Thursday, 2015-07-09

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #382 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #372 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #388 of nightly-mips is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
tthtlci am using poky-daisy11.0.3, host env is 64-bit ubuntu, how can i build 32-bit customized system - is that possible?  what env variable to set?02:07
tthtlcand if i need to specify specific packages like strace, gdb, with specific version etc, how can it be done?02:08
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #34 of nightly-mips64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #387 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mblaettlerI'd like to add the vmlinux as well as the uImage to my systarget directory (usr/src/kernel). How can I achive that both images are deployed in the staging area?05:17
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drixhi guys05:54
drixcan anyone tell me how i can have several language keyboards in my image ?05:54
drixi'm using matchbox, and i'd like to add french, german keyboards plz05:55
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LetoThe2nddrix: the LINGUAS variable should be your keyword to look it up, i think06:12
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drixLetoThe2nd: I put IMAGE_LINGUAS = "de-de fr-fr en-us" but it's not working06:25
LetoThe2nddrix: sry, no idea tgen06:27
drixactually, when i'm in a shell without X, it's working, i can do a loadkeys fr or loadkeys de06:28
drixbut when i'm under matchbox, no.06:29
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mckoangood morning07:03
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bluelightningmorning all08:24
* rink_ kicks co-workers08:25
rink_"Why not patch linux so that ext2 is case-insensitive"08:25
rink_great idea, let's break everything else that depends on it08:25
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bluelightningrink_: if that's really the desired functionality, just switch to a different filesystem that is case-insensitive08:26
rink_We used to have FAT08:27
rink_but it performs terrible08:27
rink_(we have a few 200MB+ files)08:27
rink_where we seek a lot08:27
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[Sno]moin bluelightning08:34
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bluelightninghi [Sno]08:40
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iontehi. i pulled the latest changes from fido today, and now i seem to have a problem with all python recipes: they fail with error message: make: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop.08:44
ionteany ideas?08:44
[Sno]switch to perl ^^08:45
iontei'd rather switch to assembly08:45
[Sno]even better08:45
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DatGizmoDoes anyone know, if the build configuration, the one which is printed when you start a bitbake, is stored somwhere?08:49
bluelightningDatGizmo: it is if you enable buildhistory08:50
bluelightningDatGizmo: it's also possible to write that sort of thing into the image with a little extra configuration, if that's where you want it08:50
DatGizmobluelightning: yhea, I want to store it in the image.08:51
[Sno]ionte: but on topic - I rebased this morning either and had no issues08:51
[Sno]when did you updated last time?08:51
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ionte[Sno]: ok.. i tried just now again, but there were no new changes08:52
iontebtw, the failing python recipes are my custom recipes, but they are very simple and looks more or less like the other included.. will have to check if the included python recipes has changed lately...08:52
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bluelightningDatGizmo: ok - at least as of 1.8 we have meta/classes/image-buildinfo.bbclass08:54
bluelightningthere are some comments at the top of it mentioning how to use it08:54
DatGizmobluelightning: thanks, I will have a look08:55
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[Sno]RP: force pushed wrapper fix (that removed the discussion)08:58
iontewell, can't really see any difference when comparing my custom python package with for example python-git08:59
iontethey both use setuptools08:59
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gourve_l==4947== Process terminating with default action of signal 11 (SIGSEGV)09:04
gourve_l==4947==  Access not within mapped region at address 0xC009:04
gourve_l==4947==    at 0x4E7B24D: vfprintf (vfprintf.c:1278)09:04
gourve_l==4947==    by 0x4E85D46: fprintf (fprintf.c:32)09:04
gourve_l==4947==    by 0x4025DA: main (log.c:384)09:04
gourve_lwrong chan, sorry09:04
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* [Sno] doesn't understand enough of py-toolchain to help there09:14
iontesolved my problem. "bitbake -c clean my-custom-python-recipe"09:16
[Sno]bluelightning: I mailed RP and tim orling, but forgot you - if you want to take a look on perl/cpan fixes for fido to get started doing more cpan modules packaging ... see (and
[Sno]AFAIK you were kind-of interested in those stuff ...09:18
bluelightning[Sno]: thanks... yes, it's something I'd very much like to see sorted out from a "completionist" perspective, the problem I have though is I'm not a perl programmer myself09:19
bluelightning[Sno]: we do need someone to figure out how to move forward though, probably based on what you've been doing09:20
[Sno]when I can support somewhere, just bug me09:21
[Sno]when the things I've done in my repo is sane, I intend to update the perl to 5.20.2 (bug-fix release)09:21
[Sno]and for master maybe soon to 5.22...09:22
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DatGizmobluelightning: thanks again, the class gives us everything we need :)09:40
