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tanamoHello guys, I have a problem with psplash, well it wont work during boot because /dev/fb0 is missing, because the order of scripts is start psplash first then run udev,01:02
tanamoobviously psplash works during shutdown,01:02
tanamonow my question is how to make it work during boot?01:02
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ryansturmertanamo: what platform are you running01:50
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tanamoryansturmer: do you mean hardware? an intel-based mini pc02:05
ryansturmerI am new to yocto, so I may be of limited use02:06
ryansturmerare you using uboot?02:07
tanamoi dont use uboot as far as I know02:07
tanamouboot is similar to grub right?02:08
tanamomy boot loader is extlinux/syslinux02:08
tanamowhen you boot your yocto, is there a boot splash image? or just text scrolling?02:12
ryansturmerMy system is headless02:20
ryansturmerdoes your system use an initramfs?02:21
ryansturmer(sorry, again, I'm new - but I do a fair bit of embedded stuff, so I might be able to help anyone - and I'm here :)02:22
tanamoi tried using initramfs but it wont boot, maybe im using initramfs wrong,02:30
tanamobut i use ramdisk02:31
tanamoi tried to use core-image-minimal-initramfs as my initramfs02:32
tanamobut it didnt work, i dont know what i was doing actually haha02:32
tanamoim not sure if i can use initramfs because I also use ramdisk (i dont install yocto on the hd)02:33
ryansturmeris it possible for you to paste the console output at boot?02:37
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tanamois tmpfs the initramfs?02:46
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tanamobec the psplash script is mounting it,  ( mount tmpfs -t tmpfs TMPDIR -o,size=40k )02:47
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ftonelloguys, how to mix a recipe to have part of it building a host tool and part of it building something for the MACHINE?08:16
ftonelloI know that I suppose to use BBCLASSEXTEND =+ "native", but what else should I do?08:17
rburtonftonello: depends on the recipe08:20
rburtonftonello: some use bbclassexted and depend on PN-native, then tell the cross build to use tooling in the sysroot08:20
ftonelloI am starting a recipe from scratch.08:21
rburtonautotools is slowly moving towards an idiom of have CC_FOR_BUILD etc which are used to compile host tools in cross builds, which will just work out of the box08:21
ftonelloThe thing is that this recipe is to build a program for the TARGET, but it requires a tool to generate Makefiles which is included in its source code.08:22
ftonelloSo I basically created a task for building this tool, but I just need to build locally, I don't have to export to any sysroot at the moment.08:22
rburtonjoshuagl: i think "[OE-core] [PATCH] cross-localedef-native_2.20.bb: fix for gcc5" is for fido08:28
joshuaglrburton: ooh, thanks - will look at that during my upstream time later08:29
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intmorning guys08:50
intis there a way to build a kernel only by external toolchain?08:50
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intI know about EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN variable, but it is used for the whole project08:50
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mckoangood morning09:04
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likewisemckoan: good morning09:25
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sm0ketsthello all, im trying to use the lttng and when i build in dizzy i'm having a build error in lttng-modules09:32
sm0ketst3.14 kernel, 1.7.2. Besides the inhibit strip and (or using the extra features tools-profile) debug split, am i missing something?09:33
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inthttp://www.openembedded.org/wiki/Adding_a_secondary_toolchain very nice :)10:25
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sm0ketsti have better luck with 3.17 building the lttng modules in Dizzy
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btoothi got do_compile error about ltrace for arm64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11835838/13:30
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joshuaglRP: rburton: AB appears idle, OK to queue a build?13:40
intguys, what does mean virtual/TOOLCHAIN-EXAMPLE in this document http://www.openembedded.org/wiki/Adding_a_secondary_toolchain ?13:43
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kimoHi all, how do I set autologin for a user in image recipe ? I tried inittab + login but got duplicated ID14:08
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moto-timothe recent removal of libmodule-build-perl from cpan-build.bbclass cripples the class15:14
moto-timoinstead, libmodule-build-perl should be built from CPAN and brought into oe-core15:15
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sjolleyYPTM is done!15:17
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ulf`halstead: ping15:46
halsteadulf`, pong15:48
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ulf`halstead: nevermind :)16:00
halsteadulf`, okay!16:00
ulf`halstead: I wanted to ask if you can launch an eggdrop bot for #automotive to enable logging, but the community there has already found one16:01
halsteadExcellent. :)16:01
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ryansturmerIs there a way to change the GCC version used by bitbake?  I'm getting a failure in gcc-cross-initial-4.8 and I'm reading that it's related to gcc-4.8 - can I switch to 4.7?17:55
