Tuesday, 2015-07-21

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ericbuttersgood morning, i set PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc = "4.8%" but always 4.9 is used, why?06:48
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Ox4kergoth: Chris, are you here?08:19
Ox4kergoth: what about this issue https://github.com/MentorEmbedded/meta-sourcery/issues/81 ?08:20
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anandankumarHi guys. I am working on installing bluez5 on Yocto 1.7.1. I am also doing it on YP 1.8 (Fido) Currently I have succeeded to install bluez v5.25 into my image for my target hardware08:59
anandankumarI am having trouble installing gatttool to my image file. When I go to my work directory gatttool gets compiled and build during the bitbake process09:00
anandankumarHowever, when I boot my image, gatttool is not in my image. It is suppose to be in my usr/bin directory. Somehow, gatttool gets left out in the build area09:01
anandankumarFor me i had to manually install it by copying over gatttool to the /usr/bin directory09:01
anandankumarI would like to ask if anyone here knows how to do it through modifying the recipe files?09:01
LetoThe2ndanandankumar: the FILES variable is what you want :)09:02
anandankumarI am currently following this link: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?h=fido&id=360064a5040ad5b9db2d195e18774301a8b2688d09:03
anandankumaryes there is a variable they mentioned09:03
anandankumarI'm not sure what to do with it though. the variable is called ${PN}-noinst-tools09:03
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anandankumaram I suppose to put it in my local.conf file?09:04
vincenetHi guys, Should I do something to avoid following warning ? (when adding php package in daisy) : WARNING: Building libpam but 'pam' isn't in DISTRO_FEATURES, PAM won't work correctly09:05
LetoThe2ndanandankumar: nope, the FILES variable defines what goes into the package to be installed. so you have to make sure the tool you want is covered by it.09:05
vincenetIn fact I am trying to add mod_cgi.so in rootfs09:05
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anandankumarLetoThe2nd: In my case, I need to explicitly state which tools i want in the FILES variable right? In this case, I have to state it in the bluez5.inc file correct?09:06
LetoThe2ndanandankumar: it all depends. if its only for your specific use case, its probably best to just add it through an append to your specific version09:07
LetoThe2ndanandankumar: i can give you exact recommendations because i don't know the details of bluez09:08
LetoThe2nds/i can/i can't/09:08
anandankumarLetoThe2nd: thank you for your advice. It has definitely pointed me in the right direction. I am reading about FILES variable in the Yocto reference documentation. Thank you!!09:08
LetoThe2ndanandankumar: good luck09:10
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Ox4guys, who does use meta-sourcery here?09:12
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vincenetHi guys, How to get the /usr/lib/mod_cgi.so installed ? At the moment I have lighttpd and I tried to add php package in recipe. I can found it in tempory ./build/tmp-defaultsetup-eglibc-eglibc/sysroots/eukrea-cpuimx25/usr/lib/mod_cgi.so but not in final rootfs09:30
Ox4vincenet: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-FILES09:33
Ox4vincenet: this one should help09:33
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vincenetYes, I am looking for its use. Thanks.  It seems it not exist in my *.conf files I do some try now.09:40
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Ox4guys, how can I print python variable to the output in the build process?09:52
bboozzoosimple echo should do it09:57
Ox4bboozzoo: and run bitbake -v?10:00
Ox4ok, thanks10:00
ftonelloguys, how to deploy a nativesdk- package to an image (using -c populate_sdk)?10:02
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ftonelloGot it.. TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK10:12
jonathanmawHi, I was wondering how it's decided whether a layer should be hosted on git.yoctoproject.org or git.openembedded.org?10:17
jonathanmawI gather that yocto and openembedded are separate organizations with a fair amount of overlap, my current guess is that yocto hosts layers that openembedded have no interest in (because they are not part of any of OE's use-cases)10:19
abellonimy understanding is that YP hosts layers from their members10:21
jonathanmawabelloni: I gather yocto has a lot of member organizations, do you mean members like that, or members as individuals?10:37
raykinsella78How do I get the Kernel build to respect my CFLAGS tweaks.10:44
raykinsella78using KERNEL_EXTRA_ARGS = "EXTRA_CFLAGS=-Wa,-momit-lock-prefix=yes" at the moment, but it feels hacky.10:44
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paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: i think abelloni means yp member organisations11:08
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #391 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-intel-gpl/builds/39111:40
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abellonijonathanmaw: yes, organizations, the one who pay :)12:18
Ox4again :-( http://dpaste.com/101FCHC12:27
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bboozzooOx4: is that using mentor toolchain?12:35
Ox4bboozzoo: meta-sourcery12:35
Ox4bboozzoo: ah, toolchain12:35
Ox4bboozzoo: do you know something about this?12:37
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bboozzooOx4: no, nothing about that particular problem, just asserting my previous experience with vendor toolchains12:42
bboozzoomaybe try booting with init=/bin/sh and runnig udev by hand with LD_DEBUG=all12:43
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Ox4bboozzoo: ok, just a second12:46
Ox4bboozzoo: http://dpaste.com/1HNAFHW12:49
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raykinsella78ping how do I  amend an environmental variable in a recipe?13:39
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rburtonexport VARIABLE="value"13:47
rburton(or just assign it as you normally would in the task if its a shell task)13:48
raykinsella78many thjanks!13:50
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otaviorburton: hello14:20
otaviorburton: I would like to avoid the mesa-demos patch for wayland support in fsl-arm and wish to put this in oe-core; any objection?14:20
rburtonwhat patch?14:20
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vmrod25hi team sorry for this question.. has someone being able to run the mkefidisk.sh in a Mac OS ?16:54
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #393 of nightly-fsl-ppc is complete: Failure [failed Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-fsl-ppc/builds/39317:08
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btoothhey, is there a way to create a vmdk from a hddimg? or how to disable image type live to enable image type vmdk from local.conf?18:10
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kergothqemu-img can do image conversions of various sorts, but i'd just alter IMAGE_FSTYPES appropriately18:20
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btoothkergoth: i am not at my buildmachine right now, but i think i used: IMAGE_FSTYPES += "vmdk" and that gave me error that vmdk could not be build when live is active, so i tried to deactivate "live" but without luck. so how do you do this?18:26
btoothand i tried IMAGE_FSTYPES = "vmdk18:27
kergothsounds like the machine is overriding local.conf18:28
kergothIMAGE_FSTYPES_remove = "live"18:28
kergothIMAGE_FSTYPES += "vmdk'18:28
btoothkergoth: i got *.iso, *.hddimg and *.ext3 -- can qemu-img convert this to vmdk?18:28
btoothkergoth: yes seems like overriding.. but i did not found any in meta-intel18:29
btoothi need to doublecheck18:29
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