bluelightningDatGizmo: no problem :)09:40
rburtonso debian has a very well written analysis of why libav should be replaced with ffmpeg09:48
bluelightningrburton: yep, I saw that yesterday, we discussed it very briefly in #oe09:50
bluelightningrburton: you're still not in that channel ;)09:50
rburtonthis time i'll add it to adium's autojoin :)09:51
rburtonbluelightning: was there a conclusion?09:52
bluelightningrburton: not really no, other than that Debian is just one of many that seem to be making the switch back09:52
rburtonthe rationale were certainly convincing09:53
rburtonactually has security fixes, for example09:53
bluelightningindeed... we should consider moving back ourselves09:53
bluelightninghmm, I'm the maintainer of the libav recipe aren't I09:54
joshuaglthat's enough reason, IMHO09:54
bluelightningperhaps I should be sending out an RFC09:54
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bluelightningRFC sent to oe-core & oe-devel lists10:24
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rburtonah thanks for looking at gst-libav - i was about to do that :)10:29
bluelightningI didn't find it immediately... in the end I had to look through their commit logs10:31
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RP[Sno]: ok, the "useless" comment on the wrappers just caught my eye. Harder for me to comment on the perl bits, its really not by area of expertise11:19
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ericbuttersmeta-mono here? anyone? can not build for arm6411:56
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Hauke___I want to build the yocto image for the intel edison (edison-src-ww18-15.tgz) and I hope I can get some help here. When I run bitbake edison-image I am getting "ERROR: Error parsing configuration files", details:
Hauke___I just want to build a recent yocto for this board12:10
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MinipadaI remember Intel having their own folder architecture and you you would have to use their Makefile12:23
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Hauke___Minipada: I follued their guide:
Hauke___but I am using ubuntu 14.04 and not ubuntu 12.0412:28
[Sno]RP: take a plain perl and do a "perl -MData:Dumper -le 'print Dumper \@INC'"12:29
[Sno]then you see what I mean with "search order was wrong"12:30
Hauke___ah now I am not getting this error many more, I did not specify the dl_dir and the sstate_dir before12:33
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RP[Sno]: I don't doubt it was wrong!12:35
[Sno]RP: what do you need to know?12:38
[Sno]or shall I just send a mail to (which ML?)12:38
RP[Sno]: proposing the OE-Core patches on the openembedded-core mailing list would be a good step12:44
[Sno]will do, during next big compile break12:45
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lpappbluelightning: you around, hi?13:45
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bluelightninglpapp: hi, yes14:02
lpappbluelightning: could you help me with the SDK truncation that we started discussing several weeks ago? The generated SDK is not truncated and I cannot get sdk-files-in.txt either, or however the file is called.14:03
lpappI am not sure what to do next.14:03
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lpappthat file is not generated even though bitbake -e says that sdk is enabled in the BUILD_HISTORY variable.14:03
bluelightningquite a lot has happened over the last few weeks, I don't recall the issue - can you explain or point me to a log of the discussion?14:03
zwerchHello! I have a question concerning the bitbake-pserv-tool. I do not quite understand its usage. I understand its purpose but not how I can use the service in my recipes. Can anyone help me with that?14:04
lpappbluelightning: sure, so that our image contains some binaries that we wrote, but they are needless for our SDK users and we would also like to hide those from as a matter of preference, so that the SDK has to be truncated. I was using the variable that you suggested. I think I even created a report for documenting that.14:05
lpappbut the usage is not a problem at this point.14:05
bluelightningah ok right yes14:05
lpappthe alternative approach was, as a fallback, to have two separate image files.14:06
lpappbut first I would like to see whether I can get it working with one image recipe.14:06
zwerchI also read , but there's nowhere documented how to actually use it in a recipe :/14:07
bluelightningzwerch: it should be that you enable it and then it auto-increments PR for you, there shouldn't be any changes required to individual recipes14:07
bluelightningzwerch: the idea is changing material parts of the recipes changes the signatures of the tasks, and the PR value increments automatically as a result14:08
lpappbluelightning: so it is the PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY variable.14:09
lpappbut currently it worries me more that I cannot get the build history for the SDK, at least the files-in-sdk.txt is not generated for some reason.14:09
lpappwe use
bluelightninglpapp: maybe the buildhistory class in daisy doesn't support getting the SDK contents14:10
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zwerchI think I got that part, so, if I now build a package and rebuild the index, opkg automatically gets that there's an update for a specific package and I do not need to manually increment PV or PR?14:10
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bluelightningzwerch: correct14:12
zwerchbluelightning: thanks a lot!14:13
lpappbluelightning: strange that bitbake -e shows the SDK in the build history variable, then.14:15
bluelightninglpapp: ah right, turns out that it did14:16
bluelightningI don't immediately know how to explain why it wouldn't be working, but the way to debug that would be as normal - throw some echo statements in, look at log.do_rootfs, etc.14:18
bluelightningwell, log.do_populate_sdk14:18
lpapphmm, okay, thanks.14:20
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ryansturmerI have included these in my local.conf14:55
ryansturmerbut bitbake iojs still bombs14:55
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lpappbluelightning: that is odd. I have files-in-sdk.txt generated now... I wonder what could have gone different, but I am happy about that one, at least.15:04
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lpappbluelightning: bitbake -e -c populate_sdk foo-core-image | grep ^PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY returns PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY="foo|bar|baz", yet I can see the content of foo, bar and baz in files-in-sdk.txt.15:08
bluelightninglpapp: are foo bar or baz dependencies of anything else that is going into the SDK ?15:10
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lpappnot intentionally, at least.15:11
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bluelightningit may well be that we need to add an explicit SDK_EXCLUDE or somehting like that to handle this, and that would just error in that case15:13
lpapptime to check ./tmp/work/foo-linux-gnueabi/foo-core-image/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_populate_sdk15:16
Croftonbluelightning, did you guys make any progress on scipy?15:16
lpappbluelightning: yeah, the udesired packages appear in log.do_populate_sdk, too :(15:18
lpappperhaps it is time to look into the implementation of that variable now.15:18
lpappit may not have been complete in daisy or so.15:18
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lpappbluelightning: so I ought to print out the exclude variable and perhaps something from the cmd?15:23
bluelightninglpapp: PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY is not intended to outright exclude any package from the SDK, it's specifically for excluding a package from complementary package processing15:24
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lpappbluelightning: ok, not sure what that means.15:27
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bluelightninglpapp: what I'm saying is, there are cases for which this will not remove something from the SDK, and that's not a bug15:29
lpappare there any other cases than dependencies?15:29
bluelightningif we want something that definitely will exclude something or error if it can't, that will need to be a separate variable15:29
bluelightningexplicit mention in TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK would bypass it as well15:30
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lpappas far as I can tell, looking at the recipe as well as recalling what I intended, nothing depends on foo, bar and baz.15:30
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lpappright, that will be it, I think.15:31
lpappour package occurs in that variable.15:31
lpappwe have one packagegroup on top of the Yocto core packagroup and we put all the software into that.15:32
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lpappso it is better to have two different packagegroups?15:32
lpappmin + extra alike?15:32
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lpappbut that might not help with the image creation. I would not know. Perhaps, we do need this SDK_EXCLUDE?15:35
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lpappbluelightning: ^15:38
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bluelightninglpapp: the way the SDK is supposed to work is other than any extras, the contents of the target portion gets there from the image, so I wouldn't have expected those packagegroups to need to be mentioned in TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK15:49
lpappbluelightning: hmm, I see. What do you suggest for me then?15:50
bluelightningwell, if you really are putting those packagegroups in that variable the question is do you really need to if they are already in the image?15:51
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away15:54
lpappbluelightning: I believe that variable is populated by Yocto, not by my layer.15:55
lpappat least, I cannot find any direct reference to it in my layer.15:55
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[Sno]RP: mail sent ;)16:22
lpappbluelightning: is there a way that I can let yocto remove that from the task variable?16:29
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bluelightninglpapp: hmm, so you're right it adds the value of PACKAGE_INSTALL by default16:35
bluelightningso PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY could never have worked16:35
bluelightningsorry for leading you down the wrong path16:35
lpapphmm, so what is this variable addressing?16:36
lpappso it seems to be my option for today is two different image recipes?16:36
lpappit would be nice to get this SDK_EXCLUDE implemented in the future :-)16:37
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lpappbluelightning: shall I start some discussion about this SDK_EXCLUDE idea on the mailing list or just open a ticket for it on bugzilla?16:58
*** ambrosius <ambrosius!~textual@> has joined #yocto16:59
lpappI would not have much time to follow it up though.16:59
bluelightninglpapp: probably bugzilla I guess16:59
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ambrosiusI'm trying to add mono recipes to existing yocto image. I checked out the meta-mono git recipe and added the packages to my image .inc file. However when I build, mono install errors out trying to copy files from ..../usr/lib64/.. when the files it needs are in ..../usr/lib/.. I tried to follow the code and saw that this path depends on a variable called "sysconfdir". Can someone point me to where it is set, so I can change it to point at the right17:42
ambrosius path?17:42
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vmrod25hi team question .. if I get configure: exit 0 in do_configure .. but I still have this error:
*** ryanstur_ <ryanstur_!> has joined #yocto18:13
vmrod25is because yocto is still running ./configure ot autoreconf18:14
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kergothambrosius: i think you've mixed up some paths. sysconfdir is /etc18:18
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ambrosiusya.. just figured that out.. Its $libdir that is getting me lib6418:19
ambrosiusI need it to be libn18:19
ambrosiusAny advise as to where I can do that?18:20
kergothsounds like its recipe isn't properly obeying our paths18:20
ambrosiusya I'm trying to figure out where the recipe might be overriding my path18:21
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kergothHas anyone played with using BBCLASSEXTEND + BBEXTENDCUR/BBEXTENDVARIANT to create configuration variants on a per-recipe basis? I'm picturing e.g. a adding named-config:minimal to BBCLASSEXTEND in busybox, and busybox-minimal would be created with PROVIDES += busybox and a negative default preference, and then could drop in a defconfig in the busybox-minimal dir in FILESPATH19:10
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vmrod25hi , do we have a wiki to build yocto on galileo ?19:16
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kergothgah, why do i keep getting bitbake parse hangs at 99%20:50
kergothi hope it's just something wrong with the VM20:51
khem`kergoth: how much ram do you have20:52
kergothhmm, looks like only 4gb in those VMs20:53
kergothi never hit this until recently, though20:53
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khem`are you using OE-Core only ?20:53
khem`or mix of layers20:53
kergothmix of layers20:53
kergothseemingly random20:54
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khem`kergoth: I have seen these in past and I created new sandbox and it use to go away20:56
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khem`never got to bottom of it20:57
ulf`khem`: When are you gonna update the opencv to 3.0? :)20:58
khem`ulf`: I think we could but there are dependencies20:59
khem`on 2.x20:59
ulf` doesn't work with 2.x20:59
tripzeroopencv 3.0 uses transparent opencl21:06
tripzeromeaning you don't have to do anything special if you have hardware that supports opencl21:06
kergothoops, can't use ${PN} in FILESEXTRAPATHS with := when using variants/extends, since that hasn't been applied at that point. need just thisdir immediately expanded, not PN21:07
tripzeroi don't think 3.0 has any new dependencies that 2.4 doesn't already have.21:07
tripzerothere are some api changes that can break 2.4 apps though21:08
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has joined #yocto21:09
tripzerobut having a should be very doable21:09
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khem`kergoth: use BPN21:16
kergothit's the opposite problem. PN is immediately expanded before the variant is added21:16
khem`tripzero: yes I think with default preference to -1 we can accept21:16
kergothso i get the base one, not the variant one21:16
khem`tripzero: or if they both can live together with opencv321:17
kergoththe bbclassextend class is what adjusts PN iwth the variant, but thats after the recipe is parsed21:17
kergothso at parse time it hasn't been done yet21:17
kergothjust had to shift the path into a separate var and assemble it in parts so i could immdiately expand THISDIR but not PN21:17
khem`kergoth: yes, so are you getting into PN as folder for patches/files ?21:17
*** timsche <timsche!> has quit IRC21:17
kergothe.g. it's looking in autoconf, not nativesdk-autoconf, even though PN is the latter21:17
khem`wonder why PN and not BPN21:18
*** ryansturmer <ryansturmer!> has joined #yocto21:18
kergothi'm *trying* to override something for the variant21:18
kergothi don't want it to apply to them all in this case21:18
kergothso BPN is exactly what i don't want, but that ends up being what it's using :)21:18
khem`hmm ok then use class override21:18
kergothhmm, true, didn't think about using that with FILESEXTRAPATHS21:18
khem`is it a file or patch21:18
kergothdefconfig in this case21:19
* kergoth tries that21:19
kergothof course, override doesn't work either, since i still have to use := to force expansion of thisdir21:20
kergothstill worth doing, but doesn't prevent the problem: i can't force immediate expansion of PN at parse time or it won't be for the variant21:20
kergothnot a big deal, just minor annoyance21:20
kergothI'm toying around with a bbclass that lets you create variants of recipe which differ only in configuration, using the same mechanism as multilibs21:21
kergothecho 'BBCLASSEXTEND += "named-config:minimal"' >>busybox_%.bbappend21:21
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kergothwow, this is weird, my path is first in FILESEXTRAPATHS, that path contains defconfig, file://defconfig is in SRC_URI, but it's still pulling the defconfig out of oe-core instead21:38
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khem`kergoth just call defconfig with differrent name21:52
khem`e.g. defconfig-foo21:52
khem`and use overrides21:52
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kergothyeah, could do that, worst case. am going to try to figure out *why* it's misbehaving, though.. hmm22:12
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