Friday, 2015-06-19

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dieter_Hi guys, this is Dieter (Kiermaier) and I am new at Arrow working as FAE for HIgh-End MPUs and System on Modules. Would be great to get in contact with the Yocto community!06:15
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* LetoThe2nd hands dieter__ a cup of coffee, points over to the community couch "please have a seat while the rest of us is still waking up"06:30
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dieter__Thank you Sir - will enjoy my coffee:)06:32
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_taw_who calls check_defconfig in this file:
_taw_I experiment whith this option: KBUILD_DEFCONFIG_KMACHINE ?= defconfig_file and it doesn't seem to work06:59
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_4urele_lakaye, ho09:15
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lakayei'm trying to get spdx working but it is not generated, i updated the SPDX_MANIFEST_DIR variable but it doesn't help, am i missing something ?09:37
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lakayewhen i run : bitbake target -c spdx it says "Task do_spdx does not exist for target target"09:50
lakayehelp anyone ? :)09:50
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_4urele_lakaye, if you want to build package spdx just do "bitbake spdx"09:56
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_4urele_lakaye, if you want to execute a specific task for a package do : "bitbake spdx -c <a_task>" (eg "bitbake busybox -c menuconfig")09:57
_4urele_lakaye, doest it fit your needs?09:57
lakayeactually, there is nothing that provides spdx on my side09:58
lakayei'm probably missing something09:58
_4urele_so what is spdx?09:58
_4urele_lakaye, sry I didn't knew this ;)09:59
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_4urele_lakaye, you can maybe use "-c listtasks"10:03
joshuaglis anything actually including the SPDX class in the build? you probably want something like INHERIT += "buildhistory"10:05
joshuaglonly, y'know, with SPDX10:05
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joshuaglOK, I added INHERIT += "spdx" to my local.conf and now have a bunch of failing do_spdx tasks10:06
joshuagllakaye: you will need to make sure some of the variables in meta/conf/licenses.conf are set appropriately10:07
joshuagli.e. point at a fossology instance, setting SPDX_MANIFEST_DIR, etc10:07
lakayeI guess it is.10:07
lakayeI already update the licenses.conf file10:08
joshuagland added the INHERIT ?10:08
lakayeI'll try, thanks10:09
lakayesounds better, i've a lot of running tasks showing do_spdx10:10
lakayethank you joshuagl :)10:10
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lpapphow can I use the buildhistory to see which files the SDK is supposed to generate?10:46
lpappI do not get this "files-in-sdk.txt"10:46
lpappand the generated SDK does not appear to be to the one that I want.10:46
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pidgejoshuagl, RP: I'll be taking the autobuilder down in about 2 hours today. It'll be down for about 90 minutes.11:19
joshuaglthanks for the notice pidge11:26
* joshuagl still has to figure out what's up with util-linux anyway11:26
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lpappbitbake -e -c populate_sdk myimage | grep ^BUILDHISTORY -> shows this: BUILDHISTORY_FEATURES="image package sdk"11:42
lpappyet I cannot seem to find files-in-sdk.txt anywhere!11:42
lpappI am using
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rburtonjoshuagl: broke fido-next again eh :/12:55
rburtonannoying how the ab breaks stuff that works locally isn't it12:56
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joshuaglrburton: yeah, it's reproducing on my laptop though so that's something13:21
joshuaglno idea what the fix is yet, but progress13:21
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yoctrilliohello i had some questions about disabling sysvinit processes.  i am overriding another recipe by using a .bbappend.  is the intended way to disable this particular init to set INITSCRIPT_PARAMS=" " in the overriding recipe16:44
yoctrillioalso, another init question -- are there tips on understanding what happened during the build steps creating the init?  i am trying to add an init for a dhcp-server (in dhcp package), but i see the init script does not have the header (provides/start/stop/etc) filled out correctly.  in this case, i took the advice of this thread:
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yoctrillioadvice appreciated!18:35
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kergothcrap, thought this was reproducible, so did a clean/rebuild, and now it won't happen again, and i destroyed the environment where it did19:35
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heller_bardeis there any way to disable the checksums requirement for single packages? I am setting up a development layer/target and I have to get the code from a ftp server, not a svn/git/hg. If I have to update the checksums every time I want to build something quickly, I will go insane.19:38
rink_heller_barde: I need to look it up exactly, but IIRC, using the 'closed' license also does that19:44
rink_(ymmv, etc)19:44
heller_barderink_: if only. our software is already under the "closed" license. Sigh. If only we had sensible tooling... My kingdom for a git.19:46
heller_bardebut thanks for the pointer.19:46
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kergothCLOSED only affects license checksumming, not source checksumming from the fetch process19:47
heller_bardekergoth: good to know.19:47
rink_hmm I suppose that makes sense19:47
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* rink_ thinks hard... there was a pretty useful way to doit19:47
rink_we use it at work to drag internal repositories into the Yocto tree19:48
heller_bardeI'm near to writing some ridiculous python glue to automatically check the thing from the FTP into a local git and then pointing bitbake at that. ^^19:48
heller_bardebut I'd rather not do that.19:48
rink_heller_barde: ping me on monday, I can take a look at it19:48
heller_bardeso I've tried BB_STRICT_CHECKSUM and OE_UNSAFE_DOWNLOADS or something like that.19:49
heller_barderink_: alright. I'll try.19:49
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heller_bardewhen is monday _day_ for you? because I'm in UTC+119:49
rink_CEST here, so that will match19:50
kergothyeah, try setting BB_STRICT_CHECKSUM = "0" and also removing any md5sum/sha256sum flag from the recipe19:50
kergothif there are checksums set, it'll still error about the mismatch even with strict checksums off, however19:50
heller_bardekergoth I tried BB_STRICT_CHECKSUM="" for now because the documentation was talking about "undefining" it.19:50
kergothafaict from a quick read of the appropriate code in bitbake19:50
kergothit checks explicitly for a value of '1'19:50
kergothso anything but 1 should work19:50
kergothsee line 580 of bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/__init__.py19:50
kergothoddly, there's a member of the urldata (FetchData class) called ignore_checksums, which is obeyed, but nothing anywhere sets it to true19:52
heller_bardeI'm using version 1.7.1 and it didn't work with putting BB_STRICT_CHECKSUM="0" into the targets local.conf. I removed all SRC_URI[md5/sha256sum] entries from the recipe.19:55
heller_bardethanks for all the effort though :D19:55
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heller_bardesorry, I meant bitbake version 1.24.019:59
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heller_bardekergoth: where can I set this BB_STRICT_CHECKSUM so it is actually set when it is checked? Because I dug into the code and it turns out that no matter where I set it to 0 so far, it is always 1 when it is checked.20:18
kergothheller_barde: you'd want to set it in the recipe. if you set it in local.conf, it'll be overwritten by the set to 1 in default-distro.conf, which is included by defaultsetup.conf, which is included after local.conf20:23
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heller_bardekergoth: oooooh, in the recipe.  I didn't really consider that. Thanks so much!20:27
heller_bardeI'll try right away20:27
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heller_barde(it's 10:30 pm now and I'm still at work. ack...)20:27
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