it unless rburton has objections10:43
rburtonnone here10:43
rburtongo go go :)10:44
RPjoshuagl: the data store changes are driving me crazy. Each time I make a small bugfix, I have to retest the whole thing again :/10:44
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* joshuagl pushes the button10:46
joshuaglRP: yeah, I can imagine that'd be frustrating - I assume a dry run isn't sufficient to test all of the data store accesses?10:47
RPjoshuagl: not with the class of bug I've just found10:47
RPjoshuagl: the bugs show up in the output packages, not even in buildhistory :(10:47
joshuaglsounds fun10:48
pidgeRP: send me a list, I'll make sure they get triggered10:49
RPjoshuagl: if your definition of fun involves watching me scream :)10:49
RPpidge: ok, thanks, I'll setup the branches assuming this current test shows signs of success10:49
joshuaglRP: oh is that what I heard echoing across the wolds from the north this morning?10:51
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vpereiraanyone has yocto running on a RPI B+ with systemd?11:22
LetoThe2ndvpereira: maybe someone steps up if you state your actual question11:25
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: well. i have a image for raspberry pi just with systemd and ssh doensnt start.11:26
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: i generated the same image for qemuarm and ssh starts normally.11:27
LetoThe2ndvpereira: so your actual question seems to be more like "my ssh daemon doesn't start, what might be the reason, right?11:27
LetoThe2ndvpereira: the usual suspects - have you tried to look at the logs?11:27
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: well, hard to say. afaik its socket activated and looks like the keys are not being generated11:28
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LetoThe2ndvpereira: is the filesystem mounted read-write?11:28
_4urele_bluelightning, (sry I was hungry I had to go), It worked with my old build after the modification, I will try with a fresh build. (maybe another accident)11:28
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: well, systemd doesnt generate syslog but journal binary log format. I cannot access the local console, connecting the screen, so mounting the sd in my computer i can see that the keys are not there11:29
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vpereirabut i cannot read any log LetoThe2nd11:29
LetoThe2ndvpereira: well a real classic why a sshd doesn't come up and there are no keys is that they can't be written to storage11:29
LetoThe2ndvpereira: i'd suggest to set up a proper console so you can see whats going on.11:30
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: and yes, im able to build other images and i enabled systemd as described
LetoThe2ndvpereira: i did not wuestion that :)11:30
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: I dont know if am able to. Looks like the raspberry-pi layer doesnt implement it.. i dont know maybe is missing some hdmi drivers (i dont know its in the kernel mainline)11:31
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: but with a raspian i connect my monitor and works. with the same configuration file, the yocto image doesnt11:32
LetoThe2ndvpereira: i've never used a raspi, so i can't comment on anything hw-specific11:32
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: yup, thanks anyway :)11:32
LetoThe2ndvpereira: doesn't it have some kind of serial console?11:32
LetoThe2ndi mean, where does the bootloader spew its output?11:33
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: there is a serial interface11:33
vpereirabut well, i have to hack a cable into it11:34
vpereiraits not a proper connection. output is via HDMI11:34
LetoThe2ndi usually do this kind of debugging through a serial login11:34
LetoThe2ndif you have none, and no output to display...things are getting rough.11:35
LetoThe2ndi'd still bet on the rw/ro issue. maybe look at the fstab11:35
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: yup. thats why I was looking for people that actually did it before. Yes I will11:36
vpereiraLetoThe2nd: however, if my image has just the systemd section commented out. im able to access the ssh normally - however the hdmi output not11:36
vpereiraso a traditional image using sysinit scripts works11:37
vpereiraa systemd one, for me, not11:37
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* RP screams again. Another problem :(11:39
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* LetoThe2nd suspects RP is entering rob halford mode11:41
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_4urele_bluelightning, another accident?  modifying the value of "VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager" in the image bb file works12:26
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iontehi. need some help again. once again, meta-raspberrypi related. i've created a custom machine that is presently just a copy of conf/machine/raspberrypi.conf. i have also a custom image. before creating a custom machine (and also with a some weeks older meta-raspberrypi) everything built ok, but now i get an error i do_rootfs for the image12:40
iontethe error message is quite unhelpful: it says "Python function do_rootfs finished", and then "Function failed: do_rootfs". i've tried to debug this and have located the error to: NameError: global name 'get_kernelversion_file' is not defined12:41
ionteso this error is somewhere in meta-raspberrypi, and i'm not sure how to proceed...12:42
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[w00t]Hi, anyone with meta-selinux experience around?13:38
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bluelightning_4urele_: I'm really not sure how setting it in the image could be working13:44
_4urele_bluelightning, anyhow I removed packagegroup-core-boot from my image this was a nonsense, now my image is clean13:45
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bluelightning_4urele_: right, _that_ would definitely help13:47
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denixRagBal: using rpm?17:15
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ipuustinI've got to change a config file belonging to another packgage from my recipe. How to find where is the root where the other package has installed the file?17:23
ipuustinAnd what's the proper way of doing this?17:24
ipuustinINSTALL_ROOT wasn't the correct path...17:25
vmrod25HI question ... how do I set up the boot args on an image .. for example the minnnowboard max . Every time I boot I have to plug my serial cable and start the uefi commands17:25
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denixso, with more and more framework code being moved from classes and recipes to Python libs in /lib/oe/, what's the proper way to make alterations to that code or override it from own layers?17:58
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