kergothoe-core doesn't retain old versions like that except for particular cases, generally. currently there's 4.8, 4.9, and 5.1. 4.6 is still available in meta-oe's toolchain-layer, though17:56
kergothGCCVERSION = "4.6%" or whatever in local.conf should be sufficient if that version is available in your configuration17:57
ryansturmerso when it says gcc-cross-initial-4.8 - is it actually building that compiler?17:59
kergothI don't understand the question17:59
kergothit's not lying17:59
ryansturmerI'm still very new to yocto, and bitbake18:00
ryansturmerit is building the gcc compiler that targets my hardware platform, is what I'm asking18:01
ryansturmerthat is what that step is doing18:01
ryansturmerwhen I do a build, it's building the cross compiler (if it hasn't been built already) and then using it to compile my kernel and all my packages18:02
ryansturmerand the gcc-cross-initial-4.8 recipe is the recipe for the gcc cross compiler18:02
kergothbuilding a cross-compiler toolchain is a multi-phase process. the initial toolchain is used to build the C library, which is then used in the non-initial gcc-cross build18:03
kergoththat's one of the recipes for the gcc cross compiler, yes18:03
ryansturmerOk, roger.  That's fine.  I have done cross compiler builds for arm microcontrollers, so I'm familiar with the "bootstrap" compiler that you use to make your C libraries.18:03
ryansturmerThis build system is just a new vocabulary for me.18:03
ryansturmerSo needless to say, this is a failure very early in the overall build process.18:04
tfryansturmer: if your cross-inital is failing, the solution might be to switch host compiler to something else18:05
ryansturmerok, so that's what I thought, and so that gets back to my question18:05
ryansturmerwell, ok hmm hang on a sec18:05
ryansturmerI've got two things going on here, the cross-initial-4.8 is obviously trying to build gcc-4.818:06
tfwhat gcc version is on your host?18:06
ryansturmerbut my host also uses 4.8 as its default compiler18:06
ryansturmerso I got confused18:06
ryansturmerI switched my host compiler to 4.718:06
ryansturmerand I still fail the initial cross, but it doesn't look like the same error.18:06
ryansturmerI was doing this on archlinux, but I switched to xubuntu to play nice with the yocto instructions18:07
tfI had issues in the past building yocto 4.8 with debian 4.8 host18:07
tfbut it always built fine with host 4.718:07
ryansturmerWell, so, I'm new to ubuntu as well, having always used arch, so maybe you can help me make sure I'm using the compiler version I think I am18:08
tfgcc --version18:08
ryansturmerok that gets me 4.718:08
ryansturmerI used update-alternatives to configure multiple different compiler versions18:09
tfyeah, mine is pinned down to 4.7.418:09
ryansturmerI have 4.7 and 4.8 (the default for this version of xubuntu) installed18:09
ryansturmerand have set 4.7 as the default using update-alternatives18:09
ryansturmer4.7.3 is what it lists18:09
tfI am currently building yocto 4.8.2, 4.8.4 and 4.9.something successfully with the 4.7.418:10
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ryansturmerI'm running a clean build again to see what the error is.18:14
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #384 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-ppc/builds/38418:16
ryansturmerman it really seems to do like a lot of tasks before it gets to the one that bombs18:21
ryansturmerI guess a lot of these look like they're dependencies of the cross compiler18:21
ryansturmer(flex, bison, gmp, etc)18:21
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ryansturmerha!  I think this is actually a memory configuration thing20:00
ryansturmerit's not failing in the same place every time, and always on the big complicated builds20:00
ryansturmerI'm doing this in a VM and I think there's not quite enough memory assigned20:00
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rburtonkergoth: i have a patch that sort-of appears to almost work for that long-standing "bitbake creates ${B} for you" bug21:25
rburtonrunning a world oe-core now to see how much breaks (so far, boost needed fixing)21:26
khem`rburton: does it mean that bitbake wont create anymore21:27
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rburtonnot by default21:28
rburtonconfigure creates it21:28
* rburton just found the comment on boost.inc and giggled21:28
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ryansturmerQA Issue: blablah relocations in .text22:00
ryansturmeranything to worry about?22:01
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ryansturmerI get a couple of those in core, but my build seems to pass!22:01
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bluelightning1ryansturmer: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#qa-issue-textrel22:10
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ryansturmeris it weird to see that in a core package like systemd?22:33
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ryansturmerI would figure the compiler options for those packages to be pretty well tuned out of the box22:34
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bluelightningI would have thought the same yes22:34
bluelightningpresumably something we've just missed somehow22:34
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ryansturmerwell, this is the intel edison build package22:43
ryansturmerso it could be pulling a different branch or an older tag than what is the current "latest and greatest"22:43
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kergothHmm, need to brush up on the capabilities of the sstate locking stuff23:02